Something Sweet

Chapter Eight

Heat was something that often involved fire. And fire could be caused by friction. And friction was busy sparking a possible inferno between two slayers.

Faith thought she was actually in danger of just bursting into flames right there in the shabby hideout the two girls were currently. . .well, she didn’t know what you could call what they were currently doing, but it felt good. Very good. And she didn’t want it to stop. All Faith wanted to hear right now was yes, yes, yes.

“Do you want to stop, Faith?” Buffy wanted to make absolutely sure she wasn’t reading the signals all wrong. Even if it was fairly obvious, what with Faith pushing up in a sensual rhythm against her, that she was waving around big flashing “I want you now” signs.

Faith smiled up at Buffy, because this was so like them. Tip toeing around the issue, not seeing what was clearly happening between them, too frightened to take a chance with each other. But now she was tired of all that.

They were slayers and weren’t looking at the prospect of pension plans for the future. They risked their lives everyday. They balanced on the edge of a big black hellhole of all things nasty and dangerous, and it was time to take hold of the opportunity to change something. Really change something.

“No, I don’t wanna stop,” Faith assured and pushed up more forcefully into the blonde girl, gripping her thighs with her strong hands.

It was all Buffy needed to know. She leaned down slowly towards the gorgeous brunette under her, searching her dark eyes for any doubt. She didn’t see any, and when Faith wet her lips in anticipation of what was to come, Buffy knew this was the right thing to do for both of them.

Buffy stopped just a whisper away from Faith’s enticing lips. She wanted to remember this moment. She wanted to take every single little thing in. Like the smell of the other girl overwhelming her senses. The heat between them where their bodies touched. Their breasts softly brushing up against each other. The soft breath whispering over her lips as Faith waited patiently for their first kiss.

Buffy melted into the impossible depths of Faith’s irresistible brown eyes, before closing her own and bringing their lips together precariously. Neither of them had ever kissed another girl before. Never tasted the sweet, soft lips of someone of the same sex. They both groaned faintly, unable to hide the fact of their arousal.

Faith had something doing acrobatics in her stomach, and her lips were tingling from the incredible softness of Buffy’s caress. She gave into the other slayer completely, relinquishing any hope of taking control of this moment. She didn’t want to. She was too busy turning to mush.

Buffy’s stomach wasn’t fairing much better as she pressed her mouth a little harder to the lushness of Faith’s lips, moving over them, tasting them and just delighting in the feel of them giving her all their attention.

The blonde girl had always had a fascination with Faith’s lips. She would spend long moments in the other girl’s company just daydreaming about what they would feel like to kiss. She was well aware now that her fantasies had come nowhere near to what it actually felt like kissing Faith.

The alcohol running through her veins stripped Buffy of her normal sobriety, well, that and the fact that Faith was turning her on an enormous amount. She pressed her lips more forcefully to Faith’s, taking her full lower lip into her mouth and sucking on it gently. Faith groaned huskily in the back of her throat and began kissing Buffy hungrily.

Faith’s hands moved up to Buffy’s slender back, holding the blonde girl tighter to her as she became more and more aroused. She opened her mouth a little more in invitation, wanting to feel Buffy’s tongue, wanting her to delve into her warm wet mouth. Buffy didn’t waste the opportunity.

She slid into Faith’s mouth, stroking their tongues together and beginning a sweet, delicious dance. They tasted each other’s warm saliva, the tang of alcohol doing nothing to deter them in their hungry exploration.

Both girls were breathing heavily, their breasts rubbing up against each other, nipples hard and wanting to be more involved. They were no longer rubbing against each other anywhere else though, the intensity of the kiss being enough to cope with for the time being.

The crackling of the splitting logs in the fire, and the sensual sound of soft lips and probing tongues broke the quiet of the cabin, as the chosen two lost themselves to each other. They would have been unaware if a herd of stampeding bulls had thundered past.

Faith ran her palms up and down Buffy’s back and sides, tenderly grasping her firm backside and moaning as Buffy once again lowered herself so she was intimately pushing into Faith. Their bodies moulded into each other, Buffy burying her hands into Faith’s soft brown locks. They continued that way for at least ten minutes or more. Both doing their best not to go too fast or push too soon.

When Buffy eventually pulled back, both girls looked about ready to eat each other alive. Sparks of light from the fire and candles shimmered in their desire filled eyes as they gazed at one another.

Buffy smiled dreamily at Faith, who smiled back with just as much adoration. The tension in the room was more sweet and sensual now than hot and heavy. They could both feel it, but neither would dare to tell the other how much they really did care for, feel, and love each other.

“I liked doing that. That was really, really nice,” Buffy said quietly.

It was an understatement of immense proportions, but Buffy didn’t want to sound over eager; still not entirely sure if Faith felt quite the same. She bent down and playfully kissed Faith on the nose.

“Nice? How about. . .you just blew me away, B? And I really hope you wanna do that again,” Faith said huskily, cupping Buffy’s cheek in her palm and running her thumb gently across the lips she had just been enjoying.

A huge smile broke out on Buffy’s face at the natural exuberance bursting from Faith. She loved the way Faith threw herself into everything she was involved in. It gave her butterflies to think about how getting even closer to her was going to be incredible. She licked her lips, still able to taste the other girl, and slowly trailed her eyes from Faith’s sexy neck down to the top of her very tight tee shirt.

Faith’s nipples were hard; her breasts straining to break free from the dark cloth, as deep lungfuls of air made their way in and out of her heaving chest. Buffy wanted to reach out and touch, but was still apprehensive, still scared.

It wasn’t as if she had had fantasies about any other girl. She had only ever thought about touching Faith in that way, and she was terrified of doing something wrong. Even though she knew her friend also had never had any experience when it came to the same sex, Faith was still a lot more sexually aware in general than she was.

“Hey, you ok?” Faith asked, having noticed a slightly anxious look replace the happy smile. She was hoping Buffy hadn’t had a change of heart.

“Yeah, I’m just. . .” Buffy openly looked the prone girl over, shaking her head. “You’re just so beautiful and sexy. And I have no clue how to. . .I mean, I wanna touch you, but. . .”

“Buffy,” Faith grinned sexily at Buffy, and in her sensually husky voice said, “just touch me.”

Buffy blushed bright red and looked away. She hadn’t quite expected that. Which was fairly stupid considering it was Faith sat under her smirking wickedly. Buffy narrowed her eyes, realising the younger girl was teasing her.

“Why you little. . .” She just about managed to get her fingers to Faith’s sides in order to tickle her before the dark girl flipped her onto her back. The sudden move made Buffy squeal.

* * *

“Little what, girlfriend?” She pinned the smaller slayer under her, giving her a taste of her own tickle-medicine.

“Little. . .sexpot,” Buffy giggled. “Trying to take advantage of me.” She squealed again as Faith hit a particularly sensitive spot on her stomach.

“Is that right? And what about you? Rubbing your hot little body all over me.” Faith sighed a little and fixed her chocolate brown eyes on Buffy. “Fuck, B, I’m so wet for you.”

The tickling stopped with Buffy pulling Faith down to her lips.

Just the thought of Faith being aroused for her drove her crazy. They kissed passionately, Buffy loving the feel of Faith between her legs. It turning her on more than anything she’d ever experienced.

Even having sex with Angel hadn’t come close to making her feel as aroused as she felt with the taller girl, fully clothed and pressed up against her. She was overwhelmed with desire, and almost scaring herself at how quickly she was allowing this all to happen.

Faith breathed in the scent of need coming from Buffy as she moved from her lips to her neck, kissing and licking at every bit of flesh she could. She was so worked up, and consumed by the lust coursing through her. She wanted all of Buffy, as soon as possible and as much as possible.

Even though she had never had sex with another girl before, it was like she was thinking on instinct, her love and desire for Buffy taking over her body and soul. She pushed into the girl beneath her, picking up the rhythm they had fallen into before; instantly feeling her pussy coat her panties with her need.

She ran her hand down Buffy’s side and to her thigh, pulling Buffy’s leg up a little, which effectively spread her legs further for Faith. Faith wanted to touch Buffy. She wanted to see and touch Buffy’s hot pussy. She wanted to push her fingers inside it and feel her sticky juices gushing out all over her fingers.

“I wanna fuck you so much, B,” Faith said breathlessly, sucking at Buffy’s neck as they both breathed hard, losing herself in the sensation of being between her legs.

She didn’t realise Buffy was speaking until she pushed her back a little by the shoulder.

“Wait, Faith. Stop.” Buffy gasped in as much air as she could, trying to calm her breathing. All the alcohol seemed to rush from her body, leaving her mind a little clearer and more focused.

Everything was going too fast. She wasn’t sure if she was ready to deal with Faith’s overpowering sexuality. It was frightening, and hot. It was hot because it was frightening. It wasn’t something she was used to dealing with at all.

“Sorry, Buffy. I didn’t mean to. . .I mean. . .” Faith just wanted Buffy so much, she hadn’t realised the blonde girl was freaking out until she looked in her eyes.

“It’s ok, Faith. It’s just all going a little fast for me,” Buffy explained.

Faith lifted some of her weight off the smaller girl, unable to be so close to her and not instinctively react. Right then she felt like nothing but an animal wanting to devour Buffy. She felt bad for being insensitive. For always being about sex.

Even though she had told Buffy she wanted to fuck her, she meant so much more by it. Faith just didn’t have the experience to put words to how she was feeling. And looking at the almost startled expression in Buffy’s innocent eyes, she felt completely inadequate.

“Fuck, I’m such an asshole.” Faith sat back on the lumpy sleeping bag carpeting the floor and ran an unsteady hand through her hair.

“No, Faith, you’re not. Don’t think for a second that I don’t want this, because I do. You’re not the only one getting wet. God, I feel like I’m about to explode I want you so much. But I’m not used to being like this, with anybody let alone another girl, so it’s a little scary,” Buffy said quietly.

She reached out and took Faith’s hand in her own; wanting to show her that she meant what she was saying. That she did want to be with Faith, in every way possible. Just not right then and there.

“I don’t wanna push you into anything, B. I. . .I care for you so. . .” Faith furrowed her brow and stood up. “Shit.”

Faith felt like she had said too much, yet not enough. That she could never say enough because words could never express how she felt about Buffy. It was beyond her understanding as it was. Faith was useless with anything that didn’t involve killing or sex. Or at least that’s the way she felt, because there had never been room in her life for love before. She had never cared for anyone or anything as much as she cared for Buffy.

She realised as she gazed down at the cute slayer, who looked a tad upset now, that she would do anything not to screw the chance up that she now had with her. If it meant keeping a rein on her sexual appetite, then that’s exactly what she would do. She knelt back down next to Buffy.

“Buffy, I’ve wanted to be with you like this for a long time, so if you wanna take it slow or just see how it goes, then ok. And if ya decide it’s not what you want, I’ll understand. The most important thing to me is your friendship, and I don’t wanna lose that. Not for anything,” Faith said, speaking softly. She swallowed hard, her heart threatening to burst through her chest it was beating so hard for Buffy.

She had never felt emotions like the ones she was feeling. Her eyes were stinging with unshed tears that she refused to let fall. Whatever the outcome of this night, there was no way she ever wanted Buffy to feel sorry for her. To be with her for that reason and not because she truly wanted to be.

Buffy looked deep into Faith’s shimmering eyes, feeling so completely moved and touched at what the dark girl had said to her. It just wasn’t like Faith to open up like that. It just made her fall in love with her even deeper. More than she ever thought possible.

She had been worried, when Faith had stood up, that she had pushed her away and ruined any chance with her. Now Faith was showing her so much compassion, Buffy wanted to forget what she had just told her and take her into the bedroom to make love to her.

She wanted to show Faith that she was part of her, and the only one that occupied her thoughts on a daily basis. She wanted to tell her that she fell asleep at night thinking about her beautiful, sorrow filled dark eyes. Wanting them to shine with the love that she knew was in there somewhere, behind those walls she had guarding her. She just wanted Faith, period. And it was overwhelming.

“B. . .did I say something wrong?” Faith touched Buffy’s face gently, brushing away the tears that had seeped from her eyes.

“No, you didn’t say anything wrong at all, Faith.” Buffy smiled, then leant forward and brushed her lips over Faith’s, sighing as the dark girl seemed to melt at the touch.

Faith kissed her so softly Buffy thought she would have a heart attack from the unsolicited feeling she felt in it. Buffy didn’t want to presume that it was love she was feeling coming from Faith, because she wanted it so much and would be crushed if she were reading too much into what Faith had said about caring for her. But she closed her eyes and wished for it to be true, smiling through her tears as Faith kissed the salty droplets off her cheeks.

She wanted to tell Faith she loved her right then. She wanted to show her. But Buffy was still just too afraid to take the leap, so she placed her hands on either side of the brunette’s face and kissed her deeply. Only pulling away to look into her soulful brown eyes.

“Just give me a little time to get used to this, Faith. And I promise it’ll be worth it.” She kissed Faith once more, then stood and offered her hands. “Come on, I’m tired.”

Faith took the offered hands and stood in front of Buffy, wanting to tell her that she was in love with her. That she would wait until the end of time for her if that’s what she wanted. Instead, she shook herself off, and looked out from the fortress that was her heart and grinned.

“Well, B. If you think ya can resist this hot body for long,” Faith ran her hands provocatively down her firm body, instantly catching Buffy’s attention, “you’re crazier than I am.” She winked and made her way into the bedroom.

Buffy watched Faith walk away with a sexy sway to her hips at the knowledge that she was watching. She licked her lips, took a deep breath, and followed.

“You’re not wrong there. I haven’t a hope in hell,” Buffy said to herself, questioning her own resolve at the prospect of resisting the temptation to just go ahead and take the plunge. To go ahead and take Faith.

In the gutter of Buffy’s mind. . .slow actually meant pretty damn soon.



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