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The Children's Room

Hi, in these pages are my kids and how they've grown. They are my pride and joy! My son Delbin Zachary Abel was born September 5th, 2000 at 2:43pm at St. Ann's Hospital in Westerville, Ohio. Delbin's name means dolphin. My husband and I love dolphins. Delbin has a little brother named Jaedan Wyatt Abel. Jaedan was born on May 15th, 2002 at 8:47pm at St. Ann's Hospital in Westervile, Ohio. Jaedan's name means thankful and has ties to the Jordan River and the stone jade. We picked it because of the fact that My husband and I were married in the Jordan River Temple for time and all eternity and Jaedan's name reminds us that our family will be together always. Delbin also has a sister named Tatiana Nai'a Abel. Tatiana was born on January 5th, 2004 at Bay Area Hospital in Coos Bay, Oregon. Tatiana's first name means fairy queen in Russian and her middle name means dolphin in Hawiian. Delbin's youngest and newest sister is named Teela Katarina Abel. Teela was born on April 15th, 2008 at 3:18pm at St. John Medical Center in Longview, Washington. Teela means green, blue or teal in english and is a character in the 80's cartoon He-Man. Katarina means pure in Russian.



Delbin's first dayJaedan's first day

Our FamilyOur Family with Jaedan

Delbin with DaddyJaedan with Daddy

Delbin with MommyJaedan with Mommy

Delbin and Jaedan's cousin Izzy and DelbinDelbin and Jaedan's cousin Izzy and Jaedan

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