Something Sweet

Chapter Three

As she watched the cute blonde’s backside disappear into the bedroom of their tiny little cabin, Faith smiled to herself.

“Yeah, she’s definitely worth the risk,” she muttered under her breath.

Buffy had moved into the bathroom in order to change into the tee shirt and shorts she had brought to sleep in. Faith was hoping she was going to get an eyeful of cute slayer booty, but it obviously wasn’t Buffy’s style. The younger girl never bothered with sleeping in anything herself, and she wasn’t about to change the habit of a lifetime. Well, she thought it was probably best to keep her panties on, although they really didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Buffy re-entered the bedroom just as Faith slipped under the covers. Buffy had caught a glimpse of Faith’s slender thigh before the sheet covered her up. She was growing more and more certain about her physical attraction to Faith by the hour. Just thinking about the younger girl’s well toned body got her all hot and bothered. Imagining what it would feel like to have Faith pressed up against her own nakedness, made Buffy wet with anticipation.

Buffy blew out the candle on her side of the bed, trying her best not to sigh at the thought she was currently having, and got under the covers. The fresh cotton sheets were a little cold and made her shiver. It was either that, or the fact she had just realised the girl next to her was sleeping in nothing but her underwear, minus her bra.

“You cold, B?” Faith’s voice seemed even more husky and sexy than usual in the confines of the small dark room.

“I’m ok. It’s just a little chilly,” Buffy answered, her voice nothing more than a squeak in comparison. Her mind working overtime at the thought of Faith’s uncovered breasts so close to her.

Before the blonde girl had a chance to protest, Faith scooted closer to her, and wrapped an arm tightly around her waist. Spooning Buffy, as she lay facing away from her.

“Can’t have you catching the flu or something, can we?” Faith said, as she moulded herself into the smaller girl’s back, pressing up against her.

Faith’s firm body instantly heated Buffy up.

Faith had just reacted to the fact that Buffy was cold in a natural way, to protect the little blonde. But then she realised her mistake. She was impossibly close to Buffy now, and her bare breasts were pressed up against the girl who was now trapped under her strong left arm.

She closed her eyes tight as she felt her nipples harden at the contact. She had put herself in a very awkward position, and was mentally kicking herself for always being so impetuous.

Buffy was having difficulty breathing normally, and she was willing herself to relax into the other girl’s embrace. She didn’t want Faith to notice how tense she felt and get the wrong idea, maybe thinking that she didn’t like or want the contact, as Faith seemed to be pretty tense herself. It didn’t help that she could now feel Faith’s hard nipples brushing against her with every breath she took. It was sending little lightning bolts down her spine, to her now slick sex.

Buffy decided the best thing to do was to just loosen up and enjoy the soft contact she was getting from Faith. Trying her best to push any sexual thoughts to one side, Buffy positioned her arm over Faith’s, which was gently resting on her stomach. She desperately wanted to reassure the younger girl that she was in no way threatened or offended at being so close.

As she relaxed she felt Faith relax right along with her. Buffy closed her eyes, a contented smile playing on her lips. Surprising herself at how comfortable she felt in Faith’s arms, the chosen one sighed, and then drifted off to sleep.

For her part, Faith couldn’t quite believe that Buffy had allowed her to remain so close. Not that she was complaining, although it was doing nothing to dam her increasing desire. She tried her best to just enjoy it, not thinking too much about what else she would rather be doing in bed with the other slayer.

It was just so nice to be able to hold her, and not worry about anything too much. The implications of what this seemingly innocent clinch brought about were just not important when it felt so good.

As Buffy noticeably relaxed into the embrace, holding the brunette’s arm about her, Faith realised that Buffy must be thinking more or less the same thing. She drifted off to sleep, with Buffy pulling her in even closer.

* * *

Faith tentatively opened her sleepy eyes, trying her best not to catch the light too much, because she hated mornings. As she became more aware of her surroundings however, she decided that some mornings were actually pretty fucking good. The sleeping slayer that was practically on top of her was the cause of that particular revelation.

During the night Buffy had pinned the younger girl under her. Her right leg was all the way over both of Faith’s legs, and she was resting most of her upper body on her; her head resting between Faith’s ample and uncovered breasts. Her silky blonde hair splayed out over the now smiling brunette.

Faith was trying her best not to move and wake the cute blonde. She was also attempting not to notice the reaction her nipple was having to Buffy’s breath gently blowing over it. Her mind was racing with past images she’d had of waking up like this with Buffy. She had never once actually believed it would happen. Fair enough, they hadn’t had what Faith knew would be great sex the previous night, but this was pretty close to perfect in terms of starting a new day.

As she realised Buffy was beginning to wake up, Faith thought to herself that it was probably not a good idea for Buffy to find her awake. She didn’t fancy explaining to the feisty slayer just why she hadn’t bothered to move out from under her. So she closed her eyes again, and pretended to be fast asleep.

Buffy shifted slightly as she came to. She held her breath as she realised that she wasn’t totally on the mattress. In fact, she was almost completely not on the mattress, and on top of Faith. She reminded herself that breathing was necessary to stay alive, and took a deep breath. A breath so full of Faith’s delectable scent that her brain pretty much crashed into overload. She could almost taste the other girl in every respiration.

The thought of Faith’s sweet juice in her mouth almost caused the older slayer to groan with arousal.

Buffy couldn’t move. She didn’t want to move. Moving was so not what she wanted to do right now. Her cheek was firmly nestled between two gloriously exposed full breasts with deliciously puckered nipples, and her leg was wrapped around the beautiful brunette. She was being overwhelmed by so many stimulating feelings.

It was warm, soft, and so nice being close to Faith. She could feel Faith’s heart beating under her. She wanted nothing more than it to be beating for her. She couldn’t believe she had ever doubted what she felt for the younger girl. It felt so right.

But she knew she would have to move eventually. She didn’t want Faith to wake up and find her sprawled all over her. It would be far too embarrassing to explain why she hadn’t removed herself as soon as she’d realised. So Buffy slowly unwrapped herself from Faith’s body, instantly missing the contact as she moved.

She got as far as pulling her leg away from Faith, and shifting her head to her shoulder, but Faith’s arm was curled around her back. Preventing her from moving any further away.

Faith just didn’t want it to end too soon. She was jumping for joy inside about the fact that Buffy hadn’t pulled away from her as soon as she had woken up. She could feel the blonde’s heartbeat racing away on top of her. Buffy obviously wasn’t too keen on moving, so Faith gently but firmly strengthened her grip around her.

The two slayers slowly let the light of the day lift them from sleep as they shared the delightful and essentially loving embrace. Faith kept her breathing as steady as she could, but her mind was running rampant. She would love to just lift Buffy up onto her, kiss her and caress her. She wanted to wrap her legs around Buffy’s slender back, and feel their heat slick against each other. Faith fought back her fantasy as best she could, not wanting the other girl to notice her tense muscles and realise she was awake.

She kept Buffy in her grasp for a couple of minutes then relented. The fire inside her was quickly burning out of control and she thought that if she got any wetter she might just slide right off the bed.

Faith opened her eyes to be greeted by two beautiful green ones looking right back at her. She smiled lazily at the cute blonde, trying to be as nonchalant as possible given how horny Buffy had made her feel.

Faith released Buffy and swung her legs out of the bed. She made her way to the bathroom without even a glance back. She knew if she did look back Buffy would see the lustful look in her eyes, and she didn’t want to push too far too soon and scare her off.

Buffy rolled onto her back sighing. She had got an eyeful of just how gorgeous Faith was as she had made her way to the bathroom; her perfect breasts bouncing slightly as she walked away, and her firm young backside looking like it was just begging to be spanked. That coupled with the position she had just been in with Faith had got her extremely turned on.

She knew this was going to be another hard day of desperately trying not to think of Faith naked and writhing around all sweaty and wet on top of her.

“Why did I insist on coming?” Buffy groaned, well aware of the answer to that.

She was there to show support for Faith, but mostly she was there just to be with her. Because not being with her was something she just didn’t want to contemplate.

Faith stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her, a sexy grin playing on her lips as she made her way out of the bedroom. Just as she got to the door, she turned to look directly at the blonde still wrapped in the sheets.

“Fancy getting wet, B?” Faith threw the question out in a sultry tone, and it practically kissed its way up Buffy’s neck to her ears. Or at least that’s what it had felt like it had done.

“I. . .I. . .what?” Buffy stumbled.

“A swim, girlfriend. I’m going in,” Faith grinned and left the bedroom, leaving behind an extremely bemused Buffy.

Faith hadn’t been able to resist. She knew it would fluster the older girl being so obviously flirtatious, especially after the way they had woken up together. She had received a great reaction too. Not only had Buffy blushed, but she had also stammered.

Buffy shook her head. She was glad Faith was flirting with her again, but it was playing havoc on her senses. She wanted the brunette so much, and just knew it was going to be impossible to hide the fact. But then she realized that two could play at that game.

Buffy removed her sleeping attire and retrieved her own towel. She doubted that Faith would ever guess she would go swimming with her naked. But that was exactly what she was going to do.

“Let’s see you try not to look at me now, with me frolicking around in front of you with not a stitch on,” Buffy said to herself, just hoping that Faith had either chosen to wear something, or that she could keep control of her own wandering gaze.

As she made her way out of the back door Buffy couldn’t help but stand and stare in wonder as the other girl threw her towel to the ground and gracefully entered the water. She was just so damn gorgeous. Every inch of her was perfect, and every inch of Buffy wanted to experience her.

The powerful play of muscle just beneath the surface of Faith’s lustrous skin captured Buffy. As Faith gracefully made her way into the lake, her strength obvious in her firm figure, she pushed her hand through her hair, tousling it slightly so it cascaded down her back in luscious brown twists. The thought of Faith’s dark locks tickling her as it swept over her slighter body caused tingles to shoot over Buffy’s aroused center.

Buffy tried to move forward in order to catch up, but was stopped in her tracks as Faith, only immersed up to her knees, dipped her hands into the water and splashed her glorious body with their contents. She then ran her palms down her torso, slowly. The brunette guided them to her chest, over her breasts, then onwards to her flat stomach. She stopped just before touching her most intimate part.

Buffy was cursing the fact she only had a rear view. But even that had been pretty fucking hot. Watching the sexy slayer practically fondle her own breasts had certainly given Buffy ideas. She continued her study of the other girl up until the point Faith floated out into the lake, the water appearing to part for her faultless form. Buffy then also made her way to the shore, stripped of clothing and her defences.

Faith waded out into the lake, adjusting to the chilly temperature. She knew that at least it would cool her ardour someway. That was until she turned around just in time to watch Buffy follow her into the water, also with not a thing on. It took her breath away. The blonde had a deliciously firm little body, and Faith licked her lips at just the thought of maybe one day being allowed to explore it.

* * *

“Jesus, it’s cold.” Buffy quivered a little as she waded out into the small lake.

Faith smiled wickedly, loving the cute way Buffy was trying her best to look sexy and not about ready to freeze to death. She couldn’t take her eyes off the other girl though, as Buffy swam out to the centre of the small lake to join Faith. She did look fucking sexy.

The whole body of water was no larger than maybe two average sized swimming pools, and shallow enough to stand up in; the water reaching just above Faith’s chest.

It still managed to look impressive with the hazy morning sun glinting off the shimmering water; birds in the nearby trees, calling to each other in greeting for the day. It was certainly picturesque, and the two naked slayers only added to the attractiveness of the scene.

Faith had never seen Buffy naked before, and she was mesmerised. Her chocolate pools roaming over the smooth skin of the older girl as she lowered herself into the icy water. Buffy’s neatly cropped pussy had instantly caught Faith’s attention, but unfortunately it was beneath the water before she was finished devouring it with her eyes.

Buffy’s breasts were the next to engage her. They were smaller than her own, with small pink nipples as opposed to her own darker ones, but they looked good enough to eat as far as Faith was concerned. She stood, frozen to the spot with Buffy approaching her. She just couldn’t look away, finding it impossible to hide her desire for the slighter Slayer.

Buffy was more than pleased at Faith’s reaction. Once she got over the shock of the cold water, her mind and body were entirely focused on Faith’s response. Buffy moved closer to Faith through the water, partially swimming and walking her way as the lake enveloped them both in its chilly cloak.

Buffy could see the size of Faith’s pupils already. The dark alluring eyes almost engulfing her as she stepped ever closer. It was fairly obvious that Faith liked what she saw, or what she had seen before Buffy had immersed her nakedness in the lake. The brunette was visibly taken aback, trying her hardest to regain control.

But Buffy didn’t want Faith to find her restraint again. She wanted Faith to open up to her, and to admit what she felt for her. Even if Buffy wasn’t certain if she could quite handle all that right now, she was sure she couldn’t just ignore it or hope for it to go away. She didn’t just want to be Faith’s friend any longer.

Buffy came within touching distance of Faith, but the brunette just continued to stare. Her slight frown testament to the inner battle, and torment she was going through. She wanted to sweep Buffy up into her arms and pull her shimmering body into hers. She felt like she would explode if she couldn’t touch those delicate lips with her own.

As the sun rose higher, bathing the mesmerised slayers in its warmth, Faith smiled shyly at Buffy. It was the one and only time Buffy had ever seen Faith actually looking coy and not charged with confidence.

It filled Buffy with an urge to act. To do something to break the silent mist that had descended over them both. It was as if nothing else existed but them. They were caught in each other’s eyes, delving into one another’s daydream.

Buffy inched towards Faith, unsure of what she was going to do or say. She just wanted to be closer to the heat radiating from the other girl. She felt the need to reach out and run her fingers across the brunette’s delicate collar bone, then allow them to wander over to her neck and down, collecting the drops of water that were currently trickling their way towards her voluptuous breasts.

Buffy closed her eyes, her lips parted almost in invitation. She took a deep breath and looked at Faith again. The fire she saw in Buffy’s eyes overwhelmed Faith. It was unmistakable need. Desire. And it was being directed right at her as Buffy moved closer to her. Faith remained still, not wanting to crash the moment. She stood enchanted, her heart pounding in her chest, waiting for the blonde girl’s next move.



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