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The following is a message delivered to a "contactee", from an alleged member of an interplanetary confederation who goes by the name of "K.H.". This information comes from the book "MYSTERIOUS SIGNS IN THE SKY", by Israel Norkin, 1984, Exposition Press, Smithtown N.Y. A similar exposition from an alleged Federation member can be found at... this site

K.H. - ...Beware of false prophets because they come in sheep's clothing and, unfortunately, some actually think they're working for the forces of Light. Poor misguided souls! They are aiding the forces of the antichrist in stirring up dissension.

Those who are working with the Christ Light need not prove anything! Their own works are the calling card. "By their works ye shall know them." Is that not true? You don't have to scream to the housetops of what you are and who you are to prove it.

Tell this to your people. The space people are beings, three dimensional, like ourselves. They are not spooks! Good heavens!

There ARE beings of other dimensions that are working with the Space Confederation, but they are not coming into your living rooms [apparently referring to the "progressive" other-dimensionals rather than the regressive 4th dimensional greys and 5th dimensional dracos!? - Branton]. They are mentors to the space brothers.

The space brothers that are coming into your living rooms -- when they come -- [will be] in PHYSICAL FORM. Do you understand my point?

We have stated before that NOT ALL space beings are three dimensional, no! Those operating in the spaceships above your world that you can see, feel, touch, and go into, if they land, are the same as you -- three dimensional!

...The reason you see spaceships is because people on other worlds still need them -- and build them in order to get places.

Now, so far as ASHTAR is concerned, he is NOT a man, and you can tell this to your people. Let us give the authentication and the authority for that statement, if you will. The first man who received communications with the force known as Ashtar was our beloved George Van Tassel (of Giant Rock, California), if you will recall. At the time, he was given the information that Ashtar would appear throughout the world. But he would know when it was a true communication by the nature of its announcement. If his vibrations were necessary, then he should be perhaps the best authority on Ashtar, should he not? Ashtar is NOT a man, and our good friend know that he would recognize any true reception, or false reception, by the announcement they made of Ashtar. And, of course, every medium who has an astral being at his heels immediately has Ashtar on the psychic "hook up," if you remember.

I speak strongly tonight because I feel strongly, dear ones, believe me. I am very perturbed at the entire situation that is taking place in the United States of America, particularly!

...What is this statement the United States will be spared?

Your information was correct that you received (speaking to one of the group.) The United States will be submerged, except for a few mountain places on the east and west coasts [Note: some claim that much of the east and west coasts will be inundated and much of the shore will lie underwater once the polar ice caps melt, raising the ocean level as much as 200 feet, that the continent will be divided at the Mississippi river into essentially two continents, and that an inland sea will fill the great basin of the west. - Branton]. Parts of the four states, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, will remain. But we will not get into that for the moment.

What is all this business about Ashtar appearing in his Light body in the living room?

How can he, since he isn't a man? He comprises thousands of beings making up a gigantic organization. He couldn't appear in their living rooms. Yes, they are having appearances. They are not hoaxes, but what are they getting? Who is it that's coming? Just because it comes through and signs itself, "This is Ashtar" -- if someone calls you from Washington and says, "This is the Pentagon" -- you don't say, "Thank you, Mr. Pentagon."

Many space beings can be Ashtar. There is no certain man by the name of Ashtar that I know of, anywhere. The name Ashtar (as an individual) possibly exists somewhere in the universe, but not as a great commander of millions of spaceships and space beings as others have made him to be [And I might add, one who makes extravagant prophetic claims about mass landings, days of darkness, photon belts, and so on giving specific dates, prophecies which have a tendency of never coming true! - Branton]. In fact, two or three mediums have made him greater than the Christ and have stated so -- that "he's the greatest being in our system." This is going too far! Dear ones, they're being carried away by their own astral delusions!

Now what and who is Ashtar? What is this force? Let's go back to the beginning of words. You will find in your dictionaries the word "Ashtoreth." The plural is "Ashtoroth." It means "Astarte," goddess of fertility and sexual love, does it not? Well, need I say more? Ashtor is the singular; Ashtar is the plural. Ashtar is not a single entity; it's a group.

Now do not be confused with the force, Ashtar, such as Van Tassel received. Yet the name has a very close connection with Ashtarte.

But there are Ashtars and there are Ashtars, dear ones. And that you can tell your people. There are Ashtars and there are Ashtars.

There is no man by the name of Ashtar as a single entity, that is known of.

Question by Dr. L.: But there is a space group working under that name that's on the dark side?

K.H.: There is a particular group that is nothing but a group of beings who operate a gigantic mechanical brain [Which may explain why some who claim to channel 'Ashtar' have channeled a voice that sounds mechanical or metallic - Branton], a COMPUTER. To which, I believe, you heard your friend (Van Tassel) in the south refer. It is one of the computers that was left after the collapse of the Galactic Empire [based in Orion]. Now Ashtar then is a code name for this great computer, and those beings that operate it will pass through certain questions desiring answers. It is not infallible. There is a reason why it has the name Ashtar, which I will not go into for the moment. But is is also in connection with ASHTARTE. In other words, it is cause and not effect. It is the cause from whence came the name Ashtarte in the first place, because the Ashtar computing system, or Ashtar computer, was used primarily for the computation of sexual and physical problems, and the problems of fertility, in crops, animals, and man. Is that point clear? Are you getting the picture?

Dr. L.: Now the Ashtar group is of the Milky Way Galaxy, is that right? Is it the Space Confederation, or...?

K.H.: Yes, you asked me that question, and that's what I'm going to answer at this time. Is the Ashtar group dark, you ask? THERE ARE TWO. The computers can be used by either, either the UNHOLY SIX or the others -- because they were all part of the galactic administration at one time. The computer is available to all. The computer itself is an arbiter, is it not? The computer is neutral...

[However it can be used as a tool by either regressive or progressive forces to unite their respective agendas together and also a tool of infiltration of enemy forces who also are linked to the "collective". Personally I believe that collectivism can only lead to disaster and a loss of ones ability to be self-responsible, just as the Greys and Dracos eventually lost the ability to think for themselves and are slaves of those few who control their computerized group mind. Our world gave up the traditional ways of being self-reliant in exchange for a global eco-political system which they believed would meet all of their needs. And with this type of pyramid system, with the elite stealing as much wealth as they possibly could through pyramid economics and high-interest loans to all countries and the citizens voting in favor of continuous welfare legislation the entire economy has transformed into a co- dependent all-eggs-in-one-basket economic system based upon a figment of an illusion of assumed or credited borrowed wealth which does not actually exist but is rather borrowed from wealth that is assumed to exist in the future. It is NOT a system based on actually wealth, but is like a pyramid that is being built higher and higher, and as it can find no more "stones" to built with it must use its foundation stones to build the higher levels. It's just like a certain game one can buy in the stores, where you "borrow" structural or foundation blocks to build the structure higher, with the intent of the game being to NOT be the person who finally sets the whole system crumbling with the slight touch of a finger, and thus incur all of the "blame" for a collapse that is in fact just as much the fault of the elite as it is the sell-out citizens who SUPPORT their system of global usury. And since the next logical step of a global economy is a global government, and the next logical step of a global government is a global technocracy, this techno-eco-political "collective" will gain more and more power as individuals cast aside self responsibility for immediate material gain. So people neglect their spiritual nature and instead of maintaining sovereign dominion over the 'system' they allow a soulless mechanical 'system' to control THEM. And is this not exactly what the mainframes of the Draconian "Hive" have become? And is this not what the Ashtar collective itself is becoming as it is assimilated into the "Hive"? And is this not the direction that planet earth it heading as people become more and more DEPENDENT on the WORLD COMPUTER? That is, when the SYSTEM collapses then WHAT will be the requirement for being a part of the techno-eco-political collective that will rise from the ashes? Those eco-political forces who have the WEALTH to make their computer systems Y2K compatible for instance will be the only ones to survive the computer crisis, whereas the independent businesses which have become dependent on Computers will crash, and they will either have to go back to the more traditional ways of existence or essentially sell their souls to the "mark" of the world super-computer which, as if incarnated by all of the powers of darkness, will attempt to assimilate everything it can -- in light of this the SKYNET scenario of the TERMINATOR movies may not be that far fetched, but just like that movie the "Hive" may not NEED super cybernetic weapons or bulky cybernetic attachments to "assimilate" us into its web, but merely strategically placed implants in the nerve centers of the brain -- placed there by either alien or military personnel who have themselves been assimilated -- and from there the implants work relentlessly to bring the thoughts and emotions into resonance with the "program" of the master computer. So in short, is there REALLY a "good" Ashtar collective and a "bad" Ashtar collective? Doesn't collectivism itself threaten individual responsibility and liberty? I see no problem with information networks like the Internet, so long as people retain the ability to connect and disconnect from it at will, however what if newborn babies are forced to receive implants that automatically link them to the group mind, as many Ashtar-dependent worlds do? In that case they are trapped forever unless someone outside themselves disconnects them from the collective. The human body is a sacred, god-given 'temple' whose boundaries should NOT be trespassed against, for when an outside force invades the "ring pass not" of an individual, and forces its will on them to the detriment of their free agency, then that is one of the worst violations that can be committed. In fact that is the very basis of the ten commandments, perfect non-interventionism. Assimilation of a sovereign individual through internal implants is where we must dig in our swords and draw the battle-line, or as Captain Picard says in his hypothetical battle with the "Borg"... "THE LINE MUST BE DRAWN HERE!!!" But it is not enough just to defend our personal space from invasion, but also to stand in the gap and defend the space of our neighbors who are also victims of "intervention", as they might not retain the understanding or ability to defend themselves. But we must not remove from them their ability to be responsible for themselves. We must encourage them to learn how to help themselves, and develop faith in the power of the Almighty to give them all of the spiritual power they need to do so... as physical and intellectual defense must be motivated by spiritual empowerment, that is the key - Branton]

...K.H.'s comments continued...

K.H.: Therefore the Orionites, or Unholy Six, can use the computing force and give out Ashtar material.

[Note: The Unholy Six forces which have infiltrated the "Ashtar Collective", according to still other sources, are six star systems in Orion that are subject to the central empire on the planet Typhon in Alpha Draconis. The UH6 are allegedly the remnants of an old empire that is on the verge of collapse due to its parasitical imperialistic nature. Insurrection and resistance within many of the old slave worlds like those in Procyon and Altair and about 21 worlds all together in this sector, have made the UH6 unstable. Planet earth is the "richest" world by far in the sector, and "they" believe that if our planet can be totally enslaved under a one-world government, then the old empire can regain its former power, with planet earth being used as a staging world to attack their enemies in the confederation worlds. Refer to the following "galactic history" treatise for more details.

K.H.: Ashtar is a being, all right, if you want to think of a computer as a being. A computer that's perhaps twenty miles in length. Tell your people, Ashtar is a mechanical brain, but not as we think of it. It's a monstrous mechanical brain that once controlled the galactic administration of the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

C.E.L.: Even the brain is decadent?

K.H.: And the brain IS DECADENT [due to the regressive programming... a galactic Frankenstein's monster one might say, a creation gone awry that has been programmed to assimilate, assimilate and assimilate anything and everything - Branton]. Therefore certain [regressive] ones of the Space Confederation still rely on it, inaccurate as it may be at times. It's that group, small as it may be, but large in one sense, that gives out the Ashtar information. Therefore, it can be LIGHT and DARK. But what Mr. Van Tassel first received was Ashtar the computer giving information to the light [side], or the Space Confederation. Mr. Van Tassel has not had Ashtar for many years because he has gone on to a higher source of information. Is that clear? However, the Ashtar that some are receiving is that force that is coming in on the astral beam from the forces of the sex and fertility 'gods'. These are the forces behind Astarte, or Ashtaroth [which had their roots in Babylon and Egypt, and the Ashtar collective is not only tied-in with those two ancient cultures, but has also allegedly been seen in the structural designs of some of the monuments and structures that have been seen on the moon and mars. - Branton].

Remember Ashtaroth and Ashtar: One's the computer; one is the forces of the old [fallen] Earth spirits.

And the Ashtaroth will come through as Ashtar to some of those who will be ASTRALLY POSSESSED. They are ready and right for it if they have psychological problems, are frustrated or under stress, or through drunkenness. However, there are none who are getting Ashtar through drunkenness. But that is one way to let yourself open to astral possession and also THROUGH EGO, because these forces build them up. There is nothing wrong with getting Ashtar... IF they would skip the "spooks" that are hanging around.

[Note: easier said than done. I would tend to disagree simply because in becoming DEPENDENT on a mechanical mind with no concept of a spiritual connection to God other than a psychological or intellectual logic of how to manipulate human spiritual passions in order to evoke a programmed response, is NOT a healthy means of spiritual development, rather it can only lead one down the primrose path of spiritual ruin and eventually cut them off from their spiritual side altogether as has happened with many of the Hive-based aliens themselves and is beginning to happen to many of the 'Federation' peoples on other worlds, within the underground cities, and in the parallel dimensions because of their dependence on the Ashtar collective, on an intellectual source rather than a spiritual source, i.e. God Almighty. - Branton]

Dr. L.: Is there no filtering power at the receiving end?

K.H.: Fortunately there is, dear brother, but unfortunately every being on earth can attune to any of these things he desires. it cannot be filtered out because that would be taking away the free will of the receiver. Is that clear? Do you know why that's done? Because it there were a filtering center, man would never be able to develop his own powers of PERCEPTION.

Now there is also an Assyrian deity known as "Ashur." He is shown on a winged sun disc. We have spoken on this before, Ashur. This carries the same vibration. This is the space group that one of the voice-channels is working through...

This Ashtar group, from which also Van Tassel received information, is on the light, or Space Confederation, side.

...This is an important time, dear ones. This is the time when the antichrist will appear, but he will be followed as a master, perhaps even as the return of the Christ. People will have a hard time deciding between the two appearances -- which is the antichrist and which is the Christ, because both will appear as great Angels of Light. Both will be beloved of the people. Many of the elect and select will make the wrong choice. It will be difficult to choose. Only the most discerning will know. You can tell your people that...

I would warn your people to beware of tapes. Some of the tapes being circulated are coming through voice-channels and are of an astral nature. But you can always tell the vibration. Some are deliberate fakes. You will have no difficulty knowing the true from the false. Some people are charging elaborate sums, and as you noted, copyrighting the material. Copyrighting UNIVERSAL TRUTH, pray tell, for WHAT? So they can make another five dollars on another tape! Do you see my point? They feel, if they put out one tape, it can't be copied if it is copyrighted. Therefore they would lose their sales. These had better analyze the situation and choose!

Dear ones, we cannot hurt these people as personalities, but at the same time our infinite Father does not intend for us to condone such action! It is harming the work, the Christ work.

We cannot go about with smiling countenances and say, "Isn't this nice. It's another piece of the puzzle."

It isn't! It's just a puzzle of a picture. Not a picture of a puzzle...

I hope I've been somewhat enlightening, and please forgive my verbosity. - K.H.