Rest Stop

Chapter Two

Faith wandered into the diner, wondering just how far she could get to the counter before salivating to death. She was ravenous and could smell the unmistakable aroma of frying food. She didn’t care what it was, as long as it was fried and on its way to her mouth.

She glanced around the dingy setting expecting to see Buffy, but she wasn’t around. Thinking that she had maybe missed the other girl going out to sit with the others, or thinking that she could be in the toilet, Faith shrugged and leant on the counter, sure that the food being unceremoniously caked in gook was for her and Buffy. She didn’t feel like going out to sit with the other girls right now; she wanted a break from their constant chatter.

She had wanted to stroll in with Buffy though, liking the way that the other girl seemed to be cutting her a break, and basically holding back on being a bitch. She had always liked it when Buffy had slipped from her throne and taken the stick out of her ass, and that hadn’t changed.

Granted, in the past week she hadn’t really seen any of the fun-time girl she knew Buffy could be when she really wanted, but things had been incredibly strained. With the impending threat of eternal doom having lifted, Faith was hopeful that Buffy would relax and laugh it up a little. She was also hopeful that this time Buffy wouldn’t then turn around and be even more of a bitch after realizing she had actually been having fun.

Of course, she was aware that Buffy was still going to be upset about Anya, and mostly about Spike. But there had been something in the way that she had looked at her back on the bus that told her. . .Buffy wasn’t about to break down. That Spike, even though he had been a big part of her life, wasn’t somebody she loved in that way that could practically kill you when you lost them. Buffy was, and always would be strong. She had her friends and family around her, and the fight was over.

Faith was painfully aware that the fight was over, she was feeling it still running through her veins, and through her blood. Trickling around warmly inside her, looking for some kind of release. She hadn’t felt the H and H’s this strong for a long time, if ever, and she was close to boiling point. A bus almost full of people wasn’t a good place to take care of what she needed to however, so she was pop-worthy more than she cared to be.

She felt kind of wrong for having such feelings, like she was defiling the memory of those that had been injured or lost their lives, but she just couldn’t help it. She knew Buffy would be strong, as ever, and resist the urge, but Faith suffered more than she did, and she had never been one to just hold off or wait for the itch to pass. She had always needed to scratch it, and now was no exception.

She looked around the small diner, noticing the bathroom at the back. Buffy hadn’t come out of there in the last five minutes so Faith guessed that she must have been somewhere else. Her Slayer sense for the other girl couldn‘t pinpoint her right now with all the other girls around, although. . .when she really concentrated, she could pick out the distinctive vibe that she got from Buffy alone. Still, with the amount of adrenaline coursing through her, she had no hope of knowing exactly where the blonde Slayer was.

Taking one last glance at the group outside, deciding that none of them looked about ready to wander to the toilet, Faith made her way to the bathroom. She had something to deal with, and if she was going to get through the next few hours trapped on a bus with Buffy not too far away, it had to be dealt with as soon as possible.

Quietly, Faith opened the door to the bathroom. She was glad that the small room didn’t appear to be quite as run down and dirty as the rest of the diner. There were three stalls to the right of her. All three doors looked like they were shut, but the one closest to her wasn’t quite completely pulled to, so she stepped inside. She was expecting to feel like she should be wearing a rubber suit to be in there at all, but was pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t half bad.

She closed and locked the door, and wasted no time in pulling her zipper down, shifting the material to give herself room.

“Who’s that?” Buffy asked in the relative quiet of the bathroom. She had heard somebody come in, and instantly stopped her fingers moving inside her panties. She had been so close too, after going at it for a lot longer than she had expected, practically wanting to scream in frustration at her inability to get herself off.

“It’s just me, B. I didn’t know you were in here. What ya been doin all this time?” Faith asked, thinking maybe she had walked in on Buffy having a quiet moment to reflect on her loss of Spike. “Do ya want me to go?”

“No, it’s ok, I was just. . .thinking. Ya know, getting away from the others for a while.” She didn’t want to get Faith suspicious, or give the wrong impression by asking her to leave.

Not only that, but the fact that she had been completely unable to scratch her itch effectively had her wanting to wait for Faith to do her business and go, so that she could try again. She couldn’t stop now, and Buffy found herself still fingering her pussy, slowly sliding her fingers over her swollen clit as Faith spoke.

“Ok, as long as you’re sure,” Faith said, hoping that Buffy would be done with her thinking time so she could get down to the job in hand.

Her fingers were already under the warm barrier her panties, unable to stop herself despite knowing that the blonde girl was right there. Or maybe it was because she was aware of Buffy’s presence. Faith wasn’t really thinking too much about it, far too busy needing release. Unable to form clear thoughts.

She worked her fingers over her already sensitive little clit, biting her lower lip with the amount of arousal she discovered was flowing from her. Dipping her finger into the sticky fluid and sliding it over her pink pussy, Faith opened her legs a little further, leaning with her left hand against the door.

She closed her eyes and concentrated on not making a sound. If Buffy wasn’t done with being in the bathroom in the next five minutes though, then Faith knew, pretty soon she wouldn’t care if she had her as a listening audience. She had to get rid of the tension.

Buffy listened for signs that Faith was going to pee and go, but she heard nothing that suggested that was going to happen. What she did hear almost caused her to groan. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to groan with arousal, or plain annoyance. Faith was obviously masturbating, dealing with her post slaying hornies, scratching her itch, and Buffy was now stuck for what to do.

She couldn’t stop herself, far too caught up in finding her climax, and she couldn’t very well tell Faith to stop, or leave. The soft sounds coming from the cubicle one down from her were not helping either.

Buffy could hear, with her super sensitive hearing, the almost inaudible sighs and shuddering breaths of the other Slayer. She could even hear the wet slide of Faith’s fingers tripping over her clit.

Leaning with her back against the wall, Buffy felt like crying. The sounds she could hear were only serving to make her hornier. Even though she had never knowingly become turned on by thinking about another girl masturbating, right now it was driving her crazy.

Buffy’s finger dipped a little lower in her pussy, sliding between the glistening folds, her arousal flowing from her in her need to come. She pushed her trousers down some more with her other hand, then slipped a digit inside herself, gliding it into her soaked tunnel. Swirling it deep inside in the hot fluid of her sopping hole. She was unable to stop the slight moan that escaped her lips, but wasn’t really sure if she cared.

Faith had of course heard the moan, had heard the quiet noises before, and something in the back of her mind had been telling her that Buffy wasn’t just thinking. But she had stopped herself acknowledging it, knowing full well that she would be completely unable to hold back if she really thought the small blonde was fucking herself nearby.

But now, with a definite sign that Buffy was sliding her fingers around in her own pussy, at the same time that Faith was fingering herself, there was no going back from the onslaught of images that rushed to her head. She moaned herself, pushing two fingers up inside her pussy, somehow just knowing that that was what had caused Buffy to moan too.

Faith pushed them in and out of herself; quickening the pace, her hips reacting to every thrust, pleading with the PTB not to make Buffy stop now or leave. She wanted her there. If it was the closest she ever got to having sex with Buffy. . .Faith wanted to grab hold of the moment and keep it with her.

She stretched her dripping hole a little more with another finger, her sighs meeting the sounds from the other cubicle. They were both fucking their pussies in time it seemed, slowly dragging each other along, with their own personal reasons for not being embarrassed and wanting to get away from the situation.

There was no getting away from the situation for Buffy now. Faith’s sounds of pleasure were louder, the wet click of her pussy assaulting her ears. Then the smell. She was lost in the aroma of arousal from the other girl. She daren’t think about the implications of what the noises and the scent from Faith was doing to her; she just needed to find release.

Moving her other hand down to circle her clit, Buffy concentrated more on what Faith might be doing to herself, just about picturing the girl with her fingers inside the deep cavern of her pussy. Soaking them with her juices, her gorgeous eyes dark with desire. Her lips red and full, and pleading for flesh to grace their softness.

Buffy made a strangled whimper when she heard Faith say “Oh fuck. . .” as the words softly filtered through the cubicle walls to her. She listened to how wet Faith was, she drowned in the scent, felt her cunt quivering with her fingers pushed up deep inside. . .but she still couldn’t find her release.

Buffy wondered whether or not Faith was having the same problem. Not being able to tell with the now constant breathy moans and sighs mixing with her own.

Faith was indeed having the same problem, becoming ever more frustrated, as the build up to her orgasm just wouldn’t tip her over. She was so close, and the sounds of Buffy pleasuring herself was only fuelling the fire. She couldn’t understand why she wasn’t coming all over.

She had the scent of Buffy’s pussy in her nostrils, the faint whimpers driving her wild, and still no climax. With one hand three fingers deep in her tight hole, and the other stroking her clit with her powerful digits, Faith was sure she should be coming by now. Any other time, and just the thought of Buffy had her screaming her name.

She was sure too that Buffy could hear her fucking her own pussy, and that the blonde girl would know for definite that Faith would also hear her. She didn’t have a clue why the other Slayer was continuing, it was so unlike the Buffy she knew, but she certainly wasn’t complaining.

What she was on the verge of. . .was crying out in anguish because if she couldn’t come, there was no way she could get back on that bus with the knowledge that they had both just been fingering themselves together. Listening to each other slip their hands inside their panties, inside themselves in the small bathroom.

Hearing Buffy’s panting whimpers, the rhythmic sticky slapping of fingers sliding in and out of wet pussy assaulting her senses, Faith came to the conclusion she had to say something. She had to ask if Buffy was having the same problem reaching climax as she was.

Steadying herself at the frustrated groan that came from the nearby cubicle, keeping her fingers still working but just a little slower in the confines of her pants, Faith took a deep breath and threw caution to the wind. . .hell, to the fucking hurricane.

“B, are you having a problem getting off too? Or is it just me?” Faith’s voice came out in a sexy drawl, breathy and trembling slightly.

It took Buffy by surprise. She had been listening sure, but she had put herself in a little bubble, not wanting to believe that she was getting off on the noises coming from her fellow Slayer. Not wanting to believe that Faith would be listening to her too.

It was stupid to even pretend they hadn’t both been making each other hornier however, because with every sigh and moan one girl made it caused an instant and audible reaction in the other.

And now with the sexy burr of Faith’s voice adding to the raging inferno inside her, Buffy was on the limits of clarity and past the line of humiliation or awkwardness. It took her all of three seconds to quash the idea of telling Faith she didn’t have a clue what she was on about. There was no point in hiding the fact that she had her fingers knuckle deep inside her cunt, whilst circling her clit.

Buffy sighed in exasperation, slowing down her fingers but not stopping completely. Totally unable to stop completely. “It’s not just you,” Buffy admitted. “Why do you think it’s like this? I mean, I can’t get back on that bus like this.”

Buffy sounded just as desperate as Faith felt.

“I. . .I know what you mean.” Faith stammered, her body still not allowing her to remover her fingers. “You think maybe the slay was too big to get over the hornies this way?” Faith asked huskily, glad that Buffy wasn’t doing the denial thing again. Certain that if she had, she would have leaped over the cubicles and slapped her for being so ridiculously. . .ridiculous.

Buffy licked her lips, air quivering in and out of her lungs as she continued to hear the wet slurp of the other girl’s fingers inside herself. “Must be,” she breathed heavily. “God, this is bad,” she sighed, rubbing her clit to the tune of its throbbing. Trembling against the wall. “And I can’t believe I’m talking to you about it.”

She didn’t add that she also couldn’t believe that they were masturbating whilst talking to each other.

“Me either, B. Fuck, you must have lost the stick from your ass whilst I was away.” Faith chuckled within the sighs of her frustration.

“Hey!” Buffy whined.

“Sorry, I’m just. . .kinda worked up here, ya know?” Faith was getting more and more worked up by the second. She had no idea how long they had both been at it, but she was becoming worried that somebody might come in and scupper her chances of relief altogether.

“I know. I feel it too, and I’m not gonna make it to LA in this state.” Buffy was on the verge of tears more than she was on orgasm.

Faith could hear the desperation in Buffy’s voice; it caused her to practically halt the slow and steady fucking of her pussy she had been indulging in. Something more had to be done, that was obvious, but she daren’t even go to the place her body was already signalling for her to go.

“Hey, it’s ok, B. There’s gotta be a way to deal with this, although, usually I just go find me someone to fuck, but. . .there’s not much chance of that out here in the middle of nowhere.” Faith’s pussy was dripping as she thought about the other Slayer, so close but yet so far.

Slowly moving her hand in and out of herself in time to the motion on her clit, the dark girl couldn’t quite halt the idea of maybe Buffy being the one to relieve her tension.

“Unless. . .” Buffy’s mind flicked through the options on offer to her, cunningly rushing past the image of Faith so she didn’t stick with that idea. Unable to allow herself to wander down that particular path. “Oh God, please erase that thought from my head.”

“What?” Faith questioned, hoping Buffy wasn’t going to say that even the idea of them getting off together was enough to make her freak.

“Xander,” Buffy groaned in consternation, just the concept alone almost putting her off her stroke.

“Nah. . .” Faith chuckled. “It wouldn’t work. I tried that once remember? He wouldn’t get near getting rid of this itch, B.” Faith stopped the fingers moving inside her panties, deciding this had to be it. This had to be said, or at least suggested, because they were both in no position to deny the logic of the answer staring them in the face.

“What other options do we have?” She knew the options, but Buffy didn’t want to say it. She could barely even think it, even though her body was already humming with the awareness of what could happen in the next minute, for the next who knows how long. “This is so, so bad,” Buffy exclaimed.

She pulled her left hand out of her panties, out of her tight passage, and she looked at the vast amount of arousal now coating her fingers at the prospect of what Faith might say next. Her stomach was in knots. Her stomach was going crazy with butterflies, and she didn’t want to deal with the reason why. The reason why Faith had always given her butterflies.

“B?” Faith’s voice was low and shaky to say the least, her usual cockiness and assured demanding of what she wanted gone, and replaced by overwhelming need and desire directed exclusively now at Buffy.

“Yeah?” Buffy answered quietly, growing anxious inside for a breakthrough, but denying that she really wanted that, and wanted Faith. Still denying. Always denying.

“You wanna get this dealt with?” Faith couldn’t hold it back any longer, her clit screaming for her to say it.

“Yeah.” A soft reply. Buffy’s denial still clinging to her, holding back everything but the new and hungry pulsing inside her pussy, begging to be stroked to submission.

“Then get the fuck in here.” The words came out in a rush, assertive but still a little unsure. Faith’s entire body stiffening in anticipation.

Faith stilled her breathing, nostrils flared, blood rushing through her body and pounding in her ears, not hearing Buffy make a move. Not receiving an answer. She began to think of ways to mend the damage she might just have done to their new burgeoning friendship. Holding still for a tirade of “what the fucks?”

As she was about to speak, to break the silence of the stifling atmosphere, Faith detected the unmistakable sound of a bolt sliding hesitantly from its catch. A door creaked open. Her heart practically stopped beating as soft footsteps drew near, coming to a halt outside her cubicle.

Faith was tense all over, her body throbbing in unison with the tingles Buffy was creating in her. Whatever happened next, Faith knew for sure they weren’t getting back on that bus without something changing forever between them. Good or bad, it had all come to a head in the stark uneasy silence of a greasy roadside diner.

Then the silence ceased.

“Faith. . .open the door.”



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