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Mega Man Anniversary Collection

Game: Mega Man Anniversary Collection-System: GCN/PS2-release: June 22, 2004

A collection of ten Classic Mega Man games put into one disc: Mega Man 1-8 for NES, Super NES and Playstation, and 2 very rare Arcade games: Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________



There are ten Mega Man games on this disc:

  • Mega Man
  • Mega Man 2
  • Mega Man 3
  • Mega Man 4
  • Mega Man 5
  • Mega Man 6
  • Mega Man 7
  • Mega Man 8
  • Mega Man: The Power Battle
  • Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    The NES games on this collection are ports of the Rockman Complete Works versions, which was released for the PS1 in Japan. The graphics, story, gameplay, sound, etc. are pretty much the same as the original NES versions, so you can check the pages for those games for more info. This page lists the differences and unique features of this collection.

    Navi Mode (Mega Man 1-6 only):

    You need to turn this on first (Go to the Options room). By turing this mode on, this will give you some new features and redone enhanced features not available in the original versions:

  • By pressing Start when a flashing "!" appears, you can get Game Hints.
  • For Mega Man 1-3, the weapon sub-screens have been completely revamped. Some enhancements include all weapons and items on one screen instead of two (Just like the latter three games), the full names for each weapon and item, etc.
  • Beat or Eddie (what character appears depends on what game you're playing) will show up, pointing out the best routes.
  • Energy meters have been updated. Now they show the number of lives Mega Man currently has, the number of shots available to the current weapon in use, etc. Very similar to Mega Man 8.
  • Mega Man 1-3 feature some remixed music, mostly taken from Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters and not all the music in these three games are remixed. Mega Man 4-6 feature fully remixed soundtracks from Rockman Complete Works. These music remixes (Including the ones for 1-3) are available in the PlayStation 2 and XBox versions only.

    Other (Mega Man 1-6 only):

  • By pressing start, you can open a menu with a plethora of new options including the current Password (2-6 only), options to reset the game and exit the game, etc. Depending on the game, you can also view a color coded Map of every level (This is talked about in the Navi Mode hints), and view the amount of time you have been playing.
  • Press Y to rapid fire.
  • Press X to slide, or jump or to climb down a ladder depending on your situation.
  • You can now press the L or R buttons to switch weapons and use the C-Stick in certain games to switch adapters.

    As for the other 4 games, they're pretty identical to the originals without many changes. Keep in mind, though, like 1-6 you can either Save your game or use Passwords and the difficulty setting you find in the options room work for Mega Man 7 as well. You can also now save your scores in the two arcade games to your Memory Card if you want. Mega Man 7's ending credits also has quite a few major changes which will be listed below in the future. Other than these, though, everything is the same. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

    Frequently Asked questions


    Which version is the better buy?

    Since the two are pretty similar, I recommend just getting the version for what system you have. But if you have both, then you might want to think about the controls. The controls in the GameCube version are reversed, meaning the B button is Jump, and A is shoot, but some say it's slightly more responsive. The PS2 version has the classic feel, with X being jump, and Square being shoot, but some say the controls are slightly less responsive (Though I found both versions to be pretty responsive). The PS2 version has remixed music soundtracks and a Mega Man cartoon episode. There is little intrest in the cartoon episode, so most people just think about the controls, the PS2 versions remixes and the GameCube versions Interview. So both have their ups and downs. So it's your choice.

    Any differences between the two?

    Some. For a complete list of differences, Click here.
    . ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________



    After a Robot Master has been defeated, your game will Auto-Save. In Mega Man 1-7, you have an option to save your game. You will, of course, need a Memory Card to save. Saving a game, however, will not remember anything more than the original Passwords do. A Memory Card is required for:

    *Saving your progress in Mega Man 1

    *Saving your progress in Mega Man 8 (Stages completed, bolts collected, etc.)

    *Accessing Mega Man: The Power Battle and Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters.

    *Saving your records in MM: The Power Battle and MM2: The Power Fighters.

    *Accessing and saving your unlockable Secrets.

    Information on unlocking features is listed below. You will need to have a Memory Card inserted. After completing a requirment below, you will also need to let the game Auto-Save again before you can earn the unlockable. So either defeat another Robot Master, or kill yourself, then the game will Auto-Save, and your unlockable Secret is yours.

    Note (Mega Man 2-7): Remember, Passwords still work. Of course, you can save, but saving a game won't remember any more than Passwords. Saving your game will save your Password. When you select Load Game from the MMAC Menu, the game checks to see if a Memory Card is inserted into your console. If there is one inserted, your passwords for MM 2-7 are loaded, so saving in Mega Man 2-7 just makes things easier by not requiring you to write down a Password and entering it. So, a Memory Card isn't required for those games, just required if you don't feel like wrting them down and entering them again. In Mega Man 2-6, access the the Menu screen by pressing Start/Pause (Select for PS2 owners). If you don't have a Memory Card or for some reason just plain feel like writing them down and entering them, the current password is shown on this screen, so you no longer have to kill yourself off if you want to know what the current Password is (Though you still can if you want).

    Play the NES games in their original form

    To play the NES games in their original NES form, then do this:

  • 1.Go to the options room.
  • 2.Once in the options room, enter the "GAMEPLAY OPTIONS" door.
  • 3.Turn Navi Mode OFF. By turning it off:

  • You will get the original energy meters
  • The weapon sub-screens will be the original sub-screens
  • You won't get any Game Hints
  • Beat and Eddie won't show up to point the best routes
  • The graphics flickers from the NES originals will be present

    Also, make sure the difficulty setting is set to Normal, and the Starting Lives is 3.

  • 3.Let the game save.
  • 4.Next, remove your Memory Card (Do not remove it until the game finishes saving. Wait until the blue text box disappears). By doing this, the blue text box that appears when the game checks to see if a memory card is inserted and when the game Auto-Saves will not appear.
  • 5.Go to the main screen and enter the "START GAME" door.
  • 6.Enter the "NEW GAME" door.
  • 7.Play any NES game (Mega Man 1-6).

    Since you will be playing the NES games as if they were being played on an NES, you're are limited to entering passwords and you cannot save in Mega Man 1. Now, enjoy the true trip down memory lane! ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________



    On the main screen, there are three doors. The third one is the Secrets. A red light goes in and out at first, obviously meaning it is locked. If you unlock at least one thing, the door can be entered. Here is a list of the Secrets and how to unlock them:

  • Defeat Elecman (Mega Man): Unlock "Atomic Planet Entertainment Credits".

  • Defeat Metal Man (Mega Man 2): Unlock "Picture Set 1" (Artwork)

  • Defeat Crash Man (Mega Man 2): Unlock "Homage to Mega Man" (Remixed music track-Remix of various Mega Man GameBoy title screen tunes)

  • Complete Mega Man 2: Unlock "Wily's Revenge" (Remixed music track-Remix of Mega Man 7's final battle music)

  • Defeat Needle Man (Mega Man 3): Unlock Mega Man: The Power Battle (Arcade game)

  • Defeat Skull Man (Mega Man 4): Unlock "Picture Set 2" (Artwork)

  • Defeat Drill Man (Mega Man 4): Unlock "Wily vs. Bass" (Remixed music track-Remix of Bass's music)

  • Complete Mega Man 4: Unlock "Protoman" (Remixed music track-Remix of Protoman's tune, which is Mega Man 3's Ending tune)

  • Defeat Plant Man (Mega Man 6): Unlock "PlantMan" (Remixed music track-Remix of Plant Man's music)

  • Defeat Junk Man (Mega Man 7): Unlock Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters (Arcade game)

  • Defeat Slash Man (Mega Man 7): Unlock "Select Jungle" (Remixed music track-Remix of Mega Man 8's stage select music)

  • Complete Mega Man 7: Unlock "Mega Man Radio Cut" (Remixed music track-Remix of second Dr. Wily stage in Mega Man 7)

  • Defeat Clown Man (Mega Man 8): Unlock "Mega Man's Drum and Bass" (Remixed music track-Remix of the opening music in Mega Man 3)

  • Defeat Astro Man (Mega Man 8): Unlock "Interview" (GameCube version only. Interview with Mega Man creator, Keiji Inafune). "The Beginning" (PS2 only. Episode of American Mega Man cartoon series).

  • Complete Mega Man 8: Unlock "Picture Set 3" (Artwork)

    Unlock the Arcade games a different way:

    Note: This is a cheating method. If you really don't want to go through so many stages trying to get these, then enter these Passwords. Otherwise, don't do it.

    Mega Man: The Power Battle:

    Mega Man's first Arcade game. Released in very limited quantities, now can be played in this collection. Of course, you need to unlock it first. If you want to cheat, and do not want to go through many stages, use this cheat method. Start a new game of Mega Man 3, select the Password option, and enter:

    Blue: A3, B5, D3, F4 Red: A6.

    Now, go to any stage, and kill yourself (Landing on spikes, going down pits. ect. Try Shadow Man's or Gemini Man's stage). Once the game is over, the game will Auto-Save. You now have Mega Man: The Power Battle unlocked.

    Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

    Another way to unlock the very rare sequel to Power Battle is by going to Mega Man 7's Password option, and entering:





    Now, go to any completed stage, and go to the weapon sub-screen by pressing Z (Start if you have the PS2 version). Highlight "NEXT", and go to the second screen. Select "Exit", and let the game Auto-Save. The extremely rare Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters is yours to keep.

    Last updated: June 25, 2005

    Screenshot from The Mega Man Homepage