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I knew you twice, once long ago

When I was 5 I spent a few minutes playing with a girl about my age when my mother visited her house. We didn't say much, but we laughed and played and enjoyed being with each other. I never saw her again but the memory lingers, all these years later. I still want to go back and play more.

This is a list of all the girls I've met who left memories behind. Each is different, no two are the same, yet all share something in me. I felt various degrees of being accepted, welcome, wanted, enjoyed.

I thank them and bless them for being alive. I don't know if anyone wants to share memories but I'm curious so I welcome contact. I'm not actively searching but this way there's a chance a search engine would find enough to bring someone if they were looking. In time I will write out my memories and let them lay.

In 1964 I lived in Palo Alto California, and I recall briefly visiting a home where a brown haired girl my age played under a table with some sort of cloth making a kind of tent. She's the first girl I remember remembering.

In 1965 we moved to nearby Menlo Park, where we lived at 1037 Del Norte. Gail Claggett lived a few houses down and in first grade at James Flood we were best friends. I last saw her when delivering a present for her 10th birthday, July 1968 I think.

Later I went to Peninsula School and there was a girl there who liked me, and though I liked her I've forgotten her name. Her father was known as "Stu" and taught woodshop. I was invited for dinner once where we had artichokes. There was a tall dark wood carving of a human fugure in the dining room.

At school there were two girls who I thought didn't like me, Rachel and Gretchen. Next door lived the Hopkins, and while Alex was out and about, his sister Chindy was almost never out.

All these names and details subject to 40 years of memory distortion. I completed 2nd grade in Santa Rosa at Proctor Terrace, then began 3rd grade in Paradise CA. I don't recall anyone from that time, though I remember places and events.

Grandma Williams took me to a two week Christian Summer camp somewhere in the Northern California woods, where I made friends with Fran Vogt of Orland CA. July 1967?

Unlisted for lack of data: late 68, 69 or 70? In Santa Rosa on Magowan St, a girl last name Zorger. I saw her only once or twice but she made an impression.
Frances from that place on the way to Forestville should go on the list, sad I didn't know how to make more time to get to know her, but she didn't call, I didn't call, by the time I thought of her again I was in another state and had lost her number. One sad among many.

long distance country girl = Mona Hunegarth
Phoenix, circa 1982/84: Margaret, the fan girl
and her friend Susan, who was really nice and liked me more than Margaret, only I was foolish and didn't realize it. Sorry Susan, my loss.
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Since writing the intitial text for this page I've thought more about it but have been unable to reflect that here. Each person is a precious spirit, regardless of my level of awareness. Some make it easier to see the best in them. Some jewels sparkle and shine. Some reflect brilliantly. Gracias.

This page has moved to California to find itself.

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