Something Sweet

Chapter Nine

The chosen two spent the next two days comfortably close and horny as hell. They had so far managed to keep their contact down to just kissing, which had been incredibly hard. They were both finding it extremely difficult to keep their hands off each other.

They had devised ways to occupy their days, mostly with training and doing things to wear themselves out physically. Faith didn’t think she could possibly manage to do any more sit ups at one point.

Their first night wasn’t too bad, having kissed some more and snuggled close; Buffy insisting that Faith actually wear more than just her underwear to curb any temptation. Even though Buffy was shy about touching Faith in a sexual way, she knew her curiosity would probably get the better of her, and she didn’t want that just yet so bedclothes were a must.

Faith wasn’t too keen on wearing the tee shirt she had been told to put on, mumbling something about getting too hot and not minding if Buffy’s hands wandered. But she gave in when she realised it was either that or sleep on the couch.

The second night had been torture, mainly because they had made the mistake of expending some energy by sparring. The line between fighting moves and attempting to rub against each other for the friction had become blurred more than once or twice, or more. They had decided not to sleep as close, but woke up with Buffy sprawled on top of Faith.

It was now early morning and they were preparing themselves for the day ahead stuck in the middle of nowhere together.

“Hey, girlfriend. Get in here and wash my back,” Faith shouted, leaning against the doorframe to the bedroom with only a towel wrapped around her lower body.

Buffy nearly dropped the pan of water she was carrying towards the bath at the sight. Faith winked at her and sauntered back into the bathroom.

They had decided to share a bath, or rather the bath water. Buffy didn’t feel quite ready yet to get too up close and personal with Faith and jump in with her, so she was going to wait until Faith had finished, then get in after. She was having a hard time ignoring Faith’s increased flirting and teasing, but could admit she was also hitting Faith with some back.

The two girls were already driving each other crazy, but they were getting along great. The sexual tension only serving to help them bond more, now they both knew where they stood, and that they were interested in each other in a sexual way.

Before their less than sober clinch and confessions of attraction, the tension between them had always caused a certain amount of friction, and drove a wedge straight down the middle of their friendship. But now, the wedge was gone and both slayers were happy to flirt and tease each other.

Faith had always been a very sexual person, so Buffy guessed she was probably having a harder time keeping her mind on anything other than consummating the discovery of their mutual attraction. She was obviously holding back immensely, especially when they kissed.

Faith loved kissing Buffy though, as hard as it was to keep it on a casual level, there was no way she was going to stop doing it. Even if every time Buffy pulled back, Faith was left breathless and hot as hell.

They had spent hours just sat on the couch kissing softly, then more passionately before realising they would have to either stop or go further. Faith didn’t really mind that they stopped because it was something new to her. She had never been one to hold back before, always going out and getting whatever she wanted. And lots of it. She certainly didn’t want to push Buffy too far too fast though, and make her uncomfortable.

Faith made her way into the bathroom, ready to take a nice hot bath. She slipped the towel from her waist and stepped into the steaming tub of pan boiled lake water. She didn’t mind that it was lake water as it was clean and thankfully devoid of fish. For some reason the taps in the place didn’t work. When they turned them on all they got was various harmonious clanks and rumbles, but no water. The same couldn’t be said for the toilette thankfully.

She knew Buffy wasn’t expecting her to already be sat in the bath in all her glory, waiting for the last top up. She just couldn’t help tormenting Buffy, though. She was no good at being a good girl for too long, as it just didn’t come naturally to her.

“Faith. . .you’re not helping ya know?” Buffy sighed as she entered the bathroom, doing her best not to look at the reclining girl in the bath, which was almost impossible.

Faith was beautiful, and with her sexy body shimmering under droplets of water, there was no way Buffy could avoid looking at her. So she allowed her eyes to wander shyly over the perfect form of the other girl. She blushed as Faith smiled under her scrutiny.

“Why don’t you get in, B? I promise I won’t look. . .much.” Faith sat up a little and wiggled her dark eyebrows at Buffy.

“Faith, I. . .” Buffy looked down at the steaming water, trying her best to stop eyeing up the very naked girl sat in it.

“Come on, you know you’re just dying to get in here with me. Plus, it’ll be cold by the time I’m done,” Faith grinned.

Faith wanted to get Buffy used to her being naked, and used to them being naked together. She guessed if Buffy became more comfortable with that then she would be less embarrassed when it came to the actual touching. Because, as much as she wanted to give Buffy her ‘wait’ time, she was aching to get closer to her.

Even though they had teased each other with a little display in the lake, Buffy still wasn’t completely comfortable with being naked in front of Faith. She didn’t want to be a disappointment.

“Faith, you know I’m not comfortable with things like this. I’m shy,” Buffy confessed as she gave Faith a little cute look. Somewhere in her shimmering green eyes there was a tiny spark of mischief.

“I won’t touch you, B. I just wanna take a bath with ya.” Faith held her hand out to Buffy. “Pour that in and get your cute little ass in here, babe.” She wanted to be able to just look at Buffy, take it all in and know for sure they were headed for more.

Buffy took a deep breath and poured the pan of water into the bath. She looked into the dark pools of Faith’s eyes and knew she was safe with her. Faith wouldn’t ask her to take things further if she wasn’t ready. She wasn’t entirely sure if she was a little disappointed at that fact, secretly loving the idea of Faith getting frisky, and just jumping on her and. . .

“B,” Faith said quietly, her voice dripping in seduction.

“Ok, but I. . .I’m not very. . .” She was going to tell Faith she wasn’t much to look at, because that’s what she felt like alongside the stunning girl.

“Buffy, if you’re gonna say what I think you’re gonna say. . .don’t. You’re gorgeous, and the fact that I wanna get you naked and look at ya, should tell you that you don’t have to worry about what I’m gonna think. I’m attracted to you for so much more than just your witty repartee. Now get the fuck in here,” Faith demanded. She noticed the desire flash across Buffy’s eyes at the playful command.

It made Faith grin wickedly; wondering about the possibilities that lay ahead for them as far as their prospective sex life was concerned.

Buffy looked down at the enticing hot water of the bath again, and the even more enticing hot body of the other slayer, and began to remove her clothes. She slipped her tee shirt off over her head, revealing her pert breasts.

Faith’s eyes darkened in an instant, encouraging Buffy. She pulled her shorts down, taking her underwear with them, blushing under the lust filled stare of the younger girl.

Faith sat cross-legged in the large bath and watched as Buffy slowly got in, sitting at the opposite end to her. She couldn’t take her eyes off Buffy. She was so sweet and sexy all at once, and Faith was just caught in the headlights. She took her time just looking at Buffy. Her obvious fascination with the other girl’s body was clearly embarrassing her though, because Buffy pulled her knees up to her chest, effectively covering herself.

“Sorry, B. I’m creeping ya out here ain’t I? I don’t mean to stare it's just. . .you’re so fucking pretty. I mean, all of ya.” Faith smiled.

Buffy relaxed at that a tad, lowering her knees someway to at least reveal her chest.

“I don’t mean to be so self conscious. I guess I’m just feeling kinda, I dunno. Just, next to you I’m. . .Faith, you’re so beautiful, and you have such a great, sexy body I can’t. . .” Buffy just couldn’t string a sentence together with the gorgeous slayer sat in front of her, entirely happy in the fact that Buffy could see everything.

* * *

She tried to relax as she took in the sight of the naked brunette before her. Buffy gazed at Faith’s perfect teardrop breasts and their dusky nipples that were slightly erect, probably due to the small breeze coming in from the nearby broken window. She licked her lips and allowed her gaze to roam down Faith’s toned stomach, noticing a small scar to the right of her cute little bellybutton.

Then she gazed further down, her breathing becoming more rapid with the knowledge that she was about to catch a good look at Faith’s most intimate place. She quickly glanced up into Faith’s eyes, seeing that the other girl had kind of a half smile going on that suggested she was more than happy for Buffy to take a good look.

Buffy looked back down into the water between Faith’s open thighs. She felt herself getting wet as she sat staring at the trimmed, dark pink pussy on complete show to her with the way the other girl was positioned. Faith only had the tiniest strip of short dark hair covering her pink folds, and Buffy could make out that she was aroused too.

What she could see of the opening to the brunette’s silky passage caused her mind to explode into a crashing flash of images; of pushing her fingers into Faith and fucking her slowly. Touching the slippery walls, and spilling the warm fluids of the other girl out of her tight hole. Stretching her open and filling her deep inside.

“God, Faith. You’re so. . .” Buffy looked back up into Faith’s striking dark eyes. “fucking sexy.” She hadn’t quite meant to sound so crude, but it was true.

She had never seen another girl’s sex so close and just waiting to be touched by her. Wet for her. It frightened her in one respect, but was also the biggest turn on.

Faith smiled at the obvious arousal of the other slayer and sat up more. She trailed her eyes over Buffy’s breasts and their sweet little pink nipples, noticing that they were fairly hard, and that Buffy was being less self-conscious of being looked at than before.

She then moved her perusal down to the small, blonde patch of pubic hair covering the other girl’s pussy. She noticed that Buffy’s legs were moving apart subconsciously as she looked, so she gently placed her hands on Buffy’s knees and encouraged her softly to spread her legs further.

Buffy didn’t freak and allowed her legs to fall apart. Faith let out a quiet moan that caused Buffy to cease worrying so much, and become less embarrassed at the fact she was showing the brunette her already slick sex. She wanted Faith to see her, because then she wouldn’t feel quite so bad about the fact she wanted to look at Faith some more.

Faith licked her lips as she noticed the glisten to Buffy’s sweet pink folds. She tried to memorise every dip and curve she could see. The silky folds slightly spread and revealing the small bump of the other girl’s hidden clit.

Faith wanted so much to reach down between them and stroke her finger over it. To gather the moisture there and bring it up to her lips to taste it. But she knew that would be pushing too far, much too far. It was one thing to look, but another to actually touch.

Even if Buffy seemed as turned on as she was. Even though the Faith could sense how much Buffy wanted her, she wasn’t going to go against what they had agreed. She took a deep, shaky breath and looked into the blonde girl’s sensitive eyes. She had to calm herself.

“Turn around, Twinkie,” Faith asked breathlessly.

Buffy complied without hesitation, too busy thinking about how she had just allowed the other girl to look at her pussy. It was something she had never allowed anybody to do before. Even when she had been with Angel Buffy had never been so open and unabashed. It wasn’t in her nature, but with Faith, well, things were different with Faith.

She wanted Faith in a way she had never wanted anybody. With no barriers, no shame, and no holding back. She realised she was holding back right now, but Buffy knew that once she had grown a little more comfortable with the situation, there would be fireworks, and she would permit Faith to take her and show her how to lose control.

Faith pulled the smaller girl back into her, causing the water to slosh out onto the dusty floorboards, submerging them both some more as she reclined against the back of the tub. Buffy let out a small squeak as she fell into Faith, her body ablaze everywhere it touched her. Everywhere her naked skin pressed up against the sexy girl.

“Just relax, B. If ya don’t like it, I won’t stop you moving.” Faith melted as she felt Buffy relax into her body.

She placed her legs either side of Buffy, so she was sat between her thighs. She kept her arms out of the water, resting them on the sides of the bath, not daring to place them in the water for fear she would touch Buffy in an intimate way she wouldn’t want or wasn’t ready for.

“This is nice, Faith,” Buffy sighed, telling herself not to freak out at the fact she could feel the other girl’s hot pussy pressed against her backside.

“Yeah? I gotta agree. This water’s just hot enough, ya know.” Faith snickered at Buffy’s reaction.

“Hey.” Buffy swatted Faith on the inside of her thigh. “I didn’t mean the bath. I meant this. Us. I like this.” She reached out and took hold of Faith’s arms, bringing them down into the water to encircle her.

Faith breathed deep, feeling her nipples harden against the soft skin of the girl lying between her legs. She snaked her arms around Buffy and held her tight, not wanting to ever let go; her love for Buffy growing with every rise of her chest out of the water.

“Can I ask you something, Faith?” Buffy snuggled into the warm embrace of the other girl, and the steaming water encasing them both.

“Sure,” Faith nodded and sank lower in the bath, almost moaning as she felt Buffy slide over her breasts and hot center. “What is it?”

“It’s just. . .something that I wanted to ask a while ago, well, at the time really, but obviously I couldn’t because I didn’t want you to freak and. . .you probably want me to just spit it out right?” Buffy absentmindedly ran her hand up and down the outside of Faith’s thigh, only noticing she was doing it when she felt the strong muscles there twitch under her fingertips. She decided not to remove her hand, and continued her soft strokes.

“Just ask, baby,” Faith said, trying not to react to Buffy’s hand on her thigh.

“When you asked me. . .or suggested rather, that we go to the homecoming dance together, did you mean it as kind of a date?” Buffy asked and turned her head, that was currently resting just above Faith’s chest, so she could look at the other slayer.

“You just realised that, girlfriend?” Faith chuckled a little. “Yeah. . .I did hope you would see it as that, but then I knew you wouldn’t ‘cause of the whole ‘straightness’ thing.” She smiled down at Buffy, happy that the small blonde wasn’t apparently entirely straight after all.

“I thought as much. I kinda saw it the same, but I wouldn’t have dared say anything.” Buffy pulled herself up so she was resting completely on the taller girl, lying on her left side somewhat, her right hand now placed on Faith’s hip. “I was looking forward to it so much.”

“Me too, but the scoobs went and screwed it up. Fuck, I was so pissed off,” Faith confessed as she ran a wet hand through her hair, dampening it a little.

“I know what you mean,” Buffy sighed, wondering if things would have turned out differently, or moved forward quicker had they had that date. “I never got to tell you how great you looked that night. You were looking so sexy, I could have killed the others for screwing it up. I wanted to dance with you, to get close and touch you. I wanted. . .I wanted you to ask me that night.” Buffy’s right hand began caressing Faith’s hip and side gently.

“You wanted me to ask you what, B?” Faith gazed into Buffy’s eyes, full of adoration.

“To be with you. Even if it was just for that night, I wanted to. . .to experience all your energy, all your focus and attention on me. I wanted. . .I just wanted you, Faith,” Buffy said softly, noticing her breathing had quickened. In fact both of them were getting caught up in their desire for one another.

“Fuck, Buffy, why didn’t you tell me any of this sooner?” Faith swept her hand up Buffy’s back and kissed her on the forehead, before locking eyes with her again.

“Because I was scared. That you might not feel the same, that the gang would disown me, and that my mom would freak out on me. . .again. And then there was Angel.” Buffy looked down at her hand currently blazing a trail across Faith’s taut stomach, as she traced invisible patterns on it.

Faith closed her eyes at the mention of his name. Her lungs deflated as she felt the usual knot of jealousy tangle up her insides. She hated the fact that he had always been in the way of her chances with Buffy. In the way of their friendship even. She had an idea that Angel knew how she felt about Buffy, and he was purposefully hanging on so he didn’t have to watch Buffy get on with her life, find somebody else, another girl of all things.

“Faith, you know I’m not in love with him anymore don’t you?” Buffy asked.

She had noticed the stiffening of Faith’s muscles as soon as she’d said his name. Even though she hadn’t been with Angel for some time, it was obvious Faith was still worried about her relationship with him.

“Really?” Faith said quietly, sounding a little unconvinced. Worried even.

Faith wasn’t sure whether or not to quite believe that Buffy was no longer in love with Angel. Even if she was almost certain she could feel some kind of love enveloping her from Buffy, she didn’t dare think it was because she was in love with her and not Angel still.

Buffy raised herself from Faith’s delicious body a little, and looked deep into her eyes. She wanted her to know for definite that she had no feelings like that for Angel. It was Faith she wanted and nobody else.

“I’m not in love with him. I. . .” Buffy caught herself before she blurted out that she was in fact in love with Faith. “I want you, not him. I want your touch, not his.” She leant down and kissed Faith, pulling away slightly to whisper across her lips. “Faith, touch me. Please.” Buffy lightly took hold of Faith’s hand and placed it on her stomach, sighing at the touch of the brunette’s strong hand on her skin.

Buffy wanted to show Faith how much she wanted her. She needed her to know it wasn’t all just words. But more than that, the fact that she was pushed up so intimately to the gorgeous girl, close enough to smell her arousal over the heat of the bath, and feel the need of her dark counterpart, was driving her silly.

She wanted, and needed Faith to touch her. She was wet and ready for her, and lost in the heat of the moment. Lost in Faith’s enigmatic brown eyes. She couldn’t resist, and Faith hadn’t even made a move.

“Faith. . .I want you to touch me, all over.”



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