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Mind Reading Warning

Sermon by Dr. Bob Benchoff, September 11, 2009.

Updated at bottom of page September 27, 2009.

First comes this warning sentence in worldly sinfull terms for your sake, so you understand: people committed hateful sin, therefore God hated people and therefore almost destroyed all people.

In non-sinful terms, in Holy terms, God loves, but you turned against God in the body selfishly, sinfully, as a law breaker and no better than a law breaker.

Genesis 6.5 & 6 (New International Version): 5 The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. 6 The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.

Leaders, scientists, and global security experts increasingly flood to my sites. It was blessing, but it was also much with much pain. It was hardly pain I have (reference GodMath Testament curses discussions), it was pain they experience from their own self made suffering in their hearts, minds, and souls:

Their own choice to be lazy instead of doing what is right yielded their own Ignorance of the love and guidance of God. Their Ignorance yielded Confusion. Their Confusion yielded Sin. Their Sin yielded Anguish.

But that's not the end of it. Their Anguish yielded Sins against others, including against innocent people and the ones they love and want to protect.

Here's how it works. A person makes a rule [such as wipe your feet, or] do not kill. So that person and others aware of that rule think about "do not kill". Those people together think about "kill", and about "do not". Those people think about agreeing together, and how society has the rule about "kill", so people think more and more about "kill", and make more rules and conditional rules tied to their thinking about "kill".

People then think about conditional things tied to "kill" and killing, such as security rules to protect their loved ones, and carry a pistol. Then many of them start shooting. Then in many directions, even themselves.

Others use rules as their pistols, or money as their pistols, or enemies as their pistols. They make so many rules that their loved ones can be easily arrested due to the many complexities that come with the excessively many rules without end [as if].

Rules, pistols, money, and people are not bad [tools] unless not easily best traceable to the best highest purpose. We are advancing. To quote a Bible verse is not good enough, you need to quote the right Bible verse, over the topic, over the tool, and over the specific application. If you are not over all of these, then you risk being under Ignorance, under law, even toward law breaking. Your position does not help you unless it too is over in proper authority.

You for instance can opt to not wipe your feet because of your high position. But unless you did it in an emergency situation to save a life or some other noble cause, you risk getting into trouble [including blaming yourself]: you risk making extra work for yourself and others including loved ones and honorable [surprise] guests.

If you are going to read minds, then have you ever considered breaking into a stranger's house to clean it for them without compensation?, or Did you buy your pistol so that you could give your pistol to a stranger?, because if to read a mind and to know a person is to no longer think in sinful terms unless you risk all. To know all people comes with new [to you] responsibility. What preparations did you make? none?, rather look at all the preparations Jesus Christ makes for you: there are clouds to filter sunlight, there is rain and there are shelters.

If you meet a mind better than yours, are you willing to accept?, if so, then why have you not done so?, why do I have to explain now?, even so, there is one better Holy Way and we are invited to enter into those works, rather That Holy Work Of Love.

There is no mind control of value for sin. Mind reading, mind control, and higher is of Love, that is the higher and the Highest Love and Highest Loving.

A key is love, even to emotionally bond such as to a spouse. Yet the higher right key toward much mind reading is toward far greater love. Jesus Christ is an outward flow of love. Are you prepared to love others more than yourself?, verily if you carry a pistol you are a threat to society.

This is not to say give away laws, this is not to say give away pistols, this is more toward saying be prepared to give away everything, including your password security rules, your pistol hiding place secrets, and so on. Jesus Christ already knows what and where they are, and can send any at any time to raise or destroy.

Consider what gain you seek. History shows people chose to selfishly learn how to read minds, so in their selfishness they failed according to the amount of their sinful selfishness per situation.

Mind reading x Amount of selfishness = Amount of failure to mind read.

What is the application tied to love?, charity. You can now visit www.angelfire.com/ut/JesusChrist1/mindreading.html with confidence of having been Biblically warned of Jesus Christ. If you would see a mind full of hatred toward you will you start a war?, then what will you have won?, rather first investigate why Jesus Christ enabled you to find this tool, this self-help guidance tool. If to realize you have a personal problem, then you have taken a key step toward recovery toward regaining control of your life and it's circumstances.

Even an enemy can be made a great asset, even without significant interference [at least counted as such]. To pit people against people is hardly love, yet to rather learn tolerance includes to allow some amounts of sins, especially when first learning a topic. If to mind read and discover much sin, remember the proper higher Holy guidance so that of love you learned so that you can learn to no longer sin.

You point a finger, and many more fingers may be pointing back at you.

So, are you going to read their minds, or are you going to selfishly read your own pompous impressions of what their minds say?, rather ease-up a bit, that is, keep vigilant yet remember Jesus Christ is already in their hearts [even if they don't realize], and that you are the intruder typically uninvited by the person having their mind read.

For instance under US Law [not counting illegal changes] rights not reserved unto higher legal powers are reserved unto me, therefore if I think a rule that you are not allowed to read my mind, then if you read my mind including if by accident, then you have broken the Law and sinned and risk to lose instead of gain.


Update September 27, 2009.

Of course with mindreading come many miracles unto the mindreader especially in the realms pleasing unto the mindreader: addiction.

Now your first thoughts and actions upon finding a person could read minds should have involved the contacting of the Church, but as discussed in ICCDBB Sermons such as Tested here on this link, helping the Church continues to be top priority that it properly begin to rise again properly; though in this current world it is also important to understand God allowed the change from traditional religion to humans self governing [not a new church, though this second is similar to the first]. Importantly in this world is to understand each has goodly aspects [especially perfect Jesus Christ with heavenly Host(s)] and importantly each is riddled with sin [except perfect Jesus Christ with heavenly Host(s)].

Jesus Christ dealt with those riddled with sin, at their level(s). Jesus Christ taught them via parables. I am actively starting to do the same.

Jesus Christ in the beginning offered Holy Grace in Eden freely. ICCDBB too had a beginning on the Internet 7 years ago, a time of grace toward Eden, but recently due to much sin in the churches (reference NewsWhiteHouse.com articles but no repentance was evidenced hence toward ICCDBB purity that is no longer publicly archived by ICCDBB nor affiliates) the paradigm shifted (see above "Tested" link), so that visitors being provided with information from ICCDBB are now being provided with info that is more toward laws in parables. So to selfish sinners and backsliders that would visit but still work wrongly as much evidenced, the information has as if changed. For instance, a parent might try to help a child by stating "No!", similarly ICCDBB may now tell visitors "Know!".

So instead of ICCDBB picking-up visitors again and again, visitors need learn to stand on their own and walk. ICCDBB now closes it's safety security eyes [or is counted so], at times, as if to knowingly allow you to fall: ICCDBB had called visitors to come without empty hands but visitors sinfully chose to not listen. So too ICCDBB as if does no longer hear your cries for help even if you have pain and suffering and some bleeding: not that ICCDBB might laugh at you, rather for your sake(s).

You now have your sins and the laws before you as you have chosen in evidence, while ICCDBB continues to have work toward perfecting, and ICCDBB has the Lord before, as rear guard, and in between among.

For the greater honor and glory of the Lord: ICCDBB does this thing that you may know not sin, rather that you may know your own selfish sin and not merely be aware of that sin, also that you be helped less by ICCDBB as you do sins at times, lest ICCDBB become your accomplice in sins.

You were a child, counted as pure. Today be it known: become more properly responsible for Jesus Christ.

Today there are many miracles happening. Miracles unselfish in nature, and yet bringing much personal joy accordingly. I would rather share that joy more fully with you immediately even already. You have the old Holy books [the Old Testament, the New...], you can read them and figure them-out for yourself. You have laws, you can do the same with those.

Jesus Christ of one fold so tied is giving the ICCDBB High Priest new applications many fold, and these are personally exciting after much waiting on the Lord / longsuffering by the Lord. There are so many notes around on new designs and new devices that it is thrilling, as if to waste time merely to note them, as new improved means become enabled. In other words, as if to waste time to tell them to you if you keep choosing sin. Joy is accordingly of patterns being withheld from you, and ICCDBB is doing it. It's your law, your legal leadership, your lack of proper church standardization guidance due to much sin.

The ways sinners talk is becoming as if a foreign language unto the path of glorifying of the Lord. Plainly, a prisoner of sin hardly knows how to do as much as to merely thank the Lord. Hell holds not the language of Heaven.

Hell doesn't even know the path to Heaven, even if given all the worldly powers and mindreading and manipulating capabilities. Heavenly powers are with proper organizing and not confusion. You can't guess your way into Heaven. Jesus Christ knows your heart.

Playtime is over. The bell rang. Get back to class. Acting like you can fly or rule teachers or such no longer applies, settle down and get back to work. The whistle has blown, the trumpet has sounded, the paradigm has shifted, the pretense is over. No more faking it.

ICCDBB will let you have your confusion and ICCDBB will not shed a tear [openly]. The collective sins of so many, including many [or all] visitors to this and similar sites is evident, and can even be provided as evidence in courts of laws, though ICCDBB is not your enemy (see "as if to waste time" on notes, above).

Mortal sinners and backsliders visitors here as evidenced exceedingly, by default have in pattern placed themselves under ICCDBB instead of being willing to lead as the Lord advised. In other words the choices per wrongful selfish patterns are legally counted as harms against ICCDBB (Matthew 10.26, and provisionally Luke 11.4 according to Matthew 10.16 referencing PCS) growing stronger, while within such evidentiary parameter of course greater harms are to not even choose to visit ICCDBB sites.

There truly is a firmament fixed. ICCDBB understands the means of passing through, one direction or the other. Few understand "the other".

There is a proper means of "the other", though to sinners it is as if Satan. To sinners, up can be down and down up or sideways or some other dimensional things. Though there is a plain and simple solution: Jesus Christ.


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