Something Sweet

Chapter Fifteen

Buffy swept her way back upstairs, glad to have got the Angel issue out of the way, so she could get on with just living her life. She had been over him for a long time, but had been hanging on to the memory of their past together; until she really started noticing Faith as a potential love interest. As soon as she had started thinking of Faith as more than a flirty complication, Buffy had let go of her time with Angel completely. Finally looking forward, rather than back.

She entered the room she was sharing with Faith quietly as soon as she noticed that the other girl was already in bed. She couldn’t tell if Faith was asleep, but she could see that she had been able to take a shower by herself. Her clothes were strewn all over, and a damp towel was hanging limply on the end of the bed.

Buffy smiled at how messy Faith was. The young girl just didn’t care about things like that it seemed, as if there was always something else that was far more important, and obviously this time it was collapsing naked into bed.

Picking up the towel from the bed and throwing it onto a nearby chair, Buffy silently took in the view before her. The beautiful brunette was barely under the covers, sleeping soundly on her back. Her hair had fallen in luscious damp swirls around her, honouring the pillow with its softness, and there was a faint smile enhancing the perfection of her lips.

Buffy had to urge herself not to just stay and gaze at Faith, because she needed a shower so that she could fall equally as naked onto the cool clean covers of the bed. Buffy stole herself away from the enticing promise of soft warm skin, to trudge into the bathroom to wash out the dirt of the day.

Stepping out of the shower once she had done, Buffy wrapped herself up, soaking up the droplets of water that glistened upon her. The room was cloudy; with the warm steam doing it’s best to find a means of escape. She couldn’t be bothered to reach up and open the window, so she pushed the door open a crack to let the atmosphere cool.

Buffy used the smaller towel that had been left hastily at the side of the sink, to dry her hair. Faith must have used it too for the same reason, as it wasn’t quite as dry as it should have been. Smiling to herself at the thought, Buffy looked up into the hazy mirror ahead of her in the small bathroom. What she saw only made her smile even wider, and her heart just about leap from her chest.

Scrawled on the mirror, ready to be viewed once more steam hit its reflective surface, was a message from Faith. It was simple enough, but spoke volumes, and took Buffy back to a time when, without the interference of Angel and her own ignorance to what was staring her in the face, things could have been so much more intimate between her and Faith.

Right there on the glass of the mirror was a heart with an arrow piercing its centre. To the left of that, in Faith’s cursive scrawl were the words “you got me, Buffy.”

Buffy touched the outline of the heart drawn by Faith’s finger, wondering why she hadn’t realised just what the gesture had meant the first time around. She had been blind and could kick herself for it now. They had lost so much time to get to the point they were now at.

She wasn’t going to waste any more time, though, even if it meant dragging herself through all the crap a relationship with another girl would ensure she went through. All the insults, un-acceptance and hate they would come across would be worth it. The stunning brunette in the other room was more than worth it.

She left the heat of the bathroom and threw the small towel she had been using to dry her hair with onto the chair, keeping the larger towel around her. Making her way in the subtle light of the small lamp at the opposite side of the bed Faith was lying on, Buffy looked down at the other slayer, unsure whether she should wake her up or not. She looked so peaceful, and even with the blight of bruises she was breathtaking.

Buffy sat on the very edge of the bed next to Faith, deciding she didn’t want to wake the exhausted girl. She took in every inch of the glorious prize that she could see before her, her green eyes devouring the sight.

The contrast of Faith’s dark hair and lightly tanned skin against the stark white of the sheets made her look even more exotic than usual. The powerful muscles, relaxed and leaving lines of tone and definition in all the right places, promising strength and stamina for whatever passions they would invoke in each other.

She watched as Faith’s breathing moved her stomach up and down in a dare for the sheet to fall just that little bit lower, to reveal her sweet little belly button. She knew what that looked like now. Buffy had studied it when they were in the bath together, amongst other things.

She imagined dipping her tongue into the tiny little indentation, enjoying the taste of the other slayer. She imagined traversing Faith’s alluring skin, navigating her way up across the flat stomach, up to the gentle curve of her breast. Licking around the full swell of perfection, until she reached the dark target in the centre.

Faith’s breasts were on full show to her now, and Buffy’s mouth was watering at the prospect of being able to kiss them. To kiss all of her magnificent girlfriend.

Dropping her towel to the floor, Buffy quietly made her way around to the other side of the bed. She wanted to be wrapped in the crisp sheets with her fellow slayer, and wrapped in the fresh intoxicating smell of her. To feel her skin brushing against her as she carefully slid as close as she dare, without waking Faith up or aggravating her injured body.

Buffy was glad Faith had opted to sleep on the right side of the bed, because her worst bruising was on the side furthest away from her. She could get closer without causing too much pain, and she really wanted to be closer. She wanted to kiss, and feel the heat she knew they could generate between them. She wanted to touch. She needed to.

Being as gentle as she could, in order not to startle Faith awake, Buffy slowly raised her left hand to the flat plane of the younger girl’s stomach. She lightly whispered her fingertips over the soft skin just above the dip of Faith’s belly button, where the sheet hid the rest of her beauty. The fine, almost invisible body hair lifted to her touch as she moved her fingers higher, right up the centre of Faith’s torso between her breasts.

Keeping her eyes trained on the sleeping girl, Buffy gently drifted her fingers over the sweet little mole lying just above Faith’s left breast, then down to the outer curve of its soft swell. She watched as the nipple instinctively stiffened with the caress of her fingers, as she began to create small circles around it, wanting to feel the hard nub against her sensitive fingertips.

Licking her lips, unable to deny herself the pleasure of rubbing over Faith’s enticing nipple any longer, Buffy swirled a finger directly onto it. It grew ever more erect under her touch, and she marvelled at the mixture of how soft yet hard it felt.

Faith shifted a little under the assault on her aroused nipple, her right leg moving under the sheet so it was more bent at the knee. The action only served to make Buffy think about the delights under cover. One delight in particular.

She knew she shouldn’t. It was tantamount to taking advantage, but she couldn’t help herself. The memory of looking at Faith in the bath as she revealed herself fully to Buffy, had her needing to experience the beauty of the other girl’s most intimate place with her fingers as well as her eyes.

She slowly trailed her hand back down the engaging body of the brunette, halting her downward journey for a second to feel the rise and fall of each breath she took. Buffy wasn’t sure if Faith was breathing quicker, a little deeper. She wasn’t even sure right now if she wanted her to wake up or not, to maybe stop her. Her mind was lost in the promise of finally being able to explore, indulge, and discover.

Resting on her right elbow, holding herself up a little over the younger girl, Buffy dipped her hand below the confine of the sheet. She went slowly, noticing the rapid breathing rate she had fallen into in her desire, biting her lower lip a little as her fingers came in contact with the very small strip of dark pubic hair.

She caught the moan that threatened to escape her as she slid her hand lower, tickling over the short hair, down to the intimate folds of Faith’s pussy. She stopped for a second to savour the moment, then Buffy grew a little bolder in her lust and her need to touch Faith. She closed her eyes and slipped her middle finger in between the soft lips, immediately feeling the silky wet evidence of arousal coat her digit.

Buffy tried to convince herself that she should stop what she was doing, but she couldn’t. The wet invitation was just too much to pull away from. Sliding her finger inside the sensitive slit, Buffy sighed at the amount of moisture emanating now from Faith.

The subdued noise she had released with the sigh once again caused Faith to move a little. But she didn’t turn away from Buffy at all, in fact her legs seemed to fall open just a little more, like she was unconsciously aware of what was happening, spreading herself wider for Buffy. Like she wanted Buffy to continue, to swirl her finger around, just the way she was doing.

Faith’s sex was so sweet and small, probably due to the fact her hips were tiny, and Buffy ran her fingers over her to feel everything she wanted to. To memorise every succulent, sensitive inch as she studied Faith’s spread pussy with her hand, soaking up the abundance of slippery fluid.

Buffy could feel her own juices dripping with need as she circled Faith’s hard little clit, gently rubbing over it before dipping a little lower, but not quite sliding inside the soft entrance of the other girl; the place where her silky excitement was seeping from her, and begging for Buffy to bury herself inside.

She didn’t want to risk her desire getting the better of her and start to fuck Faith like that. Things would only get too physical, and her main priority was to keep from damaging the injured girl further, despite how much she wanted to push her fingers up inside the tight little pink hole.

Trying her best to hold back, Buffy was breathing much harder now, and Faith seemed to be breathing almost as hard, her body beginning to twitch a little under the caress of the entranced girl.

She looked down at the brunette, watching as her full lips parted with the now constant stimulation of her clit. Buffy was beyond stopping now. She wanted to continue, gently teasing the girl she loved until she woke, until she came for her. She knew if she did her best to keep it gentle, Faith wouldn’t hurt herself anymore than she was. Faith would just have to give in to the persistent strokes.

And she was.

* * *

“Buffy.” Faith opened her eyes, immediately groaning out the name of the blonde girl playing in her pussy.

“I’m sorry,” Buffy said quietly, as she brushed her lips over Faith’s neck. “I couldn’t resist.”

She rubbed a little harder with her finger, causing Faith to arch up into the touch with her hips, moaning as she did so. And as the blur of sleep disintegrated, Faith reached her right hand up to Buffy’s face, encouraging her lips towards her.

They kissed softly as Buffy continued to make love to Faith, being as careful as she could. She slipped her lips from Faith’s, as the younger girl began to breathe even deeper; gliding kisses down her throat, across the top of her chest and to her breast.

Faith trembled a little at the first touch of Buffy’s lips to her nipple. Buffy kissed lightly, then sucked and flicked her eager tongue out over the hard little nub. Faith had no choice but to lay back and enjoy what Buffy was doing to her. She didn’t have the strength to flip the smaller girl onto her back like she would have done in normal circumstances, taking control.

She couldn’t possibly take control anyway.

There was something so loving and gentle about the way Buffy was touching her, unlike anything she had experienced before. The emotion in the act was abundantly clear, like Buffy was worshiping her rather than trying to posses her. Faith couldn’t help but fall into the chasm in front of her. Into the vast unknown depths of feelings pouring out of Buffy.

“B,” Faith breathed out deeply. “Oh yeah. Right there, baby.” Faith handed all her control and power over to Buffy, and sank into the mattress as she began to rock against the hand pleasuring her.

Buffy was ecstatic that Faith wasn’t trying to gain some control, or trying to stop her from showing her how much she craved her and loved her. She wanted to do this for Faith. She needed to.

Faith’s muted moans and sighs filled her ears as she brushed their lips together once more before dropping her head to the strong shoulder below, in order to watch the striking girl as she was swept up in the rising tide of her oncoming orgasm.

“You’re so beautiful, Faith. And you feel beautiful.” Buffy spread the younger girl’s wetness all over her pussy, as she stroked over her clit. “God, I’d love to go inside you, right up inside your hot little pussy, but I don’t wanna get you too worked up,” she whispered huskily into Faith’s ear, breathing in the scent of Faith’s arousal as she filled her lungs rapidly along with her.

“I know. God, I know, baby.” Faith was close, her hips bucking up against the fingers flicking over her dripping centre. “Fuck. Buffy. Oh Fuck,” Faith moaned.

Buffy increased the pressure of her fingers over her girlfriend’s clit, rubbing directly on the hard swell of it as it lay exposed for her attentions between the brunette’s open thighs. She could feel Faith begin to tremble, her breaths coming short and fast as her eyes slid shut and lips parted.

“Oh fuck. Fuck, Buffy, I. . .God, Buffy I. . .” Faith moaned out long and loud into the quiet of the hotel, shuddering as her climax ripped through her.

She felt her come spurt out and Buffy dip her finger to slide inside her for a glorious second, as her walls contracted almost to the beat of her heart. If she were feeling anything other than beaten and bruised, Faith would be encouraging Buffy to push her fingers further up inside her, to fuck her deep and hard. But she was in no shape to be able to see it through without damaging her ribs further, and causing herself a great deal of pain.

Buffy too wanted to plunge her fingers into Faith and fuck her little pussy until she screamed, but she realised that they would soon have plenty of opportunity to do just that. Delighting in the look of satisfaction on Faith’s face from her orgasm, Buffy knew without a doubt that it was only the beginning. This was just an appetizer for what she knew was going to be one hell of a main meal. She slipped her fingers away from Faith, pulling the sheet up around them both with her sticky hand.

“Are you ok?” Buffy asked, as the slayer beside her caught her breath.

“Yeah, that was. . .” Faith wasn’t quite sure how to describe it.

It hadn’t been the biggest orgasm Faith had experienced, due to the fact they hadn’t really been able to get right into it, but she had never felt so. . .she could only describe it as being touched. Truly, and completely touched. It must have been the love she felt between them, pulling them together and filling her with its intensity.

As she had climaxed, Faith had tried to get the words out. She had tried to tell Buffy she loved her, but the words had gotten lost in her moans.

She turned to look at the now sleepy girl beside her, shifting her weight a little so she wasn’t resting on her ribs, but could pull Buffy into her arms to embrace her. She smiled her thousand watt dimpled smile at Buffy, who smiled back just as beautifully.

Resting her hand on Buffy’s cheek, making sure she had her full attention, Faith let go. She let go of all her fear, her defensiveness, her tough outer shell, and she handed Buffy her heart.

“Buffy,” she began. Her mind screamed no, just in case she had got it wrong. Just in case Buffy wasn’t actually in love with her. She ignored it and continued, unable to find anything other than just that in Buffy’s eyes. “I love you.” She watched as a salty tear escaped the blonde slayer.

“You. . .” Buffy stammered, not able to find words. She hadn’t expected Faith to say it, at least not so soon, and she couldn’t hold back the small torrent of tears as she felt her world come together.

“I’m in love with you, Buffy,” Faith confirmed, helping Buffy out. “Totally. Head over heels, crazy in love with you.”

Faith bridged the gap and kissed Buffy’s smiling lips to prove it, pouring her heart into Buffy, feeling her world, feeling everything. . .come together.



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