Something Sweet

Chapter Ten

Faith sighed and slowly lowered her head down to Buffy, brushing their lips together, both of them melting as they fell into one another’s exploring mouths. Buffy shifted her position slightly so she was facing Faith more, pressing close to her.

“Are ya sure, B?” Faith asked.

She could see the fire in Buffy’s eyes but she didn’t want to make any rash moves, even though her heart was pounding at the prospect of things becoming more intimate between them.

“I’m sure. I want you.” Buffy punctuated her assurance by pulling Faith’s lips back down to her.

Their soft kisses soon grew passionate, as they became hungry to take more from one another. The heat in the water seemed cool compared to the heat being generated by their soft full lips and eager tongues.

Faith slid her left hand up over Buffy’s back, and into her now damp hair, burying her fingers into the blonde silk. She crushed their lips together, hungry to taste and devour the smaller girl, her need taking over every thought and action. She had wanted to touch Buffy so much, and here she was asking her to do it. Faith nibbled her way along Buffy’s jaw to her ear.

“You turn me on so much, girlfriend. I’m fucking burning for ya,” Faith whispered in the delicate ear of the other girl.

“So take me. I don’t wanna wait anymore. I can’t.” Buffy turned her head and kissed Faith with all her love and need flowing from her.

Buffy couldn’t help thinking about the nights she had laid awake, imagining what it would feel like to have Faith touch her and pleasure her. To know what her hands felt like on her skin, her lips and kisses all over her. Buffy wanted to be scorched by the other girl’s skin on her own. She couldn’t imagine it not happening now. She would just die if she couldn’t have her.

Faith looked down at the delicious amount of naked Buffy she could see, but the water was in the way. She wanted to feel the smaller girl against her, with nothing in between them. Nothing but their bodies touching and sliding against each other.

She lifted Buffy out of the water without warning, standing and cradling her in her strong arms. Buffy made a shocked little sound, but her eyes stayed locked on Faith’s, and she clung on around the taller girl’s neck as she was taken towards the bedroom.

“Fuck, you’re so light, baby.” Faith smiled down at the girl in her arms, walking swiftly to the bed in the other room.

Buffy looked up dreamily at Faith, her heart leaping from her chest at the sexy rasp to the brunette’s voice, and the fact that she was being carried by the beautiful girl to be placed amongst sheets that already smelled of them both, to be taken by her. To be. . .she didn’t want to call it being fucked, because she knew it meant more than that to both of them. Buffy decided to shut her brain up, and just enjoy the moment.

Faith laid Buffy down on the bed and leant over her, placing soft kisses over her face until she reached her lips. She pulled on Buffy’s lower lip, biting lightly before kissing her thoroughly.

“Faith, get down here.” Buffy tugged on the younger girl’s shoulders, bringing her down to the bed with her.

Faith hovered over Buffy, then slowly rested herself on top of her, placing one leg between the other girl’s thighs. They looked deep into each other’s eyes as Faith settled her weight onto Buffy, both sighing deeply at the contact of their wet skin.

Faith crushed her mouth to Buffy’s, sweeping her tongue in between her lips as she melted into the feeling of Buffy’s silky skin against her own. Their firm bodies pressed up against each other, attempting to merge the light and the dark.

“You feel so good, B.” Faith pushed her thigh up lightly into Buffy’s mound, instantly feeling the wet need on her skin.

Faith kissed Buffy passionately, holding on tight to her as an encouraging hand was placed on the small of her back. She began to move her body rhythmically into Buffy, not completely realising she was doing it in the heat of the kiss. She realised as soon as she felt her throbbing sex spread over Buffy’s slender thigh, coating it with the hot fluid oozing out of her.

They both stopped their hungry mouths from attempting to devour each other, and gazed down between them to where their breasts rubbed against one another, nipples hard and aching to be sucked on. To where their flat stomachs were touching, belly buttons almost looking like they were kissing as they moved slowly against each other. Faith could see Buffy’s pussy pressed into the top of her thigh, the obvious arousal being soaked up by her naturally tanned skin as it was spread onto her leg.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this. I mean. . .I’ve thought about it so much. And now you’re here, under me. Naked and wet for me,” Faith said huskily and leant down, placing moist kisses up and down Buffy’s neck. “It’s just. . .” Faith couldn’t find the words to describe how she felt.

She had never experienced anything so intense. Even though they hadn’t even moved on to the really good parts, she was already slightly trembling for Buffy. Unable to control her breathing as she delighted in the feel of Buffy Summers hot against her own flushed skin.

“Faith, I. . .” Buffy wanted Faith to touch her, to kiss her breasts and slip her fingers into her glistening folds, but she wasn’t confident enough to ask.

Faith looked into Buffy’s desire filled eyes and smiled. She knew what the blonde wanted because she was feeling exactly the same. She wanted Buffy to show her how much she really did want her, but she also knew, because of Buffy’s lack of experience with sex, that she would be taking the drivers seat first. She would make Buffy feel incredible, and take her to heights she had never been to before.

“Shh, I know,” Faith assured, and kissed Buffy softly before making her way slowly down the sighing girl’s neck.

She blazed a trail of hot wet kisses across the delicate collarbones, distracting Buffy as she swept her right hand up over her toned stomach and side, eventually reaching the swollen creamy white flesh of her breasts.

Buffy moaned and arched into Faith’s gentle caress, as she rubbed her palm over the solid and sensitive nipple of her left breast.

Faith swirled her fingertips around the hard little nub, feeling Buffy shiver under her touch. Moving further down the petite body underneath her, moving her thigh away from the hot juncture between Buffy’s, Faith reached her destination.

She stroked her warm tongue across the erect pink nipple, as she continued to play with the other one with her fingers. Buffy’s breathing was ragged, and her hands snaked up into the brunette’s thick dark hair, holding her head over her chest. Not that Faith needed any encouragement, because she was loving the taste of Buffy on her tongue and in her mouth.

She gently sucked on the nipple, taking as much of Buffy’s soft flesh in between her lips. Buffy moaned her approval as Faith suckled on her. She then trailed her kisses over to the other nipple, treating it to the same delicious torture.

Buffy had zoned out, falling into the sensations Faith was pulling from her. She was lost now, to the need for Faith to take her and own her. She could hardly breathe she wanted Faith so much.

“Please, make love to me, Faith,” Buffy moaned, but as soon as she had said the word love Faith’s head shot up from her chest, and her chocolate brown eyes pierced Buffy’s. “I mean, sex. . .um. . .have sex with me. Fuck me,” Buffy corrected, and held her breath, not making much sense and afraid that she might just have scared Faith off.

She knew Faith had feelings for her, it was evident in the way she cared for her, and in the way she hadn’t forced her into anything she wasn’t ready for. But she was also aware that to Faith sex was fucking. . .plain and simple. She was all about the raw, animal energy of it. Which Buffy could understand, as she wanted to experience that with Faith immensely. But right now, it being their first time together, she couldn’t think of it as anything other than making love and it had just slipped out of her mouth.

Faith shook her head. “You had it right the first time, Buffy. I wanna make love to you,” Faith said, smiling sweetly, or at least as sweet as Faith could get it; the deep dimples in her cheeks helping to convey to Buffy just how much she really did want to do more than just fuck her.

“Really?” Buffy gazed deep into the brunette’s eyes.

“Yeah,” Faith breathed out, resuming her exquisite teasing of Buffy’s breasts.

Faith didn’t know what was going on with her. She had never been so gentle with anybody, and had never wanted to be. But then she’d never been with another girl before. Although, she doubted that was the reason. The real reason was because she was in love with Buffy, so she wanted to convey that to her. She wanted to take her time and worship the girl beneath her.

Faith moved back up to Buffy’s lips as she whispered her fingertips across her stomach, smiling as she felt the muscles there tense and relax. She pulled back, searching the Buffy’s eyes for any signs telling her to stop. There were none. Just the glazed look that spoke volumes to her. Telling her to keep going.

Keeping their eyes locked, she slowly lowered her hand towards Buffy’s damp folds, licking her lips as she felt the soft brush of short blonde pubic hair against her fingers. Buffy was poised, waiting for Faith to slide her fingers into her, to stroke her clit and touch her in the most intimate way she could.

Faith touched her forehead to Buffy’s, watching where her fingers were about to go. Just as the tip of Faith’s middle finger slipped in between the pink flesh of Buffy’s tender pussy, both girl’s stopped moving altogether. They looked towards the bedroom door as they heard what sounded like somebody entering the cabin.

Faith couldn’t believe she had gotten that far just for something to come along and fuck it up. She wanted to continue, needed to desperately, but all thoughts of doing that were driven from her as she heard a voice call out.

“Buffy? Faith! Are you here?” It was Willow and her impeccable timing.

And she sounded like she was headed for the bedroom.

* * *

“Shit,” Buffy squeaked and froze.

“That was an understatement, B.” Faith leapt off the bed, groaning as she noticed the amount of moisture trickling from the blonde girl’s pussy. “Oh man, I can’t believe this,” she sighed.

She dove into the bathroom just as Willow grasped the handle of the bedroom door.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Buffy muttered under her breath, panicking as she did her best to cover herself with the blankets.

“There you are,” Willow said cheerily and grinned stupidly. Clueless as to what she had just interrupted. “It’s late, you should be up.”

“Just give me two minutes, Will, I’ll be right out,” Buffy assured, but Willow wasn’t going anywhere. “Um, Will, can you wait in the other room?”

Willow was a little confused. It wasn’t as if she’d never seen her friend in her nightwear before. Also, there was something about the mess of the sheets tugged over Buffy that got her wondering what was going on. She frowned and turned to go back into the other room, deciding to ask if anything was wrong once Buffy had sorted herself out.

She quickly looked around the small cabin, noting the sleeping bags on the floor in front of the fire that had ashes in it. She guessed that maybe Faith was sleeping on the floor. It would make sense after all. She doubted they were close enough friends for them to be sharing the small bed.

“Hey,” Buffy said quietly as she quickly shot her head around the bathroom door, finding Faith sat on the edge of the bath, still naked and looking extremely wound up.

“She suspect anything?” Faith asked and stood up, moving over to Buffy, who was also still naked. “Jesus, you really should cover up, B. Otherwise she’ll be waiting in there for a while for ya.” She pulled the blonde girl close to her.

“Mmm, you really are gorgeous,” Buffy practically purred as she pressed up against the taller slayer, sighing as their bodies and lips met for a passionate kiss. They broke apart, breathless. “She didn’t suspect anything. God, Faith, you drive me crazy. I really wanted to. . .” Buffy stroked Faith’s dimpled cheek.

“I know, me too, babe.” Faith kissed Buffy’s palm. “Go on, you’d better go see why she’s here before she barges in again and finds me. . .“ Faith trailed her fingertips down across the blonde girl’s breasts and over her taut stomach, stopping just at the point she knew the other girl was dripping for her, “showing you just how horny you make me.”

Buffy ran her hand through the dark girl’s hair, smiling gently at her as her body trembled under the touch. She kissed her on the nose then turned to leave. Before closing the door she looked Faith up and down one last time, and licked her lips, grinning wickedly.

“You may as well finish off your bath. Leave the water in for me and I’ll get a quick one after. Oh, and Faith. . .I plan on getting naked and wet with you again later, so no taking matters into your own hands.” Buffy winked and left the bathroom.

“Damn, she gets me so worked up,” Faith said to herself and slipped back into the tub to wash away her arousal.

Buffy quickly threw some clothes on and made her way out to see Willow, making sure she had composed herself, and looked nothing like she had just almost had Faith’s fingers sliding around in her wet pussy.

She took a deep breath and greeted Willow. “Hey, Will.” She walked into the living area, looking as if she didn’t have a care in the world.

“You seem happy.” Willow smiled at her advancing friend. They hugged and sat down on the couch. “Where’s Faith?”

“She’s in the bath.” Buffy knew she was smiling stupidly at the sound of her dark slayer’s name. “So. . .you brought more supplies? Have the council been in contact? How is everyone?” She was trying to get the naked brunette out of her mind.

“Gee, Buffy, I thought I was the one who normally did that.” Willow looked puzzled.

“What?” Buffy blinked.

“Never mind.” Willow didn’t think she would get anywhere with Buffy if she had just woken up. “I’ve brought supplies. They’re in the boot of my car. It was so cool getting here. I had to sneak around and go the long way round. I felt just like James Bond. . .only shorter and with less manly bits.”

“We’ll take your word for that, Red.” Faith strolled into the room in her shorts and tee shirt. Her hair was damp and she was busy towel drying it as she smiled at the two girls on the couch. “Bathroom’s free, B.”

“Thanks. Can you help Willow with the supplies?” Buffy asked as she got up from the seat. “I won’t be long, Will. Don’t want to waste the water.” Buffy breezed past the younger slayer, probably getting closer than was necessary.

Willow noticed but said nothing, instead choosing to look away as she saw the obvious flirtatious behaviour and the adoring smiles between the chosen two. She was definitely planning to have a talk with Buffy about things. She hated being left in the dark, but mainly she just wanted Buffy to know that, if she was interested in Faith in a sexual way, she wouldn’t freak out on her. Well, some freaking out might be involved, but Willow would still be supportive if being with Faith made the blonde girl happy.

“Come on then, Red. Let’s get the stuff in,” Faith said, her dimpled grin on full show.

They made their way out to the front of the cabin.

Buffy eased herself into the warm bath that Faith had just been occupying. The thought of the brunette’s hot body being immersed in it just minutes before made her tingle. Even though sharing her used bath water wasn’t exactly the most erotic thing, it was still intimate. It still made her feel closer to Faith.

She relaxed into the water and ducked her head under. She re-emerged then busied herself with shampooing and washing her body with the same soap Faith had just used. Buffy rinsed herself off and pulled the plug, jumping out quickly as the water gurgled loudly down the drain. It sounded more like a train crashing through the cabin, than swirling water.

“Buffy!” Willow called out, sounding more than alarmed.

“What? What is it?” Buffy asked as she wrapped a towel around herself and opened the door.

“It’s Faith,” Willow shouted and almost crashed into Buffy as she rushed towards the bathroom.

Buffy could see the frantic panic on the redhead’s face. Her heart leapt out of her chest, without even knowing what the hell was going on.

“What about Faith?” She asked.

Willow didn’t exactly answer, instead just pulling on Buffy’s arm towards the outside of the hide away.

“She. . .I was, in here. Faith. . .gone.” Willow stuttered.

They stumbled out of the door just in time to see a black van skid away from the dusty drive, kicking dirt and gravel up in its wake. With their supplies dashed around the drive, Buffy didn’t need to guess what had happened.

“Faith!” Buffy called and ran out after the van with her towel flapping around her legs.

She stumbled to the floor, landing in a large pool of blood. Buffy looked down at it in shock, lifting her hands to her face and staring at the red stained dust covering them. She was sure her heart had stopped beating, and she couldn’t breathe.

She sat in the blood soaked dirt as tears tumbled from her eyes, wiping the sticky red from her hands on her now filthy towel

“Oh God. . .no, no, no, no. I love you, Faith. Please no. . .I love you.”



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