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If you know of a Loomis Web Page I do not have listed or if you have one you would like to list - please let me know -- I would love to add it to the list.

Loomis Family Research Sites

Loomis - Rootsweb Sources
Tod's Slice Of The Web
The Loomis Family
Ray Brown's Genealogy Page
Harmon Genealogy
The Fred J. Loomis Sr. Family Home Page
Loomis Family
The Loomis Family of Sangerfield
The Loomis Gang
The Loomis Family
Children of Captain Allyn Stillman Loomis
Descendants of Joseph Loomis
My Ancestors - The Loomis Book
The Genealogy of Walter Gilbert
The Andrews Family Line
In Search of the Ancestors of Joseph Loomis and Mary White
Genealogy Page of Barbara Delimont
Descendants of Elder John Strong
Descendants of William Buell
Suzanne's Home Page
Descendants of Joseph Loomis

Loomis Family Message Boards, Forums and Chat Rooms

The Loomis Family In America Message Board
Loomis Genealogy Forum
Archived Messages from Loomis Mailing List
Yahoo - Loomis Family In America Chat Room

Sites with Loomis Pictures

Miscellaneous Loomis Pictures
Lynn's Genealogy Page - Picture of Addie E. Loomis
The George Loomis House
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