Rest Stop

Chapter Five

The two Slayers held onto each other in the small space of the cubicle, their breathing slowing but their hearts racing against each other.

Buffy was in shock a little, unable to speak. Not knowing quite what to say anyway. She just allowed Faith to hold on to her, feeling the other girl’s strong grip keeping her tight against her body. And despite the weirdness of the situation, Buffy couldn’t help but feel the stirring of arousal start back up inside her with being pressed so close to Faith.

Faith seemed to sense it, or maybe it was the fact that Buffy snuggled her body further into her. Whatever it was giving away how she was feeling, it earned the small Slayer a wicked grin.

“I heard you, man. Nearly half the girls did too,” Kennedy stated, reminding them that she was there.

Buffy lifted a hand to her face as if she were hiding her shame, but it was fairly pointless given the fact that only Faith could see her, and her sly grin was just getting wider. Buffy nudged Faith with her body, and with her being between Faith’s legs it did more than convey the idea that she wanted Faith to ask Kennedy further questions.

“What do ya mean nearly?” Faith asked, whilst trailing her hands over Buffy’s back, her fires quickly being stoked again by the fact Buffy seemed to be holding onto her more than she was now gripping on to Buffy.

“We were about to walk in when I heard all the moanin’ and groaning you two were busy with. Luckily none of the other girls behind me heard and I pointed them to the men’s room so they didn’t come barging in,” Kennedy explained. “I figured you wouldn’t have appreciated that. I told them, and Giles, that you both needed a little longer. Anyway, if you’re done now, Giles wants us to get going.”

Buffy opened her mouth about to ask what Kennedy had told Giles exactly, hoping she hadn’t given anything away, but Faith beat her to it. Maybe not being quite as subtle as she would have been herself, however.

“You didn’t go straight out and tell them we were fucking did ya?” Faith asked, not totally oblivious to Buffy’s glare at not even pretending that that’s not what they were doing.

“Jesus, of course not, I said you were talking and just needed some time to work some things out. The girls weren’t bothered as long as they got to wash their hands and stuff, and Giles just nodded and said he’d wait for a little while for you two to get it out of your systems. . .which I’m guessing with what I heard, you’ve done.” Kennedy chuckled a little.

“Yeah, we’ve worked some stuff out,” Buffy said, her own voice surprising her at how relaxed she sounded. “Um. . .just tell Giles we’ll be out in a few minutes.” She looked into Faith’s dark eyes, smiling at the new insights she could see into the other girl through them.

“Done. . .just um, I kinda told Will. Well, she got it out of me. Sorry,” Kennedy said, and before either Slayer could say anything to her about it she left, the bathroom door thudding shut.

“Oh God, Willow will never let me hear the end of this,” Buffy whined, burying her head into Faith’s shoulder and letting out a deep sigh.

Faith was thinking Buffy was about to experience a world of regret even though she wasn’t moving away from her at all. She didn’t want to stir things and ask how Buffy, her one time enemy, now felt about them and about what had just happened. . .but she didn’t like not knowing.

“So, do you err. . .we should maybe go,” Faith mumbled, backing out of her plan to ask Buffy if she was wishing they hadn’t done what they had.

Buffy pulled back from Faith a little, thinking she had felt something just pass between them. Thinking she had just felt something from Faith. It was as if the younger Slayer was preparing herself to be hurt, to be knocked back by her, but Buffy was far from thinking she wanted to knock Faith back. As much as it scared the hell out of her, and confused her still, she wasn’t experiencing regret.

Looking into the gold-flecked eyes of her counterpart, Buffy slipped her hands further round the dark girl’s waist. She leaned forwards and pressed her lips to Faith’s, noticing the once tough badass relax at the soft caress as she tenderly attempted to put Faith at ease.

They wrapped their tongues around each other’s in a slow accepting kiss, their bodies reacting unconsciously to the need that they still had for one another as their breasts strained for warm lips and their hips sought friction.

Moving slowly against Faith, Buffy took the time to just visualize what they must have looked like stood together in the small toilet, with grime clinging to their bodies and clothes, hair a little mussed from eager fingers, skin flushed, Faith’s pants around her ankles, with Buffy stood between her legs.

Rather than the image shocking Buffy into some sense, or what she might have considered sense before entering the cubicle, it caused fresh floods of warm desire to strip away any doubt about how much she just didn’t want to move away from Faith.

Buffy broke the kiss for air, knowing she hadn’t had enough of Faith. Knowing she probably never would have enough of her. Again, it was a scary thought, but she was done running. She had stopped once she’d found herself on her knees in front of the other girl, drinking down her essence and loving it.

Watching the various small glimpses of emotion, feeling, and desire rushing fleetingly across the usually mysterious large pupils of the other Slayer, Buffy realized that Faith didn’t want her to run, and that the girl who’s life had been all about getting off and getting gone wasn’t thinking that right now for herself either. She wasn’t sure how she knew, and was pretty certain saying anything to Faith about it would cause her to bolt, but Buffy wasn’t about to allow the sensations to go to waste.

She kissed Faith again before Faith could turn the small frown appearing on her face into actual questioning words. Using her strong hands to slide over Faith’s small backside, gripping the firm flesh as she delighted in the sexy moan it caused, Buffy pulled her hips toward her, grinding herself into Faith, allowing her need to take control before she’d even been fully aware that that was what she wanted to do, and was going to do.

“Damnit, B. Doing that’s not a good idea if Giles is expectin’ us,” Faith sighed, her tone throaty and thick with how much she wanted to continue feeling Buffy almost desperately clinging to her. “You’re getting me seriously worked up again.”

“Maybe that’s what I want.” Buffy placed soft kisses over Faith’s face, taking time to explore the sensation of her eyebrows tickling her lips, her dimples appearing as she moved her mouth over where they were. “I want more of you,” Buffy confessed, shocking herself at the admission but continuing to move her body against Faith’s.

Faith’s answer to that was to push Buffy back, but not away from her. She practically slammed the smaller girl into the opposite wall, doing her best not to trip over in her pants, her mouth hungrily exploring Buffy’s as she felt herself lose to the raging inferno of lust that Buffy had always instilled in her. She somehow knew though, that Buffy wanted it. That Buffy wanted Faith to give her who she was within. The passion, and the raw untamed yearning that lived inside her.

Seeing the acceptance of it from Buffy in her eyes, not yet searching for more meaning than the basic elements of what they’d always wanted from one another, Faith mirrored Buffy’s movements by placing her hands firmly on her ass. She moved between Buffy’s legs and began rubbing up into the harsh scrape of buttons on tender flesh.

She pushed Buffy up against the wall, using her weight to convey her need, her lips to express her hunger as she trailed wet kisses down her neck, then back up to her ear to blow hot and desperate air over it.

“I still want you. I wanna fuck you again,” Faith drawled, realizing she was taking things way out of just curing the horny thing by what she was saying, but with Buffy’s eyes casting dreamy looks at her, she was more than confident that it was the right thing to do. “I wanna get closer to you. Next to you.”

Buffy knew exactly what Faith was getting at as she was feeling the same. Under the overwhelming influence and pull of Faith’s raw sexual energy, Buffy just wanted to rip the other girl’s clothes off. The hungry and horny reason for actually being in the situation she was currently in once again was the farthest thing from her mind, as she craved more contact with Faith.

“God, I want. . .I want you against me,” Buffy breathed out in pants as she pulled Faith against her with her fingers still gripping onto the tight muscle of her naked ass, leaving Faith in no doubt what she meant.

Faith pulled back from sucking on Buffy’s neck, looking deep into her glazed green eyes, seeing nothing but the all-consuming passion of desire and unbridled sexuality staring back at her. She took a second to wonder whether she should bring up the fact that Giles and the others were waiting for them, but forgot that as Buffy let out a simpering and needy sigh.

“Fuck. . .” Faith could already picture their wet pussies slick against each other and slipped her hands up to grip the top of Buffy’s trousers. “Are you. . .?”

“Yes, I’m sure,” Buffy interjected, placing her hands on top of Faith’s and pushing down, helping her get the offending intrusion of her trousers and panties down past her hips.

Faith took over as Buffy released her hands, and she tugged Buffy’s pants to her ankles, pulling off the slender girl’s boots for good measure and ridding her completely of her bottom layer of clothing.

Faith stayed on her knees for a second, drinking in the sight of Buffy’s flushed and dripping centre, breathing her in and memorizing the image and the sensation it was instilling in her. She felt herself lean forwards before she realized what she was doing, taking her time to indulge, she kissed Buffy’s soaked pussy, feeling the hard clit graze her lips as she opened her mouth a little to taste what she had dreamed about for years.

Brushing her lips over Buffy’s wet centre in a tender kiss, Faith ran her hands up her slender thighs back to her ass, encouraging Buffy’s hips to roll towards her, spreading Buffy for her.

She slipped her tongue into the swollen folds on offer, forgetting momentarily that she wanted Buffy against her own pussy. Licking her way around the engorged clit of the small Slayer, Faith looked up, her eyes locking with Buffy’s in the harsh light. She smiled, all dimples and beauty, as she dipped her tongue lower, forcing it a little way into the slick hole oozing its sticky need into her mouth.

Buffy tasted amazing, delicious and musky. She didn’t taste of flowers or vanilla or some shit like that. She tasted of pure need and sex. Hot, wet, creamy sex, that covered Faith’s tongue and slipped down her throat as she hungrily sucked at Buffy’s pink opening.

“Oh God, Faith,” Buffy moaned as she watched and trembled, her legs threatening to give way as Faith snaked her tongue back inside her.

It felt incredible. Faith felt incredible, but she wanted her next to her, kissing her mouth with her soft full lips as they clung to each other. She felt the need to cling. To hold. To be held, by Faith.

“Faith. . .” Buffy’s words stuttered out as Faith lost herself to the obvious enjoyment of her sopping sex. “Faith, come up here,” she sighed, noticing a slight frown form on her fellow Slayer’s brow as she pulled away from her pussy. “I want you to. . .to hold me.”

Buffy held her breath, knowing that the Faith she knew would laugh at her for that one.

But instead of laugh, Faith smiled gently and moved back up the slim body of the small Slayer. She wanted to be held too. It was an entirely new sensation for her to have, given the situation and the prospect of having Buffy come in her mouth, but she wanted the closeness, the bond between them to wrap them up.

Standing back between the open legs of the other girl, Faith leaned in to brush her lips over Buffy’s, stepping slowly towards the girl that had haunted her dreams for years. She ignored all the endless questions and doubts in her mind, and guided her body into the warm embrace.

Both of them sighed at the contact, their skin gently brushing softly as Faith moved her hips closer, their heated centers touching in a delicate caress. At the first sign of Buffy’s wet pussy oozing its arousal onto her, Faith moaned deep in her throat, her hands grasping at Buffy’s hips and holding her against her as she pushed herself into the hot space between them.

She stopped kissing Buffy and looked into her eyes, forgetting that she wanted to hide her own feelings, drowning in the trust and emotion dazzling her in the glinting green. Feeling herself begin to move against Buffy, rubbing her pussy into the wet folds of the other girl, Faith let herself go. Let herself feel all that she had resisted feeling for Buffy since things between them had gone so wrong.

“You feel so good, B,” Faith groaned as Buffy slid her pussy over hers.

Faith could feel every bit of the other girl against her. Wet for her. Their soft bodies pushing against each other in the rhythm they were both wrapping themselves up in.

Buffy had never seen such an honest and open look on Faith’s face, or in her eyes. It was as if she could finally see what was hidden. She stared, and felt, and flowed on the wave of happiness she could detect in Faith’s dark gaze. A happiness of a kind she had never seen there before.

It almost brought tears to her eyes, but she held them back as the sensation of having Faith’s shaven mound pressed so intimately, slipping over and into her own, had her searching for release faster than she had ever imagined was possible.

Faith was now pushing into Buffy faster and harder, slicking the smaller girl with her juices. The sticky fluids of both girls mixing in a flow between their legs as they became entranced in the intimacy of the kiss of their swollen pussies.

“You’re so wet, Faith, and this feels so good,” Buffy said, her voice shaking as her body trembled at the touch of her clit against Faith’s.

“It’s never felt like this before,” Faith admitted, though she didn’t know whether it was because of her ultra horny state, her extremely sensitive clit, or the fact that she had wanted Buffy for so long. She didn’t really care why having her pussy against Buffy’s felt so good. . .she just knew that it did, and she knew that she wanted more. “B, get your legs up.” Faith tucked her hands under Buffy’s thighs, bringing the tiny Slayer’s legs up around her, spreading her pussy into the younger girl even more.

“Oh, Faith,” Buffy moaned. “Fuck me. Fuck me with your pussy.” Buffy clung on, her legs wrapped firmly around Faith’s slim waist. Holding on to the back of Faith’s neck with her left hand entangled in thick dark hair, with her body weight being held up by the strong girl.

Pushing her other hand down between them, Buffy dipped her fingers into Faith’s hot cunt, spreading the dark Slayer’s lips so she could feel as much of her as she wanted. So she could feel the warm gush of her fluids slipping over her with every movement. Circling Faith’s clit with her fingertip, loving the silky feel of Faith’s arousal, Buffy smiled lustily, then snaked her hand back into the soft tumble of her dark hair.

Faith allowed Buffy to move her hand back out from between them, then crashed into Buffy, kissing her greedily as she held her up, rocking hard against her as she felt herself burning to come all over Buffy.

She wanted to claim her. To mark her with her scent as Buffy rode her, rubbing their erect clits together in a lustful dance that neither girl seemed to be able to hold themselves back in.

Maybe they were under the influence of more than the need for release, or maybe they weren’t, but all that could be heard in the otherwise silent glare of the small room. . .was the soft slide of teasing tongues, and the needy moans of two girls lost to each other. The wet slick slap of their pussies, stroking each other to orgasm.

Buffy threw her head back as Faith pushed harder against her, the aroma of their desire for one another intoxicating her as they fucked. Faith sucked on her earlobe, sending hot thrills of moan filled air into her ear, feeding Buffy’s extreme state of arousal and causing her to ride Faith with abandon. Her pussy was grasping at Faith’s as she felt herself beginning to fall into the electric shivers of her oncoming climax.

“That’s it, B, come for me,” Faith implored, her breasts rubbed salaciously over Buffy’s, their nipples hard for each other, bodies rutting and thrusting, banging against the hard wall in a need to have the other girl as much as possible.

Buffy rolled her hips into Faith, their dripping holes spreading sticky heat all over each other. Their clits throbbing as they thrust together, slipping, sweat trickling down their firm stomachs, fire shooting through them, moans filling the stagnant air.

“Oh, God. . .don’t stop,” Buffy cried out, riding the liquid heat of the other Slayer. “Yes. . .oh, yes. Faith! Yes!” Buffy felt her world blur, the edges fraying as she felt her entire body exploding in a rush of burning sensation. She let everything go, her cunt practically spurting her silky come out onto Faith as she held onto her tightly, listening to Faith coming right along with her.

“Buffy, I‘m coming. Oh, baby. . .Ooh!” Faith squealed again as she came, sending fresh floods of hot fluid out of Faith and over Buffy’s spread pussy as she shook, her movements slowing to a halt as she stopped thrusting herself into the shorter girl.

Buffy felt the warm spurt mixing with her own juices as she trembled for Faith, her hands wrapped in silky brunette, her legs gripping but threatening to fall. She held on, not wanting to move away from Faith as they both quivered, Faith’s trembling body sending thrills of sensation rushing through her.

Buffy had never felt the Slayer connection as strongly as she did right then, and it was beautiful. Like truly being a part of someone else.

Buffy could feel so much desire and feeling from Faith. It took her breath away as much as the orgasm that had just shaken her from head to toe. She didn’t know what it all meant. She didn’t know what she really wanted it to mean.

Faith herself was feeling the same strong link between them, sneaking its way into her heart where she tried her best to keep it out, but failed. She snuggled into Buffy, her head resting on her shoulder, doing her best to slow her breathing. To stop her insides tumbling around as Buffy ran her gentle fingers through her hair, her legs slipping a little from their position around her waist. She pushed into Buffy a little more, holding onto her thighs, keeping her up, not yet willing to release her. Not wanting to lose the feel of her heated center against her.

“Don’t let me go,” Buffy whispered, wanting to say more, to convey that she meant she never again wanted Faith to let her go. She felt like she was safe in Faith’s arms. That Faith could maybe make her happy. Happier than anyone else had been able to.

“I’ve got ya, B,” Faith replied, not daring to look into the meaning behind the request.

Lifting her head from Buffy, finally feeling her body come down from its heady heights of need and yearning, Faith kissed Buffy’s neck softly, almost lovingly, then looked down between them, noticing a small trickle of blood making its way from under Buffy’s top.

“Shit, B, you’re bleeding,” Faith gasped, lifting the grimy material and revealing the bandage wrapped around the other girl, blood staining it as the wound Buffy had sustained objected to all the jiggling around. “Are you ok?” Faith asked softly, hoping she hadn’t hurt Buffy.

“I’m ok, Faith,” she assured, as she moved her hand from Faith’s neck, resting her palm on her face. “It’ll heal.” Like us, she wanted to add, but didn’t. . . too scared of the reaction.

“Yeah, Slayer healing. I’m glad being a Slayer doesn’t only make us hot chicks.” Faith grinned at Buffy as the blonde girl chuckled.

“So. . .” Buffy began, the situation looking ominously like becoming awkward now all the heavy breathing had ceased. She searched her head to find things to say so that Faith wouldn’t close off again. Wouldn’t back away from her now the sex was over with. “I never imagined you’d squeal when you came,” she chuckled and smiled at Faith warmly, melting Faith’s heart even more.

Faith held back from actually telling Buffy that she was busy falling madly in love with her again though, deciding to stick with being her usual cocky self. “You’ve imagined me coming, B? Wow, here I was thinking you were a straight hot chick with super powers. What were you doing to me when you were imagining me coming?” She winked, feeling so much more at ease now her cork had been popped.

“I never said I’d imagined you coming. I just. . .” Buffy didn’t know what else to say because she had imagined Faith coming in the past, and she had imagined it whilst thinking of doing so many different things to her. “I. . .it just sounded kinda cute, and sexy too, which was just. . .well, it was. . .” She stopped her mouth from moving, not wanting to feed the lascivious grin she was receiving.

Suddenly things were becoming much less warm and cuddly, and more tense and edgy, like it usually was between them. Buffy was wondering if it really had just been a fuck for Faith. A way for her to work off her hornies. She slipped her fingers from the warm silk of Faith’s hair, missing its texture instantly. She shifted her body weight and lowered her legs, standing shakily as Faith watched her untangle herself from her.

Faith made no move to stop Buffy from reclaiming her clothes from the floor beside her. Watching as Buffy silently stepped into her damp underwear and pants, wanting to ask what had just changed. She was certain something had. The atmosphere had changed and Faith didn’t know why. But then it dawned on her, that maybe now that Buffy had been fucked enough, she was out of there without a look back.

It wouldn’t have surprised her despite the sensations she had picked up through their connection. Despite the fact she had felt more from Buffy towards her than just the need to get off. She realized she was being stupid again. Buffy didn’t want her as anything more than what she was; a handy thing to have around now and again. It hurt, it really fucking hurt, but Faith wasn’t about to go running off the deep end this time.

She’d done all that in the past, and now she was damned if she was going to allow Buffy to make her feel worthless again. Taking one last look at the still flustered blonde, Faith gripped the door handle and flicked the lock open. “Come on, short stuff, we’d better make ourselves look presentable.”

Buffy stopped herself from grabbing Faith and kissing her. She didn’t want to start running again from what she felt, but she was so unsure about Faith’s feelings for her that the risk was just too great right now to take a leap. Or at least a further leap. After all, they had just had sex.

Faith walked over to the basin, running the taps as they clunked. She splashed cold water over her face as Buffy washed her hands, looking over at the older girl as the cool liquid stifled some of the fire still raging inside her. She couldn’t believe how much she still wanted to fuck. How much she still wanted to fuck Buffy. She had never felt need like it. She realized that after all the years of longing, it was only natural to want to go at it with Buffy until neither of them could even stand anymore.

“You still look a little flushed, Faith,” Buffy pointed out, whilst drying her hands, wishing she could stop being so scared.

Faith allowed her eyes to wander over the disheveled but still incredibly tempting body of the other Slayer. “That’s cos I still want you,” she confessed, licking her lips and being rewarded by a faint flush of arousal over Buffy’s cheeks.

Buffy tried her best to ignore the fact that even though her body had found the release she had needed, it was still on edge in the biggest way for Faith. “So, you think its because of the slayage?” Buffy asked, hoping Faith wouldn’t notice the hidden query in her question.

She wanted to find out, wanted to know if Faith was really feeling the same. If she was craving her for the same reason she was craving Faith, which had nothing to do with slaying and what it did to them.

“No, B. And you’re probably not gonna want to hear this, but it’s you. I don’t think. . .no, I know I can’t get enough of you,” Faith admitted, trying not to look away, but afraid of what she might see in Buffy’s eyes.

Although she had been sure Buffy had gone at it with her so eagerly because of more than her hornies, she still held the belief inside that the other girl would never admit what she truly felt. Buffy’s demeanor was flashing those warning signs at her, and she couldn’t ignore them.

“I know what you mean,” Buffy said quietly and also looked down, unsure of what it all meant and where they stood with each other now.

Things would never be as simple as just ‘getting over’ everything in their past. The prospect of getting together with Faith as anything more than a friend, well, Buffy didn’t know whether she was brave enough to even think about it, let alone do it, even after what they had just done. Even feeling the way she was.

Before either girl could clear the air that had seemed to fill with tension once again between them, a loud knock on the bathroom door startled them. Faith knew it would be one of the others, probably Ken again hurrying them up. She didn’t want to be hurried away from Buffy, but she didn’t want to be pushed aside by her again in her haste to cover up what she felt for her.

“Come on, we’d better moter.” Faith turned away from Buffy and headed for the door.

“Faith?” Buffy called, just as Faith placed her hand on the doorknob. “Thank you, for. . .” Buffy glanced towards the stall they had left scented with their lust, unable to find the words to describe what they’d experienced. Hating herself for not finding the words. For not saying the words.

“Like I said before, no problem, B, and thank you. You really. . .gave me what I needed.” She not only meant the intimate act they’d indulged in, but also the warmth and the acceptance she had felt from Buffy as they’d done it.

She had never felt that with anyone. Even though it seemed like it had been no more than sex for the other girl, it had warmed her heart a little at how Buffy had gone about it with her. Buffy had practically worshiped Faith whilst on her knees eating her pussy, and what they had just shared. . .coming together, and drowning in sensation together. It had blown Faith away, and she knew right then and there that she would never feel that with anyone again, unless it was with Buffy.

Before she slipped up any more than she had, possibly revealing her heart, Faith winked at Buffy and pulled the door open, sweeping out of the bathroom looking every bit like her cork had just been well and truly popped.

Buffy wasn’t sure if she wanted to pull Faith back into the bathroom with her to talk about what had just happened. About what had been said and hinted at in the heated words and actions of their arousal and need.

They had been so close to revealing their true selves to one another, and maybe to some extent they had finally done that. Certainly, Buffy had never come at the same time as anyone before, and she had been bowled over by such a strong crashing wave of pure emotion from Faith. She couldn’t help but think that it was extremely telling, but she wasn’t entirely sure what it was telling her, and what she wanted it to be telling her. She knew if she ran after Faith that maybe, possibly, Faith would want it - would want them to be together. But she was still so confused.

Yes, she wanted Faith, and always had although she had hidden it so well from herself. Yes, she wanted Faith to feel the same. But no, she had no clue whether it was a terrible mistake to even think about them sharing more together. Sharing their bodies, minds and even hearts.

Her mind was a muddle. A mess, just like her panties. Even if Faith had let some things go, revealing how much she wanted Buffy, she was apparently with Wood anyway. Buffy herself was coming to terms with everything that had happened recently, including the loss of Spike. She was mixed up and just wanted to know where she stood for sure, for once with Faith.

Damn, she wanted to know where she stood with everything herself, because as she strolled out of the diner behind Faith, watching the delicious sway of the younger Slayer’s ass, she was fairly sure she didn’t want to leave what they had just shared behind in the cramped confines of a toilet.

They might struggle to find the words, but something had to be said before they both closed right down again. Before they both put what had just happened between them down to the hungry and horny after-slay affects.

Stepping back onto the bus, doing her best not to blush as she noticed everybody watching both her and Faith’s arrival back from the diner with no food, Buffy smiled gratefully at Giles for having waited, and made her way over to Dawn. She avoided looking at Willow and sat down beside her sister, not saying a word.

Buffy was aware that nobody knew what had happened between her and Faith, well, except for Will and Kennedy, but she still felt incredibly embarrassed for some reason. She still felt that old familiar shame creep over her for allowing herself to want Faith. To feel something for Faith.

It was stupid. She knew she was an adult and should be allowed to have needs and desires. That she was old enough and deserving enough to have something in her life that, even though a little unconventional, could possibly make her happy. Fulfill her. Mend the broken heart inside her that had been that way for God knows how long.

But it was all so complicated.

Not just because Faith was a girl, as there really was no reason to worry about that given the fact that Willow’s lifestyle choice had been accepted by them all, but mainly because of their history, and everything they had all been through with Faith at the steering wheel.

She didn’t want her friends thinking she’d finally lost it. She didn’t want Giles to give her that disapproving look that she hated. And even though she could concede that she wanted something more with her fellow Slayer, she didn’t dare let herself recall what it felt like to be tumbling head over heels and falling for Faith. To be swept up in the current of everything she felt for her.

Looking over her shoulder to glance at Faith who was sat on her own at the back of the bus, as Giles pulled them slowly away from the car park back to the road, Buffy noticed the sad look that had settled once again on Faith’s face. She had her head turned, looking out of the window, but Buffy could see that her eyes had dimmed from the bright glow she had seen in them earlier.

She hated that. She hated that it was more than likely her fault that Faith looked withdrawn once again. Buffy wanted to take the lost look away and replace it with one full of hope and promise that she had seen glimpses of back in the diner. She felt a pain in her heart and knew what it was instantly. Faith had caused the familiar twinge on numerous occasions in the past.

On those occasions, Buffy had fought against it, and if truth were told, she knew she should fight it now but it was hopeless. She had sampled the goods so to speak. She had jumped feet first into the fray and she couldn’t fight any longer.

But again, those complications came to mind. It was Faith. The dark Slayer. Rogue Slayer. The Slayer that she couldn’t shake from her soul, no matter how hard she tried. Buffy felt the tears well up in her eyes and pulled her gaze away from the beautiful brunette before she was noticed staring. She didn’t know why things had to be so hard.

So impossible.

She wanted to be with Faith, and Faith it seemed, given her words and actions in the bathroom, wanted to be with her. She knew that, despite her worries and her refusal to see what was staring her in the face sometimes. But they could never be together, because there was too much in the way. Too much of the past, and too many people involved.

“Hey. . .” Dawn smiled at Buffy, pulling her from her hopeless thoughts, her youthful exuberance attempting to slip out a little as she lifted a large brown paper bag from next to her on the seat. She placed it in Buffy’s lap. “You forgot this. Well, you and Faith forgot this, when you were. . .making up.” A slight hint of red crept over Dawn’s cheeks and Buffy wondered why. “It’s your food,” Dawn pointed out.

Buffy felt a tear escape her grasp as she realized the normally ravenous Slayer at the back of the bus was currently going hungry, yet was far too lost in her own little world of pain and abandonment to care. Buffy hated herself sometimes for being so afraid when she was meant to be the tough little Slayer she tried to be.

“Don’t cry, Buffy. It’s ok,” Dawn whispered, placing her hand over Buffy’s that were currently shaking a little as she felt her heart deciding whether or not it was time to let go. “I may be young, but I’m not stupid. And I know I wasn’t really there when Faith first turned up, but I know what I see in your eyes when you look at her. I mean, past the hurt, and the mock hate thing you have going on. I’m your sister, so I can see it. You should go sit with her. She needs you, and you need her.” Dawn smiled tenderly at Buffy, and the tears flowed.

The blonde girl swiped at her face, but they continued to fall silently, as her heart gave up asking for permission, gave up being terrified, and fell back in love with Faith. Through her haze of tears Buffy gazed at her younger sister, wondering just when she had got so insightful, thinking possibly it was just something she’d overlooked in the past.

She hugged Dawn, holding her tight as she forced the waterworks to stop, willing herself to grow a pair for once, to coin Faith’s phrase. She knew if she left Faith to sit by herself, with everything up in the air between them, unresolved, that Faith would get the wrong impression completely and close off again. She didn’t want that. She wanted to feel that rush of emotion from Faith filling her again. Wrapping her up in its warm safety.

Buffy had no clue if what she had felt from Faith was love, or just lust and need, but whatever it had been, it wasn’t something she wanted to back away from. She knew she was taking a huge risk, but her heart had already taken the leap, her body too, she just had to allow her mind to grasp the idea. Picking up the paper bag Buffy stood up, ready to make a difference. Ready to change things.

Faith looked up, turning her face from the flashing images of the countryside outside, to see Buffy walking down the aisle of the bus towards her. She instantly tensed up, noticing the tear stained cheeks. Her first instinct was to stand and take whatever Buffy was about to offload on her, because it had to be something bad. Given how Buffy had suddenly changed tack, or seemed to, back at the diner, Faith was expecting her to lay into her about using her in her grief or something.

It wasn’t an unusual conclusion to jump to given their history and Buffy’s little habit of blame shifting onto Faith, but as Buffy got closer, a small flicker of hope dared to raise its head inside her heart. She looked to be bearing the gift of food for a start.

Also, Buffy was smiling at her. The size and sweetness of it getting bigger as she reached the back of the bus. It appeared like Buffy was doing her best not to smile, but it was there, beginning to light up every dark part of Faith that existed.

Faith just watched as Buffy sat beside her, placing the bag on the seat next to her, her small frame getting closer than was probably necessary given the fact that the rest of the back seat was empty. Faith wasn’t complaining though as her body hummed with the heightened sensation of their connection.

She didn’t know what to say. She didn’t know how to react with Buffy’s silence and the almost goofy grin the older girl was giving her. They sat gazing at each other, and the sounds of the girls chattering about their experiences filtered out so that all that could be heard was the soft respirations of them both. The tense air around them was almost sparkling with the passionate tension that always seemed to surround the chosen two.

Faith had been certain that the rest of her journey would be an uneventful one, and that they would probably never talk about what had happened between them. That it would get swept away and smashed to nothing on the crashing wave of denial. But that didn’t seem to be happening. Something else seemed to be happening and she could feel her heart racing at the prospect.

Buffy reached out, shifting even closer to Faith, taking Faith’s hand in her own and reveling in the electricity flowing through them at the contact. Looking deep into Faith’s dark eyes, feeling her whole body yearning for her to take the step she had been so afraid to take, Buffy leant forwards and kissed Faith so softly she was unsure whether or not they were actually touching.

Faith knew they were touching all right. Her entire being, inside and out knew it. The delicate caress spoke volumes, far above and beyond any words that could be uttered right now. There was no way the blonde Slayer would have done such a thing on a bus full of people, with her friends and family in view, if she had regretted or wanted to forget what had happened between them.

And as Buffy guided a hand up into her soft dark locks, deepening the kiss with her response, Faith knew they were finally getting somewhere. They were finally challenging the fear and the prospect of refusal and denial. Faith could feel it in the kiss, in the tender hands upon her; this time they were going to get it right.

This time, they were going to be together. It was as if Buffy was saying the words in the sweet slide of their lips and tongues against each other.

She was saying it was ok. That they were ok. That they could love, and feel, and burn for one another, and cherish every second like it was their last.

Faith felt love. She felt acceptance.

And with Buffy now nibbling on her neck, she had the strong urge to be felt up again.

“Hey, Buffy, I said go sit with her, not grope her. . .jeez, get a room,” Dawn yelled down the bus, yanking the two girls from their timid foray into something they both craved so much more now that the floodgates had been opened.

Grinning, the two Slayers leant back into the uncomfortable seat. Holding each other tight, snuggling into one another as the bus raced its way towards their new beginning. Clouds of dust hazing the foggy skyline hanging over what was once the home of so much more than just a girl with a destiny and a brand new toy to play with. Well, to play with and to love, more than she had ever thought it was possible to do.

“Buffy! I said sit, not grope.” Again dawn’s voice echoed up the bus.

“Jesus, I was only touching her leg,” Buffy shouted back, huffing as she wrapped her arms around Faith in order to keep her hands from wandering.

It was going to be a very long journey. Then when they got where they were headed, they were going to have a very long bath together, and spend a very long time getting to know each other intimately.

Hell, it was probably going to take forever. In fact, if either girl had their way, it was definitely going to take forever.

The End



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