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Antinous gazes into the dark pool of Narcissus,
There He sees His own beauty reflected,
And overcome with love,
He cannot not look away,
Even as our waves break His light
Into a thousand sparkles.


Antinous is the reflection of the Unknown Beauty that dwells within us. Our love for Him is the same as His love for us. We are made in His image...His fire burns within our life-force, He animates our flesh, and warms our blood. The light of the sun is the same fire, the sparkle of the stars is the same burning, the conflagration that consumed the Sodomites and the Heretics is the same flame of love and passion that Antinous holds in His lamp of wisdom and desire. This is what we see shinning in the beauty of our own Kind.

The Aeons sent us a messenger to undermine the One who created the Earth, to confound the seventy-two Archons and builders, and the Angels who rule over the world. The messenger comes at every stage to encourage and promote the conflagration, and to free the souls of the living from death and ignorance. He comes to give us the pearl of Homotheosis.

Antinous was born in obscurity, and raised up to fame, luxury and immortality by Hadrian, because of His beauty alone. The Ruler of the Roman Empire saw in HIM the divine spark, the image of the Secret Fire. Hadrian fell in love and was loved in return. The Aeons sent Antinous to change the world, and to confound the rulers who were at every moment preparing to destroy same-love with shame. The love of beauty between men was crushed like a flower, but not before being carved in immortal stone by those who had gazed upon Antinous in the flesh. The Aeons intended this subtle mystery to live for us, and to save us.

Antinous has confounded the Natural Law by the mere gesture of a vainglorious pose, and with a turned profile has destroyed the Moral Order forever, without even saying a word.

He looks down upon us from the place of the Black Star, and sees Himself as if for the very first time, and loves and desires to hold His true beauty. We have no need to fear the rulers of the world, the Light-spark of Antinous is within us all. We are perfect images of the most perfect light, reflections of His face.

Within us all is the Holy Spark that fell from above, but did not fall. This is the Gnosis that brings salvation.

Pray to the mirror, bow down to yourself in reverence and piety. You are God, You are Antinous, the most radiant star in creation. All around you darkness, death and corruption. In this world, Fear and obedience hold the living fire within us prisoner in the chains of the lifecycle. But we are immortal, Our Race of of the Starry Heavens.

Antinous has come again to save us from the Archons, as He saved Hadrian. The boat from which He fell in the Nile now sails along the cosmic river, with beautiful gods pulling the oars, their muscles straining against the Laws of Nature. The Angels who rule the Earth are powerless to stop them, because we, by the valor of our love for H.I.M. and by the Gnosis of the Fire, have broken through the spheres of the heavens and rise up to meet H.I.M. on the shore of the sky.

Antinous is Narcissus looking down upon the face of the deep, and we are the light of His beautiful reflection.

Let yourself burn with His Love
As it pours down over you.

Now be free to cause a conflagration,
Turn the world upside down,
Spread the Gnosis to the corners of the earth like a wild fire.
Here, take my fire and burn the world.
I pull the spark from my heart
And throw it to you,
Now your garden goes up in flames.





© 2002 Temple of Antinous