Rest Stop

Chapter Three

Faith shakily moved closer to the door, unable to detect what reaction Buffy was having to her idea. She couldn’t tell by the blonde girl’s voice, as it was soft, restrained. Maybe too much so.

She reached out with her hand and flicked the lock to the vacant position, cautiously opening the toilet door. As Buffy came into view, Faith realized her pants were still undone, but that was soon forgotten when she saw the hunger within Buffy’s eyes. Apart from that though, the sparkling green was expressionless.

Faith stepped back, unsure whether or not Buffy would follow her into the cubicle, hoping beyond hope that she would. The world seemed to come to a halt. Faith’s breathing came to a halt.

Buffy was busy wondering if she had gone crazy. If possibly the last few weeks of stress had taken its toll on her sanity and driven her mad. As she took a deep breath, feeling the powerful urge within, seeing it also in the dark desire heavy eyes of the girl before her, Buffy stepped slowly into the cubicle.

She couldn’t kid herself that she could just walk away from this. From what both of them needed, above and beyond the imminent craving to release the sexual tension of the fight they had battled hard to win.

The brunette licked her full red lips, the slow stroke of her pink tongue capturing Buffy in a trance, drawing her forwards so she could reach behind herself to push the door closed. Buffy then flicked the lock back into its catch, almost wincing at the harsh noise of the click as it interrupted the quiet seductive air lingering around them.

Faith stood before Buffy, her usual sexual energy at an obvious peak. The dirt from the fight, blood in spots dashed in ominous splashes on her, the sheen of her soft looking skin, the radiance and beauty of her. It all drew Buffy in. Towards the girl who was offering her some kind of salvation, at God knows what kind of cost.

She stopped inches away from Faith, breathing in the aroma of her skin, of her heat, and her arousal. The heady mix fuelled the fire of Buffy’s need, stoking it to impossible heights, scaring her with the intensity of the feelings. Reminding her why she had always avoided being so close to Faith after slaying, or during sparring, or at any time in between.

Both girls stood listening to the silence that formed like a barrier around them. Hearing nothing but the heavy thud of hearts beating in rhythmical desire, lungs straining rapidly to quench their thirst for air in the thick atmosphere.

Buffy had no idea what to do next. Had no recollection of ever feeling so high up and ready to jump. Ready to fall and damn the consequences. It was stirring up old sensations that she had fought down for so long. Old need, desire, outrage, hurt, betrayal. . .craving that she had suddenly lost control over.

She couldn’t fool herself into thinking she had missed the tension between her and Faith, right from the beginning, but she had chosen to ignore it then. Had chosen to fight it and restrain it. She wanted to ignore it now, but with Faith’s dark and dangerous eyes looking unusually nervous, yet still as warm, inviting and alluring as they had ever been, she didn’t have a hope in hell. She couldn’t possibly control herself now.

She took a chance. Took the bull by the horns. Took a leap into the unknown, and practically threw herself at Faith, crushing her lips to the soft, pliable mouth on offer to her. Pushing her hands up into the lush twirls of the other girl’s hair, Buffy moved her mouth over Faith’s, kissing her hard in her yearning.

Faith kissed back just as hard, wrapping her arms around the smaller girl’s waist. She had thought for a second that Buffy was going to change her mind, but then she had launched herself at her, pulling her into a fierce embrace. An embrace that Faith gladly accepted and gave back with just as much passion.

She could feel the need emanating from Buffy. She could taste it on her lips, and as she pushed her tongue into the wet cavern of the blonde girl’s mouth, she felt it flow from her. The soft wet slide of their tongues against each other filled the small room with the sounds of the kiss, and their sighing breaths into one another.

Buffy had never imagined kissing Faith would have her weak at the knees, but she was good. Her lips were soft yet relentless and insistent, and her tongue was surprisingly agile. Buffy took it willingly into her mouth, enjoying the taste and the feel, and liking the difference between Faith’s eager mouth and those of others she had kissed.

Faith was pressed close to her now, and Buffy could feel the heat radiating from her. Faith’s hands were on her lower back, holding, stroking as they devoured one another. Buffy’s hands tangled into Faith’s hair, loving the feel of its soft lushness spreading over and through her fingers.

Faith was fast becoming lost in the sensations of their kiss, lost in lips, tongue and teeth. She sucked on Buffy’s tongue and felt fresh bursts of arousal coat her panties as Buffy moaned into her mouth. Pulling back a little to catch her breath, Faith released Buffy’s lips from hers with a wet smack.

She grinned despite the slight nervousness running through her veins along with the arousal. Faith just couldn’t help it, as Buffy still had her eyes shut, her lips parted, her hands now resting delicately on Faith’s shoulders.

Faith wanted to say something, she wanted to tell Buffy how hot she looked right then, but she was scared of crashing into the moment and bringing Buffy back to her senses. Faith liked that Buffy was obviously drowning in a sea of want, and that she was the only one who could give her what she wanted.

Without standing on ceremony, Faith pushed Buffy up against the door, crushing their mouths back together, using her strong hands to push under the dirty and disheveled material of Buffy’s top.

Buffy allowed Faith to take control. She needed her to take control right now because she was unable to think of anything but having Faith’s hands all over her. She didn’t care about anything but that. Didn’t care about anything other than how Faith was going to make her feel, and how she wanted to make Faith feel.

It went deeper than requiring release. It went as far as needing to give Faith what she needed and so obviously wanted too. As scared as she was, and as totally unsure about how she would manage to please the other Slayer back, Buffy let go, and finally allowed herself to feel everything that Faith had to offer her.

Placing herself between Buffy’s open legs, Faith stroked her fingers over the hard muscle of Buffy’s stomach, wanting to go slow, but also wanting to drift that little bit higher, to take in her hands exactly what she wanted. She was unsure about whether Buffy would bolt at any minute however, so she waited for a sign, for the hands to fly up and push her away.

But Buffy wasn’t pushing her away. She was pulling Faith closer to her, ensuring their bodies were pressed firmly together. The heat between them, raging like an inferno that had been started so long ago, and had just waited for its chance to roar, sweeping them both up in its flames.

Slow wasn’t a word Buffy wanted to know right now. She could tell that Faith was holding back, and she found it quite sweet despite herself, but she didn’t need sweet to get rid of the itch inside her. She needed Faith, full on, all sassy sexiness, great tits, and impossibly stunning gorgeousness. She wanted the passion she knew was inside Faith, and she wanted it now.

Grabbing Faith’s left hand that was nestled between them on her belly, Buffy shoved it further up her top so now Faith was left in no doubt she wanted her breasts straining under her touch.

Faith complied without thought, her hand sliding under the lace material of Buffy’s bra. She squeezed the soft flesh, delighting in its texture and in the warm flow of arousal it sent though herself. She snaked her tongue around Buffy’s as she fingered the smaller girl’s nipple, twisting it between her thumb and finger, getting that Buffy didn’t want slow and sweet. There was no room for that in the confines of the toilet, no time for it in their haste to relieve the tension, the abundance of sexual energy, the history between them.

She bit gently on Buffy’s lower lip before moving her own to the delicate skin of her neck, licking and sucking, but not too hard in case Buffy freaked at the idea of being marked by her. She wanted to mark her of course. Wanted the world to know when they stepped out of the crumby diner that she had been needed by Buffy. That she had been the only one, for just that moment, that could give the small Slayer some kind of peace.

Their panting sighs filled the room as Faith brushed her right hand down to the waistband of Buffy’s pants. She wanted to rip Buffy’s clothes off completely so she could suckle on her breasts and watch in the harsh light of the bathroom as she slid her fingers over her pussy, but she doubted Buffy would be too happy if she were to do that. So she lowered her head to suck on a nipple over the scent laden material of Buffy’s top, and flicked the buttons to her pants open.

“Oh God,” Buffy sighed, with the wet mouth engulfing her right nipple.

Tiny bolts of pleasure coursed through her from Faith’s suckling lips. She wanted her top to be gone. For Faith’s mouth to know her flesh more fully, and to be wrapped up in the feel of Faith against her naked skin, but that idea was washed from her brain as Faith slipped her hand into her underwear. She moaned even before Faith touched her pussy, just the thought of it causing fresh floods of arousal out of her.

Faith could smell exactly how turned on Buffy was now. So near, so warm, so close to having her fingers sliding in the stickiness of her need. It was intoxicating. The sweetest aroma she had ever had the pleasure in experiencing. Faith wasted no more time; pulling back to watch her hand move in the confines of Buffy’s pants, she slid her finger into the wet folds of the other Slayer.

They both sighed at the contact, watching with heavy eyes as Faith’s fingers moved inside the material now trapping her hand. Faith felt the flow of Buffy’s juices gush out onto her fingers and nearly lost her grip on the other girl with her free hand. She snaked it up into Buffy’s hair at the back of her neck, and brought Buffy’s mouth back to hers, kissing Buffy as she slipped her fingers around in her wetness.

The sound of silky wet pussy filled Faith’s ears along with Buffy’s groans of approval. She wanted to take her time so much. She had craved Buffy for so long. But they didn’t have time, and Buffy’s adamant hips rolling towards her, pushing her fingers lower, was proof of that fact.

Faith rested her head against Buffy’s, wanting to watch as much as she could. . .herself fucking the girl that had haunted her fantasies. Her fingers dipped into the flow of need now coating her fingers, finding its source and sliding in, but not too far. Not far enough for Buffy to stop whimpering in her need.

Buffy wanted to grab hold of Faith and shove the younger girl’s fingers up her tight passage, but she was stuck between the need to be fucked and the enjoyment she was getting from having Faith softly stroking her. The dark Slayer was teasing her now. Slipping her fingertips just inside her dripping hole, but not enough to fill her, and to fuck her.

And she needed fucking, more than she could ever remember needing it before. More than she had felt like she had needed it before stepping into the cubicle with her one time enemy. Faith was driving her crazy with lust, with her controlled strength, her power, her seductive air wrapping Buffy up in its arms and squeezing moans and whimpers from her.

Unable to take much more, Buffy moved her hips in a way that impaled her sopping pussy onto Faith’s fingers. The sudden move had them both fighting for air, but now Faith was inside her, right where she needed her to be, and she didn’t want the dark girl to back away.

“Fuck me, Faith. Fuck me now,” she implored, her heart racing with every breath the other girl took.

Faith’s answer was to slide her fingers deeper, pushing the two digits up inside Buffy’s wet hole, thrusting into her with less restraint than she had previously been using. It was exactly what Buffy needed; Faith, unrestrained and fucking her.

Faith buried her fingers inside the tight passage, feeling the slide of Buffy’s juices pouring out of her, the tightness grasp at her, pulling her further in, encouraging her to start a slow and sure rhythm. She knew Buffy wanted her to do it quick. To get her off so they could get it over with. But she didn’t want to be rushed. Not now that she had her fingers inside Buffy.

She had wanted this for so long. Had yearned to be able to touch Buffy so intimately, and her dreams and fantasies had been sadly lacking when it came to the real thing. Faith felt like she could keep her fingers inside the warm wet cavern of Buffy’s sex forever.

She pulled her fingers in and out, fucking Buffy’s cunt in time to the gentle thrusting of her hips. She kissed Buffy again, a little softer and less needy, hopefully conveying in some way that she wasn’t just there with her fingers inside the girl because she wanted repayment, or because it was just a way to deal with their predicament. Whether Buffy would get what she meant in the delicate slide of her lips was completely unknown to Faith, but really. . .it didn’t matter so much, because she had Buffy whimpering for her as she guided her other hand into her panties.

“Jesus. . .” Buffy exhaled into the arousal scented atmosphere, as Faith began fingering her clit to the rhythm of her other hand.

She melted into the sensation, forgetting why she was there in the first place, and just enjoying the feeling of being filled as a third finger was added to her wet cunt. Enjoying the feeling of Faith now speeding up, pushing them in and out, spreading her open, stroking her inside with every thrust.

Buffy could feel the tension mounting in her. Could feel her pussy pulling Faith in. Wanting the rogue Slayer deep inside her, making her come for her. She moaned out louder than she had wanted to, jerking her hips into Faith, holding onto her with her hands around her shoulders. Pulling her impossibly close.

“I’m. . .I’m gonna come,” Buffy managed to say, sounding almost surprised, and feeling surprised. She hadn’t expected to be on the edge so soon with Faith.

Faith kissed over Buffy’s ear, snaking her tongue into the dips and curves, breathing heavily into it and sending Buffy further along the path of no return. The hot breath in her ear, fingers thrusting ever faster in and out of her, and the pressure of an expert hand on her clit was driving her insane. She needed to come. She wanted to come, for Faith. All over Faith.

It had gone far beyond the post slaying hornies now. The need she felt was solely for Faith as she flicked over her swollen clit, and slicked her fingers inside her. Her entire body was burning for the dark Slayer. Shivering for her. Hot and wet for her. She didn’t quite understand it, but she was powerless to stop the way she was feeling.

The fingers inside her searched around, and found their goal, sending Buffy into a state of arousal she had never felt before. The wet slap of her pussy had them both fighting the urge to cry out. The hungry slurping sound testament to the amount of moisture Faith was pulling from Buffy.

“Harder, Faith. Fuck me harder. Please, make me come,” Buffy cried. She had tears in her eyes, a stray one falling onto her cheek as Faith held back from giving her what she wanted.

Faith looked at the trembling girl before her and felt like she was being carried along on the power of Buffy’s aching desire for release. She noticed the tears, and wondered why Buffy was crying; almost stopping as she thought maybe she was doing something wrong, taking advantage of the other girl’s weakness or something.

But as Buffy shook in the onslaught of her pleasure, pulling Faith’s lips back to hers, moaning loudly, almost too loud, Faith knew it was only relief causing Buffy to squeeze tears from her eyes.

She plunged harder into the other girl as Buffy lifted her right leg and wrapped it around her waist, opening herself up fully to Faith. Using the weight of her own body behind her hand, slamming her fingers up into Buffy, Faith lost herself to giving as much to the other girl as she could. Kissing the stray tears as she watched Buffy being fucked by her. Thrusting her hips towards Faith, and crashing their bodies together. The door clattering on its hinges as they pushed against it.

“Oh yes,” Buffy whimpered. “Don’t stop. I’m so close.”

“I’m not gonna stop, B. Not until you come all over me. Not until your pussy can’t take anymore,” Faith assured, and applied more pressure to Buffy’s clit, sliding her fingers quickly over it, feeling the erect nub throbbing with her touch.

“Oh, yeah,” Buffy moaned. She was close. Close to feeling higher than she had ever been. Teetering at the edge of a precipice that would plunge her into the unknown. “Faith, what does this mean?” Buffy asked, as her world shook from under her.

“Shh. Forget about everything. Everything but this.” Faith plunged into Buffy, filling her tight hole, her fingers spreading her wide, brushing over her G spot deep inside.

She knew what Buffy was talking about. Them. The fact that they shouldn’t have even considered doing what they were right now. There was too much between them to be fucking in the toilet of a roadside diner. To be helping each other out in such an intimate way. But there they were, kissing passionately again, rocking against each other as Faith felt the well of come ready to spill from Buffy.

Faith’s fingers pushed into Buffy as far as they would go, shoving a cry of complete fulfillment from the older girl. Buffy threw her head back, her mouth open as sounds escaped her, as her entire body shook for Faith, as the first wave of heat burnt through her.

She had never felt anything like it. The complete wave of ecstasy that flooded out of her body, pouring her passion into Faith’s hand. . .blew her away. Buffy clung to Faith with her arms and the leg she had wrapped around her, coming for her in the heat of the small cubicle.

“Fuck, Oh God. . .Faith,” Buffy panted, her cunt quivering with Faith’s fingers inside it.

Faith felt the flood of come gush from Buffy’s hot hole, sliding her fingers in it, drawing it from the trembling Slayer in the sticky mess of her panties. Drawing out the orgasm that was crashing through Buffy’s body. She held the smaller girl up with her strength, continuing to swirl circles around Buffy’s clit, continuing to plunge short sharp thrusts up inside her tight wet passage.

Another flood of fluid seeped from Buffy as she slipped into another orgasm, oozing out her come over Faith’s fingers, filling the air with the distinct scent of it. She felt every last drop drip into Faith’s palm, her pussy convulsing in rhythm to her heart. She held Faith’s fingers inside her as her climax slowly abated. She wanted to keep them inside so Faith could feel every pulse of her dripping sex for her.

She wanted Faith to feel how grateful she was. More than grateful. . .in a way she couldn’t, and daren’t put words to. Dropping her leg back to the floor, her arms still clinging to Faith, Buffy pressed up against the dark girl, trapping her hands where they were inside her and in her panties. She looked into the cavernous depths of Faith’s chocolate brown eyes and smiled. A genuine and warm smile full of understanding that she doubted she had shown to Faith in a very long time, if ever.

Kissing Faith tenderly, she brought her hands to her face, tracing her thumbs over the dimples she had always thought were cute as hell. She still couldn’t put words to how Faith made her feel. Still couldn’t find the way to express herself. But she hoped Faith knew now, that things were ok with them. That they would get over the past. That they would get over themselves and find out what the words were that they needed to say to one another. That they had always needed to say.

Buffy pulled back, allowing Faith to reluctantly pull her hands free. Grinning at the sloppy plop of her sodden fingers from Buffy’s pussy, Faith felt that maybe Buffy had finally forgiven her. That they could fix what they had both broken. Certainly, from the look in Buffy’s eyes now boring into her own, she had that hope.

Floating on the powerful drug of Buffy’s scent, her own desires and needs forgotten for the moment, Faith stood back a little taking in the disheveled and well-fucked sight of Buffy practically slumped against the toilet door. She had never seen Buffy looking so beautiful. So satisfied. She couldn’t help but feel proud of what she’d done.

But then her own needs came crashing back as Buffy stepped into her personal space again, her expression hungry and lusty. She brought her hand up to Faith’s face, guiding her fingers over the curve of an eyebrow, down across her cheek to her jaw, tracing the outline until she reached her chin.

Moving her head closer, Buffy placed a small kiss on Faith’s full lips, then her nose, captivating the younger girl with the display of fascination Buffy seemed to have right now with her.

Faith felt her body charging up again, and was really hoping Buffy wasn’t about to turn and go, leaving her more worked up than she could ever remember being in her entire life. She had been so caught up in Buffy that she had neglected to even encourage the other girl to touch her too, and now Faith was at Buffy’s mercy, and she hated it. . .as much as loved it. The tension in the air was thick again, like it always was around them.

Feeling the sticky come of the other girl drying on her fingers, Faith waited anxiously for Buffy’s next move. Not knowing quite what was happening between them. Not knowing why it was happening. As Buffy wrapped her arms around her, bringing their bodies close once again, Faith realized that maybe it was just meant to be happening, and questions and queries just didn’t matter.

After all, they had been everything at one time or another except lovers. Even if it was a one time deal. Even if Buffy wasn’t about to return the favor, Faith had the image and the lingering sensation of her fingers inside Buffy. Of Buffy coming for her and calling her name. She had that, and hopefully. . .so much more to come.



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