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Rockman Complete Works

This title was released in 1999 for the PlayStation. It was all 6 NES Mega Man games ported to six seperate discs. This set preserves the original 8-bit graphics, sound, plot, and, for the most part, gameplay of the NES versions. Even though this looks no more than the NES games on the PS1, there are actually some additional features that the original NES versions don't have:

Note: The Rockman Complete Works sets have been ported to the GameCube, PS2, and XBox in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Most of the features from the Complete Works set made it to those releases. Some features, however, did not make it. When a Mega Man game comes to the U.S., I normally remove pages of Japanese versions but this won't happen with the Rockman Complete Works page because some features never made it to the English releases (The Anniversary Collection). So, keep in mind that this page will only list features that never made it to the English releases and that's the only reason why it's still here. This page will be removed if a more complete Mega Man collection comes someday and has all the features the Anniversary Collection has plus the current Japanese exclusives features only in these versions. Please go to the Anniversary Collection page for the other features that were on this page (Such as Navi Mode) that made it to the English releases.

Mega Man 4-6 only:

  • By playing the game and doing certain things, you are awarded points that will unlock parts. One example is a part that allows Mega Man to jump higher than normal.
  • These latter three games feature completely revamped weapon sub-screens (Mega Man 1-3 also have updated sub-screens, but those made it to the Anniversary Collection so it's not listed here).

    All games:

  • There is a Data Base Mode which includes information about the enemies in the games. Keep in mind these need to be unlocked first.
  • These games work with the Pocket Station accessory. There are two versions of all six games: the original and PS1 Books. The PS1 Books versions do not include the Pocket Station features and I ended up getting those versions so I cannot say what you can get by using them. Sorry.
  • There is a Boss Attack Mode. You can battle the bosses in the games and complete the mode as fast as you can to set new records each time you play.