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Can you give us an example of time travel using the subtle body?

‘My journey was one of the first ones. We wanted to see how many events we could stimulate by doing an action that was not foreseen in another time period. In this case it was to develop commerce between two villages. So we stole a little boat and put it in another viIlage so the boatbuilder would build another one as a result of the theft. So I found myself on a riverbank in this area which, using the spheroselfs, we calculated at 6,140 years ago. My objective was to ’provoke’ the loss of this boat, which was the first boat to be made by that culture, using a new technology, only known to that little village. I needed to push the boat out into the river so it would reach another village where they would see that this new boat existed, and copy it, while the guy in the first village would build another one and maybe think that he could develop it and make it better. And to make more than just one. An impossessor always has to impossess a body of the opposite sex. If not, you risk identifying with the person you are impossessing. You have to have someone who is different. So I entered into the body of this primitive lady. As I did so, her head became dizzy, and she fell down. She fainted for a while because she was so overwhelmed. This made it easy for me to take control of the body, because at the time she was not conscious. The sensation of ’putting on’ a body, as you might put on a dress, was incredible - it felt like I was gaining her feelings as I got into her arms and legs. The first problem when you do this sort of thing is how to orientate yourself inside the body, to know where to put your head and legs! When I opened my eyes I wasn’t surprised at all and I felt very calm, so I understood how important all the preparations had been: I found this quite normal. I was very lucid and I knew what I was doing. I kept hearing Oberto’s voice giving me instructions, so I knew that the channel was open.’

So Oberto was communicating from this time directly to you in that time?’

‘ Yes.’

And seeing through your eyes?

'No. The senses did not arrive all at once. First I could see, then touch, and taste, and then smell. Hearing was a mix between what was happening where I was and Oberto’s voice here. The woman I had impossessed was already on her way to the river to fetch water. My problem was preventing others from seeing ’her’ push the boat out, otherwise she would have had problems afterwards. I had to do this, and then go to the place where the Time Door would re-open. The Time Door had moved from where it was when I arrived because the events that I had made happen had created a difference in that time, registered in what subsequently happened. So the door moved. I had to look for it.’

You sensed it?

‘No. I saw it. Oberto told me at which moment the door would appear and I had to look around and find it. It’s like a tear in reality, as though you are watching a movie on a screen and there is a cut. Reality is> torn. On this side, you can look through the door and see reality on the other side. It is not really something that you can see with your human eye. It is because you are linked to the whole that you see it. This applies to subtle body travelling. With the other form of time travel, with your body, the door is a black line that everybody can see, with a border of light. Also the people on the other side can see it. On the other hand, these primitive people are are not prepared for seeing such a thing, so even if they see it, they will discard it because it is not an experience they can contain.’

What about insects and animals accidentally going through the Time Door?

‘With subtle body travelling, of course, there’s no problem. With the physical body you have to be very careful. For instance, when you go with your body you can’t go to the toilet, because you would risk leaving behind foreign bacteria. Doing this would create an incredible imbalance.’

Have you learnt anything about life after death?

‘This is a very wide subject. Yes, we are analysing what we call the ’border plans’ of our universe. At this moment we have just a theoretical knowledge. We are not able as yet to go into the realm of death and come back to tell the tale. It is one of our ohjectives, but we haven’t yet achieved it, even though Oberto has given us the instruments to do this also. One of the most important experiences in this field was the programmed reincarnation of a lady who died in the community and reincarnated as a little girl, who is now six. As a little girl she has her own personality, but little by little she is recovering the memories of what she was in her past life. So, it is the same technology as that of the Tibetan Lamas, but more sophisticated, because when Tibetan Lamas reincarnate, the surviving Lamas have to go and look for them. In this case we were able to direct where the soul was going to go.’

So no one has gone into the future yet. Is that because it is theoretically impossible?

It is not impossible to go into the future as such. It is impossible to go to places where the complexity is higher. Where evolution is higher. Could you go within the same package? Could you go forward a week for example?

‘This is a problem of energy. We would need too much energy. It is much easier to go to very distant times rather than very close ones, for two reasons. Firstly because the times closest to ours are still assessing their events. Events are still moving, having consequences. And also because we would not be able to exploit the curve of the universe. You would have to go through the curve. And that would need an incredible amount of energy. Also there is very little distance between the events I can saturate [bring to completion] now and the events I can saturate in a week. There is not much distance but still there is a distance. I cannot saturate the events of my ’now’ within one week. I can’t enter those events, and therefore I can’t use my free wiIl It is difficult to explain to you because you don’t have the theoretical background.’

Is there anything I can read in English about this?

‘No. There is nothing on this subject. Until now we have never spoken of this.’

So the knowledge you have been using over the past ten years comes from Oberto.

‘Oberto is normally the initiator, but the knowledge comes both from him and from research teams like the one I’m in. Oberto is the only one who had this kind of knowledge to start with. For us it is important for it to be understood that this is happening within a serious context. That it is part of a study that we have been carrying out for the past ten years. Also, this is not something we have simply been told, period. We are constantly experimenting. We had to understand all of this for ourselves. Also, the use of certain words like Time Package - this was something that we studied for months before we could see what it meant. Over the last few months the cabin has been used mainly for healing, so time travel has been put aside for a while.’

Tales of the Unexpected

From a short list of 30 Damanhurian volunteers, thirteen of the fittest and most mentally agile were especially chosen for the physics research team’s experiments. Tbese have all successfully made journeys in time. The experiments fulfilled all the hopes of tbose who had worked for years to apply theory to practice. Wbat follows are transcripts of reports made by one of the thirteen time travellers, Gorilla Eeculypto, on his return from travels in both time and space.

19th Jan 1994 - 2727 B.C. Plant-matter sample brought back by Gorilla

’I turned to look around and saw broad meadows with yellow flowers and very green grass; I took a couple of steps to the right and left. Then the sky grew dark and I heard the first shot-like roaring sounds: the signal to return (to the time portal). I crouched into position - the return time seemed less than on the first trip. It was only when I found myself back in the cabin that I noticed I was clutching something in my hands - it was a big tuft of grass. For a while I continued to hold it tightly in my hands until I relaxed.’ This unusual transfer will obviously be the subject of an analysis. ’He must have dilated his aura a great deal,’ Oberto stated, ’to have brought back this grass.’ The grass quickly dried out and went yellow.

24th Jan 1994 - 4719 B.C Close Encounters
Gorilla meets some local people and, eats some blueberries.

’I arrived between two very large trees, and quickly regained control over my body. The sun was shining high up to the left between the foliage of the trees. There were very strong scents. I heard in the distance (about 200-300m away) the sound of logs being moved. I marked the arrival spot and cautiously headed off in the direction of these sounds. I came across a bush of blueberries; I approached it, pulled one off and sniffed it - it had no smell; I bit it, a pleasant, though rather sour, taste. I followed the path, approaching the noises and came upon a man who was stacking wood. He had long hair and was dressed in smooth-haired skins. Resting close by I saw stone wood-cutting tools" very sharp and driven into sticks with very strong bindings. Further off, a very dark tool-I don’t know if it was made of black stone or metaL I heard the roars, turned around and began to run towards the marked point. The guy saw me running, and ran after me; I heard the third roar and was still a long way off, I ran like mad to the point with the guy always about 100 metres behind me; I reached the arrival point and off I went. I arrived in the cabin, very weary, my stomach doubled by strong cramps, a diffuse trembling, a feeling of being drained.’

18th Aug 1994 - 59,006 B.C.
Gorilla travels beyond Atlantis and goes tbrough a training programme on how to use the cabins.

This was the first time-interplanetary journey. It involved a journey of 61,000 years, lasted about an hour and a half and corresponded, as a time span in another point in space, to a period of about three days.

’I apologise if I don’t express my ideas very clearly this evening, but the experience I have just had has left me speechless and stupefied.’

‘I would mention right at the start that it involves travel through both space and time. The arrival spot was not, therefore - as on other journeys - the Earth, but it was a journey that was at one and the same time both spatial and temporal. The arrival point must, in my opinion, have been one of the outermost planets in this galaxy, part-natural and part - constructed, slightly smaller in size than the Earth.’

‘I took a ’self-crystal’ with me, which enabled me to memorise more deeply the experiences of that three-day trip. What’s more, when I was missing data, I could call it up directly from the self- crystal as if it were an on-board computer or co-pilot.’

’It was a journey in time and space through a series of stops. The leaps in time were variable, some completed only lasting a few seconds. These initial jumps represented periods of 2,000 - 5,000 years. As a result of contact with the Selfic creature I had a conscious sense of the point towards which I was heading, how much time was passing and where I was.’

‘It was as if I were in a shuttle piloted by a set of very complex instruments - in this case, the instruments were of a mental kind.’

‘During this journey, the first jumps in time were short and took me to clearly recognisable physical locations: a wood, a desert, a mountain, whilst those that followed were ever longer.’

‘I perceived the first three leaps as a journey backwards in> time, but in the same spatial dimension, whilst the others I perceived as both a temporal jump and, in parallel, a spatial one.’

‘The successive stop-offs were all decidedly fascinating. I experienced at least three or four different types of cabins, similar to ours with a platform and side bars which were, in some cases, replaced by overlapping spheres; in other cases the bars were replaced by pyramids, one on top of the other, with the apexes directed towards the centre, towards the point where I was.’

‘During the various leaps in time, I passed by Atlantis; I didn’t stop over in the cabin where I had arrived on a previous trip there, but in a similar cabin below sea-level. I found myself in a glass bubble through whichI observed the seascape with people wearing clothes I was already familiar with. I drank a very pleasant drink which gave me a very strong energy charge. I had the distinct impression that Atlantis was an important stop-of at which to land to take on energy and then depart again for a longer time leap.’

‘In one of the last transitions (there were fourteen in all),I arrived ia a cabin that consisted of a ray of light emitted from a projector in space. I fell within that beam and remained in that rather unusual reality. There was no kind of physical referance, but I was immersed in this light ray that was moving quite fast and I, through it, was going in all directions. Then, at a certain moment, the beam began to rise vertically until it brought me to a platform suspended in the air where I saw very strange creatures, about 4or 5 metres tall with a body in the shape of an egg with a very long bead at the back and a mouth, or rather beak, on the front.’

‘In another transition, I arrived in a transfer cabin that was a cylindrical glass structure, comparable to a well dug out and suspended in the air. I materialised in that spot, from which an incredible view opened out; it was as if I were in a shuttle that was travelling in space close to a sun that was emitting a very strong light. On the opposite side, you could see a whole series of planets which went on until they were> lost from sight. Then I entered a ‘time castle’ where I had the distinct impression that time stood still, almost as if I were pervaded by a condition of stasis or of absolute calm.’

‘At the final destination, I put on clothes in the form of a cloak which immediately enveloped me like a kind of shrink-wrap material. The beings I met there did not have a form; they were like an elongated ball with devices all over their bodies. When these beings approached, they emanated a very strong energy.’

‘Each place was differentiated by specific smells. I recall that at some points, for example, I noticed very intense, very acrid smells, similar to ammonia, smells that hurt a bit in the nostrils. In other places, smells that varied fcom sweetish to bitter. Similarly, I heard several varied sounds.’

‘I then came to a very advanced Selfic structure made of metal, pyramids, spheres and with wires wound around it. The floor of this structure was also made of some metal. I realised from the surroundings that I had arrived at a teaching centre, a training school. I looked around and was a bit dismayed because there was incredible confusion all around, with all kinds of people and all kinds of species.’

‘There was so much movement that I definitely passed unnoticed. I stayed there a few minutes with my Selfic travelling companion and, after a few minutes, a character appeared with features very like human ones.

‘This person came up to me and had me get off the metal footboard I was on, and I set off towards a room at the back.

’The problem of communication was resolved thanks to a collar which he put around my neck. It was more spacious and comfortable than the one I had worn at an earlier transition stop and it quietly translated the sounds produced by my voice and also enabled me to understand his ’speech’. I ’heard’ him not through my ears, but directly, as if from the source of his thoughts.’

‘My guide accompanied me in visiting the entire structure that was made up of a series of rooms where people ate, slept, went to school, trained, and so on. In the courses, they talked about cabins and positions inside the cabins which were best for confronting the time leap. Specific time drills were also taught. For two days, I learned all the techniques relating to the transfer cabins.’

‘I ate food which tasted sweet, bitter, cold, hot, etc. The first day, I ate a very cold cream similar to our ice-cream. During the course, they supplied drinks with different densities which, apart from their nutritional value, provided a considerable energy charge. ’As far as the transmission of knowledge is concerned, I was directly assisted by an instructor. The course consisted of successive stages which required the use of special armchairs and helmets. Sometimes images were projected via which data automatically entered the mind.’

‘From a technical and practical point of view, I think that it will take time to encode everything, because a considerable amount of data was transmitted.’

‘We slept in specially arranged places in which there were sarcophagi with a hard base. A transparent dome was lowered from above, hermetically seaIing in the person who was resting, and sleep came in a few moments. In this state of slumber sometimes very deep, at others extremely light - in this sort of half-sleep, I had the very clear sensation that I was processing all the course data.’

‘In the morning, the sarcophagus was reopened and at that moment, it was as though the plugs of my conscious mind were reconnected.’

‘I noted that my breathing and heartbeat were normal. I often spoke of Damanhur and our project. The people listening were amazed, and had respect for what we are doing. Indeed, they were very aware of our reality and where we are going. ’I know that I kept my normal human appearance because I could see my reflection on the shining walls.’

‘The cabins in which we trained were similar to ours, the ones with bars. The use of the cabins varied according to the type of direction, type of journey, the distance and the mass that was to be transferred. The cabins with the bars were mainly used for time-travel. Those with the sphere structure or pyramids were more advanced and used for space-travel.’


In July 1992 tha city of Vidracco ordered the Temple of Mankind to be destroyed. Later, it was decided to acquire the Temple and the surround- ing land to use as a tourist attraction. Damanhur is a spiritual movement and a cultural rninority and, as such, its citizens ask respect for their ideas, rituals and creative works. We urgently ask our readers on their behalf to send a letter requesting that the public bodies concerned to assure the safeguard of the Temple of Mankind, and to guarantee that it remains the property of the communitiy of Damanhur, so that it may continue to be used for the purpose for which it was built. Please send your signed letter to: Damanhur, c.p. 1-10080 Baldissero Canavese (TO), Italy. Email:
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