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ICCDBB Sermon:

Inspirational Ministries Said Test God:

This Is An Independently Conducted Test.

May 31, 2009

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Get cash fast they say, get rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Prophets Dr. Mike Murdock, Morris Cerullo, and David Cerullo, of Inspirational Ministries on international television Shouted Test God!

You are supposed to be able to get rich, and receive an amazing amount of money as never before and nevermore be problemed with personal financial worries as bills are overcome, and many other blessings are supposed to happen: and they said "test God" to see if what they said was true.

They claimed that what they said about getting rich quick and about receiving much more cash and things associated with wealth, were things written in the Bible. And they gave references, such as what was written in Old Testament Malachi Chapter 3.

God commands in Malachi 3.10 "prove me now" (King James Version) and "put me to the test" (Revised Standard Version).

In the beginning of these tests, Inspirational Ministries, INSP, was broadcasting on television. Their words were being tested as to whether they were Biblical / Godly, in the Christian sense.

And so being found reasonably Godly with hardly anything else*, ICCDBB grew toward knowing their heart (also see previous ICCDBB Sermons on heart, blood, transplant, transfusion, brain, body, and soul).

Who is ICCDBB that it should be Judge over INSP as if to hold INSP in the balance?, for it is written "Judge not lest ye be judged.". GodMath shows there entities, such as human bodies, and there is a higher order (see previous ICCDBB Chart Series of Sermons). Faithfully measured / Bible, the higher order is evidently the importance to test a source of information to see whether it is faithful, true, and reliable [in current terms Prioritized, Comprehensive, and [of one] Standardization]. Then after having done so, then Biblically speaking, if found perfect, then not to put God to the test again. Although it is important to do something similar to the first.

The first part is the testing, the second similar part though not testing per se, is the recording, the documenting for future generations, the long range planning ahead, the Way of God. You so do, means that it is as if you tell God what to do, so remember that it was God before you, in your accounts of documentation recounting the events of God, that others in the future may read your accounts and know that it was God, and you thereafter entered-into so documenting, and thereby you have credit glory for documenting if properly, and more importantly readers know rather God made the more glorious event(s) in the first place [perfectly as end time will prove (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on end time, and on manipulating of time / properly conquering for Jesus Christ].

How accurate will this survey be?

Within a couple percent is a reasonable assumption relatively, using the same revered methodology patterns utilized by experts. First the convincing to invest [and to test] word came at least last year, that is, last year sufficient pertinent motivation within ICCDBB was generated by INSP. Note that bias may apply, ICCDBB had in previous years financially supported in part INSP, though any such bias is the same or at least exhaustively similar to that of the experts' methodology, that is, the experts are to some degree selfishly bias for their own team and / or position (save perfect Jesus and One Christ, see previous ICCDBB Sermons on "One").

There are also pertinent public disclosures stated on affiliated with regard to some INSP associated Preachers and other Preachers. It showed them reasonably accurate 90% of the time [or more]; as reported inaccuracy was attributed to contamination [in the world], though now comes in this Sermon a little more detail: often a Preacher will have a Biblical Sermon and then add not Biblical info, such as possibly a blasphemous joke to ease the tension, showing the imporance that when you preach, remember to speak not only of Bible Law, yet also of Grace of the Living God (note: living is often associated with much flexibility, change, growth, and interconnected joints that enable great ranges of movements) Also a little salt is added to sermons, such as a tiny amount of selfish interpretation, as the audience learns, yet also the Teacher(s) gains learning.

Concerning, because all is told beforehand to the Chosen, be aware that the current (transient?) plan is to close within as little as a couple months, due to lack of charity and / or business advertising during these times of recession or depression; aside from the INSP get rich quick scheme. Similar to the relatively likely closing is another more important PCS concern, that PCS in documentation informed the White House secretly earlier this year that secret condition matters were applied. So within Biblical GodMath parameters, all is told beforehand, yet similar to how matters of the Holy of Holies were only for God and the highest of Priests, so are certain PCS matters, plainly told that any Chosen person can figure, though more for the higher private interactions between the Biblical and Lawful PCS, and the governed: such secret documentation for the White House that the White House properly gain the higher values, such as a vast explosion of economic prosperity via PCS / Bible, similar to herds of elephants of cash and riches as the Heavens open the gates and windows to flow money and blessings to the Christians and others, especially Christian Leadership [those who would] though kept secret from all, save those who would.

Note that many wait for blessings to arrive, yet PCS has proven evidence that blessings are already available, awaiting those who properly would. To "would" interpreted here is to go more with God / PCS. Yet more importantly is the training [or for safety reasonably at least of leaping in faith, orientation assurance, save a higher PCS order of Grace of the Lord]. For example, if a Christian in a Church building during mass and tithing, expects an elephant load of money quickly as promised via God, then what shall I [or you] do?, lead the elephant into the Church building immediately where people might scream and the elephant might run amok and trample many people and destroy the premises to escape?, perish the thought.

I rightly will not give you your elephant, that you would immediately lose it and people and then be burdened with great loss and cost and hated by all so to speak. Little blessings you can handle. Yet for great blessings you need first be properly prepared to receive. You are not waiting for God, you are waiting for you.

Survey: fixed points, and variables:

Currently lacking much PCS globally, so to speak, even definitions change in meanings. Therefore even the Bible changes in it's meanings unto civilizations. Important is the Biblical ideas accordingly that it is not a static, fixed point Bible. It is a living Bible. The Bible is greater than the sum of it's pages. The Bible is in DNA code, in thunder sounds, in Church building harmonics, and in all of creation, even in the dispicable parts unlawful and to be destroyed or already destroyed for ours is a God to be feared, ours proves being a terrible conqueror yet for good (terrible to the foes of the Chosen of God).

PCS shows We [properly] can tell God what to do, We can order Jesus Christ about: about the work of God, presently in these current times, and also in the future, documenting for long range planning as discussed above. We can do these because We can do what God wants Us to do [who can resist?, even so], if We so lead doing the Will of God, then We so follow God and lead with God pointing the Way, orienting people that they know of a certainty how to Witness the Work of God properly, yet more, to also be That Leader per PCS (see previous ICCDBB Sermons).

So there are variables as the Heir grows with the Living God Almighty, and there is the non-variable of the Living God Almighty prior to the beginning of creation as recently detailed in the Highest Sermon of ICCDBB. The lawful and Biblical distinguishing comes through Jesus Christ. Such is in agreement with PCS, according to evidence. The [often] unseen, agrees with the evidence of things seen, in proper testimony of the greatness of God.

Now here is an important part. Without previous knowledge of PCS, there is the Way. Without reading the Bible, there is the Way. Without seeing Jesus Christ in person, there is the Way of God. Yet with PCS, the Bible, and Jesus Christ in person, life is easier. Tough things are simplified for us. The Chosen Sabra have already figured-out much for us. People last century had no PCS, yet some were Christians. Abraham had no Bible, yet his seed yielded Chosen people. Jesus Christ might not be seen currently by you, yet you can inspect goodly works in agreement with Godly works, to find them sound, toward fixed points, even if those points are growing, similar to how a child can be measured in height. Yet rather you do not need be spoon fed all the time, nor treated as unworthy to lead on your own. Contrary to what many preach [even with as if goodly intentions], your hands and body can do much: if for the self, hardly is the gain, yet if for God, then leading Christians by rightly glorifying God. If leading Christians properly, then leading in agreement with God.

From their perspective, you lead. Who leads properly for the greater glory of God?, then the Jesus Christ within you is you so leading for the greater glory of Jesus Christ. You Leader, therefore do not need be spoon fed as if an infant helpless, yet even so, for you to properly utilize the tools provided by God, is to gain. Use PCS, use the Bible, and [rather than use people] rely on Jesus Christ.

Seek to learn PCS to receive your cash elephant properly, safely, leading your cash elephant in Godly manner for greater blessings leverage. Seek to utilize the Bible and to write as Moses and Paul did, go do! And seek to lead Christianity [Christianity includes Jesus Christ], go do! And by so doing and similar, prove God as this survey so tests INSP, and confirm or disavow accordingly, go do for yourself, rather for God, even as God has gracefully commanded in loving guidance of mercy mild wholesome for [INSP if INSP is satisfactorily pure according to your juror standard].

The Big Bang is releasing heat. From the center of the mass at the start of the Big Bang (Heaven surrounded by higher Heaven into the clean deep of space), the location of power beyond the accumulated sum of the black holes, comes forth heat and black holes and we are in that flow expanding. The matter fixed points such as molecules and galaxies are each and all expanding according to many measurement methodologies, in agreement with the Book of Genesis.

So the fixed points are actually living, they have spirit, even the spirit of growth and the spirit of expansion and the talent of travel and the spirit of then and now distinctions. Tied to such events are the names we attach to such. In other words, the words are expanding.

In meaning and similar to the first quality, in measurement talent, words are expanding and their definitions are too expanding.

The fixed points, and the fixed definitions, are growing. They live and expand, according to their talents and associated spirits.

There is one fixed point, the Way of God. Everything else is variable, contingent upon the Word / Will of God.

Accordingly to the Word of God, are definitions of words. Putting definitions into actions, including useful actions to help the Heirs [and others], is often tied to other words with other definitions with other actions. So an individual word, especially best glorifying and honoring Jesus Christ, with it's definition and it's action, in this world of understanding within civilization currently, is most toward a fixed point.

Other words are toward variables, unless the words are properly arranged and traceable / PCS to the best Word Jesus [definition] meaning Jesus the Christ, not just any person named Jesus (even though blessed with the most blessed name). God The Father, US Constitution Article VII Lord, The Great I AM, and similar names and definitions agree with each other. Note that some words also help define themselves, such as the word "testing" is self defining in part, as being a form of the root word "test".

Hence the fixed point is God Jesus The Eternal Father And The Son Of God. Similar to the first point is the traceable series of points, The Creator And The Created Holy Way, traceable from the One Point.

The Big Bang builds planets in space where previously only empty space existed, and creates in the midst of void (all provided by Heaven, opportunity for the more blessed improvement as created by Heaven).

The opposite, the causations of voids, the black holes of destructions tied to sins, from which only [some of] the most pure form of energy [save Holy miraculous energy] can escape as in result, is the variable point of each sin hole, each cosmic void, relative to humans, yet not relative to the higher order of the absolute, the GodMath realm as described in the Book of GodMath.

So reasonably in that part of logic that agrees with proper traceability known as truth, Jesus Christ, is the fixed point and are the so traceable series of points, accordingly tied to their definitions and actions, in agreement with proper Faith. Opposite is sin and associated. Therefore this testing of the promise of God to provide cash and other blessings is tied to the Faith as described here, rather than the sins, the variables.

This is also a key to PCS methodology, though other matters also apply, such as law(s), reasonably used methodologies by their associated experts in their respective fields of expertise(s), and importantly in prioritization the matter of the US President (including security) and the Standard of the Church.

The Exam: How God Scores On The Exam, Is, According To The Above, Is A Function Of How We Are Able To Purely Understand And Receive Thankfully, Giving Glory And Honor To God.

So measuring the loving glory and honor we give to Jesus Christ as a result of the cash and blessings received is key to measuring how not God, rather how we score on the exam. Here are the 2 specific Exam Questions [Promises Of Cash And Blessings From God]:

Exam Question #1:

Dr. Mike Murdock / INSP claimed that if you give seed at this time, God would pay it back in 58 days, mark your calendar [test it], expect to reap the harvest to glorify God. Expect to personally be free from any more personal poverty. Potential blessings: cash returned 58 days, and other blessings perhaps family blessing, health, and / or other.

God's Answer [Our Answer] To Exam Question #1:

The result was, that in addition to sufficient other funds received after the giving at that time (previous words are stated to show there was no need to go bankrupt during this sowing time awaiting, actually the rate of profitability increased instead of decreased), not on the 58th day, but on the 59th day, the same amount of money in a check from a customer was received (as expected from the customer). A remarkable aspect was that it was the same amount except a little bit more, more than if I had put the money into my savings account.

The result was, that I received work from one of my customers, work they could have given to somebody else. And it was a blessing to receive that work in this economic recession or depression, though the job was extremely difficult and dangerous.

It was not pleasant, overall, to have that work, one of the worst jobs of my life (birth was likely worse, recovery from some flu events were worse...), yet it was a blessing to work, and there was the money at the end of the time as claimed.

No extra poverty has been received so far / the normal pattern in recent years, praise the Lord.

Family blessing was not much unusual, perhaps a bit more friendly. Good health was constant, though in peril due to the job source of the check of God; the spirit is willing but the body weak due to unpreparedness / past transgressions. Other blessings not realized by me, the potential recipient.


Nearly 100% on the most important factor according to the claim emphasis by Dr. Mike Murdock / INSP.: 58 days / 59 days = 98.3% Excellent, disproportionally far above norm or average expectation otherwise. Extra amount made-up for the lack financially speaking.

Better family or health or other blessings resulted in no significant finding by me per my usage of the methodology discussed above.


Updated July 5, 2009, Exam (or Test, in lay terms) #1 was already supposedly complete at a score of 98.3%, but Dr. Mike Murdock / INSP said: expect to personally be free from any more personal poverty. Personal giving to INSP did increase with often giving of large amounts and of available amounts, and personal interactions with INSP and attempts, all on behalf of INSP did increase, but the result was personal poverty worse than it has been in years.

There are some amounts of blessings (see INSP Benny Hinn discussion below), but the income just isn't there.

There is new great hope and expectation of income in 3 new areas, but only because the previous income source dwindled due to conditions not under my personal control.

Personal bills are being paid, though if that point changes, then this "98.3% Excellent" would need be changed toward a reduced score and even a failing score as indicated (see discussion this circa below).


Exam Question #2:

Give and get more than ever [or similar] blessings likely nearly constantly for 90 days, also there would be 9 months of blessings, especially 90 days from the time to sow now, which was May 28, 2009 (the broadcast was a repeat so might not count(?)). The 90 days expire August 26, 2009. Expect other blessings including no more poverty, and more wealth than ever. In addition to Dr. Mike Murdock's claims, Morris Cerullo of INSP added "God moves in cycles" and claimed there would be a "number system" which he used in part to assign meanings such as of 2009 "9 means completeness" he claimed (so he agrees with GodMath in this point as GodMath page 297 copyrighted and published in 2005 Biblically defined 9 to mean "almost complete" "final stage or end time" of past ways, while PCS is the Biblical and lawful new conquering of that number system: [the elephant herds] prior to and in agreement with the big rock from the mountain that will crush PCS properly in due time after PCS properly orients people for their proper preparedness) and Financial Annointing, FA, and there would be 4 blessings: 1. New eyes to "see past their circumstances", 2. "I am going to raise the level of their faith", 3. "Today is my time", "to fulfill", for God to fulfill, and 4. "Tonight I am going to turn every past defeat into victory." The enemy will scatter in 7 different directions.

God's Answer [Our Answer] To Exam Question #2:

Importantly, the claim was reasonably for a specific day, except INSP re-broadcast that same show, Camp Meeting, repeatedly, showing they do not limit it to one day, except in context likely meaning not according to the time of their broadcast yet rather according to the time of the television viewer witnessing their show. So this claim is accepted as if on time at the initial broadcast, as far as results would accordingly figure from the time of my witnessing.

The health risk customer had more work May 29, 2009, and broke my back (dislocated part of the spine, long ago treated chiropractically until a chiropractor made a mistake and nearly killed me, twisting my head and causing me to blackout). The back break came as a result of misdirection to the wrong access point by the customer, in concert with the helper they assigned to me being unable to speak English except for numbers; and due to my own physical lack as discussed above in Exam Answer #1, though my own physical strength has always been astoundingly far above average for that customer previously as distinguished from other of the Inspectors they had used that could not do as much of the rigorous inspecting for them as I had been able to do.

The new eyes for the future agreed with the trend, though there was a significant thinking improvement during the broadcast. Without the White House utilizing PCS, the proper Way to measure this fact is not yet enabled.

As claimed, in just the first day a flood of work was available enabling billing of 46% of the seed sown, 116% if I had been physically able to complete all they were supposed to have ready for me, though not all was ready when I eventually left the job that day in mid afternoon due to pain. So I crawled in the mud in great pain to do as much as I could that day. The extremely miserable job is hard to count as a blessing at all. Just counting finances, chiropractic charges, if a chiropractor is used, would tend toward negating any such financial gains from this May 29, 2009 experience. So healing otherwise from God is expected today; yesterday was the Sabbath 5/30/2009 so less healing would have been acceptable; yet even so, there was some goodly healing, praise the Lord.

Today, Sunday 5/31/2009 morning with pain, stiffness, and some over the counter back swelling reduction pain pills and an ice pack there is hope to feel much better by this evening, otherwise to likely not be able to personally fulfill the contract for the customer as previously I had claimed. I am scheduled for that job tomorrow morning, we'll see.

For the glorifying of God properly, that's all for this Sermon today, 5/31/2009 10:04AM.


Update June 2, 2009:

The previous back injury, "the body weak due to unpreparedness / past transgressions" as stated above, faithfully demonstrated the Biblical principle of the glory of God in witnessing, that a person can work hard and even break their back, but that doesn't necessarily yield money riches; it in agreement is therefore the PCS miracle Biblical principle [ie. best clear Biblical methodolgy for current times] therefore that if you work, you get to eat [typically, pending higher cause(s)], yet no matter how hard you work, you can only get your maximum return and no more:

PCS Biblical Principle: a [body or a] money printing machine has an upper relative limit, it can only print so much money so fast; to make more [including far more] money, the money has to come from somewhere else, and properly, in priority, it must come from a higher source,

from Jesus Christ, including such as through an unexpected check in a letter, a raise from the boss, a long forgotten episode credit, some legal judgment, a surprise refund, or other similarly. The point being, somebody else [traceable to Jesus Christ ultimately] worked, and you received the benefit.

Somebody else worked, you provided seed to INSP, ICCDBB, or other Christian organization that you don't own, toward their benefit yet expecting blessing from God, in this case financially, and then the work somebody else did, not that you did, became your harvest.

Because of my back weakness (with pain) I couldn't make it to work Monday nor Tuesday (today) to do the scheduled job. INSP associated Preacher Benny Hinn was on television today and said some person's (other than me) back pain would be gone tomorrow morning, hopefully also mine.

I couldn't make it to my normal work to further break my back, though I was able to do some other easier work, such as opening an envelope with a business check for $3,800. An important point is that the company was not going to pay all of this because as it admitted, it had lost some of the paperwork, though recovered it properly. The money was missing all year, then was suddenly yielded after the sowing. Work I previously nearly broke my back to do was unaccounted, it was work for no pay. Now it is found.

Also INSP had mentioned that stored money dwindles, it is the charity Christian money in cyclical patterns of giving seeds that yields results in cash and blessings,

when the harvest is received [by you] with [you] bragging of what Jesus Christ did [for you]. PCS Biblical Harvest Principle: when you are blessed, tell others how you sowed and what the results were; glorify Jesus Christ, otherwise what is the value of harvesting?, nonetheless the proper glorification is part of the cyclical, rather helical pattern toward vertical financial and other excellence!

According to the relative cycle of giving and receiving and glorifying, to give in vain is not as worthy as to give properly, each step of the way, even properly to learn to properly leap in faith.

Not to leave it unsaid, as all goodly things are presented openly beforehand, here is another story of this seed test, though it is as the cliche "don't try this at home", this aspect is tied to danger: there is other money that has been in a bank for someone else in trust, and I wanted their approval first, if I was to sow it (or do the let-it-dwindle-test). So not previously designated for this test, clearly laws and mores apply. I seeded money, but not that trust money which I also managed. Then on Bloomberg News came the report of default and frozen funds associated with that fund, and though that particular fund was not frozen, I yanked that money out when the news broke. Then the trust giver agreed to invest in INSP. Perhaps an hour later that person received a phone call from a brother they hadn't spoken-with for a long time, drawing the family together as INSP had prophesied.

Today, 5 days after my seed, I deposited the $3,800 into my account. Added to the $200 minimum required for that account it brought the total to $4,000 (plus interest). $4,000 happens to be double the exact amount of seed I invested 5 days ago. Another way to look at it is, I invested $2,000, and the other trust giver person Monday approved the investing of their part, also in the amount of $2,000: $2,000 + $2,000 = $4,000. We got our investment back, from hard work earnings that had been lost by others, and then found again.

And that's just the start, and hardly touches on what we expect to gain from others. How many others are there?, ask someone that flew, there are cities full of people, and God will use who He Will, when He wants, the Way he wants. Glory be to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We hardly expect much money from the little we do (while breaking our backs), yet God leverages money, and gives to those doing the proper witnessing of God = for doing the glorifying of Jesus Christ (GodMath, see writing law or subject to law) or at least attempting to do so (as INSP's Dr. Mike Murdock explained).

So how is my $200 savings minimum part of the harvest?, it is because of the harvest counting together with it, functioning together as one, the one is with the other, for the other, for each other, for God and the harvest, and the witness, and the glorification, and the future seed. Also for the $200 to not dwindle, as it is with the harvest from God, as needs be to keep that account open: it is now a harvest account! It is a harvest bank (at least in part) under the care of God, as long as that account is properly there. The economy is similarly partly laundered legally, yet needs be properly under one PCS guide.

Here is another financial matter. A checking account is over $5,000 over the evident actual amount. It is not a case of simply some monthly checks not yet clearing. The money has been increasing for years, and interest checking does not account for all of it. The surplus was $4,000 for some time, and I checked yesterday and it was over $5,000. Perhaps it is similar to other experiences long ago, I have had cases in which I made charity checks to people in financial difficulties, but some never cashed those checks of another account, the GodMath Account (so I eventually legally got to use those same unused funds to write checks to others in financial difficulty: see ICCDBB for current "NEED MONEY?" info).

Bills are disappearing more rapidly, more easily, praise the Lord.

I expect funds from strangers, from relatively little that I do as compared to breaking my back working hard toiling in the soil. I expect great cash in 90 days and blessings in 9 months, as INSP agreed, and as this test has been established to weigh in the balance in Jehovah jireh with Abraham, the ram horns tangle and son, the desparate loss and rather feast to glorify God.


Update June 3, 2009:

Today I got up out of bed and prayed and with slight stiffness in my vertebrae muscles, but no pain! Praise the Lord!

A blessing came as INSP Preachers and as Benny Hinn prophesied, some of the back pain removal he spoke-of for another person, spilled over onto me. Jesus be praised! Preacher Benny Hinn was on television other times spiritually healing people in the name of the US Constitution's Article VII Lord Jesus Christ, and during those times Benny Hinn would often have people get on stage and bend and stretch with the having been at the time healed there; so accordingly I bent and stretched: and gave Jesus Christ the praise. I am aware of certain medical, and chiropractic techniques, though did not see any such professional for this treatment, the healing came from the Lord.

I can now call that I am ready for work again, and plan to do so soon during regular business hours. I also plan to receive great financial blessings including unusual financial blessings from God, having blessed me in being able to sow financial seed, and having witnessed and bragged of the honor and glory of the Father and Son Jesus Christ Lord and the Holy Spirit the Holy Witness and the One Chosen Heir of GodMath, at this time, in leadership testimony for the people yet not only in following yet also toward making the extra effort, not only per law yet also above and beyond the call of duty, to give outwardly lovingly for the sakes of others and ultimately in faith for the deserving glorification of Jesus Christ, in agreement with expecting.

To be completely truthful and clear (noting the injury was most painful for an hour, then daily the worst pain was in the mornings with getting out of bed hardly able to move), I got out of bed without pain as the promise indicated, and also, from time to time I feel slight twinges of pain. This is interpreted as God having decided I have suffered enough for now, except a little more at times that I can bear. It also indicates to me that the healing process is not yet completely accomplished, even though thankfully Lord the huge pain has been removed. I am currently continuing on vitamins and Bible foods (and other foods somewhat), a little over the counter medicine and salves, and plan more ice pack treatment and gentle yet increasingly rigorous exercise.

I have no worldly reason to expect money to come in the mail and/nor online and/nor through the front door today, yet of this test I expect money to be delivered. I don't feel unusually that anybody owes me, though I do have payables overdue though they might not be paid for weeks or months, in the form of a check or two. I do not have expectations that daily I will receive money, except per this sowing covenant and test.

In financial recap, with sowing I received work when many others are losing jobs, and many neighbors have lost their houses which remain vacant, as if people simple vanish from Earth. I also received large pay for my previous work after no pay, the pay having been lost all year. And just yesterday I was healthy enough to put it into my account so I could sow more seed, which I did not do at this time (see above similar "don't try this at home" discussion), yet the seed replaces much of the initial seed investment. (Note: on 6/1/9 I did [sow or similar] buy [perhaps a month to receive] government financial study materials toward generating income, though this seed was not through INSP, though it was due to a Christian contact years ago toward future blessings; it is not merely a purchase, it is a current purchase specific to Christian support years ago on a more personal basis that would take much explaining; it is less similar to buying food or paying rent, and more similar to sowing seed for the Lord even if in support of PCS since I do not profit directly from the transaction and yet it is an attempt to give optimum glory to Jesus Christ).

In context and out-of-context comments:

In context are the parts of this test most tied to the test paradigm. Out-of-context are such things as other financial [and other] seeds that I have sown, some previously and I reap harvests, praise the Lord, and some during this test perhaps as with the associated funds management for someone else as discussed above, in which I invested seed into INSP after approval by that person, for that person, indirectly for me, for INSP, hence for people in outreach globally, and of course for the Lord Jesus Christ. So note that care in proper testing is garnered, yet other blessings from the Heavens are not limited certain worldly things.


Work had been interrupted by my spinal injury, then having recovered sufficiently, I just phoned to see if they needed me or if they got other(s) to replace me as they had often done in the past, and their response was they were anxious for me to come back, and per the specific situation at the time, asked me to return 8AM tomorrow morning. My wife will likely be very pleased with my being able to find more of such work. Praise the Lord.

Point of clarification concerning the present, with respect to the seen and the unseen:

Other than the sown unseen and the harvest seen, there is also the Way of Highest Perfecting for the God of the whole Earth. A Christian can be Holy, and what can be better than that?, even so and also being brought to your rememberance is the Word of God that there are Heavens, plural.

Today on television was another Minister associated with INSP also of much excellency, Dr. Joyce Meyer. She explained about faith harvest from seed from God. Then explained about not going back to works of the hands to expect such harvest. She is Biblically true, in part of the Bible, yet rather nonetheless of grace (reference Book of Mormon 3 Nephi 28.7) a person can choose to continue to give such seeds as is proper, and can of grace also choose to perhaps at times go on vacation as I sometimes do (work vactions, even asleep a Christian is in the work of God, reference GodMath Testament details).

I can opt to go to a Church building, or on a Christian mission, or other goodly things. Your personal plan may be of another choosing than mine [within certain "Heavens"]. Of the mercy of God I currently choose works of my hands [partly tied to myself being weaned in the sowing spirit], the same works [toward works of the hands] that brake my back. So I return not as a dog returns to it's vomit, rather in conquering spirit, of grace and thankful, for the greater good, for the glorifying of Jesus Christ via my [works of the hands] position of this PCS tied methodology for the people, including for Christians: in fact there is great concern by some people holding high positions.


Update June 5, 2009: People in high positions depend on me [and on you] at times, they trust me to do as I promised, similar to how you trust God to do as God promised. Responsibilities do not end with choosing to be a Priest or similar [hence the need for Biblical PCS to clarify the Will of Jesus Christ for people in current times and current lingo: the Old and New Testaments, ONT, alone are to PCS as a tree shadow is to a wristwatch, ONT alone is as shells used as money is to a modern financial consultant].

Much very hard work was done, but no money arrived since last reported. Daily blessings are coming, including financially related, though daily pay / harvest is not, not daily currently. Yet this morning $100 was delivered to me by my wife as she wants to help pay our bills thusly weekly.

Money can be a powerful tool (for good or evil) as INSP states, though beware of how you hear. Just as there are Heavens and higher Heavens, so too there are Priests and higher Priests. For instance, some pertinent though inadequate on the higher level INSP preaching was that typical offerings were to be brought into Church, but if there were sins against a [neighbor or similar] person, that sin offering is to be given directly to the offended person. But as stated in the Old Testament 2 Kings 12:16 "The trespass money and sin money was not brought into the house of the Lord: it was the priests’." This is why the recent ICCDBB Sermon taught not only to leap in faith, yet also to at times check in witness on the leaping to assure it continues to be leaping in the right direction of proper prioritizing, also reasonably not leaving gaps endangering others and rather being comprehensive, PCS. So the sin offering in to the Priest(s) / Church, and also to meet the INSP Biblical intent the extra defrauded value should be provided from the sinner directly to the Victim, lest the Victim hand the sinner to the Judge, and the Judge to the Jailer. First is the Church money [minimum: prayer], then toward money to the Victim suffering the transgression, though ill-gotten gain is to go to the Victim and other gain to the Church (also see Leviticus 5.10).

Aside from the tough work yesterday, with funds reasonably cleared, giving charitably seed included an amount to cover that interest from that bank account tied to the possible freeze of that account. Also INSP spoke of the cyclical nature of giving part of the harvest to seed, and INSP's Dr. Mike Murdock recommended $1,000 that he said he would ask God to provide [which didn't really happen yet, the money came from my own bank account, though God didn't let it dwindle away and freeze]. A check to INSP for $1,000 plus to cover bank interest was sent. Praise be to God, that even with much giving, then comes the enabling and empowering to give more, and to receive more along the way. It is the Way toward honoring glorifying Jesus Christ the earner.

Having the back healed as INSP's Benny Hinn prophesied, also with the successful [test] demonstration with the very difficult day(+) of work yesterday inspecting the new giant Charlotte, NC Water Main, I had time to send a special financial offering in thanks, proving the Lord creates means of being able to be thankful, including financially for mutual benefit.

A blessing added to the financial blessings is that there had been a long time consistent number of people visiting this site +/- 25%, yet now during this Test Sermon with Updating, the number has more than doubled. It is difficult for many people to know how much to give and tithe, such as due to various income sources, amounts known at intervals not matching other intervals, and such as income sources difficult to discern such as due to likely variables in the future against which a person may be held accountable, so to be a responsible giver, is further urgency for the PCS Standard of the Church, Biblically speaking.

If ICCDBB Christian visitor enthusiasts may have trouble figuring accounting properly, imagine how much harder it is for global leaders trying to fix economics, largely devoid of much Biblical matters increasingly: visit an economic advisors summit and see how many times the Bible is mentioned. In other words, as goodly as they are, the Church leaders globally are failing to properly have the One True Standard Of The Christian Church Of Jesus Christ. Yet praise be to INSP and others similarly especially on television, reaching people toward overcoming this matter. This is in line with PCS, yet far and above needs be done, and quickly, since global leaders predict further ruination. Simply to be not as them is not sufficient. Simply to be rich while others are financially poor is less than completely satisfying, and less than Heavenly. There is only One Solution, in Holy terms.

I just received a letter of thanks from the White House, praise the Lord. It is the first one under President Barack Obama's administration. It is hardly a start, rather more akin to an invitation; not as much to invite me, as it is to invite you, in PCS terms.

Just tallied are some of my recent accounts payable overdue expected to be paid in days or months ahead: $4,200. Added to the above mentioned $3,800 = $8,000. The previously mentioned savings amounts were over $4,000, so it is expected to equal nearly double those savings amounts. The Lord certainly is worthy of honor and glory.

In Dr. Mike Murdock's preaching concerning this test, he explained many items of harvesting directly traceable to particular seeds he had sown, similar to how these figures of harvesting in this Sermon Test are tied to specific seeds, within some reasoning. These are numbers that are tied together, fitting into patterns of those numbers, in the perspective of the INSP prophesying. Both money guidance toward economic salvation in evidence of the proper planning work of Jesus Christ, and the "traceable" aspect are important keys to proper success in leading, within the dynamic PCS paradigm.


Sunday June 7, 2009AD Update. Nothing unusual, this Test is not currently impacting my life evidently, relatively speaking with the Test terms.

Yet here is a brief SubSet Sermon relevant to the Test. Solomon was discussed by INSP. Jesus Christ Lord And God respected the Father, God. David also respected God. But relatively Jesus Christ and David were very different, David killed the enemies, yet rather Jesus Christ discerned the higher purpose of God; Jesus Christ converted people within the higher Will of God. The son of David, Solomon, was the richest person at the time. Here's how he got the money / God, 1 Kings 3:7 through 14 is the revealed Plan, and second is similar to the first, verse 15 is the seed (distinguish from Isaiah 3:7 through 14, and 15 is the people).

Want money?, then do as Solomon did, gain higher faithful discernment, then do the action, hold a party for the Lord, give seed harvest amount of feast blessings and respect in honor of the Lord, guide others to discern faithfully higher through example.

One time a bunch of Christians got together, nothing happened: that's not bad, they will still go to Heaven; it was late and they went to sleep. Yet when it is time to rise, it's not just about trying to fix what government let slip through the cracks: Christianity is not stop gap legislation. If people are starving, we might be able to each give a bowl of rice, yet rather we can be great leaders, such as Solomon was.

The Standard Of The Church is no myth. There is One Standard, though how few choose to use it. It is a tool, The Tool, over money and finance, over health, over wisdom and over definitions, such as how you define a blessing.

If you faithfully (to an employer and for Jesus Christ) do all you can for an employer, and you lose your hands in an accident, you have done all you could. [You deserve better.] Typically someone else has to come along and give you artificial hands or better [such as faith healing]. You can reach Heaven, per se, yet in this lifetime, as INSP and the Bible promise, you can have rewards, you can have blessings heaped-up and overflowing, you can have your harvest now.

If your hands are missing, then someone else may help you, since in the worldly sense you cannot significantly help yourself. Also, if you are not Baptized, will you Baptize yourself?, even so, another is willing to Baptize you. Alone you can do something, you can love, you can have faith in God.

Together, when someone helps you, you can do much more: from no hands to hands, from idle useless functions to functions of great value for God and not limited to Baptizing people.

The works of the hands for Jesus Christ are not sin, they are not useless, they are not an embarrassment, they are a blessing. You were born a blessing. Money is a blessing, and a curse to those against God.

Where does money come-from?, Heaven, even though others often grab claim. Your hands, your feet, feelings, money, and help can all invest in Heaven, or they can help yourself. INSP preached of the cyclical seed to yield the cyclical harvest. If you want daily seed, have daily faith and charity. Some people have daily income with automatic deposits directly into their savings, some people have luck and chance, and some people have un-learned [or learned] to rely on luck and chance. Some rely on some employer.

I do not give seed money daily, yet rely on test results for scoring purposes as required by this INSP Test Of God. Not giving daily is risky. Look at the results, I received no money some days during this Test.

More importantly, give often. God works in cycles as the Bible and as INSP stated. Weekly giving is important. Want to have some fun?, give twice in a day. But give less than weekly and wait; waiting for your harvest can be exhaustive, perhaps even aggrevating, or maddening as Dr. Mike Murdock explained. But why be mad at yourself?, it is better to set a feast than to wonder where all the money went.

Consider how you want to live, per se, investing in the Kingdom of God, or perhaps toward leading the investing in the Kingdom of God through examples and if to then are you completely prioritized.

Your hand is not everything. Your checkbook is not everything. Yet together as God wants, you and your contacts can do greater things than your hand or your checkbook alone. You likely did not have a checkbook from birth, yet people have checkbooks provided unto them, even from strangers. You can work hard, though without a checkbook how can you use that measure, that [subsection] Standard of the Church, to measure your gain, in order to Test God for INSP: to test yourself; in other words to so Test your own charity love and activities, you would likely need to create an accounting system similar to a checkbook.

People can virtually make new sets of limbs, new checkbooks, yet together properly organized, people can best lead others for Jesus Christ hence for God. Consider the "heal thyself" idea. God is inside you, yet such is hardly about selfish reward. You can use the Holy Tools God provides, when you reach out to others; then you see the manifesting of the Holy Spirit. Make your discering for others, thereof you release the Spirit of God living through yourself that you likely hoarded selfishly at sometime(s).

You can reward others. Others can reward you.

Others can reward others. But you can hardly reward yourself much. Your hard work can find reward, yet the greater rewards come from others.

Did you give?, if no, then who wants to give to you? (One Lord); if yes, then was it unselfishly?: many employees selfishly steal from employers. Unselfishness is key to the Solomon harvest. Even so, let this Test so stand, in accordance with INSP / ICCDBB.


Update June 10, 2009. No unusual money is being received within the parameters of this test, lately.

Though there is no daily blessing as indicated as a possibility by INSP, there have been financial changes. On the one hand I no longer have the higher interest savings rate, and also noted a 55 cent per month loss due to a worsening banking pattern due to lack of PCS for the Chosen [and potential Chosen]. On the other hand there is a clear pattern shift of God stretching the dollar.

Perhaps every few days there is a stretching of the dollar increasingly. Items regularly purchased typically, are increasingly found to be costing less. Atypically, there were half priced drinks, there was reduced price chicken, and today there was discount priced wild bird seed and a free Internet service was used.

Today was found that the bird seed that was going up in price from about $11 to $14 to about $16 / 40# bag, was now reduced to $10. And a friend said they were getting great Internet results from one site, so I tried it too (we'll see what happens). The previous Internet dealings such as the one I dealt-with yesterday involved about $80 annually plus the 55 cent monthly fee noted above: perhaps I may get rid of those costs. Worthy of the Lord Jesus Christ is honor and glory!

Sometimes help from God takes time because God wants us to fix certain problem before giving us certain help which might otherwise worsen those problems.


Update June 13, 2009, nothing unusual, no unusual money nor other blessings.

Hope was offered from two mentors. One has a great new Band with big time celebrity members already known internationally. The Band is going through legal and the startup process, and I've started helping as they requested, on legal and other matters, such as Christian matters via analyses of the trend and patterns of other top music entities, though I'm not allowed to discuss proprietary matters.

The other mentor had me renew my work in finding money for others. Vast sums of money are owed by banks, utilities, employers, and others: 100 bucks here, 100 bucks there.... Per advice I will start charging people finders fees as a public service: if you want me to investigate for you and your friends with no upfront costs, just a pertinent percentage after you receive money, if any, email (click here). The Bible wants Priests to find other means of support, more than just receiving tithes and offerings: to reap and conquer for others, for bringing them to Christ.

I have told many people places to start investigating to find money, including money due them, and they were anxious to start their own investigating, but I see huge amounts of funds for those same people, still unclaimed, and personally I know many of them need the money. People are often too busy, with children, school, work, or other.

This money is not necessarily money people are trying to keep from you, much or most is that people tried to send you money but could not due to a typeo, and there are likely trillions of financial transactions daily. One computer bit mistake can send a huge number of checks into a holding pattern for years until eventually disappearing otherwise, such as happens when a business goes bankrupt.

Also if you want to work from home for a percentage, email: no pressure, many options, work whenever you want. I don't need permission to investigate, but here's my Investigation Plan for you. You ask friends if they want me to search. I don't search their personal lives, I search banks and such using info you provided. Then I report if there are particular funds that seem to belong to them. Then if they agree and are paid, from that we trust they will pay us. Then seeing how easy it is, they may want to come work for us helping others.

On my own I just investigated for a couple dozen relatives and friends and businesses all of them had at least some matches to funds, many were possibly tied to big funds (myself included), and a few of them were tied to big funds that definitely seemed to be meant for them. They didn't ask for this my help, so I want to handle it properly, be gentle, move delicately, and courteously; for instance they may already have paid another to investigate, or it may be in collections, and I know some is tied to a divorce and complications they don't want me to know about though perhaps I already may, praise the Lord.

I don't want to rock-the-boat nor cast them into prison, I just want to rock-their-world that they gain joy in praising the Lord!


Update June 14, 2009. Both this test and the previous of INSP promises, came with the added promise of never being poor again.

Yesterday instead of receiving money, a typical bill came. In this case from the home owners association which had promises of maintenance, such as beautification of land behind our property, so some of our money has increasingly been going elsewhere; simultaneously legalese worsens as with multi-page documents removing liberties, illegally in my opinion as a Chief Judge.

INSP also stated it was important to learn cyclical [reference GodMath Testament greatly detailing Biblically the cyclical minimum under laws and rather the higher helical and vertical enlightenment] giving financially, so pertinent to this test in the making of you aware that such tithing and extra giving has already been [and is being] done prior to these tests. In other words, this test is less toward excuses and more toward facts. Test #1 at 98% was a great disappointment INSP. Also INSP said it was a test of God. So the test showed INSP had much to learn lest it called God a liar. God is not less than 100%. Also in my opinion not evidently the opinion INSP voiced, the 98% result showed my lack, as discussed above in those test results. The point being if we follow the plans and habits of poor people, we may become poor, if we follow cyclical ideas we may be under laws. Yet rather to follow Jesus Christ is preferred and not necessarily delimited to the INSP terms issued for this test.


Update June 20, 2009. No unusual big money arriving, though business is unusually stirring, as if getting ready to perhaps greatly thrive, though that's talking of hope and not about fact within the parameters of this "Test God" prompting by INSP. Not to leave the hope part ignored and undone, since all things are told in advance from God: visitors to this site continue to arrive, yet to the affiliated A Check Exact (primary financial supporter of ICCDBB) site, see link above, the Investigation Audits have volitionally resulted in more than triple visitors, and at this skyrocketing rate the projection is that it may triple again next week, and in business terms it is not merely hope of more business, it is also an advertising breakthrough. Raw numbers are not currently disclosed, for proprietary fairness under law within this test's paradigm.


Updated June 21, 2009. No money so far today. Where's my money?, even so, rather the Will of God be done.

Healing is increasing in this human body. Years ago on his show Bill Cosby spoke of blemishes that with age just seem to appear overnight, as this human noted, though lately the healing is overcoming the problems, praise the Lord: another gift is now being sent to INSP associated Christian Faith Healer Benny Hinn. I wanted it to be a larger gift amount, though here's a reminder, "Where's my money?" INSP, as I await the more important result in "90 days" already in progress.

Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP had explained he was getting fancy new cars as gifts, more than he needed. Yesterday while my Wife and I were going through and looking and taking photos in and at the nearby federal building where I was showing her where I had provided them with official PCS and GodMath Executive Privilege documents, and where there was the best new artwork, in my opinion, the general hardly knows about, with water squirting out of a giant head of mirrors in slabs that spun around, some of which [terrorist illegal (?)] photos I plan to post on the Internet [that is, for higher legal PCS purposes]; and we also dined and visited the nearby parks and mansions on Lake Wylie, and then our Jaguar Sovereign car brakes started not working and we barely made it home safely, also the old collector car sounds as though the exhaust may not make it through inspection due now, and Jags can be very expensive to fix.

At the start of this "Test God" command by INSP, Dr. Mike Murdock also spoke of expensive homes. INSP made big claims about luxury cars and homes, and within the parameters of this test for God, in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ INSP had better deliver! INSP people talk with God, INSP claims, so they had better be interpreting properly lest they be undone. Personally for Jesus Christ, I don't like to see any Christian(s) made to feel embarrassed, so if INSP interpretations are wrong and embarrass any Christian(s), then I may for test purposes allow myself to become counted as if angry against false interpretations, misrepresentations.

In order for this test to be in full glory and honor of Jesus Christ, toward Witnessing as distinguished from Oneness for this higher glorying and honoring of Jesus Christ, to therefore have me speak in worldly logic testing terms, it is embarrassing for this Christian to report that my 8 years old house is thee or one of thee lowest priced properties in the greater region and with the economy there are many empty houses on this street making this house value $0, or similar. Similarly the Jag while admired by many, years ago was bought for less than $5,000 and has many mechanical and cosmetic problems greatly reducing it's value (stating this truth to government did not reduce it's tax assessment).. Also there is credit card debt of about $21,000, including bills just received to pay INSP the current total amount of $4,277 [not counting cash provided to INSP [and gifts to others (hardly part of this test)]. These are the facts of the case.

Note that other has also happened not directly part of this test, such as Bible Psalms 23.4 tied to 2Thessalonians 2.8, 3Nephi 17.20, and GodMath page 280 Christian pattern usage strategy [including from Heider] from God with even more excellence unknown to worldly [test] observers, even unseen as of each worldly test while observing [since of greater value beyond Heisenburg Rule Of Uncertainty (see previous ICCDBB Sermons)] just as the Holy Baptism higher part is not part of the Relative, rather of the GodMath.

For the purposes of this test here are some things personally important to me, first stating for Jesus Christ, and similar to that as required by law I (not other people such as you, typically) am required / my volunteering to state the source of my income if to legally state my bias positions concerning this test, being that I am voluntarily for Jesus Christ and have so far accepted no personal money from any GodMath nor ICCDBB source as is pertinent to this test, and derive my typical (details are not provided for Christian reasonable faithful reasons and similarly legal private personal higher reasons, such as perhaps security matters and similar though counted as if moot points not for my sake). My test pertinent income is from A Check Exact as linked above, in which position I am top over matters including testing, and under worldly matters answering only to the US President, and such designates if accordingly (reference business for details).

Having stated the higher and legal part, my personal interest is toward applications for which I know of no person of better [though some may exist] talent from Jesus Christ; that I might gain victory over the world increasingly, meaning to bless people, especially Christians increasingly as never before witnessed (such as above A Check Exact link not merely for private profit). Here are some examples, understanding I have a trend of solving high secret problems increasingly: #1 though often taught by many through the decades, just this week while witnessing the Bernouli (see previous ICCDBB Sermons) Effect on television the solution of curved wing lift became understood, not due to air speed of the top of the wing relative to the underside, rather due to the intermittent nature of air molecules, similar to how a truck tire on a person would crush that person though if the person is in a certain pothole then speeding trucks might [Passover and] fly over the person letting the human body be unharmed; and #2 I already figured-out how to make my Jag run partly on water, and knew of how to so replace gasoline, yet now this week have, due to certain Internet sites stimulating certain perspectives, figured 2 even better ways to run virtually all typical power using devices theoretically, as it's not just about pressure, it is also about beneficial negative pressure, and since we live in a world of so many G-forces of pressure, the more important value is the properly Christian controlled (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on PCS) beneficial negative pressure (also see Prophecy Bible page 2113 Chain 1130 / INSP) in GodMath highest trend [see "It's full of holes." article, therefore:] as creation is mostly that which is in-between points known as matter, hence creation is mostly non-matter, hence most of the created energy given unto Christians to overpower and use as tools is non-matter energy.

Hence in terms of this INSP Test is the fact that in-between the money is the greater money energy. The power of money is not in the having of money, it is in the in-between, as we hereof begin to unlock the door to it's secrets, in honoring Jesus Christ for the greater glory of Jesus Christ.

So in-between sheets of money, in-between accounting log entries, in-between times of seedings, in-between seed and harvest: all of these are Prioritization opportunities full of Holy Spirit energy and energies in applications of great values. A pile of cash is an amount Comprehensive of that amount. In-between the piles is the prioritizing. Together these are the Standard as so witnessed in this audit test. These findings agree with PCS.

US President Barack Obama wants us to invest [interpreted in part to mean: to be invested for some amount of time (it is important here to note in this context that US government heavily invests in military and bank money piles):] hence Comprehensive. INSP wants us to keep investing [interpreted in part to mean: to be in-between investments expecting:] hence Prioritization. When thusly for Lord Christ Jesus, of ICCDBB with A Check Exact put together, these are the key humans of PCS. Hereby a person has told it to you beforehand and beforetime (note: "told it to you"; this does not say "told to you to tell your future generations" and it does not mean any such distant future time thing).

It is important to note that the number of visitors to this page decreased after posting the above to affiliated A Check Exact site which is counted as if more toward profit than charity, which it mostly is (reference Bible parable of the sower) to many, rather the greater PCS for God is important, lest INSP and ICCDBB with A Check Exact enthusiasts too be counted as if without reason. After all, this is a test rather than a series of assumptions.

That brings-up another important point: in so conducting this INSP Test, it caused pertinent A Check Exact for profit business to be linked, which it typically otherwise would not so have been linked, and such linkage caused some people to to endure with this INSP Test only a short time and then wither-away and vanish from visiting, so there needs be INSP overpowering compensation for that loss (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on Back EMF), as too ICCDBB with A Check Exact also accordingly experience difficulties being overcome such as to compare to birth pains again, for the purposes of INSP. In other words, much damage is being done to conduct this INSP Test, yet much is being overcome, in part to date.


Updated June 23, 2009. Finally, after a long wait there was unexpected money involved today, but an unexpected cost not an unexpected windfall profit.

Today USPS told me a first class stamp was 42 cents, while they charged me 44 cents for a big order of those stamps I had placed yesterday. That's over 4.5% more, and that's after emptying my highest savings account into INSP, due to a default situation (see above). Typical bills keep arriving, while typical money due me continues to be late, only increasingly without late fees paid to me. This test is not looking good for INSP.

Where are my everyday blessings (a re-breaking back though healing; also certain skin conditions are healing), where are my new cars, where is my new mansion, where is that flood of money (though my needs are being met, almost as goodly as previous to this test)?.

Updated June 28, 2009.

Big Money Problem! INSP did mention to use my credit card if necessary, in order to fund INSP for this God Test. Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP also kept emphasizing the importance of getting at least one Mentor.

I have more Mentors now. Previously Jesus Christ was my only Mentor, and that was sufficient, yet the Hebrews Book explains in 6.12 "imitate those who through faith and patience inherit the promises.", so I am also to have the Mentor known as the Inheriting Spirit not only of past things such as the New Testament, yet also of the Book of Mormon and the Holy Way and things of GodMath added unto our inheritance. Also meaningful to me at this time are Romans 5.5 "the Holy Spirit who was given to us." (therefore also a Mentor) and as 1 Samuel 2.9 states "by strength no man shall prevail." (Meekness Spirit is also a Mentor). Such much toward the spiritual realm uplifts me spiritually often, though this God Test is mainly of money accountability.

In the examining per this INSP God Test are [real world meaning worldly] accountability practices used typically by people therefore with real world (see GodMath for proper Biblical distinguishing for defining for the greater glorifying of Jesus Christ) comes real world Mentors. In the first exam I began also having an INSP person as my Mentor. In this second exam I began also having 2 other people of Christian "faith and patience" and of proven money success, also included in my Mentor list.

The problem is, each real world money Mentor wants the same thing: money from me to each of them.

Nothing from them, as far as I can reasonably tell, is currently coming back to me. I invested and I am broke.

I gave INSP my savings. I gave Mentor #2 some credit card money. And I gave Mentor #3 only low interest money per Mentor #3 criteria. I now am not broke but as poor as I've been in years.

This brings the situation to an update that was not supposed to happen according to INSP.

In Exam Question #1 above, Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP said: expect to personally be free from any more personal poverty. But accordingly I am now financially worse than previous, and reasonably all directly tied and traceable to INSP causes and effects. I would not have so spent money and gone thusly into debt and poverty except to completely do as INSP said.

INSP wants God Tested. INSP is being tested and is failing.

If we are to properly help INSP, then I [and perhaps we] have to work hard to get very rich within these 90 days or perhaps do what I don't want to do: to seek a formal apology and more from INSP for their unfair causations of problems (though we'll see the whole picture in 90 days).

I do have hope per Mentoring, though the Mentors expect far more work from me, and that is not a blessing since I already work a full schedule though don't get paid for most of it, and now roughly 3 times more is expected of me. I had a job [the one personal parameter pertinent to this that actually provided earnings], and INSP (Murdock) said work it more, and INSP (Myers) also expects me to be a Minister full time.

So there is 1. my regular job and I'm supposed to work harder at it even though I've tried to get into other lines of work more suitable to my talents, 2. there is full time Minister work I'm supposed to do which I already have done at great financial investment, 3. the Mentor #2 financial work (see above link)(note: in this effort government just gave me a blessing as now explained in that site), and #4. be a producer for a band (see above) toward eventual producing of movies in the current pattern or trend. Am I to work 4 full time jobs plus overtime for each?, that's physically impossible (see above broken back discussion).

In one perspective I have almost no work, in another perspective I have far too much work and in my experience cannot hire the expertise needed even at any [normal] world big money price. In a way life is getting more fun, in another way life is getting more miserable and crazy, each and all due to the asking of INSP to Test God.

Pertinent to this examing is to comment that for me, it is as if to have passed a school grade, and to then return to go through that school grade again. It is ridiculous, as the GodMath Testament explains yet is for INSP, not the other way around. God does not require me to suffer so, INSP does.

If to suffer at the hands of people, then INSP (and Mentors) may not be the worst choice.

In other words, if to be blessed with cash, then INSP (and Mentors) may be a better choice than many other so called opportunities.


Updated July 3, 2009, having a pleasant time with the wife at the pool, dining-out, and so on as God stretches the dollar, paying bills though never so financially poor in years, though no special money blessings, no unusual income to report. Where's the mansion(s)? Where's the money?

Waiting 90 days, now at day 36, continues to be exciting of hope, though hardly of unusual results so far. There is a new correlation of hope. With new Mentorships there is coming new hoping. In one case for instance government has personally given me that which is counted as new authority with clout not typically realized by the general public.

In some other Mentorship I have agreed to not expose proprietary information as the Mentor requested. Without exposing such, I can say it is very exciting especially as my work is fun and easy for me so far as I multitask multiple jobs at once at times, and particularly since they love my results and are thrilled, including being thrilled to work hard for mutual benefit.


Updated July 5, 2009. INSP promised money in both Test #1 and Test #2, but that is found as the former ways as judged of the Bible Second Testament Book of John Chapter 8 verse 44, concerning Test #1; with Test #2 largely pending the completion of the 90 days, and if to allow for a D- grade in typical education tradition, then 90 days plus 27 = 117 (plus or minus the other blessings discussed by INSP such as a mansion(s), family benefits, and others).

If to Examine per accounting standards, then the 90 days is the limit lest there be late fee expectations, and INSP made no such statement as far as personally known. If there were late fees then theoretically there might be an expectation of half the stated time factor, with 90 / 2 = 45, so 90 + 45 = 135 days, though such is hardly reasonably fair in the paradigm of this Exam (and also Biblically speaking). Though of late fees in actual practice some companies are as slow as 90 days or more, so the Exam results might not come for a couple hundred days: this is also not counted as fair according to the expectation as stated by INSP repeatedly.

If to count according to research science, then an amount of income associated to the seed money amount, if received in the distant future even by future generations (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on Sabbath), then a research scientist might say this is a significant indice and would be right, though such also is not within the expectation paradigm of this examining.

Here are more Exam fairness for God explanations, since INSP Exam results are not clear-cut, are moot, and are lacking focus evidently, according to the personal (and other) perceptions of what INSP taught repeatedly on TV. My work including with affiliates has been with experts from many fields, such as new precision nuclear design of vast ramifications. So in the position of leading such experts and having final authority in some of the highest and secure matters of personal responsibility, I expect much such precision and accuracy from those under my approval.

Therefore it is wise to understand the great work and loving care to use such fine precision to achieve such accuracy, that goes into such methodology. The same methodology used on nuclear aerospace as is used on surgical equipment, engines, utilities, mining equipment, and other, comprehensively, while specific details per application vary according to priority (usefulness). So whether discussing God or toys, the same comprehensive proven methodology applies, and that methodology distinguishes the importance of God over the importance of toys, and recognizes that God allows the focus to be on toys at times per applicable reasons though such reasons do not undo the reason of higher distinguished God worthy of the higher honor and glory.

Accordingly, a QA person of international acclaim (a third party) witnessed a part of INSP concerning a note that had been mailed here by INSP, and became unusually angred and disgustingly stated about the note "You wouldn't let me get away with this!", meaning the careless approach INSP has is not consistent with proper leadership. The third party pointed-out misspelled and scratched-out information on the note. Though we are not talking about a third party in this paradigm, we are talking about my personal "Test God" as INSP put it.

Personally I thought the INSP note was satisfactory, as it was just a note and was not some important new chemical formula misspelled nor similar that was wrong. But my higher concern is that is the problem: the note did not address more important matters as expected personally and as expected by the third party. INSP talks lofty things, but it is evidently as though INSP is OK with being careless. To make false or misleading claims is not proper legally nor Biblically.

Here is another example you can see for yourself on an INSP page. It is the bottom line (currently) on this linked site page states "$1.7 trillion dollars", click here. We all reasonably know what they mean, and INSP seems to be stating what others have claimed, though technically speaking of money, the terms "$" and "dollars" are not used that way in normal practice. Either would be used but not both. School children are marked wrong by their teachers when they do such careless things. Words not stated properly changes their meanings.

INSP makes mistakes and we try to correct them, the White House makes mistakes (except One Lord Jesus Christ God YHWH, reference GodMath) and we try to correct them, ICCDBB and everybody save One make(s) mistakes and we the people [within reason] try to correct them [understanding talents vary per body (understanding ICCDBB cares more about God than about certain other things, reference Luke 10.41 & 42) and per time, for instance I see things counted as minor mistakes on this page that I am not currently willing to spend the time to correct, as the careless errors are not considered significant currently (therefore are not errors at all except if reasonably to cause sin, though sin is not reasonable save to test as in this Exam or similar higher reasoning)]. So for INSP to expect their claims to come true just because they said so, is not completely reasonable.

Of course Jesus Christ has the power to intervene.


Updated July 10, 2009 no unusual income, an unusual new bill has started to arrive, to appear monthly unless things improve a lot. Had some dangerous extremely difficult work physically, yet on the plus side my back feels fine, praise the Lord, and bless you INSP's Benny Hinn.


Updated July 12, 2009: in a recent check of visitors to ICCDBB was found that while the main site number fell a third, visits to one part of the sermons sites increased 6.5 times, to the most for any ICCDBB site section, not counting affiliates with one near a million.

So that is a mixed blessing, yet the more important part is a blessing, as people are likely inviting others to visit certain ICCDBB sermons in trend.

Concerning the point of this test, where's my money INSP?, though waiting the full 90 days will be done. Never again poor did not happen INSP. For INSP I spent money and borrowed on credit, and for the mentorship(s) / INSP I borrowed more.

INSP does provide other info on TV. As in Exam #1 the waiting season was 58 days (a day per blessing type), and INSP keeps airing such an Exam challenge to TV visitors, so it evidently is also applicable here according to INSP info. Today is the 45th day of this Exam #2, so Saturday after next would be 58 and financial blessing is expected in addition to the 90th day blessing. According to INSP teh 58th day should bring a return of the original [Exam #2] investment; and the 90th day would bring vast wealth in money and other stuff.


Updated July 13, 2009: What worldly monetary pricetag can be attached to talking with God?: For the "Today God said to me"... ICCDBB Sermon, click here. It is a blessing!

Jesus Christ is worthy of the Love, Glory, and Honor!

The burden is light, though there is a burden of responsibility to tell the truth: Jesus Christ loves all Christians.

So thank you INSP!

Even so, for the helping of INSP for greater edification in Jesus Christ, is this message to INSP from ICCDBB for the greater glory of Jesus Christ, via attesting in witness of INSP's works per this (or these) exam(s) INSP requested. Where's the money?, has not been sufficiently answered. Where's the freedom from poverty?, has not been satisfactorily found.

As requested by INSP, ICCDBB had weighed INSP and found INSP lacking. For loving Jesus Christ hence for the love of INSP, this Examining has been conducted and INSP has been found less than expected. INSP said expect a miracle (repeatedly), and that was evidently false hope in part. Yet of Jesus Christ, ICCDBB can help INSP overcome that lack.

It is important for INSP to realize the answer to this pertinent question within context: Who can withstand the Holy Will of One Holy God?, and the answer is One Holy God as explained in 4th Testament GodMath and today's added link.

INSP offered prophesies, yet the sin or the counted-as-sin of INSP has been the lack vested in the prophesies. In other words, as detailed in the linked site, it is the very nature of the "prophesies" that contained INSP failure (2nd Testament 1 Corinthians Chapter 13).

If INSP does not love Jesus Christ sufficiently, the perfection of associated prophesying is accordingly called into question absolutely. Does INSP accept PCS or reject?, and so far to date, the answer is clear in the Exam(s) sense, toward worldly, for the purpose of doing what INSP requested.

The truth is, INSP has already been made aware of 2nd Testament 1 Corinthians Chapter 13 such as published by INSP in it's Inspiration Promise Book page 144. (See prophetic Revelation 7.4 & 14.4).

To be a prophet is an honorable and desirable position, so INSP has much on-the-ball (reference 3rd Testament 1 Nephi 16.10), yet to attempt to instruct and test One of higher due respect, being Jesus Christ, prefers no failure, rather love, lest the student be above the Master, even so of the mouth of babes comes perfect praise, even of eternal prophetic meaning of the perfect love in Christian Faith.

While the Christian is hardly under law and rather guided of Holy Grace, so too let the INSP Network be accepting Christians even more than previously. There is an in-gathering, an evangelism, yet comes the distinguishing of the more important higher value people already saved, the teachers and prophetic guides of the new Christians, the higher being in agreement with "perfect praise" and the more advanced details of the Holy Work Of God, complete and yet completing.

INSP is invited to study things not merely in the first 2 testaments, yet even things written by others, including things written by the children of the INSP leaders. Even things written by worldly scientists, some of whom admire and honor and glorify INSP. Study, and yet rather distinguish properly of PCS (see link).

The child can have perfect praise, yet do not let the child break your window without proper consent. Read the 3rd Testament and learn, yet wisely, do not let the book break your window of faith without proper consent. Learn from the world, yet not as sinners learn.

Where are the Treasures Of God?, in Heaven yes, yet look all around you, there are more than a person might be able to handle alone. Yet with God, is proper comfort and safe discovery, even a more excellent way to evangelize than INSP has evidenced alone, in this case not meaning without God, instead for the sake of guiding INSP, meaning without more than 2 testaments and other INSP data. I believe INSP reads many things, including many worldly things, yet the point is that INSP may evidently find value in PCS.

The greater theoretical value in Jesus Christ has already been found for INSP, such sewing has already been done, and INSP is invited into the sharing of the harvest, yet see today's link of responsibiltiy for loving Jesus Christ.


Updated July 17, 2009: Shall we focus away from God to view the secular?: No, INSP.

Have you not read Luke 14.33?, that you should have already accomplished concerning the secular.

Luke 16.9 tells you "And I tell you, make friends for yourselves by means of unrighteous mammon, so that when it fails they may receive you into the eternal habitations."

Many people have rightly tried to start Christian Missions and Churches but have failed: don't try to tell us to fail, INSP. We love you too much. We need you, that is, we need you to help us properly, PCS.

You indicate on television sermons that it is as though you close your eyes to the secular world and that all should stop what they are doing and follow you and preach as you do. And as goodly as that is, you become counted as if the blind as if to lead the blind. Such is alright for evangelicalism.

Yet there is a higher order of concern. Under grace you can choose to go through life somewhat with your eyes closed, even God closed his eyes to sin a little for our sakes lest we all perish. Yet rather open your eyes for the most part and seek his Kingdom, not just his sinners that they might be saved. Rather lead all Christians, and let sinners also convert and be added-on, and then rather be numbered among the Christians.

Continue as you have, in Christ, yet rather also do not ignore the obvious. Those already converted do not hold your position, lest you be out of a job. Think wisely, look at what they do, look at how they accomplish, many independently, many together as never before in recorded history (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on humans on the Moon).

INSP is also making record breakthroughs, even according to many secular opinions including such of sinners, for the greater glory of INSP, though not because they sin. They have talent for INSP to utilize: help them in the better Way. Let Jesus Christ help not only in INSP, yet also in others, even through others as each and all are through Jesus Christ whether they know it or not.

Where's my money INSP?, I'm waiting, though I don't plan to help INSP if it rejects my help. Did I help INSP with cash?, yes. Then why doesn't INSP help ICCDBB with cash that INSP gain the more?, that is, INSP knows TV evangelism is not the only path to success. TV evangelism is not even personal: many Christian Churches profess the relationship with Christ must be "personal" (in another Christian Church you can hear the opposite: position, not personal). What kinds of standards are those?, verily virtually all of so called standards have not been standards at all, they have been incomplete ideas not properly traceable to God Jesus, the One True Standard, and thereof such standardization must needs come first prior to the other.

First is to come the distinguishing faithfully for Jesus Christ, then secondly is to come the distinguishing intelligently and not to leave the second undone.

One PCS Standard means there is One Storehouse not divided. If there is to be a Test of God, INSP, than wisely understand Malachi 3:10: Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there ... Test me in this," says the LORD Almighty, "and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room.

And if a Test, then a Judge over the administrating and grading of the Test, One Judge, of One Proper Traceability, not stopped permanenty at INSP, nor permanently halted at the Book of Mormon, nor even at the dead cross, rather at the One Living Cross of the First Love, and the true judgement is this, using INSP's own words (paraphrased or displayed intent) against itself: if you will only give a penny or even your blessing approval to an appropriate extent, then is the solution evidence for INSP being fulfilled in this Test with success.

Otherwise it continues, church against church, without higher unity, even shunt against God (as if). Just today on INSP an INSP representative spoke of war(s) as I chose to momentarily close my eyes against INSP, and I changed the channel to not become unnecessarily contaminated, though because of the goodliness of INSP otherwise I plan to tune-in again another time.

Wrong Bible interpretations are being broadcast, and often. The Bible talks often of wars, Moses killed, David killed; though such is not as discussed today: there is a higher distinction. More to the point of this Test, the distinction is very pertinent to the Biblical prophetic prophecies of INSP, in this case concerning money.

One important higher point INSP is missing, is not that a person have money, yet rather what they do with money if they gain it. Now INSP did say reinvest in INSP cyclically, and that is righteous, yet how can INSP continue to be worthy of righteous contributions if INSP chooses to not be worthy in fact of worldly law, and only under grace; that is, God can work miracles for INSP, yet God rather prefers the truth, ask Jesus Christ.

The Bible explained a Dad needed work on the farm, and a son said yes and did not, and another said no though worked; both liars and a son was lazy, yet rather of PCS there was blessing and higher blessing: each person is a blessing from the womb, and there is higher blessing even the work toward the pleasing of the Dad.

The Bible / US Law / US Government shows if a person is lazy, they may become at risk to lose what they seemed to have. Verily I am lazy for you INSP. I do no longer increasingly give to INSP as was done by me previously. I hold that against you, that is, such is held against you and rather I agree with God the Father: such is a functional result in this Test.

If INSP does not want others to bless INSP, and that only Jesus Christ should bless INSP, then INSP is free to so want. Not under law is a free choice of INSP. Yet rather as is written under grace, leave not the other undone INSP, let others, even if secular, bless you INSP.

ICCDBB warned INSP ahead of time via email and in fact the paradigm shifted against INSP July 15, 2009 (Hebrews 6.12) as evidenced by a [distinct / PCS, or] separate third party email by an independent witness group, and the site is expired (17 day grace period), with it's 606,310 visits since mid 2006 and approximately 47,712 visits already this month.

I certainly don't want to go back (even if a person could) and rebuild what was already built, just to perhaps have others (such is not only about INSP) disregard it again. A person would hardly build mansion after mansion if nobody would be interested in living in them. The first was a free gift, a solution to worldly problems: PCS. PCS is not about me, it's about you. Even though I am often mentioned, it's about you; Christians are supposed to be about Jesus Christ of God, and similar to the first part, of the proper control of worldly matters, through direct control, law, and indirect control, PCS, the One True Guidance Standard.

I have plenty of other things to do. The paradigm has shifted and the shoe is now on the other foot. Your herds of elephants await.


Updated July 22, 2009. The new paradigm: scientific / religious [One Holy Standard Of The Church] methodologies have shifted.

The Word Of God is not changing save advancing through Jesus Christ. The advancing part has pertinence for ICCDBB / GodMath (including PCS), inviting others on-board. In other words the lineage is from all people, to being chosen of Jesus Christ, to Christian Baptism, to Christian Holy Leadership and more excellently for God more than Holy Heir toward Oneness with Jesus Christ. Another lineage similar to the first is the Old Testament, the New, the Mormon, and GodMath (others have been removed due to lack of site visitors, at a site paid-for by Christian affiliate A Check Exact business, a for-profit type of entity).

When people do not advance properly, such as for no particular reason driving too slow on a road, advice can be given, such as a horn alert in case they are falling asleep, or if bad enough a police car might be seen pulling them to the side with fine(s) issued.

This test has found such is the case. A Check Exact did not request the test, ICCDBB did not request the test. INSP requested the test. INSP said [perform test 1 and test 2].

To tell the truth for the sake of INSP beloved by God and beloved by A Check Exact and ICCDBB, INSP failed. INSP lied.

And that is the truth.

In Test 1 INSP met the 58 days criteria (+/- 2% which in some matters such is failure, though from the start ICCDBB was not planning to be that exacting, for instance there was a pertinent weekend at the end of Test 1 and a couple days later on the first business day Monday would have been deemed acceptable by the Examiner, me, of ICCDBB). But to then become poor was not part of the agreement with INSP in Test 1. INSP stated repeatedly poverty would be personally gone for sower [the Examiner].

Perhaps a patrol car might visit INSP if INSP continues as it has been doing. This testing by ICCDBB is a properly honking horn, warning not only INSP of dangers, yet warning others too.

I did what INSP did as agreed per INSP criteria, INSP accepted my money / took my money, and the result is I am ripped-off in the sense that the effect is directly linked to the INSP criteria claim cause.

Similarly Test 2 / INSP said there may be daily blessings. Reasonably this means not living worse than before, rather better. While it is not yet true financially, it is true in family and friendships terms, and it is true in health terms, as my back is better than it's been in decades as far as I can tell, and skin problems of decades are now going away. Thank you INSP / God for the blessings, that is, thank you for the push to "test God" that these truths can here and now be broadcast internationally and beyond.

Currently my savings have vanished per this seed / testing, and my debt has compounded: a Mentor receiving explained my seed for him as a God send. He has also agreed to provide me with a more reliable computer from part of my seed money to him. He is sending me big dollar numbers of the ranges of expectations of returns on investments.

I've also been pouring work, funds, and expensive resources into the other Mentors.

During all this, God continues to stretch my dollars, since from previous income continuing from nasty low pay work there continues to come meager amounts enough to pay bills though none for savings nor typical improvement in average person / community terms (aside from those who lost homes due to foreclosures).

90 days is the term of this test, though 58 days (used in the first test) comes Saturday, so a big check may come.


Updated July 24, 2009. Due to the 58 day cycle of the First Test, money from former means should come today, the 57th day, to offset it having arrived the 59th day in Test 1; to yield 100% under the Dr. Mike Murdock / INSP 58 day cyclical plan.

If the money comes tomorrow it would fit the 58 day cycle pattern of INSP for this period of time. If the money comes the day after tomorrow (or Monday, allowing for mail delivery) it would match the First Test and underscore that value.

Concerning "former means", I have discussed matters similarly with one of my Mentors, as we work to accomplish a great unique marvelous work together, but then have to go our own ways at times to do some relatively inane traditional works under our responsibilities.

This Testing has many fields and levels of consideration. There are people that fight against Christians, and such is part of Testing INSP. Yesterday the TV Reporter I trust most for his routine exposing of crime in high places, a Comedian Jew, wrongly fought against a person [and people] having achieved expertise in more than one field. God has expertise in more than one field. The Chosen have expertise in more than one field. INSP expert Performers on stage are also experts in the field of Preaching, and they have talents and expertise in other fields, such as some in the field of Healing, some Wisdom, some Money. With Money being a critical component of this Test, it is also wise to lovingly consider some of these other fields of expertise in terms of Money.

For instance if a person is an expert in a particular field, what they say in that field is supposed to be accurate, relative to what they might casually mention in some other field about which they might not have as much talent nor experience. So enlightenment is shed on what they intend to mean, comes accordingly with awareness of their particular fields of expertise, and value, including financial matters value, comes from that awareness praise the Lord! The rich can become richer, according to following the Lord, and rather being as the Lord, Master of all fields.

So when Testing the Bible as INSP wanted, how is a person to consider the expertise per fields per person?, each field under US Law has it's own methodology, and wrongly under US Law no Standard of the Church is recognized fittingly, even though one exists.

For instance Congress and the President might want to pass this law or that. With no One Standard of Guidance from the Church (the Churches of the Lord of Article VII), the outcome is as the Book of Ruth Chapter 1 verse 1, meaning this Money Test #2 has been placed by INSP (knowingly or ignorantly) under possibly illegal interpretations, though possibly called legal by current government.

For instance current US President Obama rightly campaigned to make absentee Dads more accountably, though by failure by the previous President to utilize PCS, the Obama plan was to penalize the absentee Dads (Ruth 1.1): no proper Church guidance comes with direct and severe consequences. PCS guidance theoretically, according to the expertise of those in the pertinent fields, would have long ago shown the more blessed solution, even the optimum. Instead of INSP discord struggling against PCS of the Bible, it could have been shown of Hosea Chapter 2 to not fight God in this matter; money is not meant for that purpose normally; and in One PCS Standard even human history has taught as much as historically the children with with their Mom and their Dad ventured-out to hunt (Daniel Boone went months at a time) looking for work during the Depression or this similar Recession; and such was presented to this current President and again the expertise of the multitudes has not so been utilized as may be the President's right within legal parameters detailed in GodMath.

Rather than contradict the Book of Hosea Chapter 2, that brings the methodology of this Test to the next analysis level, tied-to and clearly stated in the Baptism parameter, whether Baptism [of John] was of Heaven or people, in other words whether of GodMath or of Relativity. Administering this Testing includes the ICCDBB concern of whether money is of Heaven or of people, in pertinence We the People, headed by the US Presidency government.

If of GodMath only, then INSP's Dr. Joyce Meyers is right to indicate we should quit all else and preach salvation through Jesus Christ (I have seen Christian Preachers failing to continue their startup churches (meaning church buildings). If Relativity only, then INSP's David and Barbara Cerullo is right to indicate we should want to pit ourselves against secularly positioned President Obama with Hosea Chapter 2 (reference Inspiration Promise Book page 165 "broken" [from the Bible, contrary]).

The baptism of money is both of GodMath and of Relativity, as GodMath explains it is of Absolutivity. The man [the husband] typically leads the family, so to fine the husband is to fine the children (Ruth 1.1) and to waste the economy: where are my economic blessings INSP (I'll wait [58 and] 90 days)?, and perhaps more importantly the wife follows the husband and is also one. When following, the wife agrees with the typically higher (a man surfeiting and other can relatively apply: relative being the leading with the following).

When a Dad is away, the Wife Biblically leads as one in the place of the Husband. The Bible is clear on this GodMath aspect. There is no room inherently for such alone to justify the Wife to be upset against her Husband. The Bible does not place the Wife over the Husband nor over the Church, typically. In other words, other extraordinary circumstances would need apply. To fine or kill people is not the optimum PCS solution, unless higher principles apply, and even so, there are conditions as man is not made for law, rather law for man.

INSP is right about money in important Biblical ways, yet is there room for improvement?, and the same is said about the White House. The paradigm has shifted, not toward breaking the law, rather toward proper legal and guidance optimum recognition of the law having been fulfilled.

How can a Baptism be both of Heaven and of men?, through the person Jesus Christ, the Controller of money.

Christians don't have to fight against secular (nor vice-versa) things such as money, such as the ways INSP does, and such as the ways US government does. As perfect as they are relatively, globally speaking, there is much benefit the Christian Church can gain from proper Christian secular pursuits, and on the other side of the coin there is much to be gained from higher Christian Holy pursuit [even more coins].

For instance Jeremiah 33.25 & 26 discusses the Lord in conditional covenant with the secular, such as with respect to "day and night", "the ordinances of heaven and earth", and "seed". The Old Testament didn't handle credit cards in those days, nor manage global economic indices.

If Christians want money, God can provide. If Christians want money, much can be learned for such [for God] from the secular world. Again, for the glorifying of God, from the secular world.

The secular world knows how to virtually turn night into day, write ordinances, and the secular world knows the best times reap money; though greed and other often interferes with the best judgements of such secular experts at times or often. In the secular world it is easy to undo what has been accomplished, often by much time and effort. President Obama is aware of many secular things, privy to some top secular information, often about money.

The non-secular Christian realm loves how night becomes day and receives same with joy, and faithfully moves from law to guidance [needed to be accomplished in US Law recognition / PCS], and loves to reap souls.

Money represents souls typically, to an extent. It is their labor, their heritage, their future hope including secular, entrusted to you when you receive.

To get money, imagine you are a sack. You are given money for certain purposes. For this example try not to think selfishly, such as you worked hard and earned it. You are given money for their future hope. They trust and love you a certain amount, and so have faith a certain amount to give money to you a certain amount.

If they want a Church building and you start building a Church building, they may tend to give you more money. If they want people killed and you start providing such, they might give you more money.

They toss money into your sack, and if you have a bigger sack you can hold more; but to tear down your barns to build bigger barns for your greed for money is typically contrary to you, being contrary to the Bible of the Lord.

You bathe, in doing so your money sack leaks and your money deteriorates unused, useless, bringing no joy to you, instead misery.

The 90 day wait continues.


Updated July 25, 2009 day 58 around 7AM, waiting for cash. In Test 2 Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP spoke of the seed cycle until harvest, 90 days; though in Test 1 he said expect the harvest in 58 days. Also INSP's Morris Cerullo spoke of possible daily blessings. So I'm seeing if I get money today.

INSP continues to flood ICCDBB Affiliates with letters of praise, such as to saying "Through your partnership, we're able to shine the Light of Jesus Christ in 118 nations around the world-to over 1.3 billion people!", and such as to in praise of saying one of the things INSP is "most thankful for is your partnership with us" for the "Good News" [for Jesus Christ], and with INSP confessing to GodMath of their cash problems such as [their list of money problems, or] "fraud". ABC News offered this recent article:

As financial accusations continue to escalate with governmental attacks against INSP, and with INSP against US government (see yesterday's Hosea Chapter 2 discussions), let's pray Jesus Christ that it doesn't escalate into another as if Holy War.

God has taught us all things plainly beforehand. There is no need for such conflict. There is no need to dwell in such misery. Furthermore there is no need to tithe, Jesus Christ already paid the price! Seed money, bah, humbug. PCS can get INSP off the hook, though INSP praises but doesn't act. And long ago privately for national and global security reasons PCS has already been made available to the White House to get government off the hook: former President Bush sent praise and thanks, though it was talk only, he didn't act.

While GodMath humbly quietly leverages in making vast changes for civilization, I look around at those who need GodMath most, but instead allow themselves and billions of others to suffer needlessly.

One People Of GodMath, not merely in talk, also in deed, in action, in power and in One Authority of the Word Of God being One with the Will Of God not only in memory of past valuable Testaments yet also of current and as much as humanly possible of such to come with those pertinent applications optimally, this One GodMath People agrees with the Wisdom Of Lord Jesus Christ of Law and also of higher Grace of PCS, this GodMath People understand the harvest is already come, it is Jesus the Christ!

Seed money is for losers, in plain and simple language for your benefit.

Hence this Testing would be a sham, save for your enlightenment benefit, for the greater glorifying of Jesus Christ.

Seed money includes being for those stuck in a rut, such as those stuck in the Old Testament, or in the New Testament, or the Third of the 1800s literally of the horse-and-buggy days. If that's where you are, and if I have a NASA project, will I put you in charge?, hardly; and if I have a global economy to manage in long range planning, will I put you in charge?, perish the thought. Money is hardly given to backsliders, though lest all or virtually all perish, for your sakes there is a season, your personal season, for learning the Way Of Jesus Christ and advancing responsibly in position according to Jesus Christ traceability [and accountability within parameters].

If you hope to get rich by default, such as waiting for a cycle, or waiting for a rich person to die and leave you scraps, then you may have to wait in a long line of others in line too, or you may have a wait longer than your own worldly lifetime, or other hardship. It is good to wait on the Lord, for your sake, yet rather typically advance.

Jesus Christ is the source of money, and this Test can be used, yet rather Jesus Christ is not offering love, including charity cash for your sake, if you are willing to accept. So ask yourself if you can be of the Annointed One, meaning especially an advancing Christian, agreeing and receiving that Holy Spirit Annointing always, lest under law as verified by Testing you may find loss of such as you thought you had.

On this Holy Sabbath Day there is no need for action on your part, it is a day of rest, yet remember [it might seem to fail for a time, yet] love never fails.

Where's my money INSP?, I ask, I demand, now for your sake, and for the sake of government, and for the sake of the billions, to do good, to do the right thing, though I hardly ask today, this Sabbath, because my Lord supplies all my needs.


Updated Sunday July 26, 2009 day 59. No money came at day 58. INSP did not get the bonus point, though if big new traceable money comes by about Monday then INSP can get partial credit for the 58 day cycle pattern.

No unusual Morris Cerullo daily blessings have come so far, except healing particularly of my back to be able to work and such as yesterday being able to be at the community pool and play, and except for slightly closer family interactions such as yesterday talking long with my Sister-in-Law though she called to tell me of a tragedy, her Son, my Nephew, was standing on his property holding His Baby in his arms when the ground fell out from under his feet due to a County engineering mistake and he tore his leg internally (Numbers 16.31) to show the power of the Lord, yet the Lord made new power explained in pertinent detail in GodMath Testament 9.1 in the first paragraph on page 331. INSP said get one or more Mentors.

As stated above, Jesus Christ was [and is] my Mentor, though for the sake of this Testing I chose to also make this Nephew one of my Mentors (and the earth opened and swallowed them). This Nephew I love much and in recent years he had become a Christian, and I had just emailed the INSP Contact Person with link to hear all His New Band songs (including revised), Toredown Band already with a movie offer, after earning many honors (for the Lord) such as song-of-the-week; and Toredown has only just started.

This same Nephew Mentor was long ago one of those child computer geniuses in the rise of the Internet age, with Congressional security interest as detailed in as via US Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Arlen Spector (of the single bullet theory) and with his equipment in hospitals internationally.

In this case of "new power" on page 331, not that this Mentor was the first to ever survive such a fall, it is become a new leverage point, the right time (complex details were discussed with my Sister-in-Law, and with Her Son) and the right situation of not only spreading the Holy Word advancingly, yet also with increased clout inferences, such as over the County perhaps, such as over INSP perhaps (see above lawsuits discussed), and yet rather for the fans and producers, for the greater glory of Jesus Christ.

This situation as discussed also serves as a goodly time to mention a point about each of my Mentors of Holy Grace tied to this Testing, being that each is able to speak with and influence the people at their level(s), the level of the people. The Mentors address the people in a way or in ways they the people understand. And then the people are so motivated to follow, as sheep are gathered into the flock of Christ increasingly. It is not always obvious. For instance INSP's Dr. Mike Murdock spoke of all his new cars, and that is not Biblical in the traditional sense in the opinions of many people who view such as secular, and yet it is hardly about the new cars that Dr. Mike Murdock is speaking. Not on the surface only, not at face value only, the underlying factor is the reasoning for the greater honoring and glorifying of God through One Lord God Jesus Christ. The rest is pointless if not for worthy Jesus Christ. And the rest is not always obvious, as Christian Leaders are at times to be sly as foxes (Nehemiah 4.3, Ezekiel 13.4, and similar Matthew 10.16) as doves gather around me.

Whether speaking of money or other, have confidence such Mentors work toward prophetical works even though they face trials and tribulations in the world including such as the world has never seen overcome so excellently above and beyond the status quo. The outcomes of these are revealed in Bible Codes and the Holy Trend, with the worldly economic, engineering, and we the people patterns as in Mormon 5.15 "seed" "for this people shall be scattered, and shall become a dark, a filthy, and a loathsome people, beyond the description of that which ever hath been amongst us" [for want of PCS and] for others having strayed with Us feeling their adverse consequences increasingly in these present times.

Verily, a Christian limiting themself to the New Testament is as a person trying to subdue an electrical fire using buckets of water: Word to all Mentors.

Even so, concerning money and INSP, "no church communicated with me as concerning giving and receiving, but ye only" (Philippians 4.15), to such an advanced extent thus far. Yet greater wisdom does not stop there, my fallen Mentor Nephew gave his life to save his Baby, and in doing so evidently spared His own life. He has His reward already, His living Baby; and the money will come too.

58 days of money promise failure INSP. Even the rocks cleft for Moses and the Chosen People in the desert, and even with 40 days there was mercy. As my family suffers for this INSP Testing and for my selfish zeal for money or counted as such, let's see what 90 brings.


Updated July 27, 2009. In the 58 day cycle of Test 1 the INSP promise was that seeded money would be given back (90 day Test 2 is new giant riches and wealth). Yesterday, Sunday, just over 1/8th of my seed money was returned to me. I had placed the cost on credit cards pertinent to the 1/8th situation and the person promised to give me that money last Friday or yesterday Saturday the 58th day: this 100% fit the 98% Test 1 pattern in terms of time, though the amount for the Test 1 cycle is not close, to such an extent that while a significant amount it is not a passing [grade] amount. So the Test cycle pattern traceability matches, yielding refreshing hope in Jesus Christ, but the ROI [not promised this Test 2 / INSP] hardly matches: ICCDBB waiting for 90 days for INSP continues.

Patterns continue to need PCS or prophecy, for proper interpretation. PCS interpretation for most worldly relative concerns simply means Biblical, though for higher GodMath Trend PCS finds no human words satisfactory (as detailed in the GodMath reference book), unless absolutely dealing with discoveries and thereof inventions, hardly innovations. In this light pertinent to one of the following youth references, youth often fails to have gained wisdom in all things so in pattern tend to say "devil" or similar when as if their words fail, the adult pattern being cuss words. To be wise is to work, although the burden is light, yet in context, to gain a headline story the world often seeks the confused words and happenings (reference the GodMath Testament details on emotions and on feelings).

Wisdom is tied to money, and also pertinent here and now is within one of the ICCDBB concerns for having this test is that people may come and visit this site and read, and yesterday the number of visitors doubled. Possibly tied to the leg / foot injury, and likely more likely due to the ABC News article posted on this site.

An email was just received from the earth-swallowed-man-redeemed, in pattern the Jonahs (pattern references above link on Jonas Brothers & Hanna Montana "Guardian Angel" [similar to Mentor pattern], Jonah and the Whale, and Jesus walking on water, click for updated ICCDBB Sermon). The email from the injured started "This is great.", evidently in reference to some business help I provided last night. The injured also stated "My foot is doing better each day.", praise the Lord!

This "praise the Lord!" aspect agrees in pattern with what INSP preaches, such as by Dr. Mike Murdock, praise the Lord!

While writing this today a person came to remind me that more money, similar to the 1/8th was expected to come by this Friday, from individual sources, also tied to my credit. In other words some people at times ride on other people's coattails in agreement for mutual benefit even including some of the One Agreement following yet leading or seeming-to (note above tie to the statement of things not always apparent), at times. Similar to the chauffeured boss advising the driver where to go [such as to a bank], but waiting a week or so to pay the chauffeur.

In Jesus Christ Oneness, beyond Baptism, is such expected driving leadership over Jesus Christ [counted as if in the back seat for this symbolism] if you so agree to be a proper PCS leader for Jesus Christ. In so doing, you are to receive the honor and glory due Jesus Christ.

Money, power, riches, sexiness, drunkeness, honesty, respect, and much more all are to be yours, and without so much as a comma nor heartbeat in-between if you are worthy then you immediately give all to Christ in word and in deed as Jesus Christ is worthy of such glory. Even if You As One rightly call yourself Jesus Christ, it is an outpouring, not a selfishness.

So to receive money is outwardness, not selfishness. To hold money rightfully belonging to others is no great accomplishment. To hold money for awhile can be alright, meaning the others are not yet ready to receive, such as per terms of agreement, then it is your responsibility to so not yet pay, though of grace you can consider such.

You receive people and money, and so yours rightly is to give such appropriately, allocating via PCS, forward looking yet responsibly traceable to the Lord of the past, though more toward the Lord of the future, including Biblically. Note that traceable is in the trace pattern. Proper seed money properly nurtured is as a trace, compared to the future harvest. Yet as INSP teaches, look at the seed money as the future "expectation" rather than something about which you [seem to] have presently.

Your seed is Jesus Christ.

Afternoon stuff: a long overdue check came for over 1/2 the Test 2 seed amount from physically hard work as much as I could, when such work was available, and an email came from the same Toredown Band member talking about Mahlon's (who is recovering from a recent hand injury) girlfriend of whom a hospital just found she has a brain tumor so please pray for her. Here is a prayer I emailed back:

In a Prayer Addendum: It has been explained Toredown members are Christian, thank Jesus Christ, so please be reminded of this. Also INSP has indicated we should have expectations concerning the sure promises of God, therefore in agreement let the healing come. Money has little value at the cost of loved ones, therefore let value come for the greater honor and glory of the Holy Name Jesus Christ.

While on the topic of hospitals, this is a goodly time to also publish of scientology, dianetics, science, and current government since the Jeffersonian era. Living is not about worshipping your car, nor some lie detector, nor even the Internet. The Internet communicates with other humans, yet rather worship Jesus Christ, Lord of US Law (and all laws), God of Nature, and Ruler of the lie detector. Even a lie detector has to be calibrated somehow.

If I am tested by a lie detector, I don't want to be tested per some pool of people, I want to be tested by Jesus Christ as my Standard, perfect, and we should settle for nothing less. Would you want your yea or nay vote to be determined by a party not your own?, in other words, a party can be fair, though worldly parties have been known to be unfair at times.

If you are to become rich, it isn't much joy to become rich after becoming dead, similarly it isn't much joy to become rich after becoming servant to a machine, save higher reasoning such as thereof communicating with other humans.

I have seen people greedy for money rather than souls. I have seen people greedy for serving machines rather than people. I have seen people greedy for serving people rather than Jesus Christ. And I have seen blessings when such overcome those self made problems of theirs.

Some people serve their friends for selfish turn about. The money cycle doesn't have to be poverty riches poverty riches. Such is circular. Such is of machines. Rather let your highest plans [Jesus Christ] run your cycles turning the darkness of the other side of the Moon pattern into the living growing helical pattern, toward the proper PCS vertical leap to Oneness, the second similar to the first, Baptism.

Poor rich poor rich is in pattern similar to an electrical wave, similar to an accountant's ledger, similar to a false true lie detector, similar to a hate love relationship. Rather love love, true true; let win win, become earn earn, let earn earn become blessings blessings, and better.

An electric wave can kill as quickly as it cure. Yet even a person grounded with no personal hope for happiness seen, can be brought to redemption through faithful joy in the Lord, grounded in love.

We can us tools such as Dianetics uses, and TV such as INSP uses, and Internet such as ICCDBB uses, and banks and so on, yet these are tools, these are not the Lord, they are less than the higher value of the Lord Jesus Christ, above whose name is none other.

We can use scientific knowledge such as of cycles, and banking, yet of PCS distinguished as higher value is loving Jesus Christ. Love does not mean at all costs [save loving Jesus Christ]. It is not proper to try to substitute love for a lie detecting machine. Faithful love for Jesus Christ is distinguished above truth. A parent can love their child, even when no word is spoken, no teaching is come, and when no enlightenment is evidenced of that child.

Similarly a person can love money while not being the servant to money nor to cycles. A person can rightly love the source of all evil through loving the source of all, Jesus Christ.

Late evening update: She's alive praise the Lord! Thank you for your prayers! They removed the cancerous tumor that had been giving Chrysty headaches. Tests showed it was definitely malignant. More info on her included what a great Mom she was after previous hardships, and what a great family they are. They said it might come back, so let your prayers continue, remembering to return praise to Jesus Christ for this miracle. I have often heard that malignant tumors are not normally removed by such surgery, as they then opt for radiation or chemicals. I have found Bible food figs do much against cancer for better health, praise the Lord.

Have a good evening.


Updated July 30, 2009 Chyrsty woke-up today and is aware of the cancer situation. Word was received today "Out of pain and tragedy always comes creativity and good songs. Mahlon is inspired to go on a writing tear."

No unusual money happenings.

Slightly unusual today was a low pay difficult muddy job underground again. And while away today police visited my house on perhaps a false alarm. Yesterday government warned us of somebody's illegally parked car in front on the street they thought was ours. And while coming home from the job my brakes started failing again, though this time after having alerted the auto shop, which recently passed inspection.

While personally I can get upset enough to speakup publicly about outrageous things, inside is a peaceful joy with a sorrow, that is, I feel sorry for the world, that the many in the world have suffered and continue to suffer needlessly (Genesis 6.6 & 1 Samuel 22.8) and ahead in pattern such as with gone from their sight and the paradigm shifted (and the innocent suffer from them save faith, grace, and promises [as pertinent to such extents] of Jesus Christ).

Some do see the worldly pattern, some do live in houses on the ocean and watch their neighbors' houses fall down the cliff toward the ocean and then they too.

The smart people note the value of the house, belongings, and holdings.

The wise people do something to improve natural surroundings or at least as necessary get out of the way. Smart is insane, if without love.

Even so it is wisdom to have mercy and enlighten the people of the world toward the higher value of love faithful in Jesus Christ.


Updated August 1, 2009: Poverty has again knocked on my door, cash money is not unusually arriving supernaturally.

The Mentors (including a Mentor that is also an INSP leader) owe me money. INSP promised money from God before the end of this month, a flood of money at the 90 Day Mark, August 26, 2009AD. Huge sums, a great mansion; and other great things such as new cars and clothes and/or such.

The other Mentors are as a mixed blessing, lending much hope though not INSP leaders per se, therefore INSP has not beholden their credibility the same as that within INSP.

Truly each and all the human Mentors in worldly terms did cheat me, did lie to me, and did fail to provide the money they had promised, and did fail to receive the grace of God accordingly, or are counted as such for their own faithlessness in such perspective(s).

Do I still love them?, yes. Do I still have hope, faith, and trust in them?, no. That is, no within their promised paradigm. They each and all fall short of the good faith and trust in which I hope since it is only worthy for Jesus Christ. Other than this paradigm I continue to have hope, faith, and trust in them to lesser extents, according to levels via Jesus Christ.

Though they evidently fall short of the greater honor and glory offered by Jesus Christ of GodMath, they do achieve lesser realms of glory as this Test #2 has found, and in such pertinence so testifies in witness.

More importantly concerning cash and wealth, these Mentors that I have chosen, these Christians, these Chosen, are my gems of glory that I plan [promise (including INSP of Ephesians 2.2 to be rather over such / Chosen)] to hold up in honor for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. These Chosen are as the jewels of the breastplate of the High Priest, and in telling all things beforehand, I promise, that after much success at various levels of faith / GodMath calculations determinations, then after such within the parameters of this Test #2, then I will raise them up for the greater honor glorifying of Jesus Christ, to symbolically raise them, these gems, not to remove them from the breastplate, yet to rather multiply their power according to each of their amounts of faith, and to raise their value to also be counted

as gems in the crown of Jesus Christ.

If told all things in advance, then how do we know this is true and will come to pass?, and the answer is here now given in part, according to that which has already been testified above, that which will follow accordingly within this Testing, and with the following statement:

Now, concerning money details, how much of what INSP wrote anew does INSP wisely understand with respect to money (will INSP also get rich at the 90 day mark, let's see [the second is like the first, a Boaz Annointing (as INSP termed it)]). It is appropriate to be stated at this time in this season on this Sabbath Day in memory of the longsuffering of the Chosen people of Israel, in memory of what the economy once was [the rate thereof].

To this new INSP Bible extent, this Test #2 has found INSP people gave their life and lives for [Jesus Christ, and therefore also for you and for] me that I might live and more abundantly. That includes cash. Herein is evidence of coming cash, praise the Lord. This new evidence agrees with the INSP Promise that their would be cash for me in the future.


Updated August 2, 2009. To be more clear with regard to the amounts of monetary and other blessings in the future [using Test 2 parameters including time] for INSP for the greater honor and glory of God, understand that the The Prophecy Bible, TPB, page 1537 verse 28 new text ", One", is within the Holy Trend as detailed in GodMath, though the further evidence INSP provided is that such is not necessarily the higher level transformation of INSP leadership from worldly to Heavenly, to change INSP to be in Heaven here on earth. The ", One" is a Heavenly invitation, though other evidence from INSP such as on TPB page 1681 verse 36 shows ", The", and similar is found elsewhere in TPB.

The bigger money point, and the higher blessings point is this further evidence is against INSP. The ", One" point is evidentiary support in favor of INSP, that of INSP free choice that INSP dwell in higher grace now. The ", The" point and similar is evidence that INSP merely wanted to be more exacting under law (Ruth 1.1). So the financial favor for INSP in the future would be accordingly, such as or similar to typical tithing, plus a little, into the storehouse of INSP, pending other pertinent matters and within the parameters of this Testing.

In other words INSP has done some goodly things similar to what the Jews have done as keepers of the Holy Records of the Christ.

As such they do not lose their reward here on earth accordingly.

This INSP Test 2 for money which has plunged me into deep indebitedness and poverty in worldly terms, does not overcome my interest in gaining money in agreement with INSP. Therefore although the 90 days are not yet concluded, even so Jesus Christ allows me to remind Jesus Christ of Exodus 16.15 expectations, that before the time and mileage concluded, from out of the House Of Bondage before the Chosen reached the Promised Land there came much provision, as much as any and all wanted, there was in the midst of the desert Holy manna from Heaven; and soon thereafter meat. Yet rather than "wicked" Exodus 16.5 ways, rather Jesus Christ allows me to remind Jesus Christ openly of praise guidance expectations of the Will of the excellency of Jesus Christ already fulfilled on the cross yet fulfilling, growing, and perfecting the Chosen [and all as much as willing], similar to how a farmer guides his hand in picking seeds properly as he harvests and reaps those rewards.

Jesus Christ has also allowed me to remind Jesus Christ that praise be to and for Jesus Christ for stretching my dollar through this bottleneck of budgeted poverty investment time.

For the benefit of those who freely chose to visit this site, there is a type of [Heavenly] investing and there is a type of [worldly] debt accumulation. The Heavenly is charity, as INSP stated on TV, but the worldly is under law about typically being financially strapped, backed into a corner, and forced to pay. While the Heavenly gives at least initially (hence this Testing) without coercion, the under law worldly has given away the right to decide through sin and so must pay the penalties, the monthly bills. The Heavenly has monthly bills, yet according to INSP such can be hardly important since Heavenly investment is in the Will of God charitably (such as INSP reaching evangelically on TV), and since the cyclical return on investment is enormous according to INSP claims hereby being Tested.

I received word late yesterday that various people are planning to pay me soon, including individuals and a Mentor on business matters including money and also a new reliable [as if there has ever been one / evidence to the contrary / this Testing] computer. Worldly words are not cash that INSP promised to keep me from poverty of Test 1.

Where's the money you owe me INSP?, where is your God now?, rather even so, as such as evidenced in this sentence INSP is under law at least in part, and I would rather that INSP and all people be more for Jesus Christ, and rather that the Will of Jesus Christ be done.

As for me, God gives me plenty. I have plenty of baked soil moist to eat, plenty of my rich sweat with water, oils and bioflavinoids to drink, and plenty of thick air to filter through my nose; though I have plenty of purchased foods and fluids so don't want to do those other things (currently), and I have air filters besides my nose. I have no bills due on my desk, none in the space where monthly and similar bills are kept for soon payment. So with my money on hand, hardly worth being robbed (robbery is not worth doing) and with more than typical charity having been paid, I am free to give more charity [I also have a Wedding Anniversary coming], I can invest otherwise, or if I want I can cast it down and roll around in it praising Jesus Christ in joy, having supplied all of my needs and for now bye!

I'm back after having thrown cash on my futon and rolled around in it in joy, as the worst of my planned budget bottleneck is over [Test 2 day 66]; for if I do not like the root of all evil the Father provided, then why would the Father give me more; that is, Jesus Christ is not toward torturing, just the opposite. You don't have to roll around in money though you can, responsibly too, not carelessly.

Jesus Christ caught an elderly lady privately in the Temple contributing a tiny portion in worldly terms, yet all she had. Some say give all you can, others say don't go into debt. Shall a banker give 10% of the other peoples' money?, 20%?, a pauper's sum?, shall you give your childrens' money?, your children and your household are under your responsibility; this Testing will hopefully resolve some of the more important financial issues in your life Biblically.


Updated August 4, 2009 it is important to not merely have books, yet also to comprehend (see previous ICCDBB info on learning the piano [though the portion is no longer available due to it's purity in season greater than the worldly could be burdened]), and then [due to the worldly not empowering PCS (ibid., see above paradigm shift)] it is a matter of the mentally selecting the highest and high priorities out of the given comprehensive data through love [Jesus Christ] hence of wisdom to distinguish value, such as pertaining to money. A person or group can read "IN GOD WE TRUST" and look at the pics on money, though acquiring money legally has more to it.

If to consider the Big Bang, with the coriolis effect (see previous ICCDBB Sermons) causing galaxies, stars and planets, it is the linear turning toward helical, and circular. Money is the same way. For instance, I work on the new Charlotte Water Main and they pay me for that; so if I invest in that same thing, they may notice and then be more likely to pay me more in the future rather than to pay others, since I am investing with them in this track record of mutual investing, not charity though similar.

Those who supply money to you enjoy if you are loyal to them, toward their selfishness if they are not more toward Christ than yourself. Remember who you work-for, Jesus Christ, hence Christian charity work, and then if concerned with receiving more money expect from God, and leaving not the other undone, expect from those who paid you in the first place according to how you invested as they expected of you.

Concerning INSP loyalty to me, an investor in INSP whom I love, there is more evidence of INSP not respecting this investor than respecting. In mere appearance for instance, my various entities' names on mailers are not spelled correctly; they are insults to small extents. Also as if a personal message, to one of my entities, a letter was received [more than sufficiently much time] after the site was gone, saying prayerfully "how special" the site is and "May God richly bless" In other words, INSP's David and Barbara Cerullo [et alia] seek to have God bless a no longer existent site. This is evidence that perhaps they would have us believe their prayers are meaningless, or some other mistake evidently. God is hardly of the dead rather the One Living Holy Spirit. God is hardly of fake prayers of those who wear their hearts on their sleeves in public, rather God is real. God is hardly of false hopes and pretending grace, and rather of meaningful works of Jesus Christ in the Father as One serving properly and not abusing caring Christians concerned and focused on the Work Of The Lord. The Lord is not into flattery merely to be pleasing to the ear for selfish reasons, the Lord is the sourse of love and charity. False pretenses, lies, and deception are toward theivery and are not the Will Of God. Sin is contrary to God as are sinners. INSP does some goodly things, but evidence also includes contrary matters, matters contrary to God, on the path opposite of the direction Jesus Christ is leading. Such INSP fakery sins are being told at the behest or request of INSP, along with goodly matters being evidenced in this Testing. Also the letter said "I tried to contact you by phone July 20, 2009" (a week after the site had been closed [according to the host]), but we have an answering machine and no such message was there.

Currently those owing money to me are increasingly being overdue. Yesterday at the pool came a tiny unusual happening, some people wanted to buy though I refused their offer and later my rejection was validated when with a Partner we figured the value was 250% of their bid.

This morning there was no new money though tied to INSP was further healing noticably as skin conditions are clearing. This is also important in money terms, as rich spenders don't want to be around ugly people as much as good-looking people, similarly Christian evangelism is evidently tied to appearances, yet blessed rather are those who do not see [of mere appearance sake] and yet believe.


Updated August 6, 2009.

New money, praise the Lord!

Thank you Jesus, and thanks for your free guidance INSP [as you mentioned, even if you do not have, do your best to give]. I have helped support INSP financially, though I am not affiliated in the legal nor membership sense per se, yet it is of the INSP guidance to have this Testing that I now return to give honor and glory to God (Luke 17.18).

Today is day 70 in Test #2. GodMath elaborates the heavenly importance to God in the number 7 (pages 293 through 296), and GodMath also details in the following pages the symbolic meaning of [numbers including the number] 10, and with page 297 reveals the meaning of 70 as a whole: 7, Heaven, of 10 Earth: 7x10=Heaven on Earth! This is evidenced in this money discovery and in healing discussed below.

Today from a Mentor I received through Federal Express 6 checks, each for hundreds of dollars. This was a first for this revenue source, and after experiencing many false investment leads through life, similar to what Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP said at the beginning, just before this Testing.

To help you understand whether you and / or a banker should spend other people's money on charity, hereby wisely know that these check are not exactly for me right now, with some exception(s). Some money is predesignated for others per complex preagreements, and similarly some funds are not yet to be realized yet for me as they continue to empower my Mentor per agreement, seed, if-you-will, for a temporary cause and quicker better harvest effect. In other words, in part the seed is for reducing the harvest cycle frequency wavelength [or delay] time. It is a risk (hardly), though this seed is acting as if to change time in our favor.

About health, since this a money Test for your sakes and the sakes of others, this health matter was not stated first today, even though more important than the money matter.

I was just emailed: "On another note, we found out that Chrysty is at stage one on her cancer battle. This is the best news we could hope for. She has been transferred to a cancer rehab facility.", praise the Lord!!!!! The Lord is over money and is also Lord over health, even over brain tumors and comas!!!!!!!


Updated August 7, 2009 the time cycle from seed to harvest was shortened late yesterday when another, Heavenly to me, intervened and paid cash against the unpaid promises by others, before the others were evidently able to pay as they had previously agreed (related info is noted below).

Now INSP had claimed that you must ask Jesus Christ for money in order to receive, yet listen to how you hear and perceive, since that statement is true and Biblical (Matthew 7.8) though not always. As GodMath discusses in length in broad and great intensive detail, there are decisions, and there are higher decisions controlling those other decisions [save the freewill of Jesus Christ (see GodMath discussion of One, as if for Jesus though provided from Jesus Christ for you)]. Above the INSP claim are controlling matters such as Matthew 7.21. Also if we are to control profit, it is important to also understand what controls the control [the thing that controls over: control of profitability].

For instance we can measure a dollar with a standard rule in height and width, though to measure thickness a better standard such as a micrometer tool might be used. If to measure it's electronic transfer symbol, other standards are used. Christians need to love science instead of hating it. God does not hate science. Scientists need to love Christians. There are standards and there are rules. There is One unique best way to prioritize per proven methodology [see PCS discussion on last year before deleted (see above paradigm shift cost)]: if to best profit, there is One Way in Jesus Christ.

Money Bible Code matters of a very high level of intensity and complexity [toward or in Oneness (GodMath Branch 5 Chapter 2)] were being studied, revealed, and discussed here late yesterday for unique honoring and glorifying of Jesus Christ, as was partly mentioned (above) yesterday. INSP sought to personally visit though the timing was not appropriate nor the means as many matters of respect for Jesus Christ applied (Exodus 28.35) and the time for weaning expired with the paradigm shift. Sometimes the mother pushes her own youth out of the treetop nest. You are free, to fall, and hopefully you will quickly choose to rise in loving faith in Oneness.

Here are some GodMath Bible Code money discoveries, with the reminder that GodMath scientific faithful Testament was copyrighted back in 2005, 4 years ago. With respect to this Test at 70 days, the GodMath Code on page 297 atypically contains many numbers, concerning the number 10, and many of the numerals match many of the numbers of the amounts of checks paid yesterday, such as exactly matching the number 300 ($300), and also correspond to the seed amounts, as Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP had expected [aside from elephant discussions (see above and below, and PCS)].

At this point it is important to understand for the greater glory of God, that the cycle as stated by INSP was 70 days [90 total] and INSP stated the importance of getting at least one Mentor. So although the cycle portion yesterday was 70 days, the actual time since mentorship was much less. This is another key to understanding the Kingdom of Heaven in terms of faith, love, and money cycles, and the faithful shortening of the waiting times between seed and harvest. The INSP Test #2 was started, then many days later the particular Mentor was found: that Mentor contacted me out-of-the-blue one day, so to speak. I had for years sought to be part of that Mentor's business involvement for many reasons though I've agreed not to disclose many aspects. So the time from investing [repeatedly] to the time of the start of harvesting was only a fraction of the 70 INSP days.

So the trend is of the Holy Word being spoken by humans living in this worldly environment, yielding a time frame, and within that time frame is new hope [with worldly influence it is innovative, hardly new]. The Holy part of that time frame [similar to the INSP part, the second being similar to the first] sets the harvest time standard.

Now a person can invest seed, and then at the standard time expect harvest. Of sin, the weeds or other may prevent harvest. Of slowness or other of humans the harvest may be delayed. Yet of feeding on the Lord the harvest can come more quickly, even perhaps of proper outward loving for God a faith leap for instantaneous harvest in which the seed becomes the harvest, though many might misinterpret this key. Often it might seem you know what is the best way to process money, though Testing reveals such is often not the case. Shall we then give-up to let God do everything?, that is not right, God wants you to do certain things, such as to be faithfully reliable including to so love, including to love God.

More money was brought to me last night, to cover the money lack from certain others who were behind on money promised to me. The money came as an action from my wife with accounting methodology purpose words only, without words nor actions added in conflict nor to otherwise influence me, thus it was done, the furthering of the Holy Spirit both evangelically and pastorally was done, in terms of [her seeding and my] harvesting money in her Biblical leadership even without added conversation evidently of the plan of God, which symbolizes to me for the greater honor and glory of God (1 Peter 3.1 augmented in Bible Code in GodMath [itemized] #7 page 295 and [itemized] #10 page 296 [future Marriage perfection as One Vehicle]).

So now I am ready to go to the bank to make deposits. That brings us to another money harvesting matter for your edification. It is not normally reasonable to let a child take your checks and money papers to play with them outside in the mud and with strangers and with bullys around seeking things to steal to use selfishly or to destroy. Hence if not to be One In GodMath, then to not leave the other undone, the securing of your money, not from One In GodMath, though from the ignorant, the careless, the selfish, and the criminals (see previous ICCDBB Sermons and the GodMath Testament on distinguishing).

In other words there is Oneness in Jesus Christ, or the need to have [your(?)] our [according to God being in control] police and military machine (counter productive to an extent, reference Ruth 1.1, and the big three in Japan: the [PCS /] Golden Rule as used by Demming with internal sales and no military to make Japan rich [which had been explained in full for you in though for your sakes now counted as loss unto you per the multitudes of listed sin patterns, lest God let you remove more from Christians perhaps including yourself in an unselfish harvest you evidently don't expect according to this Testing]). Part of the harvesting is often tied to the sickle and the reaper, the symbols of destruction and death. Is that what you seek.

There is life in Christ Jesus, though herds of elephants carrying trunks of gold conquering pain and death through Christ were not wanted as this Test #2 verified. So the paradigm shifted. You get what you want.

While writing this, a phone call came inviting me to do some more consulting work for a customer, to make further money in the weeks ahead.


Updated August 7, 2009 with no new money received since the last update, yet the harvest of money, as INSP stated, is tied to the seed. In worldly terms it is as a bank transaction, yet in Biblical terms the harvest seed is one; in worldly terms it is as a handshake, in Heavenly terms it is a hand, the helping Right Hand Of God Jesus Christ Conducting As The Holy Spirit lest Chosen perish; in worldly terms the harvest and seed function together the way two cars at times allow each other to pass each other on a long road [often an uncomfortable situation], yet in terms of the Vehicle Of Heaven on Earth it is as 2 vehicles on the road with God in the front vehicle and with His towtruck carrying the second vehicle.

This is similar to what Holy Man Benny Hinn of INSP said last night [or at least a recording], explaining he never asked to have what the Holy Spirit has. So it is goodly that he has not been selfish in that worldly perspective. Instead Benny Hinn asks the Holy Spirit to walk with Benny Hinn.

There is a more excellent Way discussed below, though to better understand faith, love, Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit, proper money seed harvest control, healing [including financially], and many more points, let's dwell a bit on this important valuable Benny Hinn key to understanding the Heaven and the Heavens (Benny Hinn was focusing on the Holy Spirit in his Sermon). There is Biblical justification, in part, as we grow in faithful love leadership control for Jesus Christ Holy Spirit God, as for instance references to the "SELF" is covered in great detail in the new INSP Prophecy Bible pages 2159 through 2163.

But on page 1708 verse 12 is the word "unprofitable". Rather in verse 21 is the solving given. That's how the Bible works: problem, solution; seed, harvest; follower, leader; student, teacher.

Herein is wisdom. the Holy Ghost wants you to do as Benny Hinn has done, and rather to do as the Holy Ghost does.

In the world scientists, governments, and others [each with room for exceptions] are as page 1708 verse 10, under laws. For instance governments and businesses use scientists and others and spend much money, time, and effort to analyze theories such as related to how a series of dominoes have cause and effect to typically result in particular event, and often the studies involve money.

If Benny Hinn walks with the Holy Ghost but is not the Holy Ghost, then how can he be called a "Holy Man"?, does Benny Hinn know something about dominoes that government and big business do not know?: Yes.

With room for exceptions, Benny Hinn has entered into one of the Heavenly realms. More than Baptism [per se counted as if alone, though not], Benny Hinn has more than returned to give the Holy Spirit the glory. Benny Hinn has ventured with the Holy Spirit. I call to your rememberance how in the Old Testament the High Priests ventured into the Holy of Holies.

If they were not Holy they would have died. The people they represented were a Chosen People [as if Baptized, though prior to such practice] (note the High Priests could also represent each and all people everywhere).

So who is a High Priest?, any chosen of God, yet leave not undone your having faith in God. As the seed is tied to the harvest, so is your faith tied to being chosen.

The High Priests would appropriately enter the space and there would be Heaven on Earth. Currently, before being Baptized it is as if only in terms of Heaven above. With Baptism is as if in terms of Heaven within your heart [counted as greater than before being Baptized], within your soul, your soul mingling with the Holy Spirit, including matters of money and matters of leadership. The Holy Priest realm at times was and is the greater relative realm [as if, yet as so counted], being the inner tent of meeting with God, the room and the place of the Holy of Holies.

So at each stage is the increasing realm of the Heavens, and similarly the increasing realm of the Holy Spirit influencing ranging from hardly noticeable to a person, to evident within a person personally, to spatially in a room more outwardly [even if within a tent, outwardly to God] and thereafter with the High Priest then going out themself personally dwelling among the people even unafraid of wolves among the sheep or elsewhere, to rather fear and respect Jesus Christ only [this means the great "I am", the great togetherness and with a mission, the great unique proper Oneness].

In recent history people were called to church buildings, yet now INSP is reaching out into the world to transform wolves into sheep, and sheep, similar to the Old Testament dwelling in tents to move out among people rather than fixed toward permanent structures.

Yet more than to ask the Holy Spirit to walk with you, with the Holy Spirit bringing healing talents and plenty of money, is rather the Will of God. Rather than personal Holiness is the Holiness furthermore in addition and multiplied in the person also with position such as High Priest. And what is higher than that?, the world and more!

The Heavens are ready for you to command!

Die with a slip of the lip and saying the wrong thing. Yet say "Jesus is Lord", and you say the right thing. Say what Jesus said and you say the right thing. Yet say "Jesus died" and you are right, though Jesus [counted] as a worldly human in the world could hardly have said he himself was dead.

So then how can you lead money if to not be able in the world?, how can you say you are dead when your body does not die until the future?, there are stages, there are keys, there is a loving faith path, a hierarchy, a ladder, a methodology of the best prioritized system for best rising within the Bible, within the Holy Spirit, and within the more excellent way.

We can understand prophecy, we can understand the INSP money cycle thing, yet there are better ways, there is one better way. We are to report Jesus died and rose again. We are to write what Jesus Christ when in worldly counted form, did; not as Jesus wrote in the dirt, yet rather as a witness. That means we are a Holy Witness.

If you are a Holy Witness of the great "us" as God describes Himself, and Themselves [as counted], then how can God be put into the balance properly lest God raise you to that Highest Position?, and your answer is supposed to be "Yes", in agreement with God.

When Jesus was asked if he was a king, Jesus answered "thou sayest". There comes a point(s) when the question becomes the answer. It is when the right question is asked.

For example, if you startup a US bank and have done all the legal and financial matters per law and norm, and you ask government to be recognized as a bank, your asking is already solved by asking, you are a bank (complex other things apply, though this is the more important aspect). Unless government tells you no, the liberty you possess is yes, unless otherwise stated. If government decides your bank is to be the monopoly holding bank of the US Treasury [therefore over the US Treasury] somehow, then it may be as counted as such.

Who are you that you might be over God and the money of God?, rather who is God?, and yet it is God that lets you be raised to judge over God (page 1708 from verse 10 "none righteous, no, not one).

God created both the evil and the good, victim and the banker, the need and the money, the banker and the Holy Man, the money and the key to the vault, the seed and the harvest, the harvest and the more excellent Way.

If a book is dropped, the typical process is that it falls to the ground. The higher part is when you raise the book. Even evolution can do as much.

The higher part of the path of the Holy of Holies Priesthood is the no longer merely entering the inner tent of the Holy of Holies, rather it is Holiness whether entering or leaving, it is perfection, and what perfection is about, is of, and does, is perfecting.

Shall we ask the Holy Spirit to walk with us, or rather we walk with the Holy Spirit, yet rather we are to be as the Holy Spirit, there is no exception, save self destruction [and that's not fun], and there is no exception to that destroying save of many things though all of those through Jesus Christ Of The Holy Spirit Of God As One.

When you witness of God, with God at your mercy, they since God is good, then in worldly relative terms by default you are bad. Yet beyond that mission(s) is that if you have already judged God under your laws and found God innocent, then you no longer need [pending exceptions] be under law and rather can continue in agreement with God as One.

You can ask the Holy Spirit to walk with you, yet as One [therefore as the Leader] you can command the Holy Spirit.

Will you command the Holy Spirit to love more than already 100% completely, to have greater than perfect faith, to be more generous with money, or will you do other?, yet by [meaning you would then be under law again] your own testimony you agreed innocence, therefore leading God is to do the thing God has already done, and that is creation of the system that perfects.

It is the perfect system. It includes plenty of freedom, and even there is plenty of room at the top: it is meant to be.

Today, on this day of rest, is my 32nd Anniversary of Wedding Marrage and we plan to exchange gifts of value, perhaps of cash value, though perhaps of no value to others and such no value to others gifts can be the most meaningful and most valuable of all.

Whether store-bought or not, whether money or not, charity is for the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ, the source of the marriage, and proper charity does not leave for the other [the spouse] undone.


Updated August 9, 2009. INSP had gone on TV and had promised no more poverty / Test #1. INSP had gone on TV and had promised rewards, cash wealth, and perhaps daily blessings, in this lifetime, even within many weeks, not years (both Tests #1 and #2).

Testing has found as of day 73, there is significant truth, and there is significant non-truth. Regarding the lack part, to me personally and in respect of earned [or given] position(s) in pertinence, my longsuffering work of great loss, had similarity to the Israelites losing Israel, the Promised Land. With each, warnings were given, problems were exposed, and explained at each point were Biblical solutions.

These #1 and #2 Tests as INSP requested are worldly tests. Do you know any Israelite in the world that enjoyed the failure of the Israeli nation?, rather I ask are you One Jesus Christ?, do you know Jesus Christ?, and if so, then why the Israel nation and failures in the world?, and here is the answer in Biblical terms:

The Bible addresses both the personal nature and the positional responsibilities of people. In these, there is a story of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham spoke with God, Genesis 18.32:

Let this harvest answer also be a higher enlightenment seed warning, according to feedback [testing / witnessing] many or all people agreed with the truth of, with not only reporting yet also with peaceful mutually beneficial solutions to things many or all otherwise evidently found to complex to solve. Such solving was no disrespect unto the Lord. But toward the final days of news in there was a time for instance in which I begged a friend, a very wealthy entertainment business owner that was a world traveler for vacations, and I asked him if he would advertise, and I literally begged him for a penny [not even a donation, for much advertising of his business] in front of many witnesses, and he would not. I had previously given his business much business and had even given his business much charity money, much charity products they wanted such as [Christian or Christian related direction] jackets and books [for instance one of his employees asked me for GodMath Testaments for herself and her Church], and services such as cleaning for them without being asked, and fixing their complex electric entertainment money making machines without being asked, but he would not give me a cent for our own purpose under my control, and so I stopped wasting time helping him even to this date, even though I have been repeatedly asked to return by various people.

The fact is, if anyone had given me a penny in those years I would have paid the lack out of my own pocket to keep on the Internet.

The evidence is innocent people want improvement, but want others to pay for it. The crooks too, want to be caught, they feel compelled to brag of how great they are or seem to themselves, and similarly feel the need to get out of their sinful ways, even if it means getting caught in ways not specific to particular details of their devious plans. They want to escape and be free to harm and destroy, though they could learn much from the book of Job. People want freedom, but want others to pay for it, they say let Jesus Christ [suffer more or] do it for me, or some other devious things.

If to put your burdens on Jesus Christ, that is a Christian and goodly thing, yet rather according to your given talent(s), and each is given much, it is better to rather accept your challenge and conquer for Jesus Christ, rather than against. It is better to give Jesus Christ honor and glory, rather than burdens. Consider for a moment, would you give your child [or another innocent child] your electric bill and your tax bill burden requiring them years to pay, or would you better give them freely an allowance?, and toys for tots at Christmas?, ha! Ah ha! So then why do you choose to give Jesus Christ your stuff too miserable for yourself?, even so, let not it be undone, that the Lord have the glory of victory over things you cannot conquer without God.

The point is, giving God your problems is important, though more important is giving your first born, yourself, and your first fruits to and for the Lord, whether they be gifts of money charity to Christianity, or other gifts.

There is a worldly application tied to this in you. If you give your burdens to the Lord, the focus is on your [yourself, and] burdens. If you give the profit all or part, back to the Lord, then the focus is more on the profiting for the Lord. If you give your first born, yourself, to the Lord, then you love the Lord, and to love properly means to love faithfully, including through thick and thin financially, through investment and through profit, through work and through vacation, through enlightenment and through preaching; so it is a matter of responsibility to the Lord, freedom yet without interruption, vacationing yet without the loss of joy save the responsible amount, the seed amount for the Lord.

I seek money according to the INSP request that I conduct this Test, and for Biblical reasons for God: This Test will see if these agree. represented a money making means to me, it was an open door in case wealth wanted to pass through to me, so I do not feel financially rewarded to see it's loss, except it was a burden to me. In money terms, at the time it had gained no money, though there are more important burdens to consider. It cost me carpal pain, and much more severe was the mental anguish it caused me to find increasingly so many insane conspiracies so often [each with a clear solution available in legal terms for mutual benefit, and also per the Bible]. Giving God the honor and glory via is no longer as previously posted, now lost.

Yet God has opened another door for me financially, even door after door. Not each is yet producing from the seeds, though there is some harvesting already started, pertinent to both Test 1 and 2.

Yesterday I did not receive cash, though I did receive family supportive friendliness, and I did receive gifts which I didn't like and so we took them back to the store [I did not exchange for cash]. Then the Wife and I shared a lovely fun ritzy dinner. The food was expensive and not great tasting, though the very expensive drinks were very fun for us, hardly according to the alcohol, according to the presentation as our fun became joy in the Lord that we were brought together in celebration.

The INSP mansion as promised will be a big help since I don't have room for much. I have an unusual amount of organized legalese on file as compared to other homes, as far as I've seen [meaning not just paper junk accumulated], and current bits of info that may soon be valuable cause a much cluttered-looking appearance. Also that effect interferes with my more important working for God. Those worldly effects concern money at least indirectly, but the close quarters clutter distracts and causes losses. Non-Biblical distractions are tied to mistakes, there is a seed distraction sticky note for instance, and then a habit of rechecking that note toward addiction.

In the world, money is often organized according to time, adage: [as if] time is money.

When money is properly tied, controlled, it is tied to the Bible, the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ including both the timed and the more important timeless aspects. With respect to PCS ([as if] see previous and the Biblical teachings of Jesus Christ, it is not the case, in the higher sense, in the profitability sense. If that's all there was to it, then by end time there would be piles of gold and cash over your head, burying you and all Christians, even God: God would be a chunk of gold. But that's not how it works.

The Bible talks of usury value, the Bible also talks against usury: charity, one hand not knowing what the other gives. There is only one best profit solution (ibid.). Word to your INSP and to yourself.

In worldly lingo: Don't say I never warned you about this, guys.


Updated August 11, 2009, day 75 of 90 in this INSP Test 2. No unusual daily blessings have been coming that INSP's Morris Cerullo said might happen, except the important health blessings and family kinship blessings, and the one day that unusual money arrived after heavy Mentor investment with risk.

INSP said previous losses would be turned into gains, and that is not happening as far as worldly evidence shows, and there is evidence to the contrary, further loss due to the site closure which evangelized to many hundreds of thousands of visitors globally, in the Kremlin, in the Pentagon, and elsewhere.

No new money is rolling-in, with the above stated Mentor exception starting to payback.

Concerning old money making methodology [a minimum ongoingly afforded of Mentor Jesus Christ] I did that extremely physically difficult job again yesterday, and will likely do it again tomorrow, though tomorrow it is supposed to be the last of the extreme bulk work, the balance to merely be very difficult physically, as we finish the new Charlotte Water Main.

Concerning Jesus Christ it is important to understand in this world at this time in your life: a man can receive nothing, except it be given him from Heaven (John 3.27) including money and mansions.

Now we are to fulfill the law through Jesus Christ, doing appropriate to our situations as Jesus Christ did. [Not counting wrongful interpretations of divers laws by sinners] Jesus Christ was not a law breaker, past, present, nor future.

In more recent times were sinner's wrongful divers laws such as detailed by, gone though the proper spirit lives. For instance the separation of Church and state is not a legal law. Sinners saying a regulation was passed, does not make it legal.

The so-called 5 books of law in the Old Testament, hardly tell you how to best invest. Many financial professionals it seems, tend to rely on such 5 law books for gaining profits, and such is necessary though those 5 are more about the minimum. More valuable is achieving your maximum value(s).

People previously were relatively lawless, ignorant of higher finance, and law alone does not perfect.

The Old Testament also dwells on history, in worldly terms, though actually testifying as to the steadfast love of Jesus Christ.

The Second Testament brough new hope and an era of prosperity continuing for those so Chosen including to certain extents those still in the world. The Third Testament agrees in the higher key matters, the main points not as obvious to those not so ascended, evidently.

The law in the more recent Monkey Trial rightly taught us as a minimum we are to think, to not merely backslide and expect God to do all the work for us [see above Dr. Joyce Meyer / INSP discussion]. Even miracle worker Benny Hinn / INSP does much work preaching and organizing crusades. God is hardly about free rides and free loaders.

In current times, the Fourth Testament exemplifies financial legal syntax matters pertinent to higher finance and high matters to make it easy for you, not only to think, yet rather to properly be thinking: enlightening others. INSP does this much, though evidence is toward evangelical law of the Second Testament era rather than toward current times. INSP is evidently in the right place doing the right job to make INSP prosper, ushering the world into Baptism [and financial trust in Jesus Christ].

Though speaking to those already Baptized in this Test 2, even in the words of INSP's Dr. Joyce Meyer, why would we want to go back to that?, as she spoke of preaching rather than doing other jobs. Yet for this current Test 2, in context it means we can move forward from redundant Baptism preaching, to rather attain higher feeding the flock preaching. Evidence shows INSP does this too, though is more focused on evangelism. Very good, yet other entities can work with INSP utilizing other talents to even do far greater together, for mutual benefit, financially and otherwise.

I used to be so motivated, though hardly anymore, so in that sense INSP has failed to meet my minimum expectations, at this current point, though of higher Grace there is much room for improvement, just that it will be more difficult to attain that due to the paradigm shift discussed above.

So how can a person move from evangelism to higher?, what is a person freshly Baptized to do?, and the answers is exemplified in the following. The Inspiration Promise Book page 209 concerning finances evidently misses the higher points in part at various higher levels, both having taken it out of proper context and having not properly given Jesus Christ the higher honor and glory. The INSP version of Ecclesiastes 2 toward minimum financial law is:

INSP rightly used the word "joy" above, along with appropriate capital letters for honoring God, though otherwise the following version New International Version offers better, more advanced, financial and other Grace value:

For some reason INSP chose to not say that that INSP financial advice was "meaningless".


Updated August 12, 2009. Crooks, selling their own opinions and calling it the Holy Spirit Word Of God Jesus Christ Lord And Savior, crooks, exchanging pure thinking for their own puffed-up emptiness to make it appear as if they are wise in public eye, crooks, advocating meaningless data without complete meanings, crooks, begging money from you indicating it is your fault people suffer if you do not give into their storehouses, crooks are not worthy to stand before God Jesus Christ; except when Jesus Christ allows it, and there is One Way.

Before describing that One Way today in this Testing paradigm, because of the above INSP-out-of-Biblical-context evil done against God as so evidenced in fact, law will be stated (Revelation 22.21 "And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book."). To add words to the Bible is to add plagues, to remove words from the Bible is to remove life.

In law there is a matter of illegal jury tampering, so if INSP tries to visit me or otherwise influence me through the mail or on TV during this trial with INSP being tested and weighed in the balance and being found wanting, even expecting from the root of all evil, then therefore [in agreement with the above stated INSP idea to visit me concerning the Holy of Holies] INSP is found in this Exam Test #2 guilty of spreading it's own "meaningless" vanity and vexation ignorance.

If God has Chosen INSP as a vessel for the purpose of God, then how can God justify such, whether of Choosing INSP, you, or me?, called to your remembrance is that worldly laws have no hold since laws were made for man, not man for laws. But this part of remembrance does not apply, unless there is something else involved.

Just as under the heading of Law there are distinguished high laws, and there are also regional laws, and specific regulatory details, so too of Grace, there is PCS (not in reference to computers per se). Matters of high Grace is not merely some sloppy mercy that only applies when a Judge feels like it.

Understand, including financially, not INSP, not you, not me, none can stand before Jesus Christ as none of the body, can stand as all knees need bend at the Holy Right Hand Of God. So then if to be pure including financially, then to take the Holy Name Jesus Christ as your own. If to do that, then to be fitting in advance lest risk to perish. If to be fitting in advance, then of the PCS proven methodology and none other, hence of default.

To be blessed with perfect finances, then to always be able to stand and preach in the Name of Jesus Christ with authority from on high. The First Testament showed the older ways, how the previous people longsuffered to have any able to understand enough to be able to build a Holy of Holies meeting place, and then later more and more High Priests were able to enter and be with God [in agreement lest to perish] hence to be of Holy authority [when the High Priest exited, then told the people as the Authority]. In this PCS Holy Methodology the future is to have more people as such Authority, rather than divers authorities, rather than the ignorant.

Let finances not ignore the ignorant, since of such pool God Chooses Leadership; people to Lead, as One Leader in Spirit, and in Wisdom and Joy, rather than divers leaders.

If to not Preach such, then hardly to become such. Some people, even after having been Chosen by God and Baptized in the Holy Spirit, show signs of being students instead of being the Teacher. Even so, God Chooses from the pool of sudents, even including financial geniuses. Yet accordingly rather is One Genius.

Financially speaking within the parameters of this worldly type Test 2 [or so-called worldly], is the finding INSP fails lest it find the higher ground, even One Heavenly Ground, grounded in faithful love for Jesus Christ, yet rather One Financial Genius.

To love Jesus Christ is necessary and to not leave it undone. To not leave it undone means that any love [including in the form of money if charity] given out by Jesus Christ, if not accepted by the recipient, continues to be with Jesus Christ.

Otherwise and mainly increasingly is the giving in agreement with the recipient, meaning the recipient likewise so gives for the greater honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

Until End Time, such is the case. Consider how a wedding or a financial contract involves negotiation, and then after that the deal is sealed.

Today INSP faces negotiation. It made an offer to me (and to others on TV). I am in position to accept or reject the INSP offer. I have options. Some others may have better offers. INSP might want to change it's offer. Also my expectations may shift.

Bottom line financially speaking, does the world want to partner with INSP?, and largely the answer is supposed to be revealed in [about] 2 weeks from today.

The worldly Testing INSP wanted is about a pass or fail. The Heavenly more important matter is something INSP only discussed to a lesser extent, that if this makes money, then that money is to also be donated [or part]. Therefore is the importance of the tithe, lest all be as if lost. Yet as INSP rightfully pointed-out, this money for [you, us, and/or] me Testing is about money currently in this lifetime and in this situation, the situation of time cycles, the situation not only of instantaneous money as I stated above as God supplies all my needs, yet also as INSP stated is the cyclical money. Money cycles are not to be left undone as GodMath stated in agreement. Yet for higher faith purpose, this worldly Testing is being shown, that you and INSP not be ignorant, rather that you and INSP become able to better distinguish the higher value for Jesus Christ.

Consider that glory and honor come not from people save from Jesus Christ from above. If you then become Jesus Christ, accepting the Holy Name as your own within context, responsibly and not selfishly, then [as if you] the Holy Us is the righteous Honor and Glory worthy of Us, Jesus Christ.

INSP has a pattern of failures. My bank has a pattern of failures. For this worldly INSP Test 2 I will judge INSP as it wanted, similarly to how I judge a bank and/or similar entities as so indicated by INSP.

Because of Jesus Christ [We are and] I am not merely of the world [even if we fail to believe the truth that Jesus Christ is God, that does not change the fact(s)], then therefore this Testing also involved the higher distinguishing matters. Some pertinent higher grace financial matters can be discussed in worldly terms, such as whether the INSP interest rate is better than that of other banks, a crucial point.


Updated August 13, 2009 AM: The interest rate is a crucial point in worldly terms, though INSP is evidently going for something higher. Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP doesn't want your money to sit around idle, and a small percentage from the bank is similar, this agrees with government allowed by God per the Oldest Testament as President Barack Obama similarly wants to stir the economy. So here is something more important than a crucial key point of Biblical finance. This key is also in favor of INSP, in agreement with such preaching.

Dr. Mike Murdock emphasized how the Bible discussion of rightly spending seed money within Christian entities such as INSP and Christian Churches is tied to wisdom to properly gain cash, wealth, and favor with God.

This Testing agrees and distinguishes such to certain amounts and points to some extents, as a minimum, this Testing [of INSP or the INSP Test or similar] has found for instance [again] in the Oldest Testament Psalms 111.10 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom", something I read decades ago as a child, certainly not state-of-the-art, so in the worldly sense certainly not current in the sense that if you go to some company Board meeting and mention it, they would likely wonder what your point is and why you are bringing it up again and wasting their time. To continue a little, the verse also explains that to understand wisdom, key is to obey the law, the commandments [for God] of God.

So if to gain big money instantly or quickly, some of the top keys are:

1. Obey [legal] law as a minimum,

2. Thereby understand wisdom,

3. According to what the gained [Holy loving] wisdom indicates, manage money.

In other words:

1. Work [or function / burden is light] legally,

2. Law is already written and logical, so add love to guide you,

3. Cash your check lovingly for others for the Christian purpose.

The main Christian purpose:

A. For Honor And Glory Of Jesus Christ,

B. Evangelism,

C. Feed My Sheep.

This Testing has found all [1,2,3,A,B,C] agreeing with INSP except some lack in C [such as Test 1 no more poverty claim], therefore lacking in each and all of the other points.

Banks often make mistakes on my accounts, so does government, so do businesses, and INSP is no exception.

If INSP repeats the Old Testament to me on TV, that can be helpful, though it is hardly helpful often, instead it is mainly dull. That goes for the Second Testament too. INSP evidently wants it's TV viewing audience to be dullards, a captured audience. This Testing therefore hereby also finds INSP guilty of un-enlightenment.

The Second Testament [especially the red] is full of life, living in a high spiritual sense beyond what MD surgeons find in their practices, as is often proven. Though even when manna falls from Heaven to feed the people, the routine INSP dogma is a turn-off, it is become to not feed the sheep what they want, including the sheep that want to better honor and glorify Jesus Christ more than ever before.

A prisoner might be given uninteresting bulk food day after day, a miserable way to live. Does Jesus Christ teach: add a little salt?, yes.

Money without salt is as money without wisdom.

There are commandments, yet there are also guide points [PCS]. There is law, there is also life. Life is greater than the law. Life is distinguished above law, it says so right there in the Holy Bible, even in each Testament, Old, Current, and in-between. But [within current reasoning terms per se] the Old Testament doesn't talk about pop music, except in cryptic Bible Code. The Old doesn't have current context discussions of the Moon and how people visited there, nor of our ships now beyond our solar system. INSP, the Moon Walk is important, being beyond the solar system is important, recoding human DNA is important, even INSP globally is important, and each of these is important Biblically. The Chosen had a history and that stuff, much of it boring, became contained in the Bible. Yet today much not boring is being done for the greater honor and glory of Jesus Christ but you evidently do not write it nor proclaim it on TV!

In the Old and New Testaments money was often limited to seed and harvest with some taxes, exchange fees, to cast lots [proper gambling applications], and interest including usury as it is today, though today we also manage far more complex things [note: we can do better than traditional usury akin to theft, usury is better for austere complex business conditions rather than to be used against the average citizen]. Today for instance without even getting technical, we per high taxes that in part insure savings which institutions government bails-out as financial institutions use usury against us. I am somewhat OK with that similarly to how I am OK with what INSP does, within the INSP parameters to conduct this worldly money Testing. For instance, neither gives me money unless I invest, and even after investing seed money in INSP they did not promise to personally pay me back, making the banks better than INSP in that specific respect.

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Fallen into disrespect and disrepair of not writing what Biblical marvels continue [including money] via the living hand of the Living God.

Money is not only receiving, it is also proper maintenance. To give away all for God is alright, yet what is better?, yes. To agree with God in money terms is to give yourself. The money is incidental. Money Biblically, as Dr. Mike Murdock rightly stated, is a tool.

In other words, if you are right, then that is the important part, including concerning money. If you are right with God, that is the important part. Your wisdom, your fear of God, yields the tools you need for success. To feed My Sheep, Our Sheep, You may require this tool or that.

People started writing things, this history and that, miracles of God, along with problems people had selfishly. Today we wisely in God know better. The love encourages the logic properly. Logic and law without love is lost (reference GodMath). The equation is self inclusive circular reasoning for the body of itself, except the rightly used formulae is as toward higher priorities, the beginning of the substance of things unseen of the Lord, the start of something new, the reaching-out as missionary work in love outwardly reaching yet for God for higher purpose including tools and cash.

It can be exciting to eat potatoes, but not potatoes alone day after day. Children are often thrilled to eat french-fries, but too many can be unhealthy, contrary to living, hence counted as if contrary to God. Money too is of the living rather than of the dead. It is often better to give seed to the mature youthful adult if appropriate, than to others inappropriately. This Testing shows so far that INSP has some such qualities though fails in others, at times.

My Test 1 lack of poverty claim by INSP is worldly counted of evidence as if an INSP scam. My Test 2 possible daily blessings for 90 days and perhaps 9 months, is counted in part as value and according to days of unusual blessings traceable to INSP especially of Test 2 parameters, as mostly not unusual value, with some days even contrary to the INSP idea, such as car brakes failing as discussed above.

Today is day 77 of 90. The number 7 is a special tool vehicle unto the Lord, so today is exciting. Today on the calendar is 13, a reminder of the 12 Chosen Tribes Of Israel + One Holy God, a people united with God, even Jesus Christ. Also today on the calendar is Thursday, the traditional day of recognition of the annivarsary of the crucifixion: money associated with that is 30 pieces of silver. Perhaps today will show me receiving 30 or spending 30 or neither; each a Biblical traceability indice. Traceability from seed to harvest is important to INSP, so in that respect INSP is right according to this Testing, since this Testing also utilizes such wisdom methodology [yet not only Old, also current and future].

If you believe the Bible, then you understand something of the money tool concerning the future. While many predict, you also wisely are aware of future blessings including money matters. Reasonably speaking, those who predict without such wisdom, would be ignorant of such direction per se.

Look for a moment at the opposite of what INSP preaches. INSP is trying to get people to motivated to use their money better or best. In other words, the people don't use their money, their money just sits there. In other words, the banks, industry, the stock market, and so on have trouble failing, because so much money just sits there, vested with them [invested in those companies and entities].

Concerning money and other, sometimes it's important to look at what we have, where we are, and what the world around us is doing, in order to best save them. To focus and dwell on crooks and crook devious behavior is typically wrong if it is not your job duty, though to work a little to be aware at times, properly, is to often enlighten oneself to best help others for the greater honor and glory of God, including money matters.

INSP asked for this Testing. That is Biblical and goodly. If INSP decrees it as part of a newer Testament, better, and Biblical and goodly for honoring and glorifying Jesus Christ, including money matters: let's see what 90 days brings.

PM: Unusual financial matters happened when I looked at a financial loan letter to discover an added $39 fee, after having followed their previous pertinent instructions letter with no mention of that fee. Actually I should have known better from experience and accept the blame. It's been a long time since I've been in the specific situation. This Test hereby finds verification of my poverty as indicated by [such of these and] this loan and it's fees, contrary to the INSP / Test 1 [and similar of Test 2].


Updated August 13, 2009 money received by Jesus Christ from other people in His lifetime here on Earth in the worldly sense, came from donors from their charity [from the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ God], and the traitor [per se of this INSP Test 2 it is counted in evidence that I paid similarly as if to] Judas was also the treasurer for the disciples and was in charge of their money bag (John 13:29) and wanted to help the poor gain money.

The formula for One Jesus Christ to receive money in Absolute (in the 4th Testament sense) worldly terms is this:

Jesus Christ / Judas (traitor for the poor) / Charity / Money /Donors.

Without Jesus Christ in the formula, it was:

Judas (traitor for the poor) / Charity / Money [.../Donors].


Money = Judas (traitor for the poor) x Charity.

Scary stuff, for Judas to be without Jesus Christ, even if only in formula. And scary stuff too, if you are without Oneness in Jesus Christ. Judas held two pertinent positions in this context: Judas as Treasurer for God, was also Judas as Traitor against God.

As INSP rightly taught, INSP is a goodly place to give seed, since INSP preaches Christianity. Other organizations legally known as charitable entities or similar, might not be as Christian, might not be as advanced for Jesus Christ. Since:

Charity = Jesus Christ x Judas (traitor for the poor).


Jesus Christ [counted as if sinner] = Traitor x Charity,


Jesus Christ x Treasurer x Charity.

So making money from Jesus Christ [and for Jesus Christ] is a matter of not giving to a Traitor against Jesus Christ, rather giving to a proper Treasurer for Jesus Christ.

One day Judas was a goodly Treasurer, another day a Traitor. Banks and stocks have relied on the financial track record, and that is important, though as Judas showed, there is another key more important.

When we [or We] know higher things, we can talk in these terms. As our language advances such as from seed to harvest to wisdom, we wisely understand money is the wrong tool to use at times. Cyclical seed harvest patterns allow us time to ponder such, yet rather in Christ is the leaping over worldly confines.

People such as INSP, according to the worldly evidence as revealed in this Testing, are afraid to change much, afraid to improve much, just as governments and businesses don't want to lose their foothold, such as of image and of their money making machine niche. But that alone may result in the Judas Effect, the Duality Of Man, a foot in the future and a foot in the past, both profitable and-but at great costs.

Money alone does not make money. You can try putting a penny in a place where nobody would venture, and then in 10 years see how much it compounded. Charity alone does not make money. The word "In" alone does not make money; the word "In" is the first word in the Bible, yet verily the last is not yet written, the final trumpet has not yet blown.

A money key is Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Holy Son, the Holy Word, and so on, and these in money terms guide the world, and rather those Chosen to come out of the world to properly lead, in the Holy Trend shown in the great Exodus when the Chosen were to seed, to leave Egypt, to leave the security of Egyptian rule where there was water, food, shelter, and some measure of hope even for slaves that might be killed; and they were to leave all that and their friends there which were such great friends as to lend them their jewelry, and cyclically venture into the [unknown] desert; to get to the Promised Land [and rather to exemplify the Love Of God].

INSP published in the Promise Book Exodus 15.26. And [paragraph] with part of Exodus 15.25 it reads:

The old [money] was already done [and found lacking]. The important part is the new, the better [money] yet to come, [if more advance studies of Jesus Christ are done increasingly properly] in the Lord.

The Exodus Passage explains the Chosen would not be cursed

by the Hand Of The Lord, as was previously allowed among people in older days prior to being Chosen.

There are curses in the Bible, yet You don't have to exist under that brutal pattern.

In the Old Testament there are curses, also in the 2nd Testament as in Revelation 22.18 & 19.

Many people [including many Chosen] continue to fear their own shadow of past memories no longer applicable [to money], instead of properly fearing.

As written above, to [learn to, and to] fear the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If concerning money, then to do so wisely, as One with Jesus Christ, the Creator and Controller of money and including over good and evil. Jesus Christ does not fear evil. Jesus Christ created both the good and the evil. Jesus Christ created freewill choice, and money, and life eternal.

His Chosen, in pattern, He made to go into debt, to owe borrowed gold and gems, and in pattern to go into the desert, into poverty into temporary tents, though while wealthy already. In worldly terms, the Chosen with all that wealth could have bought Egypt, and the Promised Land.

Yet the path of God was hardly about a little debt [big enough to buy nations].

One can receive money and in the world count it gain, One can receive debt and in the world count it gain, yet rather in such Holy Wisdom Philippians 3.7. Therefore INSP was right to say [or similar] money not wisely used for Jesus Christ is loss, a cancer [personally and on society]; and that proper seed Christian charity control is the blessing [a key]. Jesus Christ is the great key, the source of all keys.


Updated August 15, 2009 day 79 of this Test #2 money seed harvest cycle, the Testing as requested by INSP. The 90 days limit for this [ICCDBB] Testing was established by INSP, and these are in the end-time days of this counting, with the 10 day countdown ready to commence as excitement builds concerning the INSP preaching to expect huge cash blessings and other blessings results.

INSP said involved is the idea to get at least 1 Mentor. Being greedy, or at least being concerned for loved ones, I don't want my first Test 2 profit from 1 or more of my new Mentors to be overly large. Remember the first fruit is to go to the Lord, back into the INSP ground of love as seed. So if my first new profit is $1,000,000 free and clear cash, then I am to give it back to the Lord / INSP [or similar within this paradigm] plus of further gross or profit income 10% tithe or 20% Jubilee, or more. So if my first is a million dollars received free and clear, and I have not known of such personally among family, friends, nor others in person, then if they found-out I gave away the million, they would likely be heart-broken and feel rejected after having personally given so much to me. So in advance I hereby pray Lord overcome this hardship obstacle, rather the Will of God be done.

INSP from the start placed much money-increase-harvest-value on wisdom. So here are 2 warnings:

Be careful how you hear, yet when enlightened be also careful how you enlighten.

To further examine INSP concerning the INSP money idea, let us now examine a pertinent advancement trend through 4 Bible Testaments.

We know from the above, yesterday, that God would not curse His Chosen. Though in the 1st Testament Jeremiah 29.17-32 example God would deliver some not-Chosen sinful people under law; to the sword, with curses abounding due to not being kindly to his prophets nor thereof respectfully [righteously] doing accordingly, a key trend point, also that in verse 32 including sinful seed, that sinful people under laws would not behold the good[: Jesus Christ Will Do].

So where was the wisdom in those sinners?, Testament 2 explains in 1 Corinthians Chapter 2:

Your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, your faith should stand in the power of God (verse 5 [a human code number], see verse 9 and INSP 2009 discussion above).

So there is wisdom from below, worldly, yet higher is the distinguished Wisdom Of One. Part of verse 16 states "[We] have the mind of Christ.", but evidently INSP stops there as if Christ is finished in terms of what is to be Biblically written concerning the Wisdom Of One Chosen People Of The Lord. Yet rather the higher Wisdom Trend continues in Testament 3 Ether Book 3.9: [higher Wisdom comes through] higher faith.

But in 4 Nephi Chapter 1 some did not believe, starting this requested Test 2 reading per se from applicable verse 38, then gaining riches, and then in verse 41:

"And they did still continue to build up churches unto themselves, and adorn them with all manner of precious things.", of which INSP is guilty, though above law evidently (1 Chronicles 21.21-27) [so INSP passes a worldly Test 2 checkpoint], though guilty of not properly seeking the higher Grace Wisdom (4 Nephi 1.44), the INSP sorrow being contrary to INSP teachings (see above higher wisdom "joy") being thusly counted as offense (Luke 17.1 / Holman Christian Standard Bible) since of having chosen lack thereby is not the INSP standing before God (see above knee bending, and rather of higher grace "[We] have the mind of Christ.").

So in Testament 3, Book 4 Nephi, Chapter 1, both sinners and non-sinner-Christians "had become exceedingly wicked onel like unto another." (verse 45) hence the INSP pattern if not improved per this Test 2 finding, is that INSP so choses, pending the 90 day mark. That then reverts to INSP being backward and put itself under law / sin again, except the higher saving grace of Jesus Christ INSP has preached, specifically the not ending at 90 days, rather the continuing [cyclical] giving charitably [to INSP] for Christ; though ICCDBB cautions INSP with in part verse 46 "gold and silver did they lay up in abundance, and did traffic in all manner of traffic."

In typical methodology of Testing for customers, experts not only offer "Accept" or "Reject" decisions, experts also often offer "Consulting" toward above and beyond the call of duty, to help customers [more than expected,] more than for which they paid [note INSP paid me no money, the-lousy-bums (reference: if to speak in worldly terms as INSP requested) [?, I don't like that, I question their tactics, and rather prefer Grace Strategy for Jesus Christ; so to me it is counted charity though hardly, see below giving to sinners discussion]), yet rather the higher joy in this case is the proper exchange in terms of charity to be so Tested.

So in Consulting for INSP, here is offered evidently higher wisdom concerning the sharpness and austerity of this Testing: see Words Of Mormon 1.17 including those "holy men in the land, and they did speak the word of God with power and with authority; and they did use much sharpness because of the stiffneckedness of the people".

Concerning charity to sinners, there is money a person holds that belongs to God, hence for certain charity, Christian Charity, and there is also optional additional charity that can be given, such as to be a goodly example unto sinner toward proper conversion (reference previous ICCDBB Sermons).

In wisdom advancing is reference to Testament 4 page 79 discussing "money", in a certain respect placing the Church above laws of governments (see above discussion of God proving freewill). So to sinners there are under laws accountability, while to properly charitable Christians there is as INSP said, seed power. When a bill comes, typically your money goes to pay that bill, so you by default have no say in it, no choice, no freewill [therefore it is an indication something is wrong with your lifestyle]. Yet rather as INSP stated your seed money is your free choice power.

So today was discussed the wise gaining riches accountably under sin, and was discussed the wise gaining riches without having to be held accountable.


Updated August 16, 2009 day 80 with 10 more days to go.

I do not want money from a loved one dying, at the 90 day mark,

Second, similar to the first, I do not want money unfair to loved ones.

I want to love everyone, and I do [even at times when it may not seem so since I rather love Jesus Christ more]. People are important to me, yet some more than others.

I don't want unfair money at 90 days. Consider how it would be if Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP walking with [evidently illegal / undeclared] money stuffed into his clothes so much that it was almost falling-out, as he once described; And then if he walked into a poverty stricken neighborhood, perhaps in Africa where people starve to death, or perhaps in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit, and if then he walked to a bleeding person and offered a grain of rice and said "Plant it.": helpful?, hardly, instead such would not likely help, it would be likely offensive or likely moot at best.

INSP promised a vast fortune to me at 90 days and I expect it from God and that does not get-INSP-off-the-hook such as if INSP might later pretend INSP had nothing to do with it and it was up-to-God. In counterpoint, success will not hold INSP without deserved honor and glory.

The 90 day money must come the right way. If I must become vastly wealthy, and I must per INSP and via Jesus Christ, then so to my loved ones must not be offended, left-out, nor other similar, as my house is a family and a home.

My home is not a business that can be chopped-up and left to strangers, without my say. My home does not neglect those under our responsibility.

To receive insurance money because someone would have an arm chopped-off is not part of the Test 2 deal, INSP. If INSP is to be tied to credit honor and glory due God, then INSP needs understand this new wealth must come properly without harm nor offense.

I have confidence in Jesus Christ and in INSP even though INSP lies at times. I have confidence in INSP similar to how I have confidence in a child that may at times be failing in some subjects and trying to get other students, including better students, to follow at times to create mischief against teachers and schools. Even though Quality Assurance can turn mischief into proper value, I say INSP should stop doing it's mischief and rather get back to work on the higher path, a lighter burden.

Though in consulting I also offer INSP this warning. I now am Testing INSP, though in the future I might not spend or waste as much time on INSP. So INSP needs quickly improve [already too late in an important respect], or INSP results at 90 days needs be overwhelming not only for my personal perspective, yet also for at least my close loved ones, and definitely for the much greater faith, love, honor, and glory of Jesus Christ [so no broken bones and no lost loved ones].

I expect from God, and I expect from you INSP, and I expect from you visitors to this site including as per my above stated warning(s).

Per this Test 2, I understand there is no conflict-of-interest, that INSP has not paid me a bribe nor tried to wrongly sway any juror. Similarly, toward Holy Oneness it is understood that this Test 2 miracle at 90 days is for the sake of INSP, that for Jesus Christ INSP can properly claim the miracle, and after such 90 days reward so can I then responsibly enter into such claiming at that pertinent lower level accordingly, that conflict-of-interest time matters be satisfied and completed at that time.

Concerning today, Sunday, after rest yesterday, I continue to feel much pain from horrible work Friday, so much pain that even to move in bed was with much pain, though my back continues to be healed (see INSP Benny Hinn discussion above, which also appears in proprietary legal documents not for public viewing). They want me back there to do more horrible work tomorrow, as noone else qualified will do that work for them at such low pay. I speak of personal gloom from time to time, yet Jesus Christ places joy in my soul even through hell. For instance with this horrible work, this is the last of the bulk jobs on this Charlotte Water Main, as with many corrections to it I now approve it mainly, though there are small jobs yet to do on it, reasonably less injurious to my body unless something unusual happens.

My desk [actually I don't have enough desk space for it all, it is valuable stuff on top of valuable stuff such as piled on the copier for immediate action, which is on a waiting list via Holy PCS] is now filled with atypical huge bills, ranging from huge fees such as over the credit card limit, to bills for flying people around for their vacations [for which some has been reimbursed], along with a government bill and other government redundant hassle stuff that government has already declared pointless and is redoing. There is joy and there are mixed blessings, temporary inconvenience permanent improvement stuff.

As I joyfully or mixed blessingly patiently await the INSP Test success(?), all my bills do not overwhelm my ability to pay on credit, though the obvious exception for Jesus Christ's sake was the above discussed $39 fee, that I enter into the cost or at least am counted as such for the greater ascending trusting honoring and glorifying in Oneness of Jesus Christ, though as stated today especially to the point, this 90 day miracle is more for INSP than me, respectively in PCS term levels [I hope INSP understands, but INSP has shown no such evidence].

So aside from 2 special [higher in PCS GodMath only] causes [1. counted worldly, and 2. INSP to(?) receive it's miracle], God continues to constantly supply all my needs. Through poverty and through gain, through thick and thin, through happy and sad [2 special higher PCS GodMath causes, hence joy], through cash on hand and as if no cash on hand [crooks hardly see big money, nor joy from robbery], through fast and slow, through high and low, through wet and dry, through sickness [rather quick healing on cue] and health, through better and as if worse, Jesus Christ continues to supply all my needs, even though not always seen as such from outside worldly perspectives as people try to account this way or that and their methodologies may or may not apply, and their methodologies [such as for safety] actually cause more damage to themselves than good since they often give themselves glory rather than Jesus Christ. Yet Jesus Christ is not an excuse to backslide, and this Testing even today in INSP literature found INSP not backsliding in an important respect, that INSP asks me for money based on future 90 day money (see top of page Test 1 result imperfect, 98% [hence Test 2], and then failing).

So here at day 80 INSP asks me for day 90 money, but INSP imperfections make the INSP request imperfect, even a grossly offensive request according to this Testing as INSP had requested. For each offense and shortcoming it is reasonable to expect far greater blessing over each point. And I don't see that happening in this Testing. The INSP shortfalls are as a mire.

I praise Jesus Christ that Jesus Christ sees me through those INSP landmines or pitfalls or obstacles, and pray others rather [see only the goodly part evangelically speaking as INSP does such evangelism typically, or that all rather] do the Will of Jesus Christ.

Because I am conducting Testing, normal to Testing Methodology is to note unusual conditions that might effect the Testing and Test results. Often while doing this Testing it is noted that rain comes when I print contrary to INSP, yet then the rain stops when I print the proper results, in other words, I write of a flaw and there is rain, then I write of the higher solution for INSP to do and there sunshine. This is not always reproducible, though it is often fact, more often than random. And it is not always about weather, it is also of birds visiting at the window, and about other people or communications, whether music, sounds, or other. To say these do not affect me, I believe would be pompous and show ignorance. As INSP rightly states from time to time in many ways, God is over all things, not just some, and when of righteousness, so are you.


Updated August 18, 2009 as my pile of bills mounts.

Received first glimmer of [not cash in pocket though] financial hope from another Mentor [seemingly becoming the second Mentor success story, though this one took longer]. But the news only comes as a result of a death.

Speaking of death, some unusual things have been happening, my wife was electric shocked yesterday and is sore yet alive, the shock evidently due to the utility company illegal power spikes which ruined some of our equipment. In business at times historically I would show customers, some far more than those at other locations, how their power supply was improper and causing major equipment failures, both theirs and mine. So it was no comfort yesterday to work in the new Charlotte Water Main pipe in water using electrical equipment; in terms of this money Testing, it's no way to make a living, even if I make mid range poverty level income from it this year, it is hardly worth risking my life, though I rather do as God wants and provides. I have tried many other things including preaching, investing in Microsoft, and many business activities to help others; INSP's Dr Mike Murdock pointed-out similar having tried many things, Microsoft and lost, and business activities and lost, as did I, so this cycle thing is being tried and Tested.

If the 90 Day Test is successful, what then?: if a cyclical trend then PCS yields further trend awareness, with 3 main points:

God is not of confusion so all 3 of these may apply, along with other possibilities greater and lesser [under law], the greater being perhaps as indicated INSP gaining global TV dominance far more, and far more effectively on many levels in many ways in many fields effecting many policies and affecting persons personally globally throughout civilization. Another important factor in current times is that TV is being virtually replaced with 3D TV, and not only one way 3D TV yet also interactive. For instance my talent work experience with electricity and water may soon (except see above lost paradigm) be 3D energy under my control and that energy [tiny signal cost / powerful carrier wave] easily accepting the risk so I don't have-to (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on Transporterer discussions).

We are to be a light unto people. What can hold us back in this world except us?, if we be for God who can be against?, yes.


Updated August 19, 2009 day 83 of 90 of this Test #2, 7 more days to go, 1 week, and then the [pertinent amount of] money is all mine, lovey, wonderful money, riches galore, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, all ours according to the amount and my charity. Money directly to you, money indirectly to you, or no money to you and you per se are no better-off nor worse than before. The point is, it is important to get together with a Christian Mentor that is going to make money that you be entered into it, as Dr. Mike Murdock of INSP stated. The same Biblical precept applies in other worldly matters, for instance if a person wants to run for office they are advised to hookup-with and support a candidate, thereby learning the ropes as others associate you with that candidate's causes [therefore hookup-with a Christian candidate and mercifully tolerate perhaps, at times, and on certain issues].

I have a stack of bills. Yet my grief is overwhelmed by the ongoing support of Jesus Christ supplying all my needs, including through this INSP cyclical gloom of darkness in the shadow of the valley of evil in this worldly Test 2 concerning their root of all evil in which I gladly partake and give for the greater honor and glory of Jesus Christ, even again proving Jesus Christ is over all including over evil; and lovingly understanding in this in which INSP said "Test God", I Test though do not need to "Test God" yet for INSP's sake I am counted as such as evidenced in the $39 over credit limit fee stated above, which is evidence of me falling under law, yet through Jesus Christ [always and also] soon to rise over since Jesus Christ already fulfilled the law.

I have a stack of bills, and to many likely most people that situation is a nightmare. Yet my grief is shallow through Jesus Christ having made my burden light, even uplifting and enlightening unto many visitors. This is great, per se, wonderful in this situation; it is spectacular to witness the power of Jesus Christ in action for your sake and rather for the Holy One.

What is so great about a stack of bills?, it's exciting to have increasing control over civilization for the greater glory of Jesus Christ. How so?, this is Holy Wisdom being here and now being imparted unto you through ICCDBB, perhaps and likely as never before. This is a goodly time to help you better understand how to wisely manage your finances and financial concerns. This Testing at this point in time and in issue of pertinence is in evidential results now hereby is helping to resolve some of the more important financial issues in your life Biblically, very likely as Biblical codes are demystified, as the INSP cyclical patterns are clarified, and as in this specific case I accordingly have a pile of bills, a typical historic fear unto many in the past, yet examples of Holy Power(s) added unto me, multiplied by Mentors toward exponential results.

And from Jesus Christ / this Testing, behold, ICCDBB has the Biblical solution for you on these money matters. I have funds entrusted to me, that I have agreed with a Mentor [in accordance with INSP concerns], to not cash [checks] until the noted dates, unless I have an emergency or great need. Let this be wisdom entering into your heart and soul that you overcome and control the money tool properly through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior risen from the dead and alive and well living among us [even from which we cannot escape if Chosen].

I have not money [concerning that stack of bills, aside from petty cash on hand], I have given my money away such as to INSP including my life savings too since it was just sitting there and in agreement INSP warned of idle money (concerning pattern toward burial of the body: Matthew 26.12). One worldly comment on this is, without money and with much charity my tax burden is reduced [a worldly adage is, now was the certainty of death and taxes].

I have a stack of bills and can transform trust accounts into money to pay for this stack of bills [thankfully God already supplies sufficiently, currently toward the minimum]. The trust accounts are a result of the INSP plans and secondly this Testing similar and in agreement with the first.

So what have you wisely learned via this lesson today concerning your checking account?, allow me to further explain: shall you give as the elderly lady, even her all, shall you give 10 or 20% or the money of others?, and the answer is yes.

Give Biblically, and to do so is to give responsibly. Consider that I am trusted to not spend that money of those post dated checks. Trust is a big part of money management. To trust Jesus Christ properly [PCS] is to properly trust, whether banking, lending, investing seed, or writing checks that don't bounce. What if the accounts I received were not post dated checks [banks typically cash such checks], and what if the accounts were instead cash funds?, then the same principle would apply to your trend for Jesus Christ, hence to give charitably but not against Jesus Christ.

Charity for Jesus Christ has no limit. But trust for Jesus Christ does, namely responsibility for Jesus Christ, though rather the first. In other words, seek to do good, seek to do Christian charity work, yet leave not the other undone. You [for Jesus Christ, whether stated in agreements or not (reference your own Baptism, and US Constitution Article VII)] are entrusted with responsibilities for your money agreement [for Jesus Christ, Christians are to be trusted, Christians are not to be liars nor deceptive, though slyness is allowed].

For Jesus Christ you have [legal, also grace] agreements, such as the Bible, and perhaps such as a contract enabling you to have a checking account such as so you can provide Churches with charity money checks.

If you neglect charity, your trust is in default, such as perhaps to become disrespected [even as a thief with you unawares (Luke 21.34 & Hebrews 13.2) rather advance]. If you neglect trust, your charity is in default, such as bounced checks.

Organize your trust promises unto Biblical PCS prioritization, including charity. That is, since trust is counted as a limit unto the body of money responsibility [that is, you don't go outside a contract to cheat illegally per se], it is therefore key that you make a contract with Christian Church(es) [Jesus Christ] to charitably give, rather counted that you order yourself to pay your tithe [or other amount], and then your other bills as much as is left-over.

This agrees with INSP and with what many in Churches and in the world have said, that you need to have a budget and stick to it. My budget might be more free and open than yours might currently be, perhaps mine is with a more joyful praise of the Lord, though I am not without challenges or incentives.

Some people have large incomes but perhaps only 2% disposable income and perhaps are not very charitable [even some governmental leaders according to limited evidence]. If you start with at least a 10% tithe [toward the Biblical minimum] budget then pay bills, and if more remains you might dispose more charitably. As INSP stated, that seed money of yours guides civilization.

You become a leader instead of merely a follower. Follow Jesus Christ, yet Jesus Christ prefers leaders, not wrongly puffed-up, rather properly faithful.

David was a leader, a king, kings are typically wealthy and over control of military might and technology, and even over priests in the sense that they are able to throw priest bodies in prisons. Solomon was a leader, the biggest money leader ever. Jesus Christ was and is a leader, the greatest leader ever including over trust, charity, disposable fun income joy, and over money. Yet for you is given Biblically to be much more than former leaders, that's just the kind of guy Jesus Christ is: if you can do better, do so [at least try]. If you cannot lead as Jesus Christ leads, then you can hardly be part of the great I AM in this world and carry the name of Jesus Christ. Even so, try.

What men find impossible, when rightly so is possible with God [even the impossible, as God also created evil also for our sakes and not against as the world would have you wrongly believe]. The wheat is distinguished from the wonderful chaff which chaff properly protected the wheat for you. The charity is distinguished from the wonderful bills which properly protected the charity for you (see above contract to have a checking account).

Later 8/19/2009, 9PM: I had bragged about Benny Hinn that I had seen and continue to see at times on INSP, and of how my back was healed. Accordingly for doing the work of Jesus Christ I sent Benny Hinn a large check, but I just opened an INSP letter from their "Partner Services" with my check returned and a letter stating "If you need further help"..."contact our Partner Services". It does not bode well for INSP. So far in this Test 2, Benny Hinn was their shining light, so to speak in worldly fashion, and in Test 2 also in higher faith their Jesus Christ best follower so far as evidenced to date.


Updated August 22, 2009 day 86 of 90. Other than this site I've been personally telling people of the approach of day 90 and what it means.

No unusual daily blessings have come, except a few here and there which is on the whole somewhat normal, though a little better than normal. The money part in worldly accounting terms has been a disaster, having placed me far into poverty and debt during a recession when my top worldly work contract job is nearing completion. Yet there is some cash on hand to help as small needs arise, and the checking continues to be just large enough to cover better than living from-paycheck-to-paycheck.

Money was rerouted directly to Benny Hinn (so I lost a month of time value in INSP cyclical terms), though I had sent other money such as to INSP to Dr. Mike Murdock and that money was never returned to me the way Benny Hinn's was. Typically when giving charity by phone INSP operators would ask who I was watching on INSP at the time, and as I recall, the first time I donated to Benny Hinn / INSP, very soon after the back pain was gone, I didn't have much money in checking nor much or any 0% interest (with fees) available so I sent cash, but INSP never returned the Benny Hinn cash, causing me to wonder what sort of slush fund operation INSP may be doing in secret while proudly promoting on TV. It does fit the ABC News story pattern (see July 25 above).

While many in the US further SOX accountability transparency and higher quality, the weak indicator is that INSP is heading in the opposite direction wrongly.

In another matter, INSP keeps sending reading materials, and these often rightly (reference PCS) organize Biblical data [toward the GodMath trend (see ICCDBB Sermons on 2005 copyright with previous to that ICCDBB Sermons trend)] evidencing blessings coming from INSP, though not yet a strong indice, a mild indicator.

And in another money matter my [INSP] Mentors don't get helped as much as my body is willing since my computer keeps crashing, and the replacement is long overdue / prepaid by me. Similarly I do much work and don't see money from it at all. Also similarly I do much and many other work that sees no harvests for long periods of times, including work that is pre-agreed to be paid same-day that sometimes takes months to arrive without pre-agreed late fees. In other words, instead of this being a time of no poverty as INSP promised, and instead of this being a time of possible daily blessings through these 90 days as INSP said may happen, the opposite continues to be in these INSP patterns, as this Testing is concluding in these end trial days of INSP in the balance [against ICCDBB wishes though the Testing continues for INSP as requested, and for your sake and that of ICCDBB and for Jesus Christ].


Updated August 23, 2009, day 87 of 90 of the ICCDBB Testing of INSP which said "Test God".

ICCDBB increasingly finds lies being perpetrated by INSP.

ICCDBB would like to dwell on the high things of Jesus Christ [PCS (see discussion above)]. But on TV INSP kept saying "Test God", concerning the root of all evil. Thereby in doing so for INSP's sake, this ICCDBB Testing has been conducted and is finding that rather than INSP being of the more important higher matters of God, mainly INSP dwells as subject to Test results, law court findings, and satanic mischief.

INSP reminds me of myself when I was much younger and following childish ways all-too-often. Our brothers and sisters in the Lord at INSP had better get themselves out-from-under satanic rule.

Here is yet another example of INSP lying, in the INSP book God's Answers by INSP's David Cerullo, on page 57 under the heading "WHO IS SATAN?" is the following:

But that's the opposite of what Mark 4.15 actually shows. It is not good to lie as INSP does, about the Word of God. Whether the Bible talks of Jesus Christ, of Disciples, of Romans, or of Satan, it is not good to lie and profess the opposite. INSP is lying about the Word of God.

You and I have the option to offer mercy to INSP, though if they do not exhibit any willingness to learn properly, then the forgiveness key does not apply. They can beg forgiveness again and again and can receive such according to the Holy Spirit and Comforter. But if they do not turn from selfishness (see above discussions, and reference GodMath Testament details), they make themselves toward lottery and if further, then toward chaos.

Here is what Mark 4.15 actually states [other versions are similar]:

In Mark 4.15 is the doing of the higher work of God, toward the spiritual rather than subject to worldly greed under letter of law, and other Bible stories agree. The wayside is for the poor and of travelers of foreign [perhaps not toward Jesus Christ] customs that can represent mixed seeds at borders and field edges less suitable for the Chosen and more suitable for those under laws, rulings of others, and tactics, suitable also for wild creatures. For instance when birds land to take the valuable seeds, it is a goodly opportunity for people of poverty to trap the birds, such as to sell the birds for money.

Leviticus 19.9 clearly shows the higher concern specifically:

The higher Grace key is that you may opt to throw extra seeds there but not for selfish harvest. If you have extra seeds then you can be a little relaxed, a little sloppy about planting seeds, and you can allow some to fly in the wind and spill over unto the borders of the fields into the wild parts; though not that the wild parts would typically be more important.

God created evil for you, lest you sin toward chaos eternally, to be eternally against yourself; that is, God created evil that you overcome evil through Jesus Christ doing good in agreement with Jesus Christ. If you toss seed into the wild area outwardly mercifully (Matthew 15.27), then any creation of God may benefit.

Case in point: INSP lied in agreement with Satan, yet I gladly give charity to INSP and others currently. I have even given charity to groups that do not claim to be Christians per se. A person has freewill, to invite Satan for higher purpose for converting Satan to agree to follow Jesus Christ in order that greater blessings would typically follow, rather the higher Will of Jesus Christ be done [there are many follow-through conditions that apply (see above Test 1 result, but later INSP had no proper follow-through concerning poverty)].

A person has freewill to invite the root of all evil or chase it away. To chase away money can be goodly according to love, to invite money can be goodly according to faith. 2 Keys of vital importance concerning money. Done properly [PCS] these keys can be interchangeable. Consider how various locks can have one master key, also how one type of key can have many masters, such as people functioning together of one mind and spirit, such as over their money and over security of their money.

This Leviticus 19.9 verse is part of the Leviticus 19 Chapter of Laws of Holiness series of verses over many tools including money. It is also over science for the higher Standard of the Church including some key [PCS] verses 35 through 37 of the First Testament, the least advanced Testament yet not to be left undone.

So there is the money discussion, and there is the science discussion, and the science discussion includes the science of money technologies. Generally, there are the higher direct Word discussions over value and money, and there are also the indirect Word traceability discussions toward specific application details.

Since doing this worldly Testing as INSP requested, consider that a worldly contract for money starts with key factors, and then builds other terms around those points. So too, such can be similar-to, and in agreement-with, the Bible and the Word of God, including in higher Spirit and Grace. The key terms are already stated properly in the Bible. The newer Testaments better reveal the trend, inclusive of the money tool trend.

Therefore [since One fears Jesus Christ rather than Satan] the money love can properly charitably be good and not bad. To only love money being received by you, is toward evil; yet to love all money is not evil; pure love is Godly. Even so, to love all money for the purpose of loving money received by you, is toward evil, the root of all evil.

I confess I want this 90 day money INSP promised, yet not only for myself, also for the benefitting of others, all for the greater glory of Jesus Christ.

The pattern indicates INSP keeps after money under false pretenses, to do such is toward to lie, cheat, and steal. GodMath showed that to break a small rule is to break a multitude of high laws [though high exception to a lower law is allowed]. So if this Testing also gets INSP to repent from it's satanic ways, then good.


Updated August 24, 2009 new prayer request. A Mentor (see above INSP Mentor(s) discussions above as part of this Test #2) asked me to ask everyone to pray, as the Mentor is emotionally drained except for our new Christian work together and generally except for that half of his family not experiencing health problems. He is considering his situation if he loses his wife, as her health fades; and some of his children have been facing life threatening health difficulties. His emotions are stressed as he feels the solutions appear too complex to overcome in the world, so please pray Jesus Christ send the solution.

In worldly terms of this Test 2, this is the only Mentor to have provided me any money, in his case toward paying back part of what I invested. In other worldly terms as evidenced to date, he's the only good one, and he's being clobbered.

This is a goodly time to appreciate our leaders of global enterprises on which we depend for international peace, for global healthcare against epidemic diseases, for reliable utilities, for transportation management, and so on, understanding that at times they are so burdened with daily details and roadblocks, yet many continue to keep-on taking care of business, providing for us, and hopefully trusting steadfastly in the Lord, the Lord with hands full even over each of these and the economy and control of miracles and over the devil and much more!

Here is some of what I emailed him "I want to emphasize the importance of Bible foods, and not just that cloven hoof stuff though important too. Bible food is about seeds, for a reason. It not only gets you thinking about word seed and charity seed, it also helps bring your body toward agreement with your mind and spirit, toward the Holy Spirit. If your car is low on oil, it's no good if you just pour oil on the outside and make it all shiny."

The same is true about money, dating, innovations, and so on. You hardly can expect to walk-up-to an ATM machine to get Bible enlightenment very much, so you have to [use the Bible to] solve that problem: to make the ATM Bible connection. The machine hardly does it for you, the book hardly does it if it just sits on a shelf. The person hardly does it if independent of the ATM and of the Bible, though many do. Yet rather key is doing it right even the first time starting now.

Google for instance can connect you with banks and with customers, and can connect you with Bible verses on money, health, and on the most important Bible keys. How easy do they have to make it?, rather make it yet easier for others for the greater glory of Jesus Christ. You have a talent key to helping others, even if not seen, even if not appreciated in the world.

This is day 88 of 90, 2 more days to go. Even tomorrow night I might be awake at midnight. Money, money, money, wonderful fun cash money. I hope things go well so my Wife doesn't get upset. I want charities to benefit. I want to be able to choose my job and investment area, and have joy in work (see above "nothing better than to eat and drink and find satisfaction in his work" August 11, 2009) for people and more for the greater honoring and glorifying of Jesus Christ.

Today my stack of giant bills increased, and an electric utility company said they want 16.7% more money for lighting my home.

Money, money, money, glorious money come to me and make your home with me that I may better [rather best] give Biblically.

If there is the success with these Mentors that INSP proffered, then [through Jesus Christ, including health and money miracles] families [mine and Mentors'] will be working together as never before, working closely together on these Mentor projects and similar, yet freely, with certain perspective worldly views likely appearing as if lazy and on vacation, though not, and rather doing more for more people than ever before.

I have plans as never before in my life, with meaningful direction and success ready to be put into action per application. More importantly is the entering-in of others and their freewill options to bring their pertinent plans if so motivated, for the greater family and community value, for optimizing of so many businesses, and for thrills. To excite many properly in such endeavor(s) for instance is to as if remove them from more of their potential mingling with anti-Biblical ideas. Though I hardly speak for others on this, as each person chooses how much [or how many] they accept, meaning their own responsibility relative to selfish laziness [fear of the unknown, and similar (see GodMath)]. Yet within these lifelong plans, hampered previously, such as by not having been born a trillionaire in worldly terms, there may be a slow initial growth trend, even unseen to many.

Yet my Biblical experience has shown that even when naysayers are shown the opposite of what they claim, they often still refuse to accept the facts. For instance for a class to slow-down to a pace that is acceptable to the slowest student learner, is hardly acceptable (see above and previous on PCS and Therefore my lifelong plans, while not proven wrong, may or may not ever come to pass within my worldly lifetime, and I accept that (see above paradigm shift) for the greater long range glory of Jesus Christ.

Sufficient today are the evils thereby, with the opportunities to overcome immediately for the greater glory of Jesus Christ.


Updated August 25, 2009. The numbers are totaled from yesterday, the number of visitors to this site, for just yesterday, as distinguished from the previous day, have more than doubled. So at least for that, on behalf of ICCDBB thank you INSP.

There can hardly be exception to the loving faith for Jesus Christ (see GodMath Oneness) that is so asking Jesus Christ for a miracle [including asking for something], that it is better that the Will Of God be done, whether discussing thanks such as provided to INSP, and / or such as when asking for investors to be pleased even when giving away their hard earned money [from God] without their express consent, such as to charity. Rather it is God that does the consecrating.

People like to think about piles of loot and rolling around in it and playing with it, and having so much money as to be easily throwing it up into the air without the worries of worldly things.

That's not all bad, yet rather than piles of money per se [such is alright is some cases], rather consider what God wants. It is less about the money and more of the faithful love such having-of or moving-of money engenders in others. To give charitably to INSP for instance, is to broadcast the name and much of the Will of Jesus Christ internationally; a very important matter for Jesus Christ, and INSP does an outstanding job at it, even as it stumbles over it's own feet grappling with the higher truth which it should rather have already accepted or at least be accepting freely, especially if to teach on the air [not always an easy task for worldly humans, thankfully the burden is light]. Similarly, if to give charitably to me [including so-called earned wages (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on Jesus Christ having earned for all)], helpful ICCDBB Sermons may be helped internationally, yet my interests are not all public, that is, for the public though unseen.

The works, rather the Holy Work I do, is less seen and more valuable, less evident [save Biblically and save in pertinent contracts and agreements] to the public though more what the public wants and needs. For instance, Jesus Christ blessed me in a way resulting in my mentally meshing of gears [they are not gears they are similar] as never before as far as I know, so I would need to give them a new name, something Biblical, to help people be interested more in Jesus Christ, to motivate people, while blessing people, in this respect as never before. As much fun as it is for me, rather the point is the power deed more [PCS] than Holy Word alone. Which would be better, my invention or INSP broadcasting?, and the answer is properly [PCS] together both would do better together, in other words and Biblically speaking the answer is: Yes.

If my invention is not funded, nothing will change, per se. If INSP is not funded, the same result. Yet if my invention is what it theoretically assumes that it is of fantastic value, then the military and others would want to control it or at least be interested. Now here is the concern, if INSP continues as it has, this Test #2 has shown a pattern that in the months or even a decade ahead, unless there is big change, the military and others would not be so motivated to control nor invest in INSP unusually, aside from such optional Testing [with analyses] or traditional charity donating. But that is only according to the pattern INSP requested to be witnessed.

Visitors, we are in this worldly jungle of Testing as INSP wanted, yet I say to you look and behold, there is a light over there, a way out of the mire and tangle of the world, a way God has provided for us to escape the pit, a blessing for all, let Jesus Christ within with truth be heard in your soul and our souls, and let us rise and get up and on the Holy Path already prepared, and look here are people with money from God [INSP claims] and money from other [same God, I found 2 dimes in a parking lot yesterday]. Come people, you have received more than enough help already, even the paradigm has shifted against people according to selfish concerns such as laziness. Come people, let the paradigm shift be a warning from you. Get up before further sucked down. Push the twisted tangles of money away properly. I don't need your money, look, I already found the light, come here, see, even see from where you sit; and come see more and see if true and enlightening and lovingly warming and blessing and faithfullying saving you (see previous ICCDBB Sermons). Your money selfishness has already worked strongly against you, yet enough about you and us, save of the higher Holy Will Of God.

Here are some reminders for God: no one is to die for this big money harvest, none placed under my authority nor similar are to be left-out, and I want money gain without pain. I say these for your sake Lord, and the Kingdom Of Heaven. Even let it be called: in memory of the future sufferings of the Chosen People of Israel, even of the future generations, longsuffering for Jesus Christ. This can be said because of the higher faith, that we are to be Jesus Christ, as the Bible has stated.

And if to be Jesus Christ over money, then a leader and a decider. Who made you a judge or divider?, Yes made you a judge and a divider, including over money, Jesus Christ made you all these blessed things, including over longsuffering of your children [if you want their misery to end].

If the Judge, then what is the Will of One?, When is the time to apply fines or to apply merch [charity]?, and yes with Yes. The Bible Book Of Job Chapter 40 starting with verse 10 explains the Will Of God. Be rich! Yet be excellent. Be beautiful, yet let your glory be honorable and not wrongly puffed-up, rather lift yourself above pride through the proper raising of others, lovingly, yet not for your own glory, let God provide the glory, let your glory be for God as a minimum. Go sheep and unselfishly destroy that which must be destroyed for the greater unselfish glory of God. Use secret combinations. This doesn't sound very Biblical, though it is.

Similarly it doesn't sound very Biblical for INSP to say expect a miracle from God, from your seed money expect a great harvest of money from God. This too is Biblical.

INSP helped me see more clearly on this point. If for God, devices of Satan are as child's toys. If Satan did something, in the name of God you can do something, if a neighbor does something, you can do something, and you can do these things without fear, because you fear only God. If Satan does something, don't do it, unless for higher purpose. God places you over Angels, but not if the burden is too much for you to bear.

To control the work of Satan and of Angels, God allows you to do, but not if you are not sure what you are doing, not if you don't know what to do, not if you can't handle it. God wants you to lead, but not if God has to worry about what would happen if he turns his back on you, so to speak in worldly terms. God wants you to have more money than any person has had, even Solomon, but not if you don't better glorify properly, there is only One Holy Way.

INSP and others write of hate and how Satan tells lies. In worldly terms I say big deal, as if. Rather in higher terms is the importance of what Jesus Christ said, along with the Will Of God [not to be left undone: I'm talking to you New Testament readers if so limited, as if that's all there is to the Will Of Jesus Christ]. Rather take the Second Testament and make it better. If to be over Angels In Heaven, so much easier to be of more value than many average people in the Book Of John. Jesus Christ was an average guy, click to see His face. He was a common person [in many respects, typically], yet the Bible Will is that we call nothing common nor unclean. Therefore we are to raise the standard.

Jesus Christ did for us, now [in Jesus Christ and in the Name and Will of Jesus Christ] we are to do for Jesus Christ as He has done as He set and sets the example(s). He gave us health, he gave us money, he gave us hope and dignity and more. Can't we give him a more beautiful face, more abundant money, greater blessings than ever before. We are more people, can we be more in faith too?, yes. It is written: more excellent way. There is nothing wrong with a common unclean face, so to speak, nor of pennies, nor of helplessness (Ecclesiastes 3:1), even so, rather there is an even more excellent way. Yet remember you are to seek eternal life rather than misery and defeat, therefore sin no more.

We can sin, yet rather wisely know sin is useless. We can control sin. In season, we can control sinners. Yet rather than wait for the cycle of season, let us do the Will Of God and control sinners now via converting them into non-sinners. In other words, INSP wants you to have money in due season as is Biblical, yet I say to you leap now in higher faith. There is a solution to time. There is a solution to money. There is a solution to Satan in people's lives, similar to how there is a solution to a teacher on a student's back, similar to how there is a solution to a preacher on a visitor's back, similar to how there is a solution to a lender on a poor person's back.

To stop borrowing can be a solution in a season. Rather leap.

Here it is, day 89 of 90, one more day to go until the INSP promised cycle is finished and tremendous money is due to be received by me with great blessings!

I often throw junk mail away without reading it, especially if they keep writing the same things [or very similar] repetitiously incessantly and / or if they misspell my name or that of the enterprise as INSP often does [but not always]. INSP sent money before, perhaps again, especially since the 90th day approaches.

A few minutes later: I just opened as much of the same old stuff as I could stomach for now. In worldly Testing terms I have to wonder why INSP does so much clowning around. I have to admit, in [nearly prison] Grade School and Junior High School, the class clown was often better than the teacher [(see previous ICCDBB Sermons on schools minus the Bible) minus enlightenment].

There are real people including with the real need to not hear incessant repetition which can cause them to turn from Christian religion [actually from the incessant repetition falsely representing Christianity] to vices [in season] contrary to the higher Will Of God. Consider for a moment Chinese-water-torture, the drip-drip-drip of a water on a pail on the head [if ever so tortured, remember to love Jesus Christ most and fear Jesus Christ most]. Similarly it is not reasonable to tell an adult a thousand times in a row "Praise the Lord". It is not reasonable to tell an adult a thousand times in a row "Oven Hot".

It is not reasonable to give an adult a thousand times in a row the same sermon, nor the same words of blessing encouragement, nor a thousand dollars after a thousand dollars after a thousand dollars after without expecting they get the message, but if they don't get the message, then you are sending the wrong message. If to talk of Jesus Christ, the needful thing is to talk on their level [hence a reason for allowing the above stated paradigm shift that I could have prevented].

Remember, your Christian message is not about you [even if you talk about you], it is about them evangelically, and with success it is of higher Jesus Christ principles.

This Testing has found INSP does not do responsibly for glorifying Jesus Christ in terms of INSP mailers, from my personal perspective [though the technique may work for other people, not part of this personal Testing per se]. Yet this Testing has found on TV [evidently internationally] INSP is doing a wonderful job!

Christ Jesus would rather that you be every whit whole. Beyond things seen, circumcised, therefore better, Chosen. Chosen starting with your agreement to be called Chosen, though actually starting with God [stated as such for your sakes, similar to above INSP discussion of Satan]. Be careful how you plant your seed, making it unseen.

Hide your money properly, not selfishly, that it may die that many may grow. Lose your money on many investments [cast your bread on many waters] and complain not, rather give thanks that you have hope in opportunities to help others [and hidden Holy things are left unseen here accordingly / seasonal cyclical Testing as INSP requested].

The results of Test 2 may not be according to the same details as in Test 1, for instance if in Test 1 the main thing was the time factor, and while yet important, if in Test 2 a pertinent person dies, then the time factor suffers as rather the more important factor supersedes. Another key is that if INSP did not learn from the results of Test 1, but instead repeated the problem areas, then that too will be considered.


Updated August 26, 2009 day 90 of 90: Rise and shine and give Jesus Christ the glory and respect He deserves.

Early this morning shortly after midnight helpful though nagging voices stopped as I read the Bible and INSP info and I heard flute music, the type of music shepherds of long ago likely played. A simple melody with a certain amount of persistence. Music typically able to soothe flocks so they don't stray, and music that let wolves and mountain lions know an advanced entity was around so don't be selfish around here.

The music came from the bathroom ceiling fan running, though I never heard it make that music previously nor since. It reminded me of long ago being outside at night singing Holy Music as if alone, and then when I stood-up and was about to walk home, from the risen position I could see behind the scattered small shrubs were rabbits, come to listen and enjoy. Verily you are not alone, in actuality, and including in money.

This being the 90th and final official day of Test #2, I officially announce that I pray Jesus Christ gain and abound in higher joy, wisdom, respect, a greater following, and higher highest as we seek to raise the bar, and in bonuses, I pray Jesus Christ gain more money, power, wealth, weeping for joy, and rather for Jesus Christ, and as always of freewill of Jesus Christ rather the Will Of Jesus Christ be done, whether now or in season. Thank you Jesus Christ.

Now the previous ICCDBB Sermons on healing and miracles [now here as applied to money] taught to be thankful for the previous healings and miracles [and money]. Also dwell not on the yet to be healed and rather dwell on the healed. Now this part is tricky, as a mirror image. We are to look to the future rather than the past [while not leaving the past undone], yet with miraculous healings [and miraculous profits] we are to look to the already perfected.

To explain, if we ask God for a dollar and he gives us 90 cents, or if we ask God for healing of 2 broken arms and he only heals 1, then we are to look to the perfected [the 90 cents or the 1 healed arm] that we may properly strengthen our lack area of faith for the Lord, that we may look to the past perfected in order [of grace rather than of law] that we may properly (reference ICCDBB and affiliated PCS discussions) look beyond the past that we may then look properly into the future.

If we are to wisely accept the miracle of blessing over the root of all evil, then we are to

  • Furthur praise Jesus Christ for future hope opportunity
  • Continue to thank Jesus Christ for it and current blessings received
  • Build proper faith under law yet rather of Biblical guidance
  • Of proper guidance gain proper aim to be properly leading
  • As leader think of the [heavenly and the] bodies of others as if yours needing help
  • Be a leader in healing your money problems, meaning their money problems
  • Continue to leave not past law undone, nor future guidance increasingly counted as if past
  • Offer love charitably with no hope of payback
  • Accept sinners [if any] though do not as they do, rather thank Jesus Christ all the more
  • Increasingly understand sin as a worldly perspective tied to evil, and that through the Blood Of The Lamb Of God is come all good purity.

    We can let people fall according to their sins, let us rather convert for Good.

  • I made no money today, 8:30AM EST.

    In Test 1 money was received / mail a day late. Yesterday the mail did not come, and my bills were not taken.

    I currently have 2 [big] bills on my desk to soon make payments. Yet I have perhaps hundreds of bills [of all sizes] in various accounts receivable, bills that I keep sending to others, including some stuck waiting in my mailbox. And with money, that would increase exponentially. Though the increase needs depend-on, or needs be reduced-by [in worldly INSP Test 2 perspective], the amount of charity. The charity appropriate currently is an amount voiding the increase currently. It is the Bible speaking.

    In worldly Test 2 terms I can think I know better, for instance a charity organization might say we can match your contribution now, but I may reason that I can make 60 fold, as if a better thing. Don't get caught in worldly selfish traps. As INSP rightly said give to INSP to spread the Word Of Christ [and it muttered on TV] or give to similar Christian organization(s). Consider the action of giving, more than the money.

    As INSP slightly indicated rightly, the action of giving makes it charity, more than the pile of money here or there.

    The action of giving charitably is evidence of love, you can measure your love, and that of others.

    The amount of root of all evil does not measure love, with exceptions. For instance you are at times to give all such as for 3 years, at times to give tithes in the current sense of 10%, or 20% in Jubilee every 7 years. And there is/are the cycle pattern(s) of INSP herein being Tested. There are also specific dollar amounts requested by some Christians at times for specific purposes.

    There is an instantaneous value also, yet this too has keys and measures. To give is a measure of love. To receive is not, except is a slight measure, save great in agreement with Jesus Christ. Yet the measure of love is much tied to the giving principle: give a book [as INSP often does], give a song, give money, give food to a stranger, and so on are tied to a key measure of love. Food quality in giving, is similar to amount of cash given. It too is a measure. Though to a starving person, while food quality is important, more important is nutritional value. A starving person can hardly eat cash, so money is not always tied to love.

    There is help in understanding how to love better, such as with an updated ICCDBB Sermon on mind reading, to love people according to their ability(abilities) to receive. A hungry person can hardly eat a ton of food at a sitting, yet in the giving [of the food] is the love, the key part of the love in lay terms [God is love].

    So the proper key can be known in the world, such as among humans, so the Standard of the Church can be properly raised, lifted toward Christ, therefore Christ doesn't have to keep reminding us to receive cash.

    3:35 PM, the mail came awhile ago: no money, not even an IOU. What did arrive were a couple of returned bills that I had charged to companies that had likely gone out of business, or otherwise are no longer available. If they had better waited on the Lord, in these cases involving big money I found for them, they might be leaping for joy today praising the Lord. I had never done business with them before, and as often happens I mail big money for them to verify and thereby receive, and I include my bill for our services.

    Business can be strange, for instance in one case I found big money for a bank that I know is cheating my sister-in-law, and I know were possibly millions of dollars more are for them. I'm trying to help both the bank on the one hand and my sister-in-law [and business and family...] on the other hand; as if complex and conflict-of-interest according to some actuary practices [lacking PCS], yet easy / simplified via the Lord. That bank has teams of precision experts in the field, and I do all this that they could not do, and the Lord is the reason for this success, this help to stir the economy, to help banking and ease things for their banking customers, and for charity and improvement and so on. I send forth huge lists of funds continually, and so far this year only one called with thanks and saying they would pay, and their call initially was by their mental mistake [they are a top neurosurgeon group].

    Yesterday, while not money, I did receive an email that an international big shot was coming to USA to evidently do a big business deal with one of my Mentors. That deal alone could possibly cause my investment to leap 100 fold easily.

    I see in 2 Kings 21.7 are the names David (reference David Cerullo / INSP) and Solomon (see above), and even though with graven image (reference Genesis 1.4-8) God blessed. And that is a good thing. Even so the surrounding Chapter has much chaos. Even so, this shows God and humans and money can come together in peace, harmony, and in blessings. Even blessings in a field of expertise where evidently at times there has been much [needless] controversy.

    On US money can be found a bird of prey, an eagle. My wife received and outdoor clock present [thank you God and co-worker Cheryl] that I put on our shed. Due to the design in the image of big flowers, it will likely also work toward scaring away predatory birds since to them it appears menacing, as if threatening them, similar to the eyes of other predatory birds. How much better are humans?, are we afraid of our own shadows when it comes to love, money, and other important things?, all too often, yes.

    8:30 PM no $$$ received today.

    Worse, in no-remorse-pattern INSP is falling more deeply into confusion (see previous ICCDBB Sermons on God not being a god of confusion).

    Get out from under Satan INSP. Moments ago proudly broadcasting on TV INSP's Dr. Joyce Meyer claimed "The more we try to figure things out, the more confusing things are.": further evidence INSP leadership at times is not trustworthy and that at times INSP preaches contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ (Matthew 23:37).

    ICCDBB was started years ago because so many preachers thankfully preach much properly about the Bible, but then add a little that they [lie about] made up [tied to the flattery of themselves pattern (reference GodMath)]. Since this is a worldly Test / INSP, some worldly association will be added here: in school children are taught to give speeches on things they know and to not make-up stuff. If school children don't know a subject yet have to be accountable, it means they have to study before they talk about it.

    Am I going too fast INSP., no.

    INSP needs be responsibly accountable. INSP needs do better, if not for INSP, then for Jesus Christ; and INSP please think of the very little ones and stop leading them astray toward your confusion.

    God verily does have one clear simple accountability system.


    Updated August 27, 2009 day 90 + 1.

    Now it is time for the "INSP Test God" verdict: no money came as INSP promised, INSP is hereby found guilty of lies and crimes against humanity (Luke 8.18) within the parameters of this worldly Test requested by INSP.

    This Test 2 is complete, it is finished.

    Yet this ICCDBB Sermon is not finished. I did receive blessings from INSP though not in the form of money, for instance chiropractors worked on my back for years, yet only during this Test [for God] did the solution come, and there is a direct tie including within worldly law and methodology.

    I did not gain money, right now, though with INSP challenging me, from that I did make huge investments in 3 Mentors and they increasingly evidence much money success in the future.

    Also Dr. Mike Murdoch of INSP said the bigger the seed, the longer it takes for the harvest, and there were big multiple seeds.

    If some enormous money thing happens soon, I'll let you know.

    Yet other than money, today for instance I was teaching a swimming expert how to best swim: I don't have swimmer-teaching experience, I don't have any olympic gold medals; it is Jesus Christ that gave the wisdom.

    I'm telling you, I do these things, and with Jesus Christ you can too.


    Updated August 28, 2009, here are some further qualifying remarks concerning INSP's God Test. In other words, here are some further quantifying remarks in respect of growing and advancing the living Bible and the Holy Word among the Chosen, properly.

    A person can say virtually every word of their language in their lifetime. INSP said many things prior to this Testing, that were reasonably, in juror terms, not part of this Testing, and the same is true of things INSP said between the seed and the harvest; this concerns the higher Holy Pattern (Luke 11: 51 and Josh. 22: 28 & 34), even the Perfect yet Perfecting [the Chosen] Unique Pattern known as the Perfecting Trend (see ICCDBB and affiliates on PCS) increasingly over quantifying [and science including the science of religion including Christianity] and over pertinent application and non-pertinence, over truth and non-pertinent fluff statistics lies, over proper faith methodology leaping responsibly and that part of accuracy non-pertinent, over victory and over false worldly hopes.

    INSP did say 90 days would yield money or rather wisdom, but it did not say it at the time appropriate to this Testing, INSP only said money [not wisdom] would be the result in terms of pertinence to this test at the time of the seed request. If INSP had said money or wisdom harvest, INSP would have passed this Test #2. But INSP failed to do so.


    Updated August 29, 2009 Who made money that so many unwisely would be afraid of losing it? the worldly Test type answer over sinners is they, many of the sinners, are so afraid of their own shadows, their own money repositories, that they would they would gladly proudly mindlessly kill all humans including themselves instead of letting unworthy people have their money as they forget they themselves too were once unworthy, even now.

    Greater is the Holy answer and the more perfect faithful loving concern for Jesus Christ [over all sinners and all], toward leadership more than toward followers only, of Jesus Christ. To lead for Jesus Christ is far above, it is better, it is the Holy Way. It is over living, over money, and over kingdoms and leadership save equal for and equal to Jesus Christ, save the freeWill of Jesus Christ: miracles (reference GodMath quantification parameters over the [previous variable] words: feelings and emotions, and hence the words: enlightening and perfecting] yet loving grace also invites those worthy to properly so move [not lawlessly, not selfishly, not wrongly]. Hence being over money is automatic in higher Holy matters, rather than working in the world to gain money then as a extra having to spend money to protect your money, which is worldly and not cost effective.

    Perfect yet perfecting God is cost effective, logical, and Holy, and not wasteful, save giving His Son, Himself, for you that you repent from sin. To hoard money is not bad (reap where others have sown), but to hoard money selfishly is to kill the self increasingly. Selfish money is to cut off ties from other people, to take from them, hence to distance them from the self, therefore to make others not anxious to be near nor to comfort or heal; selfish money is to cut away potential customers; selfish money is to sever ties with employers tired of hearing you [if their employee] whine and tired of you [similarly] stirring up union ideas and similar. Selfish money is as to proudly walk in your own garden stepping on your own produce as a show to others of how valuable you seem to be puffed-up as you lose your investment. Selfish money is bragging rights that hardly makes any friends of braggarts; though this doesn't mean don't try, though in sports there are mostly losers. In God there are Us leading together ["Us" in this case refers to those Chosen and while they are at a given moment trying to not sin, for the greater glory of God].

    Dr. Mike Murdock said he lost his money in Microsoft. Stock investors are mostly losers. Many people would disagree, though look at how many businesses fail in the first year, and the first few years, including many startup stocks. Far more selfish worldly investments fail than succeed, save GodMath Testament Chart #1, and that evolutionary increase not only measures the rate of the evolution of nature, yet also in pattern and in GodMath Code represents law. Stocks are under law, not above [in virtually every sense]. This alone of grace does not make stock investors evil.

    Stocks investors are counted as losers, in higher Holy terms. Sports teams and fans on the bench are so counted too. If you could take the best stock and the best team, and put them together forever, and also an important key that with them add great people, then it would start to be similar to the Kingdom Of Heaven. Charity of the frail woman giving a couple of her last pennies to the Church accomplishes all of that, all of the stocks and teams, even the best of the best. Talk about how to leap in faith properly, yet here observe the power her tiny money amount did, in her giving charitably. Even King of Kings and Lord of Lord Jesus Christ did notice respectfully [respecting the selfless charity, rather than the bodies: the amount of money, or the person, save that person did that charity though in grace (reference Jesus Christ did it, Jesus Christ is love and the source of love and all the created and the unseen higher)].

    Where is this high Holy money?: it is in the spirit, that is, it is in the Holy Spirit of giving. That is where the leverage power of money is. Cash in hand, outwardly flowing such as to you, for you, yet if you are worthy in the mind of Jesus Christ. It is in the Mind Of Jesus Christ to be Married to all [One in proper leadership] properly, meaning not to possess spouses, rather to free. To be proper independent [as if gods, rather] God yet of One Mind. Anywhere you go in the Universe, One would find it is the same as if [I meaning] One had built it. One properly would know every detail even if One had never been there before. One would be of the One Mind of the great I AM of Genesis, so One would know all done in the past, to get to that understood point. Therefore One would know the creating of creation and the result more than paradigms and parameters, yet even the smallest details of the future [including money].

    Dr. Mike Murdock explained the money tie with the Holy Spirit. He also explained that he was on a trip to a far away place and God got money to him, so he knew wherever he was, God could do it. To extrapolate within that same methodology, if in the future, then Dr. Mike Murdock would be able to get money from God. Scientists speak of time warps, so if in the past, so too, God could provide money in the past.

    Did you hear what was just said?, if so, then as proven from on high (reference PCS / ICCDBB and affiliates), if you have no money you can suddenly have it all or plenty, at any moment from the past, and even tied to your own past works, though not devilishly, rather through Jesus Christ only.

    Not only where you give money, yet also when you give money is important from on high (reference INSP).

    If you have a need and want money, where should you go? [to hell?, no;] you should go to the highest Kingdom, lest your amount received be insufficient, and lest you be counted among the many losers in the world.

    So this is an important key to money, more important than time investments: to get money properly, is to first have a proper need.

    INSP could not provide me with money [per it's 90 day worldly Test 2] because it could not provide me with proper need (see update to ICCDBB Sermon: Walk on Water [link to ICCDBB Main Page]).

    Consider that a swimmer wears a small lightweight suit, since if they wore a winter coat they might drown. If you give a swimmer a treasure chest full of gold, they drown per se, unless they are on the beach, unless they are prepared of God, unless they are in the moment appropriate to their situation [hardly the situation of others, save God].

    My situation is not that I rely on INSP. My situation is that INSP rely on me, because I rely on Jesus Christ already and need not INSP [save I want INSP for Jesus Christ too, yet in due course, properly (reference above discussions of golden "elephants")]. In other words, what I offered to INSP and to all and for all for the greater glory of Jesus Christ properly was greater than the importance of what INSP offered, superseding the INSP giving, not to trump INSP, rather to do uniquely best for God, something you can do also, and something INSP can do, and it is the same unique thing Jesus Christ wants and did and does.

    I wrote to former President George W. Bush of it and he replied with thanks though did not follow through and got into trouble. I wrote to President Barack Obama, and he too has the GodMath Testament, though there is much more, much greater since that 2005 book: there is far greater proper leaping including over key security matters not discussed here nor elsewhere, and with the paradigm shift I no longer pursue any of that in the worldly perspective. INSP was key, as I had told the US Presidents, but INSP would not. It was to change the world, rather than just convert some relative few people as previously. The evidence (Test 2) is that the world is not yet ready. If I had forced INSP by law which was an option open to me (see above references to INSP patterns of illegal activities), then it would hardly have been by grace and would have been under legal compulsion [save allowing for exceptions: toward mutual benefit, but if so then PCS by law, yet rather PCS is for proper guidance over law].

    No, money is not a blessing to me at this time, rather the wisdom. Be careful how you hear, if the wisdom was for less purpose, then wisdom on how to earn money. Rather seek the higher wisdom. In higher wisdom is leverage control and greater, even creation (reference also similar above large words on past control to have money currently).

    If to seek the highest Kingdom of riches for reason of proper need [such as to save everyone through the right plan you happen to figure-out via the Hand Of God at work in you], then consider what God said in the Book Of Acts Chapter 7:

    and that means similar to driving a car, you are not to fall asleep at the wheel, rather you are to pay attention, even to all things as much as possible, yet rather to the one most important thing.

    Pray in your heart with your eyes open until empowered properly from on high, and that is toward not only leaping, yet rather toward leaping properly, as proper logic reveals the mysteries of God through proper faith and defines whether the leaping is proper leaping or wrongful jumping to conclusions without proper legal basis hence under law. Rather than dwelling too much on asking for help, give help, though leave not the other undone from time to time and situation to situation in Christ, as appropriate.

    Above is shown "Heaven", the place for God to rest, though your living and the living of people is currently a journey rather than a destination already achieved. Therefore God has nowhere to rest his head [save in Jesus Christ, yet per se] save until you become worthy sufficiently in Jesus Christ.

    The journey to the Promised Land is accomplished yet also in Holy PCS GodMath Code Trend is the journey to the higher Zion Promised Land in which there is no turning (reference GodMath discussions of the illustrations on page 260). "Together" as former President Bill Clinton said (see links) was a key. ICCDBB reports in witness now, with the PCS Vehicle For Proper Giving For [The US President And People And Rather For] Jesus Christ "Together" verily we could have bought the higher Zion Promised Land already. It is Biblical. Also logic of the methodolgies of experts has proven already proven the points throughout the entirety [similar to what was done in Japan, under Japanese pertinent laws, only this PCS was constructed for the US (reference the Golden Rule)].

    Currently INSP continues to have free choice [and some of my money, unless already spent], though here is a warning, others or law might not be as forgiving as ICCDBB (see above ABC discussion).

    Under law it could be said that INSP should not talk unless it knows what it is talking about, and this is true to an extent not to be left undone especially when much power is wielded. Yet of grace Jesus Christ wants people to enlighten those less enlightened, and also to wisely come to Jesus Christ in the Kingdom and in the Holy of Holies.


    Updated August 30, 2009 [the above "Mind Control" link as it's been called, was updated today too], this is the 4th day after the INSP Test request [for 90 days], yet Jesus Christ rose on the 3rd day. This and worldly [INSP] cyclical patterns, and rather the proper Holy Trend Will be discussed today below, that is, literally in worldly terms and also rather on high in Biblical terms: in proper priority. But because this page was to give INSP a 90 day chance, with a little grace added [a few days, not many] that INSP might redeem itself through freewill charity, it is now pertinent to state the following:

    INSP has headed backward. Greater than evidence, in fact INSP numbers were chosen by INSP in increasingly delayed time from seed to harvest from [INSP should have preached John 4.38, hence from within 1 day to] 58 days to 90 days. INSP has preached anti-Christianity.

    Yet hardly under law and rather for Jesus Christ, goodly Christians can even use the devil as a delivery for Godly purpose. There is a higher reasoning concerning cycle duration patterns, but don't fall into any of the many traps out there. There will come barriers and tests in the world, yet use them for good and do not follow after wrongful divers' plans. There is a righteous, higher Way to live, even including diving on missions for others, and INSP has some of this, yet needs far more to get back in the righteousness direction as the above Testing has proven.

    INSP said "prove God", yet ICCDBB and others have already done so, it is no longer necessary to do so again, and can be dangerous; but INSP sinfully failed [again] to give any such warning.

    Youngsters often appear careless, though clearly to properly be leaders requires the key of properly learning responsibility [though chance happens to each and all, as evidenced in INSP / Test Results. Furthermore if a person causes hardship [including a leader], there is the matter of proper accountability. INSP said it routinely talks with the Holy Spirit, so INSP should ask about these matters and what to do lest the people of INSP perish in hell for being against Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was [is] accountable (John 18.8).

    In this regard, Test #2, requested by INSP has not such proper charity accountability, though yielded hope. The Book of Moroni Chapter 10 verse 20 explains "Wherefore, there must be faith; and if there must be faith there must also be hope; and if there must be hope there must also be charity." The result finding is that INSP lacks suitably reasonable faith in Jesus Christ. Also in worldly terms a [normal (see above methodology criteria)] mature adult, particularly if raised in a land where Biblical teachings are found, reasonably should not be so far behind.

    But that's just the tip of the iceberg, since the Holy unseen is greater than the seen in the world.

    In higher pertinence are the following details. No man hath seen God at any time (first part of John 1.18). Even though Adam saw and physically wrestled with Him, even though Moses met with him often, even though High Priests went into [smoke filled] tents with Him, and even though a man saw God (Ether 3.6), the more important Biblical part clearly is that the unseen of prioritizing is more important, not leaving the seen undone: proper faith (ibid.).

    You [if normal] have heard faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. In GodMath: Faith = Hearing x Word.

    This site page concerns money [and higher], so here is a similar GodMath formula: Faith = Hope x Charity.

    What INSP wrongly tried to do was Faith = INSP x Charity. It was appropriate for many lost souls, but it is not appropriate [nor Biblical] for more advanced Christians, such as those using The Book Of Mormon or higher. If INSP is to speak to the public per TV, then INSP must be legally accountable to the public, not just part of the public.

    In this higher pertinence, as stated days ago (see above discussion on hide a penny to see if it makes interest), money is not simply about time, even though INSP would have you believe otherwise at least at times. Money is also about faith. That includes faith in proper people, properly for Jesus Christ.

    John 1.4 explains "In him was life; and the life was the light of men.", or Life = Light x Men.

    So if you find bank owners that are Christian, it is hereof recommended to bank with them in preference over others, as they go above and beyond the call of duty [law]. Yet be careful how you hear, INSP is similar, even as we witness it wrongly going to hell. Compare the current economic situation, yet that you not lose and instead gain charitably rather my strength I hereof impart to you, wisely distinguish highest unselfish Christian leadership.


    Updated September 4, 2009, INSP had said get at least one Mentor, and of the Mentors I claimed and financed, only one resulted in any money at all, but concerning the pile of his checks I have on hold for various purposes and various times to cash, the Mentor asked me to not cash them and instead bear with him longer (Luke 8.18). It was something to which I had not agreed though he and his family have been suffering disasters and health problems.

    I didn't want to do this [worldly] Testing as I stated above, but INSP insisted, and now they are stuck with their disappointing results for the greater ICCDBB honor and glory of One Holy Jesus Christ God.


    INSP said this was to "Test God" and that the Holy Spirit told them to tell people to preach it; so in summary of the evidentiary findings and in factual results as much as reasonable under scientific methodology and law [including the Ten Commandments, and the Golden Rule], the conclusion is that INSP committed fraud, using it's unproven reasoning "Test God for 90 days" preaching claim to defraud people of money.

    During this time ICCDBB had found INSP has a pattern of lying including on TV and in books contrary to the Bible and law, evidently to deceive people to get their money, per se. In so doing there has been no evidence of remorse even when specifically pointed-out to INSP. Their acting on TV continues as it had.

    A significant amount of time after-the-fact was given in this Test #2 by ICCDBB to INSP, in case there was a late mail delivery or similar, that INSP have no excuse if found counted as in sin, which is the case.

    Now I do have hopes and expectations of great wealth, though due to circumstances [including the Test #1 failure after-the-fact] of the INSP patterns as evidenced of intentional fraud, misleading information, and falsehoods, there is no reasonable legal cause as far as this person has found (see above juror reasoning methodology criteria essential as a parameter prior to this Testing).

    In final analysis INSP is as a second grader being tested as to whether to qualify to pass into third grade, but then the second grader suffering severe sickness including brain impairment so as to be cause to send the second grader back past first grade, past kindergarten, and into nursery [or a state institution where criminals are censured and detained].

    INSP is given a score of 0%.

    INSP is given the rating: Failed.

    Worldly tests are not always appropriate. Money answers all things, though sometimes the answer to money is no. Lest you too be under laws, as INSP wanted, reasonably have times of higher cause for Jesus Christ to say no to money offers. Consider how people would not give for the sake of people when INSP asked, but for personal profit [in this Testing circumstance per se] the people invested.

    Let this be wisdom in you, people per INSP sinfully placed the value of money over the value of people, devoid of any warning guidance from INSP [(see above people in faith of the Third Testament or more advanced) then such counted as if sin].

    Because INSP laws do not perfect, the rating was zero [if you would rather properly be perfect, read the following].

    Those INSP sins leaderships being the case, in higher PCS faith, it is reasoned that evidently INSP was obeying Satan, devils, business selfishness or similar toward confusion, instead of obeying Jesus Christ.

    Finally, rather in worldly Testing, rather in God given PCS, the rating of zero was too high, since I am far worse-off now than prior to this INSP Test #2.

    In worldly summation as per INSP requests, Test #1 was 98% [though INSP failed later] and Test #2 was 0%.

    98 + 0 = 98.

    98 / 2 Tests = 49% overall: Failed.


    The above Get Rich Quick, Prove God Sermon is listed on Page 12 of the ICCDBB Sermons.

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