I have had a "vision" of a "latter rain" revival which will pour heavenly LIFE like rivers of pure LIVING WATER, upon the young people who have been raised in masonic cults that are spirtitually dead, dry, fraternities that seek only to CONTROL their members and increase the WEALTH of the leadership at the EXPENSE of its members.

God has shown me a vision of multitudes of these young people coming into a simple, living relationship with their Creator, THROUGH the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who took our (spiritual) "death penalty/sentence" upon HIMSELF so that we all COULD return to our Creator WITHOUT FEAR or JUDGEMENT, like prodigal children returning home!

Since Jesus took this judgement upon HIMSELF, we can come BOLDLY to our God and our Creator, like a child coming to their daddy, and asking 'HIM' for whatever they need or desire, according to His will (so long as it does not harm us or others).

I have by faith 'seen' this mighty army of young (and older) people being prepared for "missions" to worlds beyond our own... to worlds beyond the STARS, parallel worlds and other dimensions of TIME, and even worlds BENEATH this one in which we live (and to WHICH we will also send missionaries).

This omniversal army... of those who embrace true and simple CHRIST-ianity (NOT CHURCH-ianity) will change not only THIS world, but worlds without end!