Something Sweet

Chapter Sixteen

Buffy felt herself fall into Faith, heart and soul. She couldn’t have wished for more from Faith, and here the other Slayer was, giving her everything. Buffy was well aware of how hard it was for the guarded brunette to let go, to trust and open up. That’s why she hadn’t expected to hear words about love coming from her for a very long time.

She always seemed to know how to surprise Buffy, and never stopped doing it. Buffy loved the way Faith made her feel, like there was nothing they couldn’t do together. She had always made the more uptight girl feel that way, as if nothing could stand in their way, like they were unstoppable together. Like they could reach for the skies and touch the stars. Right now, Buffy felt like Faith had reached up and plucked every star out of the sky just for her, to offer to her along with her heart.

Buffy gratefully accepted Faith’s heart. She could never imagine doing anything other than that, now that she had accepted her feelings. Now that she had been so intimate with, and made love to the other girl.

“I love you too.” The words were spoken sleepily as Buffy felt herself drift into much needed rest.

“I know, baby,” Faith whispered, kissing the top of Buffy’s head, the blonde hair tickling her nose as she leant against her, pulling her tight into her side. “Go to sleep now. I promise I’ll show you how much I love you, as soon as I can.” Both girls could feel their eyes shutting, bodies relaxing into each other as the day outside begun and they drifted off to sleep, naked in one another’s arms.

It mustn’t have been more than four or five hours later, when Faith woke to the sound of drilling outside. She hated the city sometimes. The light and the noise from outside was doing its best to filter into the little haven of peace that enveloped the two of them. Faith decided she didn’t mind that much as soon as she realised her right hand was resting in the hollow at the small of Buffy’s back.

Buffy was lying on her front, arms above her, her head turned towards Faith, eyes closed as she continued to sleep. Faith blinked her weariness away, to fully appreciate the sight of Buffy lying naked next to her, their heads close together and legs entwined.

The blanket had fallen down around both their waists, leaving Buffy’s back fully exposed to Faith. She had always had a weakness for the other girl’s back, loving it when Buffy would wear something that would reveal its slender enticement to her.

She had always found it so hard not to just reach out and run her fingers down the delicate looking bones of her spine. To feel the gentle flex of muscle under the lustrous skin. Now she didn’t have stop herself. Faith could enjoy just how sexy and alluring she thought Buffy’s back was, with her fingers, just like she’d always wanted to do.

Being gentle, as not to wake the other girl, Faith began tracing patterns over Buffy’s back with the tips of her fingers. Starting at the delicate arch, she drew circles over the sleek skin and muscle, soaking up the soft tickle of the sensation.

As Faith’s caresses moved upwards, up over sharp shoulder blades and firm muscle, she flattened her hand, sweeping her palm over Buffy. The blonde girl continued to sleep through Faith’s exploration, her soft exhalations mesmerising her.

Moving closer, Faith leant on her elbow, not feeling too much pain in her ribs. They were almost healed, as she had always been a quick healer, even for a Slayer. Buffy was beyond jealous about that.

Faith looked down at the sleeping girl, her dark eyes devouring the sight, her fingers stealing the chance to glide down Buffy’s spine. She quickly moved from wanting to touch, to wanting to taste. Without hesitating, Faith leant her body close to Buffy. She moaned quietly at the contact of her breasts on the other girl’s smooth skin, her nipples instantly firming.

She brushed her lips over the shoulder blade closest to her, enjoying the slight salty taste. Her mouth was hungry to taste more, her sumptuous lips eager to feel, so Faith smothered Buffy’s back with soft, wet kisses.

She slowly moved down, trailing her lips and tongue southwards, to the top of the sheet covering the firm round backside that Faith now had her right hand resting on. She dusted kisses in the sensual arch to Buffy’s back, relishing the opportunity to do so, noticing her own breathing becoming quicker and stilted.

Flattening her tongue out, Faith licked her way back up Buffy’s spine in an almost carnal display of ownership, up to the alluring smoothness of her neck, drinking in Buffy’s flavour, and feeling the muscles twitch. Her hand slipped to the tiny waist of the other girl as she began to wake up, her eyes blinking open to look at Faith. Faith continued stroking over the dainty waist and lower back that had her fingers eager to find other places to touch and explore.

“Hmm, why do I feel so good?” Buffy asked, gazing deep into endless pools of chocolate brown, her body instantly reacting to the attention of a caressing hand.

Faith smiled down at the waking girl, studying her pretty face as she received an equally delicious smile back. She looked intently at the pout-y lift of Buffy’s lips, the gleam in the beautiful green eyes that she loved. Leaning down, Faith kissed the cute little quirky nose she thought was adorable.

There was a time she would have jumped off the nearest bridge if she’d caught herself having thoughts like she was. Thinking someone was adorable just wasn’t a part of her bad girl image, but Buffy had got far underneath that particular shield. She had wormed her way into her heart, and there was no way Faith could stop her own thoughts now.

“You look so fucking cute right now, B. And you’re turning me into a big wuss, ya know that?” Faith softly allowed her lips to stray across Buffy’s, placing a small kiss on her mouth before pulling away.

“I like it when you go all soft. Not that I don’t like it when you’re all tough and sexy too. I really like that. I like it when you get all rowdy and feisty and. . .” Buffy squealed a little, halted in her dreamy babble as Faith moved her body on top of her, holding herself over her, resting some but not all her weight on Buffy.

“Like this?” Faith asked, holding Buffy’s wrists on the pillow with one hand, and gliding her right hand up and down the naked body below her, tickling Buffy‘s side a little.

She pressed some more of her weight into Buffy, her legs falling between her thighs, causing her to brush intimately against Buffy’s backside.

“Yeah, just like that,” Buffy breathed out, getting aroused with Faith’s body pressed up against her.

Buffy had woken to the delicate touch of feather light fingers and kisses on her back, pulling her from the sanctuary of sleep, to the sanctuary of feeling adored. Of being desired and loved by her fellow Slayer.

She really enjoyed the feeling, and had longed for it for so long, a lot of the time not even knowing what it was she was longing for. Now she knew. It was Faith, in all her raw untamed beauty, with her sexual veracity and experienced touches.

Feeling Faith’s skin warming her own, exciting her every sense, the teasing cresses of her skilful fingers glancing over her, Buffy could feel herself getting wet with need. She wanted Faith to make her complete, to take her with every tiny bit of love she could detect coming from her.

* * *

“Faith,” Buffy said quietly, as she pushed up into the taller girl, ensuring Faith’s obviously wet centre brushed against her, “if you’re ribs are still hurting you should. . .” She didn’t get the word “stop” out.

Faith was more than ready to worship the body of the girl underneath her. She took the soft flesh of Buffy’s earlobe into her mouth, sucking gently then breathing heated air into her ear, whispering her intentions.

“I feel fine, B. And you feel even better.” Faith’s right hand strayed underneath the girl lying on her front, cupping her small breast.

Buffy moaned for Faith, her slim body reacting to the attention now on her nipple, the captivated fingers teasing it, as Faith began to rub against the blonde girl, spreading her aroused sex over Buffy’s firm ass. The bed creaked a little as Faith placed more weight down onto Buffy, and she groaned as her breasts tickled over her strong shoulder blades.

“B, you get me so fucking hot.” Faith was breathing heavier, right along with Buffy, as the heat between them intensified. “I wanna touch you. I wanna feel how wet you are. Are ya wet for me, baby?” Faith’s husky voice eased out over Buffy, whilst her fingers strayed down, towards her intimate folds.

“Faith, God I’m dripping for you. You’re really turning me on. No ones ever. . .I mean, I’ve never been. . .you know, from behind,” Buffy stammered, feeling her cheeks flush.

Faith groaned, sounding more like she was growling, burning up with Buffy telling her what she just had. She whispered over the short pubic hair with her fingers, and Buffy pushed her tiny ass up into Faith, her eyes closing and lips parting in anticipation.

Faith grinned, the sensation of Buffy bucking up against her, just waiting to be taken by her, was the most erotic thing she had ever experienced. It probably had a lot to do with the fact that she thought of Buffy as untouchable - too prim and proper to enjoy being fucked by another girl - but Buffy was in love with her, so it obviously wasn’t an issue. Could never be.

“Do you want me to touch you from behind, B?” Faith moved her body slightly to the right of the smaller girl, resting more on her side. Leaving room to move her right hand out from under Buffy to place it back on her ass, both of them knowing where they wanted it to go; in between Buffy’s legs.

“Yes. Faith, I want you to make love to me.” Buffy looked deep into Faith’s eyes, trusting her completely.

Faith crushed their lips together, sliding her tongue deep into Buffy‘s mouth, keeping hold of her wrists, and slipping her other hand over the tight round curve of her rear. She continued to kiss the other girl passionately, despite the awkward position, as her hand slid between Buffy’s open thighs.

Buffy arched up into the touch, giving Faith more access to her already drenched pussy. They breathed hard into each other’s mouths, not so much kissing as just breathing into one another, as Faith’s fingers finally reached their destination.

Buffy sighed into Faith’s mouth, spreading her legs further, wanting her girlfriend to explore her fully.

“Damn, Buffy, you’re so wet.” Faith kissed her way to Buffy’s neck, positioning herself a little over the shorter girl underneath her, so she could give her exactly what she wanted.

She slicked her fingers in Buffy’s arousal, gliding the tips of them over the soft lips, teasing them open to flick over the hard little clit throbbing for her to notice it. Faith slowly began to rub circles over Buffy’s sensitive nub, teasing Buffy until she was sighing, soft moans escaping her parted lips.

“Fuck, Faith. It’s so good to have you touching me.” Buffy was rocking against Faith’s fingers, trying to get more friction from the teasing girl.

“I know, baby. I’ve wanted to do this for so fucking long,” Faith confessed, her voice trembling slightly with recognition of just how much she had been waiting for this moment.

Faith nibbled on Buffy’s neck, rubbing a little harder in the wet pussy she was enjoying finally being able to possess. Feeling that Buffy wanted more, needed more, Faith pulled on her hips. “Lift up, B. Get on your knees.”

Buffy obeyed without question, placing her hands on the headboard, leaning forwards on her knees for Faith. She turned her head and watched as the younger girl moved more behind her, also on her knees. Faith got as close as she could to Buffy, sweeping her hand over her back, then replacing her fingers over the soft, dripping cunt on offer to her.

Faith groaned at the sight of Buffy bent over for her, her pink pussy seeping out onto her hand. The delicate flesh of her folds spreading under her touch, inviting her to finger the glistening little nub, causing Buffy to whimper as she stroked over her.

“Oh, Faith. That feels so good.” Buffy gripped the metal of the headboard, breathing hard with Faith’s fingers slipping over her.

“I wanna make you feel even better. I wanna go inside you, B.” Faith looked down at Buffy’s pussy. “You look so fucking sexy. I want in your pussy.” She swirled her fingers up to the enticing entrance, waiting for Buffy to give her the go ahead.

“Oh, please. . .” Faith’s teasing just wasn’t enough, “fuck me, Faith. Put your fingers in me and fuck me.”

Faith smiled, pushing a finger into the tight little hole that was slick with arousal. She slid in as far as she dared, not wanting to push the inexperienced girl too far too soon. Buffy arched her back, throwing her hair to the side as she groaned, encouraging the Faith’s finger to slide deeper up inside her hot center.

Faith buried her finger deep into Buffy, savouring the sensation of being inside her, of touching the other girl as intimately as she could, the soft walls pulling her in. She swirled her finger round inside a little, and Buffy moaned out into the small room, filling the air with her obvious pleasure in both sound and scent.

Her constant moans joined the wet sound of her dripping sex, as Faith began to pull her finger in and out, slowly fucking Buffy. She grew a little more sure about what Buffy could take, so pushed another finger inside her, thrusting in deeper and harder.

With her other hand holding Buffy by the waist, Faith stroked her fingers in and out, speeding up as Buffy rocked back into her, looking sexier than Faith had ever seen her. She was abandoning herself to the intimate touch, voicing her gratification, as she allowed the strong Slayer to take her.

Faith was moaning herself, as she slammed harder into Buffy, filling her tight hole with her fingers. Spilling the warm liquid of Buffy’s arousal over her hand. Drowning in the sensation of being deep inside her and giving her obvious pleasure, as she began to call Faith’s name out, ignoring the fact that anybody passing the door would hear.

“Faith. Oh, Faith. You’re so good,” Buffy moaned, finding it hard to keep her grip on the headboard.

Faith, hearing her name called out so sexily from Buffy’s lips, pushed harder into her, fucking her soaked cunt as it stretched for her and swallowed her fingers. The bed was creaking, headboard beginning to bounce off the stark pale blue of the wall. Neither girl seemed to care however, too wrapped up in the enveloping aroma of sex and the sounds coming from both of them, losing track of anything but each other.

Faith slid her other hand round to Buffy’s pussy, slipping it between the slick folds, searching out her clit with her fingers as she rocked against her. Buffy began to shake with the stroking of her sensitive clit and the teasing of her G spot deep inside, and Faith could tell she was close.

She didn’t want it to end so soon though. Faith wanted to stay buried, knuckle deep in Buffy for as long as she could. Faith removed her fingers from Buffy’s clit, sliding them up to her swaying breasts, where she fingered her nipples, spreading Buffy’s arousal on them, knowing she would flip her over as soon as Buffy had climaxed, to suck the nipples and the glistening fluid into her mouth.

She wanted to taste the blonde girl, like nothing she‘d wanted before. She was sure she would get to that soon enough, so she continued to fuck her with her fingers, filling the tight space inside. Spreading the less experienced girl open, and sending shivers through her with every thrust.

“Oh fuck. Faith, make me come. Please. I need you to. . .oh, baby,” Buffy groaned.

Faith was defeated; she couldn’t tease Buffy any longer with her swirling fingers. She fucked Buffy as fast as she could, as the blonde Slayer pushed back into her, practically screaming into the warm afternoon.

Her other hand found its way back to Buffy’s saturated cunt, finding her clit swollen and needy against her fingers. She rubbed over it fast and hard, feeling the pulsing begin around her fingers inside, as Buffy whimpered and called out for her.

“I’m right here, baby. Come for me.” Faith pushed deep up inside Buffy’s dripping hole, sending the older girl crashing over the edge, soaking her hand with the thick come pouring from her.

“Faith. Oh. Fuck,” Buffy called and collapsed onto the bed, Faith following. “Don’t stop, Faith.”

Faith had no intention of stopping, through the convulsions of Buffy’s orgasm, she could feel her coming again. Pressing her body up against the shaking girl, feeling much needed friction on her own clit from the round ass she was hard up against, Faith rammed her fingers into Buffy, adding a third in the abundance of come. She snaked her other hand out from under them, moving it up to entwine her fingers with Buffy’s.

She pounded the small Slayer’s tight pussy hole, sweat slicking them as they both swelled to the heights of passion, soaring with each other on a wave of pleasure both had been waiting to give to one another for far too long.

Faith could feel herself close to joining Buffy in her haze of ecstasy, caught up in the heady cries of the other girl, and her own arousal soaked pussy rubbing up against the firm ass below her. The wall was practically shaking from the constant thumping of the headboard, and the load exhalations of lust and fulfilment escaping the chosen two. They didn’t notice, too wrapped up in their need, and their love.

“Oh, Buffy. Buffy. . .I’m coming, B,” Faith practically yelled.

They were both panting in unison, together in their pleasure.

Faith’s heart was pounding against Buffy, sending even more shivers through Buffy’s highly aroused body. She had never felt so completely taken in her life. But far from scare her, it was driving her crazy, because Faith was the only one she wanted to feel that with. The only one she was willing to completely lose herself to.

“Faith, I. . .I love you,” Buffy cried as she shuddered, swept up into a blinding orgasm, with Faith coming all over her ass.

“Oh yeah. Fuck, B,” Faith panted, slamming her fingers into Buffy, gushing come all over them both; Buffy’s and her own. Faith held tight to the girl she loved, riding out the tremors with her in the tangle of their come soaked sheets, their sweat, their love and their hearts.

The thumping of chests and ragged quivers of exhausted breathing slowly faded in the still air around them. Faith didn’t want to move. Her fingers were still inside Buffy, soaked in her sticky fluids, feeling the last convulsions of her pussy ebb away, and she was far too comfortable, fitting perfectly into the dips and hollows of Buffy’s back.

She didn’t want to cause Buffy any discomfort with her weight however, so she began to raise herself, only to be stopped by her girlfriend.

“You don’t have to move, Faith. I like this too.” Buffy had sensed that Faith didn’t really want to detach herself from her.

She wasn’t over keen on Faith moving anywhere either. The unmistakable feeling of Faith’s sticky fluids dripping out of her cunt and onto her backside was well worth getting a little squashed for.

Faith kissed the salt slicked shoulder underneath her, and settled back down, resting just a little of her weight to the side so she wasn’t smothering the smaller girl. She slowly removed her fingers from the warm confines of Buffy’s tight hole, sliding them out and receiving a soft moan.

“That was pretty fucking awesome, B. Thank you for letting me do that,” Faith whispered into an adorable little ear, resting her head down between strong shoulder blades.

She felt Buffy chuckle a little under her. “Faith, I didn’t just let you do that, I wanted to. So thank you. It was, well, I think you heard. . .maybe along with the rest of LA,” Buffy said softly, squeezing the powerful hand within her grasp.

Both girls chuckled a little this time at how loud they had been, not worrying just yet about what anybody else would think. They were too wrapped up in each other. Too lost in touches and sensations that slipped around them, holding them together in the fullness of their desire for one another to worry about anything outside the door to their little haven.

As the sun rose higher in the clear blue sky outside, both Slayers breathed in deep the scent around them, emanating from them both, sending them both into a happy refuge of satisfied sleep. Embracing Buffy, Faith relaxed to the beat of their hearts, signalling their unquestioning devotion to the bond between them.

Faith had never felt so full, so high on life, so completely overwhelmed by emotion. And as Buffy tiptoed into the realm of sleep, she realised it was a good feeling, and one she never wanted to risk, or have taken from her. She had found her anchor. And it was the cutest, most adorable little anchor she could ever have hoped to find.

Smiling to herself, Faith joined Buffy in her dreams, unfettering them both from the darkness they knew lurked in the real world. The world that was ready and waiting for them to rise and face it, together.

The prospect wasn’t so intimidating. With strong hands clasped, keeping each other safe, nothing was going to dare to test the bond for its strength. Because the strength was obvious. . .and always had been.



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