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Delbin's Profile

Full Name: Delbin Zachary Abel

Nicknames: Squeaker, Bugga-boo

Birthdate: September 05, 2000

Three Words To Describe Me: Smart, Happy

Special Skills Or Talents: Modeling. I love to play ball. I am also good at smiling, playing, and having fun.

Favorite Colors: Green

Favorite Food/Drink: Mom's Homemade Sushi, smoothies, Animal Crackers, Raisins, Cheerios, Mac and Cheese, Mandarin Oranges, Green Beans, and Bananas, Hot Dogs, PB&J, Burritos, Pizza with pineapple and pepperoni

Least Favorite Food: Cooked Carrots, Onions, Spicy Foods

Parents: Brian and Crystal Abel

Siblings & Their B-Days: Jaedan Wyatt - May 15, 2002; Tatiana Nai'a - January 05, 2004; and Teela Katarina - April 15, 2008.

Children: none yet

Best Friend(s): Brian (my dad), Crystal (my mom), Jaedan (my brother), Tatiana (my sister), Teela (my sister)

People Who I Share The Best Memories: My friends and family!

Most Influential People: My family, God, and my friends.

First Words Or Phrases: Mommy, Daddy, Cookie, Fishie, Kitty, Puppy, Ball, Woof Woof, Thank You, I Love You, Water.

Words Or Phrases I Hate: Any cuss words, swear words, or anything negative!!

The Great Outdoors...

Favorite Things To Do In The Summer: Being outdoors, swimming, my mom reading to me, listening to music, traveling, etc.

Favorite Things To Do In The Spring: Playing in the rain, seeing and smelling all the beautiful flowers, my mom reading to me, etc.

Favorite Things To Do In The Fall: Watching the leaves turn colors, drawing pictures, my mom reading to me, listening to music, etc.

Favorite Things To Do In The Winter: Playing in the snow, making snow angels, sledding, learning about Christ's birth, ect.

Favorite Day: Monday and Tuesday because I get to be with my dad all day!!

Favorite Months: September (my b-day) and December (Christmas)!!

Favorite Holiday: My Birthday

Favorite Book(s): Rainbow Fish Series, and books by Sandra Boynton, Sesame Street, Dr. Suess, and A.A. Milne (you know winnie the pooh books).

Favorite Part Of The Newspaper: Comics

Animals, Insects, etc...

Favorite Animals: I like all kinds of animals

Pets & Their Names: A male domestic medium haired (DMH) kitten named Curry.

Favorite Toys: Dress up

Tv, Movies, and Theater...

Favorite Movies: Sky High, The Shaggy Dog, Zoom, He-Man

Favorite Tv Series: Charlie and Lola, Avatar, Justice League


My Favorite Music Groups/Vocalists: Laurie Berkner, Raffi

Favorite song: We Are The Dinosaurs by Laurie Berkner

Musical hobbies: I like to sing

Involvement (Clubs, organizations, etc.)...

I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Places I have Traveled...

Utah...went to Visit Babushka (my Grandma Clark a.k.a. Babu) and family

Oregon...went on vacation from Ohio to visit Babu and family while they were on vacation and then went later with my parents on vacation

Pennsylvania...went to Furry Con

Alabama...went to space center

Nevada...went to see the dolphins, big cats, and an elephant at the Mirage

Lived in Ohio, Oregon, and Florida

Live in Oregon now

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