That '70s Show - Episode List - Season Four

Season Four

77. September 25, 2001: It's A Wonderful Life

When Eric wishes that he and Donna had never gotten together, an angel appears and shows Eric what life would be like if the relationship hadn't happened.

78. September 26, 2001: Eric's Depression

Eric's so depressed over the break-up with Donna that he spends all his time curled up in bed. Neither his parents nor his friends' efforts succeed in cheering him up.

79. October 2, 2001: Pinciotti Vs. Forman

Both still hurting from their break-up, Eric and Donna fight over 'custody' of their friends. And when Red starts spending time with Pastor Dave, Kitty hopes he won't do anything to ruin this new friendship.

80. October 9, 2001: Hyde Gets a Girl

Hyde's upset when he discovers that the gang has thrown a party for the sole purpose of finding him a girlfriend.

81. October 16, 2001: Bye-Bye Basement

Hyde moves back in with the Formans when his dad leaves again. Eric is horrified when Kitty announces her plan to redecorate the basement and proceeds to hire contractors. He's even more horrified when Donna takes her side. And Fez signs up for ballet classes to meet girls.

82. November 6, 2001: The Relapse (1)

When Midge leaves home for good, Red and Kitty try to help Bob through his denial. At Kitty's request, Eric takes a casserole next door and ends up having sex with Donna. And Kelso teaches Fez the fine art of finding love in the supermarket.

83. November 13, 2001: Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (2)

Donna and Eric go out on a non-date to the Pricemart Ball. Fez gets a job at Fotohut, but he becomes so efficient that Hyde wishes he'd go away. And Bob meets an intriguing woman when he makes his first solo visit to the supermarket.

84. November 20, 2001: Donna's Story

Eric gets upset when Donna publishes a story in the school paper that echoes their relationship. Red and Kitty go to Bob's for dinner, and Red clashes with Bob's new lady friend. And Eric decides to retaliate by writing his own story.

85. November 21, 2001: The Forgotten Son

Eric's world is rocked when Red shoots a Pricemart training film and casts Kelso as the lead. In Midge's absence, Donna and Kitty become friends, which makes Eric even more unhappy. And Leo gets news of an inheritance and becomes a benefactor to Hyde and Fez.

86. November 27, 2001: Red and Stacey

When Red tries to get a date for Eric with the new Pricemart cashier, he's embarrassed to learn that she has a crush on him. Fez asks Big Rhonda out on a date, and Donna and Jackie volunteer to give her a make-over.

87. December 11, 2001: Third Wheel

When Hyde picks up a girl during a guys-only bowling night, Eric gets upset. Donna likes Bob's new girlfriend but wishes she didnít have to hear about their sex life. And everyone at church thinks Redís responsible when Pastor Dave announces his resignation.

88. December 18, 2001: An Eric Forman Christmas

Kitty volunteers Eric to direct the church Christmas pageant, and his friends give him nothing but grief. Kelso also gets grief from the gang about his love of children's TV Christmas specials.

89. January 8, 2002: Jackie Says Cheese

Both Red and Eric are mortified when Eric catches Red rummaging in his dresser drawers. When Jackie's dad gives an ultimatum, drop Kelso or lose your allowance, Jackie opts for love, but is then forced to look for work.

90. January 22, 2002: Eric's Hot Cousin

When Eric's cousin Penny, who he tormented when they were children, comes for a visit, he's dazzled by how beautiful she's become. When Kitty wants to adopt a stray cat, Red buys her a goldfish instead. And Donna and Jackie fall asleep under the sunlamp with painful results.

91. February 5, 2002: Tornado Prom

A tornado is headed toward Point Place just as the Snow Prom gets underway. It's a strange night indeed as Eric and Donna party with Aerosmith, Jackie gets blown away to Oz and Fez thinks he may finally lose his virginity.

92. February 5, 2002: Donna Dates A Kelso

Eric is named Point Place High's most eligible guy, Jackie tries to help out Donna by fixing her up with Michael's brother Casey. And Red gets the last laugh when Bob tries to buy the Corvette convertible that Red's had his eye on.

93. February 12, 2002: Kelso's Career

Desperate to earn money for Jackie's Valentine present, Kelso sells his 'love nectar' at a cryobank. Eric's dumbfounded when Red says he loves him. And Fez buys Valentine candy for Rhonda, but eats it all himself.

94. February 19, 2002: Leo Loves Kitty

Jackie's hurt and angry when Michael takes a job as a department store model. Fez loses control of Hyde's El Camino during a driving lesson, and Leo lands in the hospital. And Leo falls in love with his nurse who happens to be Kitty Forman.

95. February 26, 2002: Jackie's Cheese Squeeze

When Eric sees Jackie and Todd kissing at the cheese store, he realizes he has the perfect ammunition to make Jackie's life miserable. And Kitty's unhappy, because she's becoming a Corvette widow.

96. March 19, 2002: Class Picture

The gang recalls scenes from their past as they wait for their class picture to be taken.

97. March 26, 2002: Prank Day

After being tortured by some of Kelso's pranks, Eric, Hyde and Fez swear revenge. But the real trouble starts when Kelso escapes and Red becomes the victim of the guys' prank.

98. April 9, 2002: Eric's Corvette Caper

When Red and Kitty go out of town, Eric, defying Red's orders, goes joyriding in the Corvette with a girl he's trying to impress.

99. April 23, 2002: Hyde's Birthday

The gang tries to steal a street sign for Hyde, who insists on no party for his 18th birthday. But that doesn't stop Kitty.

100. April 30, 2002: That '70s Musical

Fez, who has had to contend with a bitter, unpleasant music teacher, is devastated when he thinks the gang isn't coming to see his performance in the school musical.

Special #1 - April 30, 2002: That '70s Special

101. May 7, 2002: Eric's False Alarm

Eric's upset when he learns from Fez that Casey and Donna are going to a motel that night. Kelso begins stalking Jackie when he thinks she's cheating on him. And Bob starts to move too fast with Joanne when his divorce becomes final.

102. May 14, 2002: Everybody Loves Casey

Kelso dumps Jackie, Rhonda dumps Fez and Eric threatens to kick Casey's ass if he ever hurts Donna

103. May 21, 2002: Love, Wisconsin Style

Donna and Casey split, Eric refuses to be anyone's second choice, Jackie and Kelso get back together and two of the gang decide it's time to get out of town for a while.

Special #2 - That '70s KISS Show

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