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The LDS "church" is, according to some, a confusing denomination. This may be due to the fact that, according to many eye-witnesses, it may have been infiltrated by shape-shifting beings that are not human, but rather "chameleon"... or reptilian humanoids in human form (in fact ALL LEVELS of realtiy have been infiltrated by these entities, they claim... including many of the major denominations, especially those denominations with historical connections to Freemasonry). These entities continue to teach the original lie of the serpent, as spouted off to Eve in Eden, that "Ye shall be as gods". So take it or leave it. But if you ignore the evidence just realize that you decide your own fate... We do have free agency... but that also includes the "free agency" to surrender our agency to a Hive-like mentality that seeks only to ASSIMILATE and CONTROL.

This is the central teaching of the LDS church, and of the "Illuminated" Freemasonry which most of the founders were members of. If I "offend" so-called "Mormons" with these words then GOOD, maybe they will learn something useful... A growing off-shoot of the LDS church was formerly known as the "Reorganized LDS church", however it has changed it's name to glorify the King of Kings, and is bringing many out of the domain of "Church-ianity" and into true "Christ-ianity"... into a personal relationship with Jesus the Christ.

Let us not forget, however, that there are MANY, MANY denominations which claim to be "Christian" yet which teach more of the doctrine of the Pharisees, you know, the one's who killed Jesus because he contradicted their teachings of "religiosity"... so we need to turn from CHURCH-IANTIY to CHRIST-IANITY, from a RELIGION to a RELATIONSHIP with Christ, and from LEGALISM to LIFESTYLE...

Let us not point fingers, because there are MANY LEVELS to our Religio-Ego-Political reality that these TARES among the WHEAT have infiltrated. Don't be surprised because Jesus Christ told us that this would happen within the last days. For OTHER examples of these chameleons within religion, economics, and politics, check out the following link


David Icke tell us of the many testimonies of those who have seen these religious leaders (and those of other cultish deniminations) shape-shift before their eyes. Read their words and decide for yourself... search



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