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My Journey

Our Path

A Witches Place
Ayla's Awakening

Hail and well met. I am grateful for your arrival and hope to touch and stimulate your mind, heart, and spirit. In this journey that we are all undertaking, let us share the burdens. Perhaps I have learned that which you may use. Perhaps you have knowledge for me. Let us walk together.

Addendum: It has been two years since I have paid any attention to these pages, and for this I apologize. I'll get right to work!! 5/22/01

Bodacciea - Here you will find information on She who once carried the name, and on He who carried this proud name for a time, and still wears it occasionally. Plus the Path of that I have been engaged upon

Runemal - Here is information on Runes, their definitions, how to cast them, how to make your own, and how to bind them to you.

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