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Homotheosis of Antinous

The religion of Antinous is founded upon the desire to remember a beautiful boy who mysteriously fell into the Nile. This sacred commemoration of his life takes its form according to the soul of the believer, in keeping with his nature.

This reverence can be an external worship of Antinous as a being distinct from the self. In this sense, Antinous is conceived of as a God more perfect, more beautiful, more sacred than the self, deserving of worship, and daily adoration.

His death compels our contemplation. It takes root within our being like an unopened lotus flower. But ceremonial veneration alone cannot open the petals, just as sunlight cannot force a blossoming, without the absorption of water from deep beneath the ground of the soul. The mystery of why Antinous fell into the Nile will forever remain hidden without partaking of the sacrament that drove Antinous to take his dive. This sacrament is the immanent grace that endows us all with the powers of divinity.

Homotheosis is the sacrament of becoming one with Antinous, of not only loving, worshipping and serving His memory, but of opening the petals of the flaming soul, and of the human body in which we are encased, to the living spirit of Antinous. In order to partake of His salvation, one must become the same as Antinous…homogenous, consubstantial, and coeternal.

The perfect beauty of Antinous that so captivated Hadrian and so inspires any who believe, ceases to be an external image against whom the believer is incomparable and inferior. This drawing in of the beatitude of Antinous illuminates the interior self, endowing us with all the radiance, all the subtle qualities, the grace, peace, melancholy, devotion, joy and the willingness to abandon this world in preference for the divine promise of greatest treasure that belongs to Antinous.

Homotheosis, man-godliness, or same-as-godliness, can only be accomplished by a self-inflicted act of faith after the example of Antinous. One must deny this existence of death and decay that is rightfully called transient, and cast the mortal self into the rushing waters of the Nile that flows within the veins and arteries of our true, perfect, interior self. A body that is the same as and as beautiful as the marble flesh of Antinous the God. This is not turning away from life, but turning to it for the very first time, and finding the light of the Unconquered Sun that has always shined within.

This is the mystery of the Bridal Chamber, wherein the Lover and the Beloved are united in a spirit that is more than coexistent, being of one substance. Homotheosis is the blessed state in which Man and God are undifferentiated.

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