Something Sweet

Chapter Seventeen

Buffy inhaled deeply, the warm scent of her counterpart washing over her as she slowly opened her eyes, wondering what it was that had woken her. Faith was laying on her side now, arms wrapped around the smaller Slayer, their bodies close. Buffy was also on her side and snuggled into Faith’s cleavage, her legs linked around her.

It was incredibly intimate and affirming, being naked and pressed close together, like they were both making sure the other was safe. Buffy smiled, feeling the tickle of the Faith’s skin against her cheek, refusing to think that their intimacy could in any way be called wrong, or unnatural, or whatever it was that some people would say.

She didn’t care. As long as she could be this close to Faith and feel happier than she could ever remember feeling, then she was prepared for anything, except the soft knock on the door to their room. Buffy closed her eyes tight and buried her head further into the soft pillow of Faith’s breasts, wishing for the perpetrator of the incessant knocking to go away.

“Come in already.” Faith lifted her head from the pillow, calling out sleepily on instinct.

“Faith, what are you, crazy?” Buffy tugged as much of the sheet up around them both as the door opened. “Why would you do that?” she whined.

Faith just grinned, recalling again just how much of a prude the blonde girl could be. She didn’t care if somebody caught them both wrapped in each other under the sheets, but obviously Buffy did. She just hoped there wasn’t a deeper meaning behind Buffy’s discomfort.

“Hey, I thought you should. . .oh, you’re. . .sorry, I didn’t know,” Willow stuttered as she entered the room, blushing furiously at the embracing girls.

She was about to turn and leave, thinking maybe she had stumbled in at the wrong moment, but Faith stopped her.

“Red, it’s ok. You just woke us up,” Faith pointed out, as Buffy continued to look unsettled. “Is everything ok?”

Willow tried her best not to look directly at the comfortable pair. Well, Faith certainly seemed comfortable, but Buffy looked a little stressed. “Everything’s fine. Giles just wanted me to tell you that we’re almost ready to go. So, I’ll go and tell him you’re both awake, again.” She smiled nervously and left the room, Faith sniggering in the background.

Willow hadn’t quite expected to see the two girls all snuggled up together. From what she knew of Faith, she wasn’t that kind of girl. But then, she had been sure that Buffy wasn’t the type of girl to be having sex so loud, when people were right next door and able to hear everything. Not to mention the clatter of the headboard against the wall. Willow’s cheeks flamed red as she made her way downstairs to tell Giles that the Slayers would – hopefully - be joining them soon.

“Faith, you shouldn’t have just told her to come in.” Buffy playfully smacked the younger girl on the arm still firmly attached to her hip.

“Hey, if you’re gonna start with the kinky stuff, try spanking my ass instead, it’s far more effective.” Faith winked at the distressed girl.

“I might just do that.” Buffy winked back, not as distressed as she had initially been, standing in order to find her clothes.

The sight of a naked, supposedly prudish Buffy casually disentangling herself and standing by the bed, caught Faith’s attention. Apparently, Buffy was less worried about being naked in front of her now, which Faith was immensely grateful for.

She watched as the diminutive blonde padded across the plush carpet to the foot of the bed, her slim body glowing in the light creeping through the heavy curtains. She looked like a dream to Faith. A fantasy that had swept its way into the room, to snake its way around her, enticing her, calling for her.

Faith shot towards Buffy, too quick for her to react. She grabbed her by the waist and pulled her down on top of her, instantly wrapping her legs around Buffy’s smaller frame so she couldn’t wriggle away.

“Hey!” Buffy gasped, about to protest at being man-handled, until she realised just where she was lying; in between Faith’s legs. “Ya know, you only had to ask if you wanted me here.” She looked down, indicating their position as she leant on her elbows, her blonde hair falling into Faith’s eyes.

“That woulda been less fun. But I definitely want you here.” Faith pushed up a little with her pelvis, bringing their nude bodies together in more of a sexual way.

“Yeah?” Buffy smiled her cute little half smile as she pushed back into Faith.

“Yeah.” Faith slid her hands into Buffy’s hair, pulling her down so their lips were meeting.

She overwhelmed Buffy with the kiss. It was open and ravenous, leaving no doubt in her mind that Faith liked her sprawled between her strong thighs. Buffy had to admit it was a pretty fucking great place to be.

She could feel the heat passing between them. The heat and also the moisture of their recent lovemaking, and the new arousal that they were instilling in each other. Buffy groaned a little as she slid against the Slayer below her, their pussies sloppily kissing hungrily just as much as their mouths.

“Faith, we have to. . .get up.” Buffy spoke through the kisses she placed over Faith’s jaw.

“Hell, yeah.” Faith smirked, flipping Buffy over onto her back, straddling her as she bent forward to capture her lips again.

She felt the girl beneath her react to the pressure she was causing, right where she was saturated with her desire. Faith hungrily devoured Buffy’s lips with her own, smiling against them as she whimpered. It was so easy to get lost in the feeling pulsing between them. Faith wanted to get lost in it. She had been wanting it for so long now, she really didn’t think stopping was a good option. But Buffy was pushing her back slightly.

“Faith, baby. . .we have to get up. And I don’t mean in a sexual way. I mean, we have to go downstairs.” She smiled up at Faith’s disgruntled look.

“Yeah, but you’re so fucking. . .ungh,” Faith grunted lewdly, sliding her body against Buffy’s in an animalistic way.

Buffy almost forgot about anything other than just allowing Faith to ravage her. She had experienced something pretty soft and gentle with Faith thus far, and now she was hungry for a little more passion and heat. She knew, once they were more used to each other, they would be explosive together, but they had to go. As much as she wanted to stay and let Faith slide all over her, getting her hot and wet, her pussy claiming her with its scent, Buffy knew the others would be waiting for them.

“I want to continue this, Faith, believe me, but we really have to get going.” Faith pouted at Buffy’s words. It was adorable, and sexy at the same time. “Jesus, stop doing that, you’re making it harder.”

Faith grinned her wicked little horny devil grin. “What. . .I’m getting your little clit all hard for me? Guess I should do something about that.” Faith nuzzled Buffy’s neck as she began to slip her hand in between them, directing it to Buffy’s moist pussy lips.

“God, there’s nothing I want more right now, Faith, but. . .” Buffy took hold of Faith’s hand and kissed it gently, sitting up so the younger girl had no option but to dismount her. “It would be better if we did it at home.” She slipped off the bed, wrapping the sheet around her as she made her way into the bathroom, leaving an exasperated Slayer behind on the bed.

“Hey. . .did ya have to take the sheet? I like watching you parade around naked,” Faith called to Buffy’s retreating backside.

Faith smiled - all dimples and sexy, tussled morning hair - as Buffy stuck her tongue out at her girlfriend before closing the bathroom door behind her.

* * *

The two Slayers eventually made their way out of their room, leaving behind a mess of sheets and towels, and a distinct aroma of sex in the air. They had managed to keep their hands off one another long enough to get dressed, both girls grateful for the lending of some clean clothes by Cordelia.

They kissed outside the door before heading down to face the group, their lips brushing softly against one another, tasting the fullness, the sweet promise of more to come. Faith placed her hands delicately on Buffy’s face, deepening their kiss, holding her there to be shown just how much she loved her and wanted their relationship to be so much more than just sex, or even a fling of some sort.

Buffy closed her eyes at the tenderness Faith was capable of. She felt her heart swell. The events of their short time in Angel’s hotel rushing through her, lifting her even higher with the feeling of contentment Faith was instilling in her.

Faith pulled away eventually, when she felt her body tuning up again for another roll with a very naked, cute little blonde. She allowed her hands to fall to Buffy’s shoulders, waiting for her to open her green eyes so she could fall right into them.

There was no doubt that Faith was being more gentle with Buffy than she had ever imagined she could be with anybody. She couldn’t help herself, though. Buffy deserved it all. Her complete tenderness, and soon. . .the unrivalled carnal joining that she was sure would be their next experience. The thought sent shivers through Faith, and Buffy looked up at her.

“I felt that,” Buffy said softly as she smiled, lifting her hand to trace her thumb over one of Faith’s dimples. “What you just felt.”

“Yeah? What did it feel like?” Faith turned her head and kissed the other girl’s palm before taking the hand in her own.

“It felt. . .you just thought of something that turned you on.” Buffy couldn’t really describe it, but it had felt like their Slayer connection was now giving away more than just one another’s presence. “It kinda tingled.” She blushed a little without knowing exactly why, considering what they had shared.

Faith bent her head to whisper into Buffy’s ear. “I just thought about you and me getting all hot and sweaty, and how much I wanna. . .” Faith snuck out her tongue, licking the gentle curve of Buffy’s ear, “. . .taste you.”

This time it was Buffy who felt her insides shiver, and Faith’s eyes grew dark as she breathed heavily, kissing her way back to the blonde girl’s lips.

“Fuck, that’s pretty weird. But fucking hot.” Faith had felt the increase in their bond too.

They kissed more passionately, entwining fingers into cascading tresses, arms around slim waists, tuning everything out. Lost to one another, until Xander made his presence known by loudly clearing his throat.

“Sorry, just passing. Carry on.” He smirked as he passed, pretending to hide behind his hand, but obviously waiting for the two attractive girls to continue what they had been indulging in.

Buffy pulled away from Faith, looking sheepish and like she had been caught taking the last cookie from the jar. Even though she knew everybody there was aware of their burgeoning relationship, she still felt a little awkward. It wasn’t everyday she suddenly started kissing girls, and touching them and. . .images of Faith, naked and wet beneath her, her fingers playing in the tempting folds of the brunette’s pussy as she made her way down her body to taste the flow of arousal clouded her mind, and Faith raised an eyebrow.

“Whatever you were just thinking, princess, tell me about it later. Or better yet, show me, ‘cause you just got me so fucking wet with what I felt from ya,” she whispered huskily into Buffy’s ear as Xander slowly descended the stairs ahead of them.

Buffy smiled and kissed Faith on the end of her nose. “I promise I’ll show you later, now come on.” Leading the way down into the lobby, Buffy practically skipped ahead.

Faith just shook her head, taking a deep breath to ensure she would make it down the stairs without grabbing hold of Buffy and taking her right then and there, against the wall, not caring if everyone watched her do it.

“Ah, good to see you both err, finally up. How are you, Faith?” Giles asked, not quite looking the young Slayer in the eye as he fingered his glasses.

“Feeling great, G.” She grinned and stood next to Buffy by the big desk.

“Yeah, I betcha are,” Xander sniggered.

“What was that? Did you just squeak there or something?” Faith shot him a pretend death glare, although it was still pretty effective.

“Nope, not me. but err, I hear Buffy is pretty good at the squeaking. Or was that the bed?” he chuckled and grinned inanely, earning himself a slap round the head from Willow.

Both Slayers instantaneously got what he was inferring to. Buffy blushed furiously, but Faith felt nothing but pride. At least they’d all know just how serious things were between them, as Buffy just wasn’t the type to go around having sex with anybody.

“Just ignore him, he hasn’t had his favourite cereal today, so he’s playing up,” Willow explained, blushing almost as much as Buffy before a little smirk appeared. “Of course, it probably didn’t help to have two horny Slayers going at it when he was trying to sleep. Like all of us.” Willow was a little shocked at her own words, so sat down on the couch, promising herself not to say anything more.

“Oh God. You all heard?” Buffy asked, embarrassed to say the least; she didn’t like the idea of her private life being anything less than private. But then, it had been worth it.

“Yes well, um, I called the Council not so long ago and have been assured that there will be nobody lying in wait for us back in Sunnydale. I’ll explain all in the car. Anyway, I think we should get ready to leave now. That would be best,” Giles said quickly, pushing his glasses further onto his nose, and biting his tongue. He didn’t bite it hard enough however, and his playful side came out at the sight of a mortified Buffy. “Or at least better than listening to a headboard banging against a wall, when you really would prefer not to know what’s going on behind the door.” He hid his small smile, and turned to collect the few things they had brought.

“Well, what can I say, she digs me and we were just doing what comes naturally,” Faith said confidently, wiggling her eyebrows and flashing her bright teeth in the wide smile now adorning her features. There was no way she was going to feel bad for making love to her girl.

“Faith!” Buffy lightly backhanded Faith in the stomach and avoided eye contact with everybody.

“Hey, it’s fine by me if ya wanna get jiggy with each other. As long as I’m around to hear it, or better still, see it. . .” Xander said and wiggled his eyebrows just as vigorously as Faith had, “then it’s cool.” He quickly turned to follow Giles out to the car before Buffy could do something nasty to him, like tear his leg off and make him play fetch with it.

Willow followed suit, keeping her mouth firmly closed and her eyes to the ground. She was busy trying her best to forget just exactly what she had heard through the thin wall of the hotel. It was going to give her dreams. No, not dreams! She meant nightmares most definitely.

“I can’t believe everyone heard.” Buffy placed a hand over her eyes, recalling how loudly she had asked Faith to fuck her, and how distinctly she had called out as she had come.

“Yep, everyone did hear,” Angel confirmed as he stepped forward from the shadows, like he had been hiding there, just waiting for his moment to pounce.

Faith instantly felt creeped out by him, and jealously protective of her girlfriend. She put an arm around Buffy, looking the big guy right in the eye. She didn’t want him to make Buffy feel any worse than she did at being caught having sex.

“Yeah, well, that’ll happen when two people get together naked and wanna fuck,” Faith crudely stated, gaining an unhappy noise from Buffy.

“Faith, I’ll be out in a minute.” Buffy gestured for the other Slayer to make her way out to the car, not wanting to deal with the amount of jealous tension in the air. “Save me a seat next to you.” She threw that in with a sweet smile, to reassure her girl that she was still very much the only one for her.

“Ok, don’t be long. . .girlfriend.” Faith made sure Angel knew exactly what that meant, then headed outside with the others.

“I guess I’m going now. Sorry if I, we, made you feel bad,” Buffy said, not sure what to say to her ex that she hadn’t already. “I’ll call you.” Buffy moved forward and lightly hugged the brooding Vampire.

He looked down at her, knowing he was still in her heart somewhere, but also knowing that Faith meant the world to her. He couldn’t really feel bad about that, because Buffy deserved to be loved completely, like he could never promise with his curse holding him prisoner.

“You’d better go. Take care, Buffy.” He watched as she turned to leave. “Just remember, I’m always here for you, and I’ll always love you.” He wanted her to know. He wanted to make sure she knew that if anything went wrong between her and Faith that he would always be waiting.

“I know, Angel,” she said, smiling softly at him. “Bye.” Buffy walked out into the evening sunshine, feeling the ties of her old life falling away to leave her feeling free and ready to face the world, demons and all, with her true love, her heart. . .her Faith.

The End



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