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"Branton" was born into a large family who lived near the western base of the Rocky mountains, in the year 1960.

As he grew up, he realized that his neo-masonic 'religious' background was somewhat restrictive, if not outright deceptive.

(Later on in life he came to realize that MOST mainline denominations of 'church-ianity' had also been intentionally infiltrated by this Masonic 'virus')

However, before this realization came to pass, he was drawn into various secret neo-masonic (and so-called 'new age') cults which used mind-control in order to manipulate their 'members', as well as perverse 'molestation' rituals within their deeper levels.

Being 'infected' with this psycho-spiritual poison caused him many mental and emotional problems later on in life.

Also, being trapped in a system of 'legalistic' religion merely drove him deeper into the pit of depravity and bondage to the evil one, just as the intollerant 'religious church-ianity' of the Pharisees led to the execution and crucifixion of Jesus the Christ... the very author of LIFE !!!

He is not proud of the fact that he was 'used' by the evil one at one time in his life to harm others around him. However before his 'defection' from this parasitical kingdom of darkness he did learn many of the 'deep' secrets and inner-workings of the kingdom of darkness, and now feels that it is his duty -- regardless of the personal risk -- to EXPOSE this darkness in the light of truth, so that others might escape the traps which almost ruined his life...

It eventually became apparent to him that his focus should NOT be placed on any particular pharasitical neo-Masonic "church", "denomination", or "religion", but rather on the savior, Jesus Christ, himself.

He became aware of how he was being used and manipulated by the lord of darkness and his 'hive' of vampirial and parasitical followers, as a result of childhood 'abductions' and other factors, such as 'alien implants' - which the top leaders of many of these cultic Neo-Masonic organizations were aware of ... and some of these secret society leaders were (and are) even reportedly in close contact with the darker 'reptilian' entities from beyond and within our world...

'Branton' was able to escape most of their hold upon his mind, with more than a little help from the Lord of LIGHT!

Jesus Christ, he realized, had many believers in many denominations. There is no one "true" denomination since in EVERY denomination in the world you have those who practice pharasitical "church-ianity" and then those who practice true apostolic "Christ-ianity".

In other words, if one were to believe that Christ died and rose again from the grave for THEM as the "Good Book" says, and APPLIES this belief into their lives, essentially allowing the Spirit of Christ to LIVE THROUGH THEM by faith in HIS Divine-Life-Blood-Transfusion, then THEY are forgiven... NOT by any faithless works or merit of their own (read the book of "Romans"). They/We can be COMPLETELY purged of all past wrongdoings, but ONLY because someone else chose to recieve the criminal punishment that they/we deserved (and of course, that 'someone' was/is Christ, the "Lamb" of God).

In short, those who are "saved" are those who allow the Spirit of God (which the Bible refers to as the pure WATER OF LIFE) to live in and through them.

These are they who in essence ASKED FOR and RECIEVED this "divine life-blood transfusion" from Jesus Christ, the Living WORD or LOGOS of God, who is a being so powerful that He literally SPOKE the Metaverse or Omniverse (with its millions - or billions? - of galaxies, each containing millions or billions of stars and planets) into existance.

Jesus IS eternal life, and so the ONLY way for us to receive eternal life is to receive it from HIM, the SOURCE of all LIFE... the ONLY spiritual "OASIS" in the spiritual "desert".

Branton began to study "paranormal" phenomena at the age of 12, after reading Frank Edwards' book FLYING SAUCERS - SERIOUS BUSINESS, and he still lives surrounded by the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and he continues THE fight (within and without) to 'help' make this world, this country, and all people FREE from ignorance and oppression of all kinds... realizing that we are all individual 'cells' in the 'body' of humanity... so in essence the 'T-cells' (so to speak...) must work TOGETHER to rid this 'body' of the 'cancerous' draconian 'cells' that would devour all light and life -- like a dead star or a black hole -- if given the chance.

Let us NOT give them the chance...

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