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Humans FROM the surface of planet EARTH have colonized

the SubTerran...
The Dulce Matrix
The U.S. Navy and the Sub-Aquatic Labyrinth

the QuanTerran...
The Strands of Time
Time Travel / Timeline Search

& the ExTerran realms...
The Old
A Major Underground Federation Base Beneath North America
The New
Starfleet International -- U.S.N.

For those who believe in the so-called "serpent seed doctrine"... Humanity HAS been at WAR with the 'serpent race' since ancient times (however regardless of what some may believe, the serpent produced its own 'seed' WITHOUT the need or 'help' of Eve or Cain, who was NOT a human-reptilian hybrid as some claim)... see:

Biblical Ufology

the notorious notations of Norio

Enter the Nexus...