Something Sweet

Chapter Two

The scooby gang waited impatiently for Faith to return. Buffy was pacing outside, looking up and down the street. An hour she had said; that was an hour and forty five minutes ago. She was so hoping that the younger girl hadn’t just gone her own way. It would be exactly within her character to ignore everything Buffy had said, and deal with things alone.

Just as Buffy was beginning to lose the last of her self-control, she spotted Faith idly strolling up the street, a small bag thrown over her shoulder and looking like she didn’t have a care in the world. After getting over her first thought about how effortlessly sexy the younger slayer looked in her tight leather pants and tiny white tee shirt, Buffy decided it would be better to think annoyed thoughts.

“Faith, where have you been?” Buffy asked as she charged up to the brunette and grabbed her hand, pulling her more quickly towards Giles’ house.

“Hey, B. Where’s the fire?” Faith was about to untangle her fingers from Buffy’s vice like grip, before thinking better of it. It wasn’t like she got the chance everyday to hold Buffy’s hand. Ss stupid as it made her look, being pulled along buy Buffy, she coped with it.

They rushed into Giles’ apartment, causing the waiting group to look up in panic. Buffy knew she was being slightly extreme, but she was just so relieved that Faith had actually turned up.

Giles sighed gently, Willow and Xander got up to hug Buffy goodbye, not bothering to do the same with Faith for fear of getting their asses kicked. Buffy reassured her watcher that she would be fine, and not to worry, and anything else she could think of to say to keep him from stopping her leaving with Faith.

“We’ll get to the bottom of this, don’t worry. Willow will keep you up to date when she comes to re-supply you. Any problems, just call Angel and he’ll get a message to us.” Giles handed Buffy a new cell phone, suspecting it would be safer to use than her own.

“Why Angel?” Faith asked, as she wasn’t exactly keen on Buffy’s ex. It was purely a jealousy-thing, she had to admit.

Just the idea that Buffy might still have feelings for him tore her up. The venom in her voice must have been obvious if the looks she was now receiving were anything to go by. Too late to take it back now however.

“It’s ok, Faith. Just precautions, in case Giles or any of the gang get their phones tapped. Angel said he didn’t mind helping out,” Buffy explained, looking almost apologetic.

Faith had hoped she hadn’t sounded as jealous as she felt. If she had, then she might just have some explaining to do. Revealing her hidden feelings for Buffy when they were going to be trapped together in the middle of nowhere, for God knows how long. . .wasn’t something she wanted to contemplate. Not when she knew how Buffy would react. The words disgusted, insulted, and afraid crept into Faith’s head.

Buffy decided not to rise to Faith’s annoyance that Angel would be involved. She knew the younger girl didn’t exactly like him, although the reason why wasn’t totally clear. Buffy had suspected a hint of jealousy was involved, but she had thought that was wishful thinking.

With their goodbyes all said and supplies all packed away in the car, the two slayers set off in the direction of the cabin that was to be their home for. . .well, for as long as it needed to be.

It was a warm sunny day and the beaches were full, so there wasn’t too much traffic on the roads. They drove to the outskirts of town in virtual silence, both girls busy with their own thoughts about how they were going to cope being confined with each other. It was something Buffy had only just come to realise. She had had enough trouble coping with her attraction to Faith as it was, so this was going to be hell.

“Stop, B. I wanna get something here.”

Buffy pulled into the forecourt of the gas station, barely missing one of the pumps on her way in, stopping awkwardly at the entrance.

“Jeez. . .where’d you learn to drive? Clown school?” Faith asked, arching an eyebrow at Buffy.

“Shut up, and get a move on. I want to get there before it gets dark,” Buffy said, rolling her eyes.

“Got to get some supplies of my own, princess.” Faith slipped out of the car with a wink.

“This is definitely going to be harder than I thought,” Buffy sighed. “And now I’m talking to myself. But I’d do anything for Faith to want me the way I want her. And I’m still talking to myself. Ok, shut up now.” Buffy furrowed her brow and checked her appearance in the mirror, tidying her hair a little.

The younger Slayer returned with an armful of something Buffy couldn’t quite see. She deposited her purchase in the trunk and made her way round to the driver’s side.

“Ok, B. . .my turn to drive,” Faith said through the open window.

She had a serious look on her face. Her “don’t mess with me I’m a bad ass slayer” look.

Buffy loved it. It practically made her tingle. Still, she wasn’t about to be bossed around by Faith.

“But. . .”

“I’m not going any further with you behind the wheel, Twinkie,” Faith made clear.

More tingles made their way up and down the blonde girl’s spine. She rolled her eyes and pouted a little, but scooted over to the passenger seat. There was never any point in arguing with Faith. They were both just too stubborn.

Faith couldn’t hide the smile that Buffy’s little pout had caused. Buffy was so cute when she did it, and Faith loved it. She climbed into the driver’s seat and got comfy, her lips curled as she glanced at Buffy.

“What? Why are you grinning at me?” Buffy whined.

“No reason, B,” Faith said, continuing to smile.

She slammed her foot down on the gas, and they sped back out onto the road leaving the forecourt clouded in dust.

“And you said I couldn’t drive. . .” Buffy huffed.

* * *

The atmosphere for the rest of the short journey was a tad lighter than before. Both girls were determined to try their best not to antagonise each other. Even though the circumstances weren’t ideal, the imposed seclusion would give them time to bond, which would make them a better vamp killing team. Regardless of whether or not the Watchers Council agreed with it.

Eventually the slayers made their way up the isolated track that led to the cabin. Sunset wasn’t too long in coming, but Buffy had to concede that Faith’s speedy, if somewhat erratic driving had saved them time.

The place looked almost exactly as it had done the previous summer. Giles had made sure that nobody had bought the place, or moved in, and even with their meagre supplies it wasn’t going to be too bad staying there.

The cabin was nestled in amongst a cluster of trees, keeping it hidden from the road. There was a small lake out back, just big enough to swim in, and the views to the west were stunning. The house itself was old, but not too run down. It had been empty for a long time, but hopefully the cleaning and repairs the scoobies had done the previous year had kept the place from being uninhabitable. At least that’s what Buffy was counting on.

Faith pulled up in front of the porch, and killed the engine. “Home sweet home, B. Do I get to carry you over the threshold?” she smirked.

Buffy was too slow in turning away to hide her slight blush. Faith had caught it. She wasn’t sure whether she should be kicking herself for being so flirty, or congratulating herself for getting that reaction out of Buffy.

Faith had purposefully reduced the amount of flirting she did with the other girl lately as her feelings for Buffy grew more and more. It just didn’t seem right somehow, not now that it had gone beyond mere joking. But then maybe things weren’t so black and white after all. Faith opened her mind a little to the slim possibility that Buffy might just feel the same way that she did, and even a slight chance was better than nothing.

Faith got out of the car and began emptying the trunk, as Buffy tried the front door. Just as Buffy remembered there was a key above the frame. She entered the cabin and set about opening the blinds to let in what light was remaining from the fading day. As she busied herself with the task, Buffy silently berated herself for blushing at Faith’s remark. She just hadn’t expected it.

Faith’s flirting had subsided somewhat over the last few months or so, much to Buffy’s disappointment. She hadn’t liked it at first, finding the younger girl over friendly and crude. But then she had gotten used to the flirting, secretly loving the attention. It wasn’t as if Angel had given her much towards the end.

She decided she would just have to give Faith reason to flirt and to open up. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but looking at the solitary bed in the small room she was now in Buffy realised it was time to find out just what Faith felt for her.

Buffy couldn’t stifle a giggle as she re-entered the front room to find Faith struggling with all the bags.

“You could have asked for help,” Buffy laughed lightly.

“Ok, B, stop giggling at me and grab these will ya.” Faith dumped half the bags on the floor and handed Buffy the other half to put in the kitchen, not that there was one, she suddenly realised.

Faith looked around at the tiny cabin, taking in the dusty atmosphere and total lack of any entertainment features. Like a TV, for a start. There was at least a small couch, and a dodgy looking chair that appeared to be on the brink of suicide. There was also a wood burning stove at the back, and a few work surfaces. It probably could have been called cosy, but Faith decided she could think of far more tasteless words that would describe it better.

“Stop looking so glum. It’s not like we have a choice exactly,” Buffy pointed out.

Faith shrugged her shoulders, and picked up her small bag of clothes. “So, which one’s my room?” she asked as she looked around for doors out of the main area.

“We’ll both have to sleep in there,” Buffy said, pointing towards the only bedroom and trying her hardest not to grin.

Faith made her way into the room, praying to anyone that would listen to ensure they would be in separate beds. Nobody was listening. She looked at the bed that was in the center of the room and wondered just which option would be safer: staying with Buffy, in a rather small double bed and trusting herself not to give in to her desire for the little blonde, or handing herself over to the Watchers Council.

She knew she should have insisted that she hide out alone. This was too much. Too cosy, too close, too hard for her to keep her mind on track and not on the cute little slayer in the other room.

“Um, B? You sure this is the only bedroom?” she asked, still staring at the bed.

“Yep. It’ll be ok. I’ve got clean sheets and stuff, so it shouldn’t be that bad,” Buffy explained and made her way in behind Faith, dumping her bag on the bed.

“It wasn’t quite the cleanliness of the sheets that was worrying me, Twinkie.”

“Then what’s wrong?” Buffy could see what was wrong in the other girl’s eyes.

Faith was unnerved at the prospect of them having to sleep so close. Buffy was just hoping it was for the same reason she felt unnerved. . .and that was because it was going to be extremely hard to keep her hands to herself.

“Oh, nothing. Just, um. . .I’m hungry, what do we have to eat?” Faith asked, changing the subject.

Buffy was definitely growing more confident about the other girl’s interest. It couldn’t just be all in her head. She would have to push as far as she could in order to be sure, though, so maybe it was time for a little flirting from her for a change. Nothing too obvious; just enough to get some reactions.

The two Slayers busied themselves with making the cabin comfortable for the night. More could be done the next day, but for now some candles and fresh sheets would have to do. The sun was well on its way past the horizon now.

As Faith lit candles, Buffy unpacked the cold meal that Giles had prepared for them. With no wood for the stove it would have to remain cold.

They eventually settled themselves onto the couch and filled their stomachs. Buffy had given most of her share to Faith, knowing the younger girl was almost impossible to fill. She didn’t mind though, and actually found it quite fascinating the way Faith virtually attacked her food. The brunette certainly never did things by halves.

A thought crossed Buffy’s mind, instantly causing her to blush. And unfortunately Faith had seen her out of the corner of her eye.

“What you blushing at now? I didn’t even say anything,” Faith stated, looking like a naughty schoolgirl who had just been caught doing something terribly wrong and having to deny she had anything to do with it.

It was about the cutest thing Buffy had ever seen. A look of worry and Faith just didn’t mix. Too adorable.

Of course she couldn’t very well tell Faith what had made her blush in the first place. It probably would have been pushing too far to actually come out and say she had been imagining how great Faith doubtless was in bed.

Buffy had heard all the stories from Faith herself about her various conquests. She knew the sexy brunette had experience far beyond her own as far as sex went. It wasn’t really that the other girl boasted about it, it was just fact. She knew what she wanted, and got what she wanted. No man could resist, and neither could Buffy, try as she might.

Buffy collected their empty plates and left them in the sink at the back of the room. It was so quiet in the cabin. No TV and no music. Nothing. She would have to have a word with Willow when she next saw her. Maybe a portable radio would be a good idea.

* * *

It was about ten o’clock in the evening now, and Buffy was feeling restless; the lack of a days slaying putting her on edge. She could only imagine just how unsettled Faith must have been as the younger girl always enjoyed her slaying to the limit.

“I’m restless, do you want to spar a little?” Buffy asked.

“I thought you’d never ask, B. Bring it on,” Faith replied quickly, practically vaulting off the couch to land in front of Buffy. Settling straight into a defensive stance.

“Ok, so I’m guessing you’re a little restless too,” Buffy chuckled. “You ready?”

“I’m always ready for you, princess,” Faith said, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively to make her point.

It was just what Buffy had been waiting for, flirty Faith alive and kicking. She threw a right hook at Faith’s jaw.

The younger girl ducked and span round, executing a perfect leg sweep. At least it would have been perfect, but for the fact that Buffy avoided it easily, kicking out at the same time. Blocking the kick Faith leant out of the way, flipping backwards to avoid the follow up punch.

“Show off.”

“Don’t I always, B?”

They settled into their usual sweaty sparing session, with neither girl really getting the upper hand. They continued to dodge, kick and punch, until they were both suitably out of breath.

“Come on. That all you got, girlfriend?” Faith asked as she came close with an uppercut.

“Oh, wouldn’t you just love to know what I’ve got. . .gorgeous?”

Faith was totally distracted by that. Buffy had most certainly never called her gorgeous whilst sparring before. She dropped her guard and landed on her backside as Buffy caught her with a left hook.

“Crap. I’m sorry, Faith,” Buffy said right away, dashing to Faith’s side and inspecting any damage done to her jaw.

The prone slayer just looked up at her, grinning as she rubbed her face.

“That was a good one, B. Got me with the distraction trick. Couldn’t have done better myself.” She sat up, shaking the slight dazed feeling clouding her head. Buffy never ceased to amaze her sometimes.

Buffy helped Faith to stand, leading her over to the couch. She hadn’t meant to hit that hard, and now she was feeling bad for distracting Faith in the first place. She fetched a cold pack from the chill-box and placed it on Faith’s jaw. Despite the apparent bruise appearing on her face she continued to grin at Buffy, with her eyes seemingly full of admiration.

Buffy was surprised that the normally impetuous girl hadn’t retaliated yet. She had never caught Faith before and not had a smack back. If Willow and Xander could see Faith now. . .well, they would never believe it if she told them just how mild Faith could be sometimes.

“Just so you know, B. That was a lucky shot. Next time, you’ll be the one with you’re ass polishing the floorboards.”

“You wish, F,” Buffy smiled.

She loved it when they teased each other, as it was something so distinctly them. Although sometimes it did go a little too far. Even the arguments were kind of fun, though. They were both stubborn and passionate people after all.

“So, do we have water in this place? I could do with a shower or something,” Faith said. She felt she needed a cold one.

She was still feeling restless, in fact now more so than before. The sparring had just rendered her even hornier for Buffy.

“Sorry, Faith. The only way to fill the bath is using water from the lake, and heating it on the stove. There’s something wrong with the taps in this place. The toilet works though,” Buffy said, trying her best to be enthusiastic about that.

“Great, no bath ‘till tomorrow then. Wait a minute, that means I have to get into bed with you when you’re all sweaty and stinky.” Faith groaned, feigning distaste at the thought.

“I hate to break it to you, but you stink just as much as me,” Buffy pointed out cockily.

Faith couldn’t deny that, but the thought of being squeezed into a bed with Buffy smelling hot and sweaty was just not good. She loved the way the other slayer smelled when they had been sparring or slaying. It was intoxicating to say the least.

“I could always sleep on the couch, B. I mean. . .I don’t wanna gross you out or anything.” Faith really hoped Buffy didn’t want her to sleep on the couch. . .but then, she also hoped she did. Things were never simple it seemed.

“No. . .it’s ok, I’m sure I’ll cope,” Buffy answered just a little too quickly.

Faith raised her eyebrows, thinking that maybe things were quite simple after all.

She resolved right there and then to take the opportunity of this confinement to discover just how far she could go with Buffy. All she would really have to do was flirt a little more, and be a tad more daring in as subtle a way as possible. Or not so subtle, depending on the reactions she received.

She knew Buffy kind of liked it when she pushed the boundaries of their friendship; Buffy had never been very good at hiding her reactions to her. She just hoped it wouldn’t all blow up in her face. It was probably worth the risk.



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