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Our Wedding Day

Once upon a time...there was a handsome man named Brian and a beautiful woman named Crystal (me)

who loved each other very much and decided to get married

The woman's father agreed to the marriage, so the woman ran off to tell her sisters

Her sisters didn't know what to think of the man, but got dressed for the wedding and came anyway (from left to right...Melody: the maid of honor, Me: the bride, and Jennifer: the bride's maid)

Brian's mom made a beautiful wedding cake for the occasion

and the wedding gown was made by Crystal's (my) mom

Everybody got dressed up for the celebration (The Wedding Party: from left to right...Ross, Jennifer, Melody, Me, Brian, Marc, Dave: and in front...Isabel and Paul)

and the man and woman were married..."You May Kiss the Bride", the Bishop said...and so the man and woman kissed

so down the isle, arm in arm they went

then the cake was cut

and the newly married couple lived happily ever after...

The End. "One ring to show our love, One ring to bind us, One ring to seal our love and forever to entwine us"

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