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Subject: Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert ?
Date: Wed, 7 May 2008 22:41:30 -0700

Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert ?
What ever happened with Steve Fossett ?
John Lear says it might have to do with an Above Top Secret UNDERGROUND Submarine Base.
   John revealed it's location and he thinks the Base Commander was pissed. 
A short time later Steve Fossett turns up missing.  
  The Navy Sub Base in Nevada might have thought  
John Lear was in the plane (photographing the location).  
 The aircraft was ordered to be shot down.
   Then..the ONI removed the evidence of the crashed aircraft.
That is why the Mega Search turned up NOTHING.
  So...We do NOT know how true the above is.   But....
The City of Hawthorne continues to blossom to the south of Walker Lake with restaurants and motels offering provisions, diversions and accommodations for travelers.
   It's a five minute drive out of town to the north, but instead of continuing to Walker Lake Hawthorne's fourth and grandest wonder turn west into "the Base." This was once the headquarters for the US Navy Ammunition Depot, and is now a minor paradise enjoyed by its residents and by visitors alike. Take ten minute driving tour of this astonishing remnant from another age. Just drive in; if there is a security guard on duty, just say "Golf Course" and you're in.
   Your tour ends at the Walker Lake Country Club, where a beautiful 9-hole golf course (open to the public) was the best-kept military secret in America for 50 years. It was built by base employees, four holes at first, and then two at a time until the ninth hole was completed 30 years ago.
  "Where is everybody?" we asked the manager.

"'I don't know,' he said. "It's always like this out here.' I thought he was going to add, 'in heaven.'" The club house is a favorite meeting place for local decision-makers.
Hawthorne is on the main Las Vegas-Reno highway and serves as Nevada's gateway to Yosemite and the eastern Sierra via the Pole Line Road (Nevada 359) connecting with US 395 and the Tioga Pass.
   Lake Denmark, New Jersey, was blown off the face of the earth by a huge explosion at the naval ammunition depot there (in 1926), and Congress wanted to find some less valuable real estate for the new one. After a nationwide search, Hawthorne was the choice, the Yucca Mountain of its time.
  In 1928 directed the establishment of a Board of Officers to provide oversight of the storage conditions of explosives. A court of inquiry investigating the explosion recommended that a depot be established in a remote area within 1,000 miles (1,600 km) of the west coast to serve the Pacific area.   Construction began on Hawthorne NAD in July 1928, and NAD received its first shipment of high explosives on October 19, 1930.
   Security for the 3,000 bunkers at NAD was provided by the U.S. Marine Corps. Beginning in September 1930 and during World War II, 600 Marines were assigned to the facility. In 1977, that number had been reduced to 117; security is contracted to a private company.
 The following progression illustrates the result through World War II:

1930 pop.: 680

1940 pop.: 1,009

1944 pop.: 13,000

1950 pop.: 1,861

With more than 7,000 armed forces and civilian workers at the arsenal during the war, Hawthorne was the busiest Nevada boomtown in a generation. By 1950 nearly 2,500 people still lived in government housing at nearby Babbitt, but even as the Korean War broke out, the boom was over. Growth since has been slow, and today the ammunition depot plays a diminishing role in Hawthorne's economy, although its bunkers still pimple the desert as they have for more than 75 years. The Gulf War brought more good times to Hawthorne, and the base now under civilian management is bulging more than ever with munitions.

In 1984, after nearly 50 years without a major mishap, one of the storage bunkers exploded. The blast was contained as intended, blowing up instead of out, and the deeply feared chain-reaction causing immense damage and loss of life did not occur. In the early 1990s a bunker detonated for no discernible cause, unless it was provoked by a lightning storm the previous day.
The depot began its existence as the Hawthorne Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD).
The Hawthorne Army Depot is a huge ammunition storage site located near the town of Hawthorne in western Nevada in the United States. It is directly south of Walker Lake. The depot covers 147,000 acres (595 km), and has 600,000 square feet (55,700 m) of floor space in 2,427 storage bunkers. It is said to be the largest such facility in the world.   The depot is run by an independent contractor under an agreement with the government.  Security is contracted to a private company.
In May 2005, the facility was included on the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure list, with closure being recommended. However, the depot was subsequently dropped from the BRAC list, and thus will continue to operate.  In 1998-1999, the facility was used to destroy the U.S. stockpile of M687 chemical artillery shells and separate from them their 505 tons (458 metric tons) of binary precursor chemicals.
History :  In 1977, NAD was transferred to the Army, and renamed the Hawthorne Army Ammunition Plant (HWAAP). In 1980, HWAAP was redesignated as a government-owned contractor-operated facility. Day & Zimmermann Hawthorne Corporation (DZHC) is the current operating contractor. In 1994, the facility received its current name of the Hawthorne Army Depot (HWAD).
HWAD claims to be the "Worlds Largest Depot" and is the largest industrial activity in the state of Nevada.
Hawthorne Army Depot is located in the west central part of Nevada close to the California state line. It is approximately two hours southeast of Reno on US Highway 95. The facility's area 147,000 Acres (Leased/Owned) and .6M Sq. Ft. Floor Space. Facilities include 178 Buildings and 2,427 Igloos.
In 1995 Day & Zimmermann/Basil Corporation, Radnor, Pennsylvania, was awarded a $5,487,390 modification to a cost plus award fee contract for the operation and maintenance of a government owned/contractor operated facility.
*************** Why would we want a submarine base in Nevada ?
This map might help:

A big enough lake and possible under water entrance into a lab area.  NUWC stands for Naval Under Water Command on the map.
****************** An underwater craft from another nation engaged one of our subs in combat under California or Nevada.
Babbitt was a government housing facility in Mineral County, Nevada, United States. It was established in 1941.
Babbitt was named for the 2nd Commander of NAD Hawthorne, H.S. Babbitt.
During its existence, Babbitt was assigned the ZIP code of 89416.
Per John Lear: the Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Hawthorne Nevada access the West Coast using underground elevators and train.
John also spoke of a vast underground train and tunnel system used by the Military.
Do these tunnels connect to the NIDS Ranch in the Uinta Basin in NE Utah and to Dulce New Mexico?
The Ranch and Hawthorne can be connected by a direct line heading NNE from Hawthorne to the Ranch.
  Dulce forms a lower point of a Triangle SSE from Uinta Basin and SE from Hawthorne.
 (Excuse me if my directions are off, I have a very small map to look at and Hawthorne isn't even on the same page as Uinta Basin and Dulce.
Is it possible that these three areas are part of the underground tunnel/train/waterway Network ?
I believe the Navy and possible Naval activity was mentioned in info about the unexplained phenom at the NIDS Ranch.  Certainly similar unexplained activities have occurred near Dulce and the Uinta Basin. (Also prob in the whole SW region) Have similar unexplained phenomena occurred near Hawthorne?
Navy Submarine Base Under the Nevada Desert ?
Over the past 20 years I have heard stories of a huge U.S. Navy submarine base under the desert in Hawthorne Nevada.

During that time I have driven from Las Vegas to Reno many times and was always intrigued at the guard gate and sign just before entering the town of Hawthorne. (Hawthorne is about 5 hours drive from Las Vegas and about two and a half hours drive from Reno.)

It used to read "Naval Undersea Warfare Training Center". Today it reads "Naval Undersea Warfare Center". They must have made the change in the past year or so. Maybe longer.

Hawthorne Nevada is a U.S. ArmyDepot where ammunition is made, tested and stored. Endless rows of ammunition bunkers dot both sides of the road.

Just to the north of Hawthorne is Walker Lake. The East Walker river drains into it and over the past 20 years has become shallower and shallower. The lake is about 18 miles long and about 8 miles wide the longer axis running north and south.

It can't be very deep. I am not good at judging lake depths, maybe 100 feet? 150 feet? Certainly wouldn't seem deep enough for a Ohio, Virginia, Seawolf,Los Angeles. Maybe that little nuclear powered Fast Attack Sub. But I know nothing about submarines.

And the lake itself certainly wouldn't be big enough or deep enough to train for Undersea Warfare. Or so it would seem.

There are stories that California and Nevada sit on a shelf underneath which lies on an eastern portion of the Pacific Ocean. Maybe the Pacific Ocean extends under that shelf to Hawthorne Nevada (and even further?).

Maybe there is some kind of access from the surface of the desert within the area occupied by the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. And maybe if you go deep enough there is a huge part of the Pacific Ocean in which the Navy conducts Undersea Warfare training.

Impossible? Improbable? So it would seem.

But let's assume that it might be true. There would have to be a route from the Pacific Ocean to Hawthorne. If we take a set of dividers and place one end at Hawthorne Nevada and place the other end at the closest portion of the Pacific Ocean we would find that it is in Monterey Bay, just south of San Francisco. Just north of Fort Ord.

The distance is roughly about 212 statute miles.

Now let's also assume that there is traffic both to and from Monterey Bay and Hawthorne Nevada. We would probably have to have to separate channels, one for each direction of travel. If it's a sea how can we separate these channels? I don't know.

Below is a chart on which I have drawn two lines representing these channels between Monterey Bay and Hawthorne. If a submarine where to make 33 knots the trip would take about five and a half hours.
The Underground Empire
( Branton -- File No. 008 )

In March of 1980, John J. Williams, a New Mexico "Patriot" who published the anti-Communist oriented "REBEL MAGAZINE" (at the time available from: Consumertronics Co., c/o John J. Williams. Pres., 2011 Crescent Dr., P.O. Drawer 537., Alamogardo, NM 88310) revealed some incredible details on an alleged subterranean system which the Navy had been exploring below the western United States. The report appeared in issue No. 6 of his magazine, and was later reproduced in the Fall, 1985 (#164) issue of SEARCH Magazine, at the time edited by Marjorie Palmer, widow of the late Ray Palmer.

The article, titled 'CALIFORNIA FLOATS ON OCEAN?', revealed the following:

"Some time ago, I heard a man on a TV interview-show briefly mention that parts of California and neighboring states are floating on the Pacific Ocean! He was a high ranking Naval officer on a top- secret nuclear submarine that has been (and is) exploring and mapping these enormous caverns and passage-ways underneath the West for over 10 years now.

"A friend of mine finally tracked the man down. He is now living quietly in retirement and asked that no details pointing to him be revealed as he does not want publicity and government attention. After writing this article, I destroyed my files on him. This is his story..."

Williams explains that not "all" of the areas in question are actually "resting" or "floating" on the ocean, however there are allegedly many subterranean cavities below the western U.S., and they are not limited to California, and many of them consist of very large water-filled aqua-systems. These have been explored via nuclear submarines to several hundred miles inland, particularly in the region of southern California and the southern Oregon - northern California area. Williams continues:

"...When he retired several years ago, in spite of about 10 years of intensive Naval study, the Navy had not gotten even a handle on their exacts and dimensions. Today, the story may be different.

"He makes the following statements from his observations:

"1. The passageways are labyrinthine with widths from a few to thousands of feet (caverns), averaging roughly about a 100 feet.

"2. Much like dry caverns do, heights and depths vary a great deal and in some cases, two or more caverns or passageways pass over or under each other at different depths.

"3. Most of the entrances lie just off the Continental Shelf (ie. or rather, WITHIN the lower slopes/cliffs of the Continental Shelf - Branton).

"4. Most of the entrances are too small for submarine investigation; and many that are large enough lie in waters that are too deep.

"5. Some of the caverns (in S. California) are topped with oil while some others are filled with gases believed to approximate our atmosphere (in very ancient times).

"6. The San Joaquin Valley is essentially a portion of the original cavernous area that collapsed eons ago due to it's sheer weight.

"7. What is being passed off as the 'San Andreas Fault' are large, unsupported chambers that are in the process of collapsing. When the BIG ONE finally hits, many scientists in the know believe that most of California will break off like a cold Hershey bar and slide into the ocean! (it is postulated by some that an ancient land-mass which some believe may have been connected to what is now California, broke off and sunk into the ocean during an ancient cataclysm - Branton)

"8. (We are deleting this section due to the possibility of undue stress and fear which may result from it's disclosure. Also, because of recent international events which may have resulted in a solution to this problem. We will merely state that it involves a scenario similar to that which was portrayed in a James Bond movie, and which concerned underground caverns, silicon valley, nuclear weapons, and the San Andreas fault - Branton).

"9. A WELL-KNOWN U.S. nuclear submarine lost its way in these passages and disappeared forever. It was reported to have been lost IN OPEN SEA ELSEWHERE to keep the American people in total ignorance and to justify an enormous pay-off to an eccentric U.S. billionaire (who died in recent years) for providing the fictitious "recovery" effort. "I have no reason to doubt the man. I can't tell for sure whether or not these caverns and passageways exist or to their extents. The story does sound a bit fantastic but I have no reason to doubt the man. I have seen copies of documentation that at least prove that he was a high ranking Naval officer (nuclear submarine duty) and a distinguished scientist. In fact, his scientific background and reputation are impeccable. He definitely cannot be labeled as a crackpot, lunatic or publicity-seeker. I would very much like more information on this topic..."

After further inquiries to Mr. Williams on the part of 'inner earth' researchers, Williams responded with the following when asked whether or not he had received any replies to his request for more information about the alleged passageways below California:

"Since publishing our article on the vast cavern network under much of California, we have received many responses and inquiries. Some of these responses appear to be knowledgeable sources. Note that the material sent to us for this article was written by someone of very high repute whose credentials I personally checked out.

"Due to an agreement with him, I cannot reveal his identity. One response was from a retired (conventional submarine duty? - Branton) submarine commander, who according to him, spent many years in the waters off California. He stated that the caverns do NOT exist.

"Another response was from an anonymous person who cited unpublished oil company seismographical data, and stated, 'Although most of the caverns you depict in your drawing are smaller, larger or located somewhat differently than the actual caverns, you are essentially correct... My information is more up-to-date than what you apparently relied upon.' He (or she) did not supply any maps to pin down our differences, just some written descriptions. However, some knowledgeable person could probably deduce his (or her) overall 'map' from the voluminous seismographical data sent. I am in the process of looking for this input; it's been several years now and it may have all been thrown out... Incidentally, the oil company seismic data had much data round the Fresno area if that helps any.

"One incident which tends to confirm the fact that California is in fact floating on the ocean was a story which made the headlines in recent years.

"This incident involved an oil discovery beneath Long Beach, California. When oil companies began pumping oil out of the ground beneath Long Beach it was soon learned that the entire city BEGAN SINKING INTO THE OCEAN!

"It sank up to 26 feet and dikes had to be built to keep out the water. The problem is (temporarily) being rectified by 'water injection'--i.e. pumping an equivalent amount of WATER into the ground to the amount of oil and water taken out, in order to keep the city AFLOAT!"

One thing which may be of interest in connection with Mr. Williams' account was a statement which was made by a prominent California Bigfoot investigator by the name of Virginia Louise Swanson, who has done a good deal of study on caves and their connections to the Bigfoot phenomena. She refers to these caverns in the following words:

"...Somewhere I got the idea that a big portion of Death Valley is located on a shelf of FALSE bedrock. A certain type of earthquake would collapse all of it down to an enormous series of caverns that would open up into another Grand Canyon."

According to our knowledge, the only nuclear submarines ever to disappear under mysterious circumstances were the U.S.S THRESHER and the U.S.S. SCORPION. It is uncertain whether the retired Navy Officer who John J. Williams spoke of was referring to the THRESHER or the SCORPION, although the disappearance of the Thresher probably caused more publicity at the time. The Thresher was the LEAD SHIP or 'Flag' ship in the world's most advanced class of nuclear attack submarines. She was designed to operate deeper and more silently than any of her predecessors and was also endowed with significant advances in sonar equipment, in noise reduction, and in fire-control. All in all, she was the most advanced international submarine in the world at the time of her disappearance and would have been an ideal choice for a top-secret mission such as the exploration of the caverns mentioned by John Williams' source.

On April 10, 1963 (according to official reports) the Thresher, under the command of Lt. Commander John W. Harvey, USN, with a total of 129 men (comprised of the crew, civilian technicians, and observers) disappeared without explanation. NOT A SINGLE TRACE or clue as to the fate of the craft, or it's occupants, were ever recovered: no oil slicks, radiation, floating debris, or similar signs of wreckage were ever seen. It is interesting to note that almost all of the reports at the time stated the ship had "disappeared," or was "lost," not "sunk!" One woman whose husband was on the ill-fated ship reported her belief that her husband was still ALIVE! Theologically speaking, the possibility of a long-distance connection or "communion" on a deep, emotional level between a husband and a wife should not necessarily be consigned to the realm of the occult or "psychic" phenomena. Many religions believe that the very spiritual natures of a husband and a wife are united upon the consummation of a marriage, and thus they become, as Christian teachings say, "one flesh".

The actual words of this woman, who was interviewed by Will Carson and Jeannie Joy -- two writers devoted to pursuing strange events -- shortly after the Thresher incident, were as follows:

"My husband was on the submarine Thresher when it disappeared. I don't consider myself a widow. I don't believe my husband is dead. No, it's not a matter of just not being able to believe it, to accept reality; I just can't get over the conviction that he's still alive somewhere. I love my husband very much. I know he loved--loves me. We were very close. We could always tell when something was wrong with each other. Intuition, I guess. I should have felt something the instant there was trouble, if he was really in serious trouble and knew it--a matter of life and death--but I didn't."

"What do you believe really happened?" Carson and Joy asked the attractive young woman.

"Most people think I'm crazy when I say this, but I believe the Thresher was captured."

"By whom?"

"I can't say for sure, but there WAS a Russian submarine spotted near there that day (...that is, near where it REPORTEDLY vanished 220 miles off Boston harbor -- so either the Thresher DID sink there, off Boston harbor... OR the government created an elaborate 'cover story' of it sinking off the east coast when in fact it went through the Panama canal and disappeared near the west coast, or BENEATH the west coast... or, IF the Thresher did disappear off of Boston harbor, then the nuclear sub that disappered in the aqua-caves of California may have been yet another - possibly top secret - submarine. Then again there is the possibility of similar aqua-caves leading inland from the base of the continental slopes of the EAST COAST... --- Branton) -- only I can't imagine how even the Russians could CAPTURE a vessel like the Thresher without leaving the slightest evidence!"

The following account, concerning an area just east of BISHOP (OWENS VALLEY), CALIFORNIA, was related by Val Valerian in his 'LEADING EDGE' Newsletter, Dec. 1989 - Jan. 1990 issue. The article, titled: 'DEEP SPRING'S, CALIFORNIA', stated: "Deep Springs, California is an area that is becoming known as the site for very strange events. According to the information released both on the air on KVEG-AM and from other sources, the area is full of strange people wandering around in black suits. There have also been rumors that there is an underground facility in the area. Checking with gravity anomaly maps proved that there are large cavities under the ground in that area. The wildest claims relative to the area have stated that alien lifeforms are being released there... Deep Springs Lake has been probed and it appears bottomless. Divers have traveled along an underground river 27 miles toward the Las Vegas area before having to turn around." (This 'river' would probably have been a 'partially' water-filled cave with a large stream or river flowing through it, rather than an entirely underwater passage, since 27 miles would undoubtedly be entirely out of the question if it were all underwater travel, with present diving technology - Branton).

  Back to John Lear :
Last Tuesday I drove from Reno to Las Vegas after attending the Bay Area UFO Expo. As I drove through Hawthorne I came upon the entrance to the Naval Undersea Warfare Center which is on the north side of the road I pulled over to the right and took out my camera to get a picture of the sign. As I rolled down the window and lifted my camera I heard a bunch of shouting and guards waving their arms from the guard shack.

I pulled across the road to the entrance just short of the shack a lady in Army uniform came over and told me I couldn't take pictures. I mentioned to her that I was just going to take a picture of the sign which was less than ten feet from the highway. She told me I couldn't take pictures anywhere around there.

I asked her if I could sign up for a tour. She responded vehemently in the negative. She then advised me that she should call the Military Police to confiscate my camera. I told her that I hadn't had time to take a picture and that I was just happened to be leaving at that moment. She waved me to turn around and jotted down my car license number. I was going to ask her if there were any submarines parked underground but she was Army and I figured she probably wouldn't have known.

So. What do you think? Is there a vast underground sea under California and Nevada with tributary rivers running in various directions? Maybe one that goes to Las Vegas?

Is there a possibility that the Navy does operate submarines from Monterey Bay via an underground sea which extends underneath the San Joaquin Valley, then under the Sierra Nevada mountain range to a Naval Undersea Warfare Center deep below the Nevada desert in Hawthorne Nevada?

Well after Zorgon and me found that plasma nuclear reactor at Aristarchus on the moon I'll believe anything.
AREA #51 connected to Hawthorne ?
   It was the recollection of a former worker at the NTS that "an awful lot of drilling" was done in Area 19, but relatively few Nuclear blasts. He says there was a story released that the drillers hit an underground lake as a result the NTS was not able to fully utilize the area.
Ubehebe Crater, Death Valley National Park

Ubehebe Crater system contains several volcanic craters, cinder cones and ash hills, all relics from an explosive steam eruption about 2,000 years ago, when rising magma met an underground lake.
So are any of you going to try and explain the fact that the area is approximately 3960 feet above sea level yet maintains its water level?
John Lear responds :   "I would speculate that there are elevators that go down 3960 feet to the level of the sea. Elevators that go far deeper have been reported around the Edwards Air Force Base area, the Nevada Test Site and Dulce so it is certainly not a technical issue. Thanks for the post."
************************************Another Post from John Lear :
WOW! Antar you just blew my mind! Yes. Many years ago a Navy friend of mine told me about a hidden Navy base in LAKE TAHOE... I had completely forgotten about that. He also told me about the "TUBES", the Navy underground transportation system. He told me that the techs that worked in the tubes were called "tubemoles". Thanks for the memory jog!
Post by PWEAGLE :
  I remember going to the Grand Canyon caverns last year and they said it ran some 20 mile to Grand Canyon the Colorado. I sure there are many cavities dotting the desert floor, possibly leading to one another in a vast wedding of underground channels.
I just can't help to think that there all connected.

I'm here in Laughlin area and frequently drive back home to the high desert from the high desert, lol. Driving on interstate 40 I can't help but wonder how many undiscovered holes there are in the desert. There Mitchell's caverns but those are small but whose to say that a little bit of dynamite couldn't open it up to something even bigger. Its a big desert with many possibilities.

I wouldn't dough the possibility of 200 mile+ underground river and channels.
Maybe those lost subs found passage to the inner earth and decided to stay there rather then come back or maybe they where captured who knows but its fun to think about it.

Time to Google map some of these places and see if there's any strange things going on. Thanks john
 I've heard of saline lakes in California, Mono lake comes to mind :
Topic started on 17-3-2007 @ 11:23 AM by allMIGHTY
  I'm proud to show you a very cool sign of one of the biggest underground
bases that you ever seen before.

I searched the forum before and there was no match for it. If so, then sry
for posting.

I found a sign with Google Earth for a very huge underground base that could have the size of about 12 x 6 kilometers in the north of the
China Lake Naval Weapons base.

There is a earthquake-pattern of which the most occured in the year
1982/83. I really think they where underground detonations for
creating a huge underground installation.
 the coordinates are 35-41'6.16"N - 117-41'35.12"W
at the China Lake Naval Base. The earthquake pattern is directly in the
upper left beneath the base.
Well, it looks like there may be something to it after all.

Navy Sets Up New Facility For Tunnel-Warfare Training :

Using the abandoned mines at China Lake, U.S. units can learn how to operate in such environments, Manofsky said.
"Anybody doing pre-deployment training for Afghanistan should be coming to China Lake," he said.

"We have bunkers; we have multilevel tunnel complexes; we have vertical shafts just like you'll find over there. Some of them look exactly like Afghan aqueducts."

Three of the tunnel locations are fully instrumented with weather stations and environmental sensing equipment inside and outside.

"Once a month, our reservists go out and do a data sweep," Manofsky said. The tunnels are so spread out that the job takes a full day. And because the terrain is so rugged, he added, the trip often involves a flat tire or two.

reply posted on 2-9-2007 @ 10:59 PM by MountainStar
Mr. Lear
Don't know if this is relevant or not....." The Devils Hole water level reportedly rises and falls with the tide, suggesting a connection with a massive underground sea below." I know people have disappeared while exploring Devil's Hole. Never to be found. Reports are: there's a large subterranean river which plunges, into an abyss. Wonder's how many disappeared, before it was fenced off? We plan on going to Devils Hole when the weather gets a little cooler. I'll try and get some good photo's. If we run across a Park Ranger maybe he/she will answer a few questions or Not
John Lear : I know that there was a secret NAVY base at Lake Tahoe, at least there was in 1983. Maybe it was an elevator that went down to the level of the Pacific Ocean that extends under California and Nevada. Maybe there is a similar facility at Pyramid Lake. There is definately one at Walker Lake. Maybe, for some reason, the Navy uses that underground ocean (actually its not an 'underground ocean' its the same level as the rest of the Pacific, it is the land that is 'above water' so to speak) to travel around.

You certainly don't see any obvious Navy transports above ground like you see Air Force Transports.
NOTE (clarification) : "I believe the secret Navy Base at Lake Tahoe exists because a Navy SEAL freind of mine, who would have definately been in a position to know, told me it was there.
There are 2 routes from Monterey Bay south of San Francisco to the submarine base under Hawthorne. I believe one is used for each direction, one going in and one coming out. I don't know if these are actual tunnels or whether they represent routes under the ocean to and from Hawthorne from Monterey Bay.
Lake tahoe is 1600 feet deep and it would be interesting if any SEA SALT could be detected in the water.....
NOTE : Unlikely. Lake Tahoe is 6200 ft. above mean sea level. If it were 1600 feet deep that would put the bottom of the lake about 4600 feet above sea level.
Gotrox :
I wonder about the Moho discontinuity----an area below the surface that seems to deflect/bend seismic Waves in a way that geologists and seismologists haven't really been able to explain. It is found throughout the vast majority of the planet. Though quite far down ( + - 70 kilometers), if it were an insulating layer ( some postulate water) and if some technology had been able to reach it, a way to traverse great distances by stealth would be feasible.
I would post links, but it is all over the place, and I find it much better to do your own searching and reach your own conclusions.
Just type "moho discontinuity" into any search engine.
As far as the "tubes" go, John, I have no doubt they exist, courtesy of nuclear tunnel boring machines that leave glass walls in their wake. I didn't know they were Navy, though now you mention it, it makes sense.
Underground Oceans

Very interesting John. Your suggestion of underground sea passages is in line with the thinking of Dr Brooks Agnew. He was on Coast to Coast AM on 16 February 2007 : '' Hollow Earth Expedition"

Reply posted on 16-9-2007 @ 07:38 PM by "ZORGON"

One of the points made particularly in THIS thread is about the underground TUBES The high speed transit tubes. Now I saw someone mention about the Nuclear powered TBM's that melt rock...

Well you don't believe John...

Would you believe Rand Corporation documents from 1972?

Would you believe Department of Defense documents that back up the Rand Corporation?

Would you believe Patents filed by Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Department of Energy for three Atomic TBM's? In 1972?

Would you believe people are so blind that they still don't get it even when its REPORTED in the LA Times in 1972?

Well if THAT isn't enough documentation on just ONE of the things John says, then there is no help for you and please feel free to laugh it up

And don't give me that nonsense about "Just because they issued a patent doesn't mean..."

BS!!! Just pick up the phone and call the DOE or Los Alamos... just be prepared to answer WHY you want to know

The documents are all here... if your afraid the site will bite... too bad... its where I store all the data and can organize it at MY expense and not use other peoples band width


LA TIMES, JUNE 11, 1972

"L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour?
10,000 - M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed
By: Times Science Writer - George Getz
image source:

It made the mainstream news in 1972...
At the above web site, also read : LA Times Article Proposes
10,000 MPH Tube-Shuttle Network?
by John Rhodes