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home distillation: howtos and links

surfing through the web I couldnít find any practicable information about the subject below Thatís why I startet this here ..  Feel  free to contact me on updates, corrections or remarks !


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Kinds of Brandy & Advices:

Azeotropes mixture: Mixture of 2 or more liquids which you are not decompose is constituents.

Brandy: Made of fruit see Obstwasser

Calvados: French brandy which is distilled  from cider (apple wine) which is stored in oak barrels.

Degustation: Testing the colour,  smell and flavour of a snaps = ( brandy )
 (visible, sensation and testing )

Degustation glass: Tulip shape glass with glass cover.

Dephlegmation: With cooling you get an partly condensation. In the gas form of alcohol / water you get by dephlegmation an plentiful alcohol steam and a lower alcohol liquid in you pot = Phlegma.

Fruit Brandy:   see Obstwasser

Fruit spirit: see Obstgeist

Grappa: Distillation after fermentation of pressed skins and stones of the grapes. Italian name for this kind of brandy.

Herbs brandy: Receip use 10 Ltr. of spirit (40% vol, without test and smell - neutral spirit) add 0,1 - 0,5 kg herbs (acc. to your personal test) and distill.

Juniper brandy: Receip: same as herb brandy but insted of herbs take 2 kg of juniper and distill.

Mark: see Grappa. French name for grappa

Obstgeist: Fruit spirit made by adding fruit. Receipt: Put the fresh pure juice or the mixed fruit for 24 h. in a pot with spirit (90% vol without any smell or test) After that distill emediately ! Take 10 kg fruit and 3 Ltr. spirit.

Obstwasser: Brandy made out of fruit! Distillate = brandy made after fermentation of apple or, pear, or charry or plum etc. not recommendable for home distillation !


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