Rest Stop

Chapter Four

“That was. . .well, that certainly made me feel a whole lot better,” Buffy said breathlessly, as she moved back a little way from Faith, blushing slightly and rearranging her trousers so they weren’t exposing her more than damp panties. “Thank you.”

“No problem, B.” Faith watched as the blonde girl adjusted herself, unsure what was going through Buffy’s head, unsure about what was going to happen next.

Faith felt fidgety, her incredibly horny state still keeping her on edge. She felt nervous too. Faith didn’t know what to do with her hands or her body. She stood in front of Buffy, breathing heavily, her muscles straining and blood rushing through her like a freight train. She needed something. She needed Buffy, but she didn’t exactly feel like just straight up asking her to fuck her. If she had thought that would have worked, Faith would have done it a long time ago.

Buffy stopped pulling herself together and looked up to notice Faith moving from one foot to the other, running a shaky hand through her long dark hair. The blonde Slayer knew immediately what was wrong. She could sense it coming in waves from Faith.

Faith needed to come too.

Buffy was unsure about what to do, however. She was still reeling from the intense orgasm Faith had given her, and her whole body was sated yet still strangely on fire. She realized she was experiencing the need to make Faith feel as satisfied as she did. To give her the same sensation of complete fulfillment, because Buffy had to admit, she had never felt quite so fulfilled in her entire life.

It was like Faith had flicked a switch inside her, letting her know it was ok to crave her. That it was ok to want her, and to want to be with her, even after everything they had been through.

She moved towards Faith, easing the younger girl back against the wall of the toilet with her small hands on her heaving chest. Buffy gazed into the dark pupils of Faith’s eyes, finding herself pulled into them, falling into them in a way she had always stopped herself from doing in the past. Right now, she couldn’t stop herself, and she couldn’t stop the longing in her body to show Faith that she could no longer hold back.

Faith had thought for a second that Buffy was going to leave her wanting. It didn’t seem like Buffy was paying any attention to her fidgeting, but then something had flashed across the glittering green of her eyes. Desire. . .aimed straight at Faith.

She now found herself up against the cold wall of the toilet, her legs being nudged gently apart as Buffy moved between them. Buffy’s eyes were fixed on hers, like she was diving inside her, doing her best to delve into her depths. But Faith didn’t want Buffy seeing what she had in the depths of her. She didn’t like what was inside herself, and certainly didn’t want Buffy seeing it.

She leant her head towards Buffy, breaking eye contact, closing the distance between them and hoping she wasn’t making the wrong move. Faith brought her lips to her fellow Slayer’s, brushing over them gently, testing the water with the soft press of her mouth.

Buffy opened her mouth in acceptance of the kiss, her hands now holding Faith by the waist, fingers exploring the slimness and the hard layer of muscle under soft skin. She had always thought Faith had a great body, and now it was hers to discover, to touch and to taste. The very idea of doing that encouraged her to deepen the kiss, and to slip her tongue into the warm cavern of Faith’s mouth. To taste her fully again.

She wasn’t sure what had got into her, but she wanted Faith more than she had wanted to scratch her itch earlier. She thought that maybe it was just part of the hungry and horny thing that was all out of proportion from the huge battle they had fought in. Of course, she didn’t really believe that, but decided to go with what Faith had said, and forget about everything but what was happening right then and there.

Faith slid her hands up into Buffy’s golden locks as the chosen one began to tongue her mouth with a passion she had never expected Buffy to show for her. Their tongues dueled ruthlessly, pulling more sounds of pleasure from them both. More hunger.

Faith was on the limits of what she could take. She bit down slightly on Buffy’s lower lip, eliciting a hearty moan from the girl before she pulled away to feather light caresses across Faith’s jaw, and then down to her neck.

Faith tilted her head to the side, her lush hair shifting out of the way, giving Buffy more access to her throat, and enticing the small Slayer to suck a little harder, which she did.

“Fuck.” The word came out huskily from Faith, all breath and air as she realized Buffy was now dancing her hands over her body, up the front to her breasts.

Buffy swallowed down her worry about not being able to get Faith off, concentrating instead on the rhythm of the other girl’s breathing. The fast and heavy rise of her chest, and the sounds escaping from her as she searched over her slender body with her hands. She reached where she was meaning to go, and took a second to decide if she should turn and run and apologize to Faith, leaving her aroused and pissed off.

She didn’t want to do that though, not to Faith, and not to herself, because she wanted to take things as far as she could. She wanted to show Faith that she wasn’t the bitch she used to be. Her will was set now, and she had always been stubborn. So ignoring the niggling doubt, and going with what the inferno inside her was directing her to do, Buffy placed her hands over the soft flesh of Faith’s breasts over the tight material of her top.

She closed her eyes and halted her assault on the delicious skin of Faith’s neck, as she basked in the sensation Faith’s nipples hardening against her palms as she squeezed the soft teardrop breasts, feeling their weight resting perfectly in her hands. She felt the strong urge to remove the intrusive restriction of Faith’s top, wishing to touch more fully. To know the burn of her skin on her fingers.

She wanted to take the time to explore Faith, but they didn’t have the time. Time right now was just not on their side. She promised to herself though that if this wasn’t just a one time thing for the other girl, that she would explore and discover all of Faith’s secrets. Buffy had never had so much desire to do that with anybody, but there was just something about the way Faith was moving against her. Moaning and shivering for her. . . that had her wanting more. Needing more with Faith.

Despite their history. Despite the fact that even now they were unable to be around each other too long most of the time, her entire body was telling her that what she wanted was to be closer to Faith, not further away. To be pressed against her. Skin on skin.

“Faith, I want to make you come,” Buffy said, wanting to say more, but only having the guts to say what she thought Faith would want to hear.

Faith groaned at the words spoken softly into her ear, feeling her pussy pleading with her to do something to make it happen as soon as possible. She didn’t need to say anything as Buffy pinched her nipples, toying with them as she used her mouth to tease the shell of her ear, and then the pulse pounding in her throat.

After Buffy had played enough with Faith’s breasts, for now, she shifted her hands further down, hitting the top of Faith’s undone pants. She slipped her thumbs into the waistband, feeling Faith tense at the prospect of what she was about to do.

Lifting her head and smiling coyly at Faith, Buffy tugged on the garment, she placed small kisses on Faith’s mouth as she eased her pants down, taking her damp panties with them. The scent of pure heat and desire rushed up to meet Buffy, and she almost swooned with its effect. Her mouth was watering, and straight away she knew what she wanted to do. She knew that she didn’t just want to make Faith come. She wanted to posses her.

And that’s exactly what she was going to do.

Giving Faith one last wet and hungry kiss, Buffy then slid down to the floor in front of her, resting on her knees and yanking her pants to her ankles. She looked over the svelte body of the other Slayer, finally dropping her eyes to the prize before her. She could see exactly how aroused Faith was, as the insides of her thighs were glistening with her juices.

Breathing deep the aroma of the brunette, and practically studying the illicit temptation of her shaven mound, Buffy got her slight case of nerves back. Faith just looked so damn hot, and so wet, waiting for her. She wasn’t sure if she could do what she wanted to do. She glanced up into Faith’s dark passion filled eyes, feeling her whole body crumble inside with the look the gorgeous Slayer was giving her.

Faith laid her palms flat against the cool of the tiles behind her, the sight of Buffy on her knees at her feet driving her wild. She had never imagined Buffy would be willing to do such a thing, to eat her out. She could barely focus with the overwhelming need storming her entire body.

Licking her kiss swollen lips, Faith prayed that Buffy wouldn’t suddenly change her mind. There was a hint of hesitancy in Buffy’s eyes that she really didn’t want to see, but before it came to anything more solid, the blonde Slayer moved her head towards her dripping sex. Faith took a deep breath and found herself floating in a sea of anticipation.

Buffy got as close to Faith as she could without actually touching her pussy. She ran her hands up the length of the dark Slayer’s well toned legs, sweeping them up the outside, then slowly shifting her hands to the inside of her thighs. Delighting in the trembling breaths of her counterpart, she allowed her fingers to glide over the silky shine of arousal, savoring the texture of Faith’s juices coating her soft skin.

She nudged the dark girl a little with her hands, spreading Faith’s legs open just that bit further for her, causing the younger girl to slip down the wall slightly, her pussy opening like a gift for Buffy.

Faith’s intimate folds were swollen, and a deep shade of pink with need, her clit almost visibly throbbing and begging for Buffy to touch it. For her to feel the flow of Faith’s fluids on her fingers, across her lips and into her mouth. She swallowed a little nervously, knowing she didn’t really have a clue what she was doing on the floor in front of the stunning brunette’s wet pussy. But she was wrapped up in the moment now. In her task to give Faith what she so obviously needed going by the increasing sounds of her sighs.

Faith kept her eyes locked on Buffy, whose green eyes were trying to consume her flowing cunt. She was breathing heavy and fast, aching for Buffy to reach out just that little bit more and save her from ending up as a pool of wet goop on the floor. She had to have Buffy. She had to have some kind of relief.

Taking a deep lung full of air, full of the intoxicating smell of Faith, and shivering slightly with what she was about to do, Buffy moved her fingers closer to the treasure before her. She was practically shaking. She had never been so close to another girl’s sex before, and this wasn’t just any girl. It was Faith, and there was a whole load of things that came along with that, not least the dangerous and erotic charm of the girl.

“I’ve never done this before. Fuck, I’ve never had it done much to me,” Buffy admitted as her mouth hovered above the pink folds of Faith’s pussy.

Faith squeezed her eyes tight before opening them again, knowing what she had to say. “B, you don’t have to. . .” The rest of her sentence was cut off by her own deep moan.

Buffy slipped her tongue between the parted lips in front of her, feeling and tasting the warm silky fluid, discovering the bumps and hollows of Faith’s pussy as she tentatively licked her way up and over her clit.

“Fuck. . .” Faith drawled out, her hips moving towards Buffy, subconsciously asking for more. Her mind on temporary vacation as she stopped trying to analyze why Buffy was busy licking her out.

Buffy brought her face closer to Faith so she could give as much pleasure to the girl as she hoped she could. She also shifted her hands up, parting the younger girl’s pussy lips with her thumbs so she could get to every part of her. Completely exposed to her, Faith let out another low, almost growling moan as Buffy stroked her tongue over the engorged clit that was seeking her attention.

Buffy practically purred with the amount of arousal seeping onto her chin as she used the flat of her tongue on Faith, gently rubbing it over her clit. Faith lifted a hand to tangle in Buffy’s blonde hair, the action reminding her that they didn’t have time for teasing. It was a real shame, because Buffy imagined teasing Faith would be an extremely fun thing to do. For both of them.

Smiling as she thought of ways that Faith would like to be taken, Buffy dipped her tongue lower, stiffening it as she cautiously snuck it into her dripping hole as she held her open.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Faith groaned, giving Buffy total access to her.

Buffy slid her tongue up inside Faith as far as she could go, drinking down some of her juice, moaning at the heady flavor. She pulled out again, looking up at Faith through her eyelashes, feeling her own sex pulsing with the barely restrained look of complete lust clouding Faith’s already dark pupils.

She pushed her tongue back inside, a little quicker and harder, moving her hands to grab Faith’s tight ass as she began to fuck her with her tongue. The soft slick walls of Faith’s tight hole opened for the intrusion. Taking her inside, and greedy for more of her.

Buffy wanted to give her more. Now that she had overcome her slight case of apprehension, she wanted to devour Faith. Scratching her short fingernails over Faith’s ass, Buffy plunged in and out of the hot pussy around her tongue, occasionally banging her nose on Faith’s protruding clit, gulping down the flow of musky goodness escaping Faith.

Burying her face into Faith’s smooth cunt, filling the small room with sounds of her slurping tongue ravishing her wet hole, Buffy found that she was enjoying what she was doing far more than she had ever enjoyed oral sex with a guy. There was just something so intimate about it. So raw and sexual.

Faith dug her fingers into Buffy’s scalp as she heard her soft moans, indicating to her that Buffy was indeed enjoying her pussy as much as Faith was enjoying being eaten by Buffy. And if she were being honest, Faith could easily say that she had never quite had anybody eat her pussy as hungrily. It sent butterflies crashing around inside her, mixing with the crawling sensation in her stomach indicating her impending orgasm. She didn’t want to come too soon though, as she was far from done having Buffy’s tongue up inside her.

“Jesus, that’s never felt so good,” Faith sighed, her whole body falling under the spell of Buffy being between her thighs and lapping at the inside of her pussy, as she rolled her hips in time to the rhythm Buffy was orchestrating.

Faith's voice was husky, dangerous in its alluring tone, flowing like liquid sex and sending chills through Buffy. She relaxed into what she was doing as she felt Faith completely giving in to her tongue. She wiggled it around inside, grinning at the small whimpering noises and the sexy grunts coming from above her. Her mouth was now covered in the sticky fluid emanating from Faith’s grasping entrance, but Buffy was loving it.

She could feel how close Faith was getting to coming for her in the rapid breathing and continuous moaning, and also the fact that her tongue was being sucked up inside Faith as she craved more penetration. Buffy didn’t want to disappoint, or leave Faith feeling unfulfilled, so she slowly pulled her tongue from Faith’s tight pussy hole, making sure she caught every drop of arousal as it escaped with her.

Gliding it wetly up Faith’s slit, she teased it over the pink clit now straining from its hiding place. Assaulting it with hard and fast flicks of her tongue, noticing the tremble in Faith’s strong legs, the small Slayer then impaled the brunette on her fingers, plunging two deep inside her, sliding them in as Faith cried out.

“Buffy. . .Fuck,” Faith gasped, watching as Buffy concentrated on what she was doing, keeping the fingers of her right hand buried in soft blonde locks, immersing herself in every sensation Buffy was causing. “That’s it, fuck me. . .Oh fuck, yeah.”

Faith rested her head back on the wall, her clit burning with pleasure from the vigorous stimulation her fellow Slayer was subjecting it to. Her cunt hungry for the intrusion.

The blonde slipped her fingers in and out of Faith’s dripping cunt, fucking her deep inside, pulling soft wet sounds from her hole that were driving her crazy, and making her want to be all over Faith. Needing to be all over her, inside and out.

She sucked the hard nub of Faith’s clit into her mouth, suckling on it as she spread her open with another finger inside her pussy. Filling the tight passage, she fucked the dark Slayer harder in recognition of the increased moaning that was louder and more desperate now. She couldn’t get enough of Faith.

Buffy could feel herself becoming ever more wrapped in the enchanting scent of Faith, the sound of her, and the sensation of having her fingers up inside her. She couldn’t understand why she was enjoying doing what she was to Faith so much, but she didn’t really care as she felt Faith’s pussy begin to convulse for her.

“Oh shit, you’re fucking good. I’m gonna come all over ya, girlfriend,” Faith whimpered with a purr.

Driving her fingers in and out of Faith, rubbing up against her G spot with every thrust, Buffy inched her closer to the edge. She flicked her tongue out over Faith’s clit again, distracting the younger girl as she trailed the fingers of her left hand that had been holding onto Faith’s tiny waist, down to the soft skin of her ass cheeks, moving it round to the front and up between Faith’s legs.

Continuing to pound inside Faith, filling her soaked pussy and eliciting trembles from her counterpart with the teasing of her swollen clit, Buffy brushed a fingertip over Faith’s ass, fingering her hole in time to her thrusts, feeling the brunette’s hips rocking back and forth as she sought more from Buffy.

Surprising herself at what she was about to do, on top of everything else she had found herself thoroughly enjoying doing to Faith, Buffy slid a finger inside her ass, feeling her puckered entrance give for her, entering Faith so she was being fucked and possessed as much as Buffy could fuck and posses her.

“God, Buffy. You. . .oh yeah. That‘s good.” Faith shook as her body transcended the limits of pleasure. “Oh, baby,” she moaned, not thinking about her words.

Biting down on her lower lip in order not to scream too loudly, swooning in the sensation of Buffy filling both her pussy and her ass, spreading her open inside with her fingers, Faith came harder than she could ever recall doing before. Her legs trembled as Buffy filled and fucked her holes, sucking hard on her clit now as she looked up with her hungry green eyes.

“Fuck, fuck. . .Oh fuck,” Faith called, failing in her plan to keep quiet as the small Slayer pushed deep inside her.

Buffy was engrossed in the sensation of having her fingers so intimately inside Faith, engrossed in the come spilling from her pussy, dripping onto her hand and flowing over her lips as she sucked it in. It tasted stronger, delicious in its warm stickiness.

She couldn’t stop fucking the brunette, slamming her fingers up into Faith, wanting more of her cunt and her ass, more of her come splashing onto her chin. She moaned and swirled her fingertips over Faith’s G spot, slipping in and out of her ass at the same time. She released her clit just long enough to speak to her.

“Come harder for me, Faith. I want your come all over me,” Buffy implored, no longer caring how wrong it was to be buried knuckle deep in the other girl, in the cubicle of a public bathroom.

“Oh, Buffy. . .Buffy,” Faith groaned louder.

Thrusting her hips forwards, Faith felt another orgasm burst through her at Buffy’s words and actions, tingling shocks shooting up her body from her pussy.

She squealed in a rather girly way with the push of the blonde girl’s fingers so deep inside her, the sound reverberating off the walls as she came.

“Oh God, Faith,” Buffy sighed breathlessly, almost coming herself at the extremely cute and sexy cry of pleasure from Faith.

She slowed her fingers inside Faith as she felt her walls grip onto her as they pulsed; flooding fresh bursts of come onto her hand. Lifting her head away from Faith’s shaven sex, licking her swollen lips to gather every drop of her, Buffy looked up at the stunning brunette, truly seeing how beautiful she was in the glow of her climax. She smiled as she slipped her finger from Faith’s ass, keeping her other hand buried inside her sopping hole as Faith opened her deep dark eyes to look down at the girl kneeling between her legs.

“Jesus, Buffy. That was. . .wicked hot,” Faith said, her voice slick with arousal and contentment, sending a shiver down Buffy’s back with its raw eroticism.

Faith rested her body weight fully against the hard wall as Buffy moved back up her slightly larger frame, her right hand still firmly attached to her throbbing cunt. Faith didn’t mind that Buffy hadn’t taken her fingers out, as she kinda liked them in there. And it seemed that Buffy did too, which made Faith grin.

“What are you grinning at?” Buffy asked softly, as she placed her other hand on the wall beside Faith, whilst getting as close to her as she could, considering where her hand was still buried.

“You. What you just did to me,” Faith replied, grinning wider. “Where your fingers still seem to be.” Faith wiggled her eyebrows, still catching her breath from the passion with which Buffy had fucked her.

“Sorry.” Buffy looked down shyly, pulling out her fingers from Faith with a wet slurp.

“Not a problem, B. You coulda kept em in there for as long as ya wanted.” The brunette drawled with a strong accent now that her cork had been popped and she was feeling far more relaxed.

Of course, Faith was aware she would be giving away the fact that the encounter had meant more to her than just allowing Buffy to get her off because of the hungry and horny situation, but she was past caring, and was hoping that maybe Buffy was past caring too.

Buffy smiled at Faith, trying her best not to slip back into feeling shy or worried about what they had just done. She lifted her hand to her face, gazing at the shine of Faith’s come on her fingers. Turning her eyes back to Faith, Buffy then placed each finger in her mouth, licking it clean of the sticky fluid.

“Fuck, you’re a sexy minx when ya get movin,” Faith chuckled, feeling her body firing back up, despite the fact she had just come hard.

Buffy was still unsure of the reason she was acting the way she was. She knew she should have been getting the hell out of there now that the deed was done, but she couldn’t seem to leave Faith’s delicious body, and the pure unadulterated taste of her on her fingers had her dripping again.

Shaking her head a little and forcing her gaze away from the sexy just fucked look in Faith’s shimmering brown pools, Buffy grabbed a piece of tissue from the toilet roll beside her and proceeded to wipe her fingers clean. Confusion lurked in every corner of her mind at what she had just done to Faith now that the thrill of adrenaline and arousal had subsided somewhat.

She threw the tissue to the corner and took a steadying breath as Faith watched her with unreserved interest. Faith could see the play of emotion and confusion in Buffy’s eyes, not knowing whether she should cut her losses and run before the recriminations began and regrets were stated.

“Faith, I. . .I don’t know what came over me,” Buffy said quietly, suddenly feeling incredibly exposed even though it was Faith who still had her pants around her ankles.

“B, I just came over you.” Faith smiled with a chuckle and wiped her thumb over Buffy’s chin, clearing it of some of her juices. “You still have most of it on ya.”

Buffy couldn’t help but giggle at the attempt to put her at ease. Even though it only served to heat her up again as she truly allowed the image of Faith coming for her to sink in. She really did want to understand the way she was feeling right now, but she couldn’t get past the desire and the need to be with Faith more than just the need to get off. She knew, or was fairly certain now, that she wanted more from Faith than just her friendship, but it was an insight she wasn’t sure she could handle.

Instead of thinking too much and tiring herself out more than she already felt, Buffy got back to the basics of just feeling, and leant forwards capturing Faith’s lush lips with hers, teasing them apart with a soft caress. They kissed tenderly, fitting flush against each other in their embrace.

Faith pulled Buffy as close to her as she could, not minding the dig of the buttons on Buffy’s pants into her exposed flesh. She just wanted to keep hold of the girl she was fast falling in love with again. Not that she’d ever let Buffy in on that little secret. She had never even liked to admit it to herself.

As the two Slayer’s became lost once again in the soft slide of their lips and tongues, and Buffy in the safe knowledge that at least nobody would know about their encounter, they forgot that they were meant to be rushing to get back out to the bus. Until that was, somebody pushed the door to the bathroom open.

“Hey, are you guys done fucking? We need to go,” came a yell.

It was Kennedy.

Buffy’s eyes went wide as she pulled her mouth from Faith’s with a wet smack. Faith now had a sly smirk firmly planted on her lips as she fought back the urge to laugh at Buffy’s expression of panic. She just knew Buffy had been hoping nobody would find out what had happened between them. Faith couldn’t wait to discover just how Kennedy knew, however.

Holding Buffy tight in order to keep her from fleeing the scene, Faith cleared her throat and halted Kennedy from her departure, hoping Buffy would be cool about it and not freak out on her like she looked like she was about to do.

She didn’t have much hope of that happening, but had to believe that Buffy had changed enough, and had come to realize that it was ok for them to be adults and act on their desire for one another. Her heart was already demanding that that be the case, and Faith didn’t want it shattered into pieces again just because Buffy couldn’t deal and would rather fall back on old habits.

“Hey, Ken, how did you know?” Faith asked, and both Slayers awaited the answer with baited breath.



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