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Bodacciea-(Then) Was the Queen of the Iceni people in what is present day Norfolk and Suffolk Counties in England. Her husband was King Prastutagas. King Prastutagas died in 62bc, and Queen Bodacciea assumed the throne.

Roman soldiers came soon after her husbands death and seized half of her land and holdings which was in keeping with Roman law at the time. It was a type of inheritance tax which applied only to non-Roman citizens.

Bodacciea, wishing to keep the peace, submitted to the Romans wishes. Soon after however, the Romans "suggested" that she marry a Roman Nobleman and give up her throne in the name of joining the two peoples in friendship. This Bodacciea refused to do.

Bodacciea and her two daughters(approx. ages 8 and 12) were literally dragged before the Roman govenor. In the town square, in front of the Iceni Nobles and people, Bodacciea was tortured and beaten, while she was forced to watch as her two young daughters were repeatedly raped by the Roman soldiers.

When these atrocities were finished, Bodacciea's Nobles were enslaved and she was allowed to return home, as the Romans believed that she would never defy them again.

Bodacciea gathered the Iceni and surround tribes together and destroyed the Roman colony of Camulodinum (Colchester), then sacked the town of Londonium (London), and proceeded to the town of Veralanium (St.Albans), which she sacked and burned as well. According to the Roman historian Tacitus, Bodacciea killed more than 70,000 Romans in the process.

The Roman govenor gathered what troops he had left (facing 6 to 1 odds), and advanced against Bodacciea. Roman discipline and tactis held true to their reputation, and Bodacciea was defeated despite having numeric superiority.

Rather than be captured by the Romans, Bodacciea killed herself and her daughters by taking poison. The Great Warrior Queen, Bodacciea, died in 60bc.

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