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The following was passed along by Ashley Rye, from Great Britain:

If you have trouble accepting the following account, which is said to be an accurate description of events in Italy, then enjoy it as fiction. It is the most fascinating piece on time travel I have yet read. Is there an ‘environmentally friendly’ method of travel in time, which doesn’t involve a dangerous particle accelerator, a huge underground base consuming gigawatts of power, untold millions of dollars in suspect funding and a team of fascist mind control specialists at the helm, for example at Montauk? One would sincerely hope so. It seems that the community at Damanhur has already been invaded by a small army of Italian soldiers brandishing machine guns, which, for a dispute over planning permission, seems like an excessive and totally unecessary use of force. Is this yet another example of explorers at the frontiers of human experience threatening the ruling paradigm? It wasn’t sufficient for the City of Vidracco to order the Temple of Mankind destroyed. When this failed they tried to turn it into a tourist attraction. I deplore this gross philistine attempt to demolish a major artistic, spiritual and cultural centre. Take a look at some of their stained glass work and murals, they are really beautiful.


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You have just read the first account ever published in any language of what it is actually like to travel in time. The description above relates to the trip made on 19 January 1994 by Gorilla Eucalypto (his Damanhurian name, comprising that of an animal and a plant). two days after the first ever trip. made by Aracne Orchidea. Antelope Verbena and Ornitorinco Olenadro. Gorilla and his colleagues went through months of complex preparations to enable them to achieve the necessary mastery over mind and body. Long sessions of hypnosis had instilled into them the complicated information needed to carry out the trips successfully, as well as the receptivity they would require for detailed recall of the environments in which they would find themselves. It is likely that even the most open-minded reader of this article will be tempted to dismiss its contents The implications of the claims made by the members of the community of Damanhur, featured in the last issue of Kindred Spirit, that they have devised a system capable of propelling men and women across vast oceans of time, are staggering. Yet if there is one lesson that history can teach us. it is that anyone operating on the very limits of human potential will be ridiculed, dismissed as insane or even, in some cases, tortured or killed. Copernicus and Galileo were right, the Catholic establishment (and just about everybody else) was wrong. Truth will out, no matter how much temporal power is working to deny it. We need to make up our own minds.

Beyond Star Trek

In the foreword to Lawrence Krauss’s forthcoming book The Sclence of Star Trek, Professor Stephen Hawking states that: ’If you combine Einstein’s general theory of relativity with quantum mechanics, [time travel] does begin to seem a possibility’. According to Hawking, ’building a genuine time machine will not be as easy as sitting in a chair and twirling a few knobs. Modern proposals for such a machine face one severe problem: the energy supply.’ He also asserts that ’it doesn’t involve much money -what it needs is an openness of mind to consider possibilities that might appear fantastic’. It would seem that modern science is hamstrung by its own self-imposed parameters, parameters which exclude alchemical, earth science, and esoteric wisdoms which have been around not just for generations, but for millennia. Gattopardo Tek, one of the first time travellers, told Kindred of the kinds of concepts the community is handling in its research into the esoteric physical world: ’We try to understand how the universe of forms in which we are immersed works. We study the energies through which we can interact with this universe, and also how we can interact with what is beyond the material world, which means the divine, the more evolved planes. So it’s very useful to have a deep knowledge of contemporary physics, as well as of the things that physics still doesn’t know. We integrate an understanding of physics with esoteric tradition and also with what Oberto, the co-founder of Damanhur, brings us from his own knowledge and his own experiments. So we have been able to build some structures which use a technology that we define as ‘magic’. To be able to understand this logic represents a step which is complex, but still quite simple compared to the other structures that we have been able to make here.’

The problem of energy, though, remains. How can they generate the vast amounts of it needed to alter, even for a minute, the universal laws within which our physical world operates?

Wired for a vision

The answer lies in the ‘Templo dell’Uomo’, the underground complex at Damanhur, known as the Temple of Mankind. It certainly looks beautiful, and the ceremonies held there are vital to their community life, but the Temple is something else, too. It could be described as a gigantic battery. Buried in the walls, twined around the pillars, set into the highly decorative plasterwork and embedded in the rock out of which the structure has been hewn, are 300 tons of circuits and connections utilising a veritable periodic table of metals and minerals.

This ’battery’ has been constructed according to the science of ’Selfica’, which, say the Damanhurians, is ’an ancient science derived from the basic form of our universe, the spiral. It was known to the Egyptians, the Celts, and the Arabs, who utilised it up to the 8th Century B.C. ’Selfica is the practical use of spirals and metals to concentrate and direct vital energies. ’Selfs’ are built mostly out of gold and silver, because they are the best conductors, but it is also possible to use copper and brass.’ The energies which can be concentrated and directed by the ’self come in a number of forms. The subterranean position of the temple makes it ideally situated to store the energy which the Damanhurians say is flowing through the ’synchronic’ lines of earth energy, several of which converge at Damanhur. The ritualistic environment of the Temple means that> large amounts of energy can be generated within its rocky embrace through the human activities of dancing, chanting, meditating and singing; energy which can then be stored by the Temple’s circuitry.

This stored energy can be extracted by the act of excavating (they say there is a precise relationship between the quantity and quality of rock excavated and the amount of energy extracted and fiom the works of art - results of the application of Will, Creativity and Meaning to create Beauty. The Damanhurians, once again, work on the basis that there is a precise relationship between the extension of the decorated surfaces and the amount of energy generated. (The use of glass, for instance, allows them to double the surface area in the same space, as it has two sides.) This is just one of the reasons why art is so important to them.

The Temple, then, might more accurately be described as a huge capacitor, building and then releasing energy, as directed from deep within its metallic structure.

Strange Science

Some of the structures contained in the temple look like the experimental designs of some giant new age jeweller. Little glass spheres filled with coloured liquids nestle in convoluted spiral constructions of copper, brass and gold wiring, which are then ’plugged in’ to the walls. The Damanhurians say these ’spheroselfs’ are ’instruments able to perform many different functions. They make use both of Selfica and of alchemy at very high levels, applying more advanced principles of esoteric physics than the traditional Selfic circuits’. These spheroselfs are also used both as ’memory cells’ and as vital ’energy accumulators’ for the Time Cabin (as explained below). As well as energy, they are able to hold wholly abstract ’soul information’, such as artistic talent, the potentiality of which can then be transferred from one person to another, through the medium of the spheres. In time travel the more ordinary ’spheres’, the size of glass footballs, are used to monitor what is happening to the travellers, just as if they were special TV sets. The Damanhurians we spoke to have been operating for so long in this abstract geotechnical milieu that they are astonishingly blase about about what, to any layman, would be fantastical, Asimovian inventions. Kindred Spirit’s guides to the underground wonderland, Esperide and Oberto himself, talked about these weird and strangely beautiful objects with a matter-of-factness which suggested that they considered the ’spheroselfs’ to be old hat. It was as though we were from the age of horse-drawn carts being told by a car salesman: ’Forget about the Austin Princess. Check out this Porsche 928’.


The equipment the Damanhurians have spent years building up, 40 metres underground, looks for all the world like the creation of a 1930s Hollywood set builder working on a science fiction epic. And yet here are several hundred emotionally and mentally well- balanced adults who have complete faith in its efficacy. There is simply not enough space in this article to go into the details of how Oberto Airaudi claims to have been able to send his coileagues thousands of years into the past - that would take several volumes of dense scientific explanation. It is suflicient for our purposes to say that their knowledge is based on a detailed understanding of contemporary quantum physics, the laws of relativity and space-time theory, and the results of an arduous programme of research into the alchemical properties of metals and minerals, not to mention the potentiality of the human spirit and will.

The Damanhurians contend that ‘contemporary physics cannot, as yet, conceive of the kind of energies on which Selfica is based’, but that ‘some explanation comes from Wilhelm Reich’s work on orgone energies and that of De La Warr on mysterious radiations that seem to act outside of time and space according to Karl Jung’s law of Synchronicity’.

If we remind ourselves of what Professor Hawking believes, that research into time travel ‘doesn’t involve much money’ - what it needs is an openess of mind to consider possibilities that might appear fantastic’, the Damanhurians seem to fit the bill like a lycra glove. They seem to have not excluded anything from their considerations.

In fact they regard it as their spiritual duty as human beings to synthesise all aspects of the human experience, including the intellect. Their aim is divine unity, of form and spirit, and for Gattopardo, the community is developing the ‘technical ways to get there. So the goal now is ultimately unite the spiritual and scientific.

‘In Damanhur, on the one hand we have the School of Meditation, which is the ritual, spiritual aspect, that gives us the fuel, the power of energy that we need. And on the other hand we have the esoteric physics that explains the same thing with different logic - a logic more aligned to the rational. But, of course, this more rational logic cannot progress without inner growth, the intimate knowledge of the self, because all the answers are inside us. So the study of the universe and the principles that regulate it cannot happen without deep research inside ourselves. Otherwise it would remain just notions that could not be translated into deep understanding. We believe that through knowledge you can become conscious. Esoteric physics is just one way of getting to the same end.’


The Damanhurians have developed two separate ways of travelling in time. One involves the transmission of what they call the ’subtle body’ of the traveller, which could be more accurately translated as the ’essence’ or ’spirit’ of that person. The other involves full dematerialisation and rematerialisation, of both subtle and physical body. Two crucial concepts relating to Damanhurian time travel are the Time Mine and the Time Cabin. The Time Mine is a ’geographical area- natural orman- made - and usually underground’, characterised by the presence of ’synchronic flowings’ (lines and knots) These are the same as ley lines. Time Mines are at their strongest when several of these synchronic lines converge to form ‘knots’ (as they do at Damanhur). The Damanhurians believe that Time Mines ’enable us to build energy stations of real advanced complexity to use for dimensional exchanges, time and space tnvel, alchemical laboratories for reincarnation programmes or for character exchanges, healing cabins, etc.’ Time Mines are places which have the potential to store sufficient energy, both from the synchronic lines and from human activity, to enable time travel to occur. The ’Tempio dell’ Uomo’ has been built on a very large Time Mine, the characteristics of which have been greatly amplified by the ritual singing, dancing, chanting and art which occurs therein, as well as the alchemical language that adorns the walls and pillars of the rooms. The vast circuitry of the Temple, connected to the spheroselfs and other storage mechanisms, allows sufficient energy to be stored in that one place to enable time travel. The Time Cabin is ’a very complex Selfic structure used to travel in time and space. It is the application of a very advanced magical and physical technology. It makes use of selfs, spheres, spheroselfs, crystals, electro- magnetic fields, oscillators, laser technology, and a sophisticated Selfic and alchemical plant for its activation, planning and charging.’

How Time Travel works

The physics - both conventional and esoteric - behind this structure is immensely complex. It has to be said that a modern day physics that separates itself from esoteric subtle energy knowledge simply does not fully account for reality as it exists in this universe. To summarise how time travel works is an impossible task in a few paragraphs. But here is a brief attempt: Time is conceptualised as a circular sea of eternal present where all events are at the same time, hut also as a flux moving in the direction of complexity. When time is considered as a flux, we can imagine it to be composed of different time packages. A Time Package is a container of events/forms. Each ’ time package’ contains not only ’used’ events- things which have already happened, forms already manifested - but also some neutral events, which can be defined unrealised possibilities of expression - those events not as yet used by our Free Will.

Now, imagine a wooden cube, and written on its Faces are clues to its spatial orientation - ’height’, ’length’ and ’width’. It is the relative position of the observer which determines the sense of height, length and width. Now, instead of these labels, substitute the words ’future’, ’past’ and present. Within the ’Time Cabin’ a semi-constant field is created, whereby the traveller is put in an ’extra-temporal’ condition - he/she is ’out of time’-and where his or her total mass equals zero and time also equals zero. Then, using Selfic science, a different direction is created with respect to the traveller: a ’turning of the cube’, if you like. The explanation of how this change of direction, a conversion of quantities of dimensional particles, is possible, involves perceiving time as complexity. It is the relation of the cornplexity of mass/form to the time compexity that allows the Damanhurians to send people back in time. (The past has less complexity than the present or future and therefore time travel is only possible backwards at the moment.) A mass in the past (usually water) is utilised to compensate for the traveller’s disappearance. The bars of the time cabin, working at potential difference, relate this weight to that of the person being transported (a sort of mass scales in balance).

The water comes to time and the traveller goes back into the past. So, senses and directions change as if the traveller was on a sort of time/ space roundabout. Needless to say, a complicated weight-compIexity referencing system is needed to continuously keep a track of the starting point and the movement in time. The codes (directions of the roundabout) to each time and dimension reference that makes up the human form at the starting point are secret and extremely well-kept. In the case of non-bodily travel, complexity is tmnsmitted without body support and the traveller becomes an impossessor (one who possesses another’s body). It is more complex to travel with this ’subtle’ body, because you need to keep open a ’passage’ between the present and the past in order to maintain the link with the body. With body travel you just compensate for the amount of mass you are moving. As souls are dimension-free it is possible to have two minds and souls in the same body. Tremendous care is taken to protect the ’impossessed’ body from the impossession and also from any consequences that could result from the actions of the impossessor.

It should also be noted that you cannot just go anywhere. The curve of time and space is exploited for travelling, and this prohibits short-distance time travel within our present time package which is, of course relative to ourselves, incomplete - The energy required for a trip even to the preceding time package, would be too great. There are three conditions; Firstly, there must be compatibility between our time package and the complete time package selected. a similar kind of rhythm if you like. The value of each time package depends on the number of events that have been utilised by free will. Secondly. the traveIler must have had an incarnation in the time area selected, so a soul connection is already exisiting there. The third condition concerns the divine forces that were present at that time.

Interview with a Time Traveller

In Aprll this year, we spoke with Gattopardo Tek, about his understanding and experiences of time travel.

Could you explain the idea of time packages?

‘It’s difficult to explain. Each time package has a particular rhythm and you can only go to a time package that has the same rhythm as the time in which you dwell. So if you live where they are playing tango you cannot go where they are playing rap. Each time package is defined by the fact that it contains a certain number of events. It is not defined by the time but by the number of events each one contains. Each event and all the events together have a certain weight. The weight of the events according to this rhythm gives the value of each package. These values are repeated rhythmically through time. We define an event as a possibility to which the free will of a human being is able to give expression. In our universe, which is a universe of forms, each event can be translated in the end into a form, or into the transformation of a form. The value of each time package does not depend on the complexity realised inside the package, but on the number of events that have been utilised by free will. I am simplifying this a lot.’

Many say that our present time has a particular quality to it, and that that makes it a time for transformation. Do you agree with this?

‘Yes. According to our philosophy we are now in a special time because we are very close to the end of this package of time. So the fact of being able to realise certain spiritual objectives in this era will mean that when we reach the end of this package, if we have been able to realise these objectives, then we will have ’fixed’ them. By doing so we will give this colour, this rhythm to the whole package, and so the next time package will have a better evolutionary basis to go on.

So what is the force that allows us to go and act in a territory that is governed by forces different from the ones where we come from? It is a force that we call the ’graal’. ‘

Do you have to train your subconscious to remember the link, when you travel with you subtle body?

‘It is the cabin that keeps the link. It is one of the functions of the spheroselfs. However, there is some degree of preparation. So really it is both things. The time traveIler’ has a subconscious preparation. The amount of information that he must memorise, and all the techniques you have to use to be able to get out and go, are so great that you would not be able to retrieve them consciously. There is also an ethical reason. In doing these experiments we have a goal, specific things to learn. It would not be ethical just to say ’Tonight I am going to go and possess somebody’.

So it is very important that we also forget how to do it. So that knowledge can only be activated when it is needed, when the cabin and the whole instrumentation are operational.’