Season Five

104. September 17, 2002: Going To California

Eric goes to California against his parents' wishes to ask Donna to come home, and Kelso's found a California girl, who's up for anything except having sex.

105. September 24, 2002: I Can't Quit You Babe

Eric and Donna think their senior year is ruined when Bob enrolls Donna in Catholic high school and Red takes away the Vista Cruiser. When Eric and Donna catch Jackie and Hyde making out, Donna says Kelso has to be told. If Jackie won't tell him, Donna will.

106. October 29, 2002: What Is And What Should Never Be (1)

Kitty drops a bomb by announcing she's pregnant, while Kelso feels as if a bomb has been dropped on him when he sees Hyde and Jackie kissing.

107. October 29, 2002: Heartbreaker (2)

Kitty gets startling news from the doctor, her parents arrive from Phoenix and Kelso and Hyde sort out their differences.

108. November 12, 2002: Ramble On

Eric's and Donna's relationship is strained when she buys him a gaudy, ugly ring that he hates on sight. And Fez applies for a job at the DMV with surprising results.

109. November 19, 2002: Over The Hills And Far Away

When Bob insists that Donna check out Marquette while Eric's looking at UW, Eric's worried that going to separate colleges will be bad for their relationship. And Jackie's also worried when she can't get a promise from Hyde that he'll be faithful, even for a single weekend.

110. November 26, 2002: Hot Dog

Eric goes shopping for a special present for Donna. And Red brings Kitty a present too-a puppy to distract her from her menopausal mood swings.

111. December 3, 2002: Thank You

It's Thanksgiving, and with everyone at dinner, including Kitty's mom and dad, Eric thinks it's a perfect time to announce his engagement to Donna.

112. December 10, 2002: Black Dog

When Jackie's dad is sent to prison, she's heartbroken when Hyde has no comforting words for her. Kelso's having trouble accepting the fact that Hyde and Jackie are together. And Fez finds romance at the DMV.

113. December 17, 2002: The Crunge

Eric takes drastic measures when he learns that everyone in the gang, including Kelso, has higher SAT scores.

114. January 7, 2003: The Girl I Love

Kitty throws a dinner party so Fez can introduce Nina to the gang, but the event turns into a battle of wills between the sexes.

115. January 22, 2003: Misty Mountain Hop

It's a comedy of errors when the Formans and Donna volunteer to help Jackie move out of her ski cabin the same weekend that Hyde, Fez and Kelso have sneaked in for a beer drinking weekend.

116. January 29, 2003: Your Time Is Gonna Come

Annette shows up from California, and Jackie has to deal with her feelings about Kelso's new girlfriend. Kitty's dad passes away, and Kitty faces her own grief and issues with her mother.

117. February 5, 2003: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You

Hyde's depressed that Jackie still seems to have feelings for Michael. Annette's not happy either, because Kelso seems to still be attached to Jackie. And Kitty takes to her bed, because she feels her mother doesn't love her.

118. February 12, 2003: When The Levee Breaks

Eric and Donna spend the weekend playing house while Bob's away, but Eric has to lie to his parents to do it. And Kitty accidentally finds out that Eric's been keeping something else a secret.

119. February 19, 2003: Whole Lotta Love

Red shows his disapproval of the engagement by giving Eric the silent treatment. Kelso tries to undermine Hyde by giving Jackie a beautiful sweater for her birthday. And Fez loses his virginity at last!

120. February 26, 2003: The Battle of Evermore

Kitty enters Red and Eric in a father/son competition at a local festival in hopes this will help them stop fighting and do some bonding. And Leo leaves town but not without leaving Hyde something to remember him by.

121. March 12, 2003: Hey, Hey What Can I Do?

When Red and Kitty withdraw their offer of college tuition, Eric goes to the job fair looking for work. And when Kelso discovers a gray hair, he's forced to re-think his future plans.

122. March 26, 2003: Bring It On Home

When it's revealed that, in her parents' absence, Jackie's been staying in the basement with Hyde, it becomes a project to find a home for Jackie. And Fez finally meets Nina's parents who prove to be a great disappointment.

123. April 2, 2003: No Quarter

Jackie moves in with Donna and immediately starts driving her insane. Eric gets a note from the jeweler: pay up or return the engagement ring. And Kelso takes a job at the hotel kitchen giving Hyde the opportunity to torture him.

124. April 9, 2003: Trampled Under Foot

Fez is blindsided when Nina tells him she needs some space. And when the gang says they're bored with just hanging out together day after day, Kitty suggests maybe they need some new friends.

125. April 16, 2003: You Shook Me (1)

Fez's world is turned upside down when he has a sexy dream-about Kelso. Eric gets a job in a dog food factory and brags that now he's free to marry Donna. And Hyde gives Jackie an ultimatum-no more spending time alone with Kelso.

126. April 23, 2003: Nobody's Fault But Mine (2)

Kelso can't believe his good luck when he discovers that Hyde has cheated on Jackie. Fez can't believe his bad luck when Mitch from school hears about Fez's Kelso sex dream. And Laurie comes home after a long absence.

127. May 7, 2003: That Immigrant Song

Kitty flips out when Red has a change of heart and tells Eric and Donna that they can leave with his blessing. A fall from the water tower leads to a brief truce between Kelso and Hyde. And Fez gets busted as he vandalizes the water tower for a senior prank.

128. May 14, 2003: Celebration Day

The kids and Laurie go camping for one final blowout, oversleep and miss graduation. Hyde and Kelso demand that Jackie choose between them once and for all. And Fez is heartbroken that he has to leave America.

All season 5 episode titles are titles of Led Zeppelin songs.

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