Something Sweet

Chapter Seven

The old cabin was almost buckling under the sudden outburst of tension that filled the room. But far from it being a bad thing, as far as Faith was concerned it was all good. She thrived when it came to sexual tension. She enjoyed it even. Especially when it involved her and Buffy, as it so often did.

As she awaited Buffy’s answer, Faith ran her hand through her hair. Not in a nervous gesture, but in a flirtatious one. She knew exactly what it would do to Buffy, as she had noted her reaction to such a move before.

Buffy’s eyes were immediately drawn to Faith’s neck. . .then, more often than not, Buffy would check out her cleavage. She was doing her best not to, but Buffy was now definitely finding it harder to look Faith in the eye.

“I. . .um, I didn’t. . .” Buffy stuttered, panicking that she might say the wrong thing again.

It wasn’t helping that for some reason she was finding it incredibly difficult not to stare at Faith’s tight top, and of course the fact that her breasts looked incredibly. . .

“You were saying, B?” Faith was holding in her amusement at Buffy’s inner battle, but her lips were curled up in a delicious smirk.

Buffy had to quickly decide how she was going to react to this. Faith had out played her and she was struggling to come up with an answer that wouldn’t make the other girl think she wasn’t interested at all, but then also reassure her that she was. Buffy was getting confused.

“Don’t worry, Twinkie. I wasn’t about to pounce on ya.” Faith gave Buffy a break and got up to replenish their stash of beers, chuckling to herself as she went.

Fumbling around with the warm bottles and some more munchies, Faith watched her friend as she sat oblivious by the fire. Buffy was busy playing with one of Faith’s heavy boots that she had kicked off earlier, toying with the lace almost wistfully, with a concentrated expression on her face.

It was a simple act but spoke volumes to Faith for some reason. For one thing, most people usually couldn’t stand to be any less than at least ten meters away from her boots. It wasn’t that her feet smelled all that bad, but she did have a tendency never to take the hard wearing shoes off. It made her smile to think of just how much Buffy must really like her.

And she was almost certain she had detected a hint of disappointment coming from Buffy when she had stated that she wouldn’t pounce on her. That notion gave her a whole load of new indecent thoughts. Mostly about being a little dominant with her coy friend. Faith made her way back over to Buffy, sitting about as close as she could to her without actually sitting on top of her.

The two girls drank some more, and talked some more. Mostly just small chitchat about this and that, as neither girl seemed to want to get too heavy with the conversation again. They were enjoying just being in each other’s company too much, without the constant threat of vampires or demons, or the scoobs getting in the way.

For that, Faith was immensely grateful. And even though she didn’t want to admit it, so was Buffy. The topic did stray to talk of the little Buffy brigade, however; mostly because Faith was gently poking fun at them. She only did it because it never failed to annoy the cute blonde.

“So, you and Xander never got pelvic then?” Faith wiggled her eyebrows at Buffy and threw a little demonstrative body language in because, as much as she denied it, Buffy clearly liked it when Faith talked with her body in the way she did.

Faith knew the answer to her question would be no, but found herself unable to resist irritating her with the assumption. She liked nothing more than pressing extreme reactions from people.

“Of course not. I mean, he’s like. . .well, my brother. I know you ‘did’ him, but come on. . .I’m so not going there,” Buffy assured and shook her head. She could tell she was on the wrong side of sober now, because usually a question like that from Faith would irritate the hell out of her.

“Yeah well, I was post-slaying horny. Like I said though, I don’t really go for doing things like that anymore. Kinda gets boring after more than your share of useless screws.” Faith leant her head on her hand, resting her elbow on the worn cushion of the couch. She was almost completely facing Buffy with her entire body, and the two girls were subconsciously sat in almost the exact same position.

“Useless?” Buffy focused intently on the dark beauty in front of her.

“Yeah, useless is not even the word, girlfriend. Most guys haven’t got a clue. Even trial and error eludes most of em. Man, I get sick of telling them that foreplay is not paying for the cab,” Faith said, then took a swig of beer.

Buffy also took a swig, trying to match her.

Buffy normally shied away from talking about sex, especially with Faith, because she was inclined to get turned on and jealous at the same time. Which did nothing to help her out in the confused stakes. Right now though, it was like she didn’t have a choice, as her mouth was working on the distinct impression that it didn’t need the services of her brain.

“So, why do you do it then. . .if it’s crappy, and not doing anything for you?” Buffy asked. She didn’t have a great deal of experience when it came to sex.

“Because I can, and it’s not all bad. Not if you know how to work it in your favour. But then. . .I guess things are changing for me, and I don’t waste my time on it anymore. Well, not as much.” Faith looked away into the dwindling fire.

She wasn’t really keen on the idea of getting into this conversation right now. She didn’t want to reveal too much to Buffy, but she didn’t want to lie to her or mislead her either.

Buffy smiled softly at Faith, liking the idea that she was no longer sleeping around so much. She loved the whole bad girl image, but hated not being the one Faith would make her way home with on a night. Even if she had only just admitted that to herself, it was clear she had always felt that way. She wondered what the reason was behind Faith’s change.

“If you don’t mind me asking.” Not that she was going to give Faith a choice. “Why are things changing for you? Is there. . .a boyfriend now?” Buffy asked, repeating “please say no, please say no” over and over in her head.

You would have thought that a close friend would have known that kind of information. But Faith was not what you could call a normal close friend. She never gave things like that away to anybody. Everything had to be a struggle with Faith. A battle of wills almost.

On the one hand it would irritate Buffy, but on the other she secretly liked it because it gave Faith an air of mystery that she was powerless to stop being attracted to. Buffy was drawn to Faith’s hidden depths like a moth to a raging inferno.

“Hey, I’m done with this conversation. You need to work harder at entertaining me, B. Getting bored here,” Faith grinned and emptied her bottle, placing it on the pile by her feet.

Faith didn’t want to participate anymore in Buffy’s attempt to get information out of her. She avoided acknowledging the mock scowl coming her way.

“Bored?” Buffy was trying her best to look annoyed but it was coming out a lot less effective than she desired, even if she was a tad pissed off that Faith hadn’t made it clear if she was seeing somebody else right now or not.

So she was doing her best to give Faith the evil eye, but failing miserably. Being annoyed at Faith could be fun sometimes however, because it would often lead to bantering, which would then lead to teasing, playful insults, and sometimes to what could only be described as physical contact of the play-fight type. And Buffy liked that. She liked it a lot.

“I’ll give you bored,” Buffy huffed.

* * *

Buffy lunged towards Faith, cutting out the tiresome middle bits of the bantering and the teasing and getting straight down to the physical. Faith fell backwards with the small blonde on top of her; the sudden onslaught catching her totally by surprise, as Buffy began tickling her with abandon.

Faith loved the play fighting they would sometimes indulge in. More and more often it’s what their sparring sessions would turn into. They would tumble around at Giles’ disapproval with no real conviction to beat each other or get the upper hand.

Long ago, Faith had realised that it was a great way to get close to Buffy on a physical level without it being too violent, or too sexual. Although, it was nearly always bordering on sexual play other than anything else.

She loved the way they would push against each other to get the power position on top. More often than not Faith would allow Buffy to take the position, because she loved the other slayer sitting on her, looking triumphant and taking control. It turned Faith on to no end.

But that was play fighting, and right now. . .she was being thoroughly tickled, and that wasn’t something she allowed without at least a little bit of a fight. Mainly because she was extremely ticklish. Thankfully, only Buffy knew it. Although at present Faith wasn’t being thankful for that at all.

“Hey. That is so not fair,” Faith whined uncharacteristically.

Buffy usually gave Faith more warning if she was going to attack her, so the sudden and unexpected lunge now had Faith pinned under her as she straddled her. Her arms had been raised above her head and were being held in Buffy’s grip, as she tickled her with her free hand.

“Not fair? But calling me boring is?” Buffy hit the spot on Faith’s side that always, without fail, got the other girl squirming around and almost peeing herself.

“I didn’t call you boring. Aww, come on, B. I promise I didn’t,” Faith gasped.

The normally controlled and cool slayer couldn’t hold still, or stop giggling, making it impossible to push Buffy off.

Faith jerked her hips up into the other girl to try and dislodge her, or at least make her lose her grip, but all it really managed to do was cause a certain amount of friction right where she desired it most from Buffy. Right where it felt good. Really good.

After a minute or two Buffy reduced her tickle to almost a mild stroke, her eyes closing and lips parting as if she was feeling something that was completely distracting her. Faith looked down between them, to realise her crotch was pushed up right into Buffy; and Buffy was rubbing herself almost imperceptibly on her.

Faith didn’t want to move, react, jump up and tear Buffy’s clothes off and fuck her on the floor of the dusty old cabin. No wait, she did want to do all those things, but she didn’t dare. Buffy was currently in a world of her own, and Faith was far too busy enjoying what she was doing to her and on her to want to pull Buffy out of it. She cautiously rolled her hips up in time with Buffy, unable to resist the temptation. And now they were both softly rubbing their hot mounds into each other.

The thought of just how intimate things would be right now if they were both naked, stole any hope of stopping what was happening from Faith. She allowed her mind to drift into thoughts of how good it would feel to have their wet pussies sliding over each other. To have the other girl dripping into her in her need.

Buffy looked down at Faith, dark chocolate brown eyes pulling her into them as she lost herself to the intense moment she was busy engaging in with her. She was lost in the desire she recognised in the other girl’s eyes.

Lost in the feeling of Faith’s body under her. Of Faith’s most intimate body part so close to her own. Of how Faith had never looked so sexy than right now with her sumptuous lips wet from where she’d licked them, her lush dark hair lying in waves around her, and her eyes. . .her gorgeous eyes feeding hungrily off Buffy as they roamed her slender frame.

Buffy couldn’t stop. She knew she should, for some reason that she couldn’t quite remember she knew she should. But it felt so good. So close, so tender, and real. And very, very hot.

Buffy bit her lip and tried to ignore the niggling annoying voice in her head. She almost gave in completely to what was happening; she almost gave in to Faith, until the brunette broke her out of her lust fuelled daze with a soft hand on her thigh, and the sexiest grin she had ever seen.

“Jesus, Faith, I’m sorry.” Buffy flushed, but she didn’t know quite why she was apologising.

Faith hadn’t exactly been big in the stopping her department, and the heated look on the other girl’s face wasn’t telling her in any way that she hadn’t been enjoying it too. But for some reason, all Buffy could think about was how embarrassing it was to be sat on her friend, literally humping her over her leathers. Buffy moved to get up off Faith.

“Hey, it’s ok.” Faith halted the blonde girl’s departure from her lap.

Faith hadn’t meant for Buffy to stop when she had regained the use of her left arm and touched her thigh. She had just wanted to reach out and check that it was real, and that she wasn’t dreaming it as she had so many times. Faith racked her brains for ways to keep Buffy from getting up and just walking away.

She placed her right hand on Buffy’s other thigh, so now she was gently holding the smaller girl where she was on top of her. Faith kept their eyes locked, and she softly rolled her hips so her groin once again pushed into the blonde girl. Buffy let out a deep breath and settled most of her weight back down again on Faith, who was busy mentally doing a little celebration dance, that for some reason involved pompoms.

“Faith,” Buffy breathed out lustfully, wanting to say stop but finding it hopeless to even attempt to believe that that’s what she meant.

They remained with their eyes gazing deep into one another, as their mounds were being cautiously rubbed against each other in a soft, slow rhythm. Faith realised this could either be a major turning point in their friendship, or just a major mistake. She wanted it to be a turning point, and somehow she could tell that Buffy was thinking the same thing. Maybe it was the way Buffy was gazing down earnestly at her with an unreserved look of adoration.

She pushed up more fully into Buffy to gauge her reaction. Buffy moaned weakly in defeat, and settled her weight completely on Faith, grinding her hips forward at the same time, causing Faith to also make a little moaning noise in the back of her throat. Their breathing and motion became more pronounced as they pushed harder against each other, a definite rhythm now being adopted.

“Do you. . .do you want me to stop, B?” Faith had never asked such a stupid question in her life.

Faith didn’t want to stop. Not for all the tea in. . .wherever the fuck it was. She wanted Buffy to stay exactly where she was. Or to be more accurate, she wanted to get them both naked, and then get Buffy sat back on her right where she was now, slipping sensually back and forth against her

“I. . .I don’t know. No,” Buffy attempted to answer. She really didn’t know what was best right now.

Everything inside Buffy was screaming at her to go for it and to take it further. To take it as far as it could possibly go. But there was still doubt, and fear. Despite the obvious desire in the beautiful brunette’s eyes, Buffy couldn’t be one hundred percent sure that she was making something out of nothing.

“Is it no, or yes, B?” Faith whispered in a husky tone.

Every inch of her body was pleading with Buffy to give her the green light so she could show her how much she wanted her, and loved her. She couldn’t take much more of this waiting crap.




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