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John Lear, pilot and son of William Lear (inventor of the "Lear Jet") has some very deep connections with high-level U.S. Navy personnel.

He has learned that there are actually large aquatic cavern openings within the "continental slope", below the "continental shelf" off of America's Pacific coast.

This vast network of aquatic caverns reportedly reach DEEP beneath many western U.S. states (at LEAST a dozen of them), and much of this aquatic labyrinth is LARGE ENOUGH for (nuclear) submarines to negotiate and explore.

They -- the U.S. Naval submarine fleet has, according to Lear's sources -- explored this "subterranean ocean" or "sun-aquatic labyrinth" beneath these several western states and, according to some suggestions, they may have also encountered subterranean 'tribes' or 'cities' of people/humans -- many of them related to native American tribes on the surface -- who live in deep caverns that are large enough to have an 'atmosphere' which is faintly illuminated by a "northern lights" type of phosphorescent 'glow'...

This is caused by the strong electromagnetic currents/waves inside the earth that interact with the air molecules of the subterranean atmosphere(s), causing an atmospheric glow or "aurora", that is dispersed throughout the larger caverns. These subterranean currents which flow through the interior of the earth (just as they do AROUND planet earth as part of its electromagnetic 'field') illuminate the subterranean "atmospheres" with a faint glow that, after time, these inner world dwellers have grown accustomed to... like animals in the surface world that have adapted to the point where they can see fairly well in the dark.

The U.S. Navy and other branches of the U.S. military have also encountered malevolent reptilian humanoid type beings underground who are AT WAR with the peaceful human subterrestrials, and ALSO with the U.S. military forces themselves... who are engaged in INTENSE CONFICTS with this so-called serpent race ...