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Family History
from Peter Koefoed & Emma Berman

Family History notes here.

curev: 04:10 PDT Mon 17 March 2008
Fixed Homepage link to MY Homepage instead of Angelfire.

curev: 13:00 PDT Mon 25 July 2005
This is the main page for all the personal history pages. These pages are interdependent and are being fleshed out as quickly as I can get it done. Long hours at the keyboard are taking a toll on my shoulder muscles! But it's cool to see the work done. Many lists and notes exist in simple text documents and can be translated to HTML fairly quickly. Currently still learning in Angelfire's basic editor but I shall soon move on to a HTML editing program such the Netscape editor recommended by my dear FM. meantime, tanks lotski!

your visit appreciated
Page First Up 05:25 Wed 20 July 2005

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