Chapter Three

“What the hell are you doing here?” I ask Faith, my arms flapping about in a way I don’t seem to be able to control.

“Calm down, B. . .I told ya, I thought you could use some company,” Faith says, shrugging. “No need to get your panties in a bunch.”

“My panties are not in a bunch,” I say. Faith smirks at me, obviously thinking otherwise. “You have no effect on my panties, Faith,” I add firmly, completely lying.

She does have an effect on my unmentionables but not in the way she just suggested. They don’t bunch so much as get a little moist when she’s around, which is just uncomfortable, especially if she’s wearing something like what she is right now. The whole black leather pants and tight cleavage-y top thing is so not helping me have wholesome thoughts, or dry panties.

“You could have been killed,” I chastise, getting back to the subject.

“But I wasn’t,” she says with another shrug.

I swear she’s the most infuriating person I’ve ever known. . .after Kennedy. . .and Dawn. Ok, so she’s the third most infuriating person I know, yet I just can’t seem to stay angry at her for longer than a few seconds. I should be marching her ass back to the house right now, not standing around a drafty graveyard having a conversation with her.

“But you could have been, Faith. It isn’t safe out here. You know that,” I tell her, sure that we covered the whole thing on the day she arrived.

“Seriously, B, I can look out for myself. I used to run around the streets back home getting into all kindsa crap and I’m still here, looking as good as ever,” she says giving herself a self-appraising glance.

“You may have been a prize fighter on the streets of Boston, Faith,” I say a little sarcastically, “but this is a whole different ball game. It’s not even the same sport. Vampires are not to be messed with. They’re sneaky and evil. . .mostly.”

“I get that,” Faith proclaims, her eyebrows doing that cute thing where they kinda scrunch up as she’s trying to get her point across, “and it’s not like I was wandering around alone. I stayed close enough to see you, and I woulda yelled if I had to.”

I take a deep breath, not wanting to let it drop because I don’t want her getting unceremoniously slaughtered by Bringers, or drained and turned by vampires. Even if I never plan on taking things further with her and finding out just what it is that’s pulling me to her, I don’t want her gone. Not like that. Not at all.

“Next time. . .wait, there won’t be a next time, but for future reference don’t just wander out of the house on your own at night. Talk to me first, ok,” I tell her. “There are too many things around right now that would love to take a bite out of you, so. . .”

“Um, B?” she says, interrupting.


“I think that guy coming this way wants to take a bite,” she says, pointing over my shoulder.

I turn quickly and see a shabby looking vampire jogging our way. He seems a little uncertain, but thirsty. I step back, closer to Faith, to protect her.

“Gross, I can smell him from here,” Faith points out quietly, the low burr to her voice making me shudder.

“Sometimes they forget to shower.” I reach into my jacket and pull out a stake.

He’s all snarly and toothy but as soon as he catches a glimpse of wood he stops dead in his tracks and panic crosses his deformed features. I glare at him, a silent dare to come closer, to start the fight. They usually lunge, their thirst far outweighing any sense that might still be floating around in their skulls. This one chooses to run.

He lets out a gruff sigh and vaults his way over the nearby fence towards the alleys that back onto the cemetery boundary.

“Wow, you scared him off with just a look, B. That’s pretty fucking impressive. Kinda hot too,” Faith says, sounding all excited.

I turn to see her grin and it feels kind of nice that she appreciates my slaying abilities that way. Of course, I know I just totally let him get away when I shoulda dusted him, but I was being all distracted by her breath on my neck again.

“It’ll be more impressive when I kill him,” I assure. “As much as I’d like to take you home – and no, I didn’t mean that in the way you think I did – we have to follow him. I can’t let him head off onto the streets like that.”

She nods and gets such an adorable look on her face, as if she’s trying to be all slayer-like and business minded. I want to point it out and tell her she’s making my insides all squirmy but that wouldn’t get the vampire dusted and wouldn’t help ensure she knows I’m not going to give in to her.

“Right there with ya, B,” she says as we head off towards the fence. “And then you can take me home,” she adds with a wink.

I shake my head, a little chuckle escaping me as we haul ourselves over the wire fence. She jumps down beside me and we slowly make our way into the first alley. It’s not a pleasant area of town. It’s full of old warehouses and boarded up bars and run down apartments. There’s a frightful motel further out, closer to the highway. It’s a place you wouldn’t leave a dog let alone want to stay in. I wonder who would be desperate enough to stay there, my skin feeling all itchy at just the thought of the dirty old mattresses. As much as I hate having the girls all crammed into my home like sardines, I’d never let them stay in a place like that. That would be unforgivable.

“This place reminds me of home,” Faith says quietly as we move behind an old warehouse, the alley strewn with trashcans and planks of rotten wood.

I glance over to her but she doesn’t seem like she’s indulging in a pity party. She’s just reminiscing I guess. It makes me wonder how she grew up. It makes me understand - just a little – why she’s got her badass act all set in place. I have no doubt she knows how to take care of herself, and I know she’s tough, strong, and smart. . .it’s all clear to me now, as is the fact there’s so much more under the surface of that tough-girl persona, just waiting to be seen.

“I hope we get through this so you’ll have a home to get back to,” I say, hoping it’s not the wrong thing. Hoping she doesn’t indeed hate where she comes from.

“We will,” she says, stopping to look at me, her boots crunching over the broken glass littering the alley.

Her gaze is intense, like she really does believe everything is going to be fine. I wish I shared her optimism, but I’ve already had a taste of how hard it’s going to be. Mr uber-vamp has crushed my cheery outlook under his giant ugly feet. If I can’t beat one of them, what are we gonna do if we come up against an army of them?

“I wish I was so sure,” I confess, probably foolishly. I’m not meant to be terrifying the potentials after all.

“How can you not be sure, B?” Faith asks, her hands getting tugged from her pockets so she can articulate with them. It used to irritate me, now I find it endearing. “How can we lose? It’s gonna be five by five,” she says with a smirk.

“Yeah?” I say, feeling about ready to throw myself into a self-indulgent pity fest. “Can you let me in on how exactly everything is going to be ‘five by five’? Because from where I stand. . .we’re in for a world of hurt,” I point out sharply.

She frowns at me and I feel bad for laying my doubts on her. She doesn’t need it. She wants to hear me tell her how I’m going to save the world and keep them all safe. That’s my job after all.

“Are you shittin' me?” she says, letting out a loud laugh.

“No,” I say firmly, feeling a little pissed that she’s laughing at my woes. “You’re all here expecting me to lead you off into a battle I know we’ll win, but I can’t tell you that we will, and it’s me that’s responsible for all your lives. And how can I ask them, you. . .to follow me like that? To risk everything on just a hope. A hope that I don’t even know is possible at all.”

I sit down heavily on a pile of wooden pallets. I don’t know why I’ve gotten all confession-y, and I have no clue why I’ve picked Faith to offload on.

“All anybody ever has is hope, B,” she tells me, the laughter replaced by her strong voice, its husky tone smothering the sharpness of my fears. “You’re not responsible for any of us. We’re here by choice; here to fight the good fight, and you don’t need to ask them to follow you, they’ll do it anyway. . .I’ll do it without a second’s fucking hesitation. I’d follow you anywhere, and I know they all think the same way,” she says, her dark eyes glistening under the harsh moonlight.

I’m struck by her words. By her. I open my mouth to speak but it seems she hasn’t finished.

“You’re the slayer, Buffy. . .and not just ‘cause of all that wicked hot strength,” she says with a wink and a flirty smile.

She’s pep talking me and attempting to flirt at the same time. It’s quite a feat, and I doubt anybody other than Faith could pull it off so well.

I let out a small laugh as she smiles down at me. Faith is the last person I would have thought could talk some sense into me. She never seemed the sensible type, but I guess somewhere under all that sexiness and tight black clothing is a girl that knows more than she lets on. I can’t honestly look at her now and only see the rough edges; I can see the hidden depths. I don’t know what’s in them, but I know some of them scare the hell out of me, and some of them make me want to dive right in.

“Thanks,” I say softly, feeling a bit silly for having let her know how worried I am about the threat hanging over us.

Our eyes lock for longer than necessary and I suddenly feel the need to tell her I’m glad it was her I crumbled in front of, but I don’t get to elaborate on my feelings as I spot a dark shadow heading towards the window in the warehouse behind her. Moving quickly I pull Faith behind me as I stand ready to take on the shabby vampire as he hurls himself through the glass at us. Obviously his thirst won out in the end.

He lets out a carnal growl as glass flies towards us. I try to turn but I’m too slow. I feel the glass cut into me, doing my best to shelter Faith from it with my arms up and covering her. I feel her shaking slightly against my body and I know I have to get this guy gone. He’s going to go right for her.

Before he can get too close I twist back towards him, yanking out my stake and launching myself forwards. He’s not backing down this time and thrusts his hands out towards my neck. He gets a grip on me, but my stake is aimed right at his un-dead heart. His own momentum causes it to plunge into his chest, the ripping sound of his flesh and the crunch of his bones making his eyes go wide before he’s nothing but dust floating to the ground.

“Fuck,” Faith exclaims behind me. “Talk about ruining a moment.”

I face her and smile and I know it’s a flirty smile. The half smile that I’ve tried not to use on her. I’m a hopeless failure.

She’s not smiling back, though. Her gaze roams over me and I see concern in her eyes. I look down and see why; there are shards of glass sticking out of my clothes. Nothing big, just little chunks that have most definitely made this outfit un-wearable again.

“Great, and this was my favourite shirt,” I say, hoping to ease the worry on Faith’s face. It doesn’t help.

I start to pull the glass from my clothing, noting that none of it seems to have done much damage; there’s just a few scratches and cuts here and there.

“Let me help,” Faith offers, moving closer.

I don’t stop her and she helps pull off pieces of glass from my jacket and shirt. I don’t know why but I keep trying to catch her eye, but she’s too busy making me a glass-free zone. When her eyes finally do move to my face her brow creases.

“You’re bleeding,” she tells me.

I hadn’t noticed, but then. . .being a slayer kinda dulls the pain of things like sharp, stabbing glass. I lift my hand to my cheek where her gaze is fixed. She’s right, it’s bleeding quite a bit. I wriggle my cheeks and can feel the glass still embedded in there.

“It’ll have to wait ‘till we get back,” I say, swiping away some of the blood. I’m used to getting hurt, so it’s not a big deal to me. What’s another cut? It’s all part of my nightly routine.

“Sit down, B. . .we’re not walking home with a lump of glass sticking out of your face, it’s gross,” Faith says, pulling a pained expression.

Oh great, I go from being hot to gross in the blink of an eye. This night is just about perfect now.

I don’t argue and sit down. I don’t want to be grossing Faith out, though having her too close right now is probably not a great idea. We did just kind of share a moment after all, and I felt her warm little body all trembly against me, and. . .I just slayed so slayer sized hormones are rushing around inside me. I should take her hand from my shoulder and stand, but she seems pretty determined.

She kneels in front of me and brushes aside some strands of hair that have stuck to my cheek. Her fingers are gentle and I’m surprised. I wasn’t expecting her to yank the glass out all gung-ho, but thinking of her being gentle and caring just doesn’t fit with the way she presents herself. I add the insight to all the others and feel myself slipping just a little. She’s wearing me down and she doesn’t even know it. Faith probably thinks her only way to me is through bravado and sexy clothes, but that’s just the attractive casing, what’s inside is even more appealing and it’s far too tempting to dwell on.

I watch as she pulls a hanky out of her pocket and folds it to wipe at the blood.

“Don’t worry, it’s clean,” she chuckles.

With her fingers softly holding me steady at my jaw she uses her other hand to swipe at the dribble of blood. I can feel her heat all over me, like it’s trying to swallow me whole. I notice she’s between my legs and instantly feel the need to move. She’s too close. She’s too damn tempting, being all girly and concerned and close. . .did I mention close?

“I’m gonna pull it out, B,” Faith tells me.

I hold my breath, but not because I’m expecting it to hurt. It’s her lips. . .so close to me; all bouncy looking and kissable. Her hair smells like heaven and every inch of me wants every inch of her. How can I resist this urge? Why would I want to?

Her fingers pull at the glass and I wince a little out of habit.

“Sorry,” she says, achingly genuine.

“It’s ok,” I tell her, hardly recognizing my voice as it drops and quivers.

Faith dabs at the cut with her hanky, putting a little pressure on my cheek to stem the flow. My slayer healing will close it up in no time now the glass has gone. It won’t even scar. . .but I know I’m gonna be left with something because of it, mainly because I can’t stop looking at Faith’s lips, and I just know she’s noticed as they curl up into a sexy little grin.

Her tongue creeps out to wet them and I do the same, caught in their spell, needing to take away the dryness my own lips feel in their need to kiss. The fingers still softly holding my jaw encourage me to look up, and I get lost in chocolate brown eyes. She really is beautiful, not just sexy.

Before I know it I’m leaning towards her and she’s doing the same. My stomach is flipping out and my body is on fire as her lips touch mine. My eyes slide shut and I melt into the moment, letting Faith kiss me as I leave myself open to her. She moves her lips over mine and I respond, lips parted a little to feel her fullness, her perfect teasing kisses. Her hand moves up into my hair and I find her neck with my own, holding her to me. We both sigh as her tongue slips over mine, warm and wet, and growing eager for more. I taste her, taking her into my mouth as I fight the urge to stop but know that I have to.

She tastes like sweet and sex and everything I want right now, but this is way out of line. I’m post-slaying horny so this is wronger than wrong. She pushes a little firmer against my lips with hers and my heart is pounding a rhythm that’s telling me to take what she’s giving me, but no matter how good she feels, and no matter how much her tongue is making me incredibly wet for her I have to pull back.

“Aw, come on, B,” she sighs breathlessly as I move away from her lips, her eyes dark and needy. “I wanna fuck you so bad right now.”

Her words shock me back to sanity. I can’t let her think there will be any fucking, let alone in a dirty alley with vamp dust blowing all around.

“I’m sorry,” I say, standing up and moving away from her. “I can’t.”

As Faith stands and runs a hand through her hair I take a few deep breaths, trying to compose myself. She looks as flustered as I feel.

She tries to pin me with those dangerous eyes. “Buffy, I. . .”

I interrupt; I’m not ready to hear anything she has to say right now. “We need to get back, Faith.”

I don’t make room for arguments or the huge pout now gracing her lips. I shouldn’t have kissed her. I shouldn’t have felt my insides bursting at the feel of it. I’ve never kissed a girl before, but I doubt just any girl would make me melt like that. That was all Faith.

* * *

We made our way silently back to the house. Every time she tried to talk I cut her off. I couldn’t hear that voice, I couldn’t listen to the words that would strip away my resolve. She kept shaking her head, looking over at me and scrunching up her brow. I could feel the tension rolling off her, and I was battling against it as much as my own need. She probably has no clue that I’ve never felt so charged from just a simple kiss before. I doubt she would understand just how scary this is for me, let alone how wrong it would be for me to allow it to go any further.

Faith is blustering about in the kitchen now, hunting for food and muttering to herself as I tell Giles we didn’t bump into the new big bad vamp. He’s concerned that Faith was stupid enough to follow me, but he didn’t make her feel too bad. He has a huge soft spot for her, and I fully understand it. She’s a rebel like he was.

“Maybe tomorrow night we should do a proper sweep; take a few of the girls and Spike and see if we can’t flush the demon out,” Giles says, tapping his fingers on the dining room table.

I nod and tell him I’m going to bed. I head up to the shower and I feel Faith’s eyes on me; it would be creepy if it didn’t excite me so much. Locking the bathroom door behind me I breathe a sigh of relief. As little time I get to spend in here these days it’s become kind of a sanctuary. It’s the only place I have left where I can be alone. There are girls everywhere, in every room, and Spike in the basement, and now I have Faith in my bedroom taunting me. If I wasn’t so icked out about creepy crawlies I’d pitch a tent in the garden to have just a little space of my own.

Maybe I should make Faith move out of my room, but there’s not really anywhere she can go and not cause trouble. I guess I could force Dawn to keep her in her room, but she’d never forgive me. Nope, it looks like Faith is my problem.

The shower I spend a mere five minutes under only washes away the grime and not the tension in my shoulders and the need in all my other parts. There’s no time to even attempt to ease away the itch under my own fingers because somebody keeps knocking on the door. I plan to walk out in a rage to show my annoyance but when I pull the door back I find Faith standing right in the way.

Clutching at the towel I have wrapped around me I freeze, my rage being pushed out and replaced by the yearning she keeps making me feel. Her eyes are all over me and they’re leaving a trail of goosebumps behind. I need to shake myself free, and not of the towel so I can invite her in to get the place even more hot and steamy.

“Excuse me,” I say, stepping from the bathroom and moving past her.

She doesn’t stop me going and a little part of me feels disappointed. I pause and catch her eye just before we close the doors on each other. I don’t say anything, just look, just for a second. I know I’m being a bitch with her; kissing her then pushing her away so coldly wasn’t fair. I don’t want her to hate me. I can’t have her, but I don’t want that look in her eye to go; the one she gets when she sees me. The one that makes me tingle when it’s obvious what she’s thinking.

A puzzled expression flutters across her face for a second, but then I think she gets it. I think she realises that I really do want her, but that I can’t risk it. What would happen if we were to let this go where we want it? She’s a potential amongst many others; they’d all be hating on her even more for getting it on with their supposed saviour. Jealousy isn’t pleasant. And what if I get too involved and something bad happens? We’re headed for an apocalypse and I need to be completely focused on everything and everybody, not just her. I know I’d never consciously do anything to put the lives of my friends and family in danger, but what if I can’t see past Faith? I can’t do it. I can’t let myself be weak like that. . .not again. Not after Spike.

I turn away from her eyes and close the door. My forehead hits the wooden frame as I lean against it, trying to deal with everything that’s going round and round in my head. If only she’d turned up sooner.

Forcing myself to think as ‘straight’ as possible I get ready for bed, throwing on a large tee shirt, and climb under the cool sheets. I do everything I can not to think about Faith naked and showering, but I discover it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It’s like she demands me to think of her like that. I can’t help it and am powerless to stop it. Just the thought of her standing with the water rushing over her body, gliding over every part of her, makes me groan.

I can picture it so clearly, the heat rising all around her as she leans with her hands against the tiled walls. I see myself stepping up behind her, hands roaming over her as I press against her body.

The image of us both naked makes me cross my legs, denying myself the freedom to touch. There’s no way I’m going to be caught doing that by her.

Faith comes back into the room and I look away, finding the wall suddenly highly interesting. She doesn’t speak and I know she’s still pissed. Her clothes get tossed onto a chair and I hear the towel drop from her. I flick my eyes over to the mirror almost opposite me and see her reflection as she stands at the other side of the bed. She’s turned away from me so I can only see her back, but I’m still left fighting to keep my breathing from giving me away.

Her hair is tumbling down over her shoulders, tickling the top of her spine. I let my gaze wander, following the arch of her back, the gentle curve to her hips, the dip that marks the area just above her perfect ass that’s on show to me. I can see a tattoo curving over the top of her hip and ending in the small of her back. I can’t tell what it is from the reflection, but I so want to find out.

My eyes linger there before moving on to her gorgeous backside, studying, wanting. I’d felt the smoothness of her back the night before, but I wanted her ass. I want to run my hand over it and pull her to me, press her against me. Grab on and let her ride me until we’re both lost in each other.

I’ve never been an ass kind of girl. I appreciated Angel’s, and Riley’s, and even Spike’s skinny rear, but Faith’s firm little ass is just begging for me to touch it. Not in an icky way. . .I want to squeeze it, but as for anything other than that I’d like to say a big fat no. I want Faith, no doubt about it, and I want her ass. . .but not for anything gross. There’s only one place on Faith I want inside of and I’m not even going to acknowledge that completely yet because I think my head would explode. I’m not completely unfamiliar with girly-parts - I do have my own after all – but wanting another girl’s girly-parts so lustily is not something I’ve had experience with.

The thought of her possibly turning around and presenting me with said girly-parts makes me slam my eyes shut. I’m not ready for that. I’m not even meant to be entertaining the idea of being ready for that.

I breathe out a little shakily when I feel the bed shift beside me. She ruffles the covers around getting settled, sighing as she tries to get comfortable. I want to turn around and break this awful silence between us, but I just don’t think I can. Thankfully she breaks it for me.

“Fuck,” she whines, still shuffling around.

I turn onto my back so I can at least look her way. She’s pushing the pillow this way and that, and tugging at the tee shirt she has on. I’m a little sad she’s decided to wear something tonight. The little devil on my shoulder is biting his tail, trying to stop himself from telling me to let Faith know she doesn’t have to wear it for my benefit.

“You look like you’re having a problem,” I say, a little chuckle to my voice.

“Yeah. . .guess I’m kinda antsy,” she says gruffly.

I nod. I completely get the antsy thing; it’s just that mine’s all internal. I’m going nuts inside, wriggling in my own skin and trying to ignore the urge I have to feel her lips on mine again.

She tugs at her shirt again as she lays on her back, obviously uncomfortable.

“Not used to wearing anything huh,” I say, pointing out the obvious.

“You can say that again,” she sighs. “I didn’t have anything clean last night but I did laundry today.”

I nod again, practically biting my lip so the words don’t come out. I lose the battle. “You don’t have to wear it. . .the tee shirt I mean,” I tell her.

She stops wiggling around and looks at me. “You sure?”

“Sleep how you’re comfortable, Faith. I’m sure I can resist,” I say with a wink.

She laughs and I can’t help but join her. We know the score now. We want each other, but it’s a no-go area so we’ll have to deal with it. I’m pretty sure she understands that.

“If you’re sure you’re not gonna go groping me in the middle of the night, then fine,” she says with a grin, sitting up and pulling off her tee shirt.

I stare as her breasts bounce free, and I instantly want to tell her to put it back on but I don’t. My mind is chastising me for having only thought about groping her ass until now. Her ass is nothing compared to her breasts and that’s saying something. Hell, I thought mine were pretty neat but Faith’s. . .they’re making my mouth water.

I want to experience their weight and their softness in my hands. I want to know what it would feel like to have her dark nipples firming to my touch; I need to know how they would feel against my lips, in my mouth.

My tongue sneaks out over my bottom lip and I can’t pull my eyes away. I keep looking as Faith lays back down facing me, leaving the covers pooled at her waist. She’s gorgeous. . .and she’s partially naked in my bed again. This is insane. My friends would freak if they knew I was laying here next to a girl wanting nothing more than to lick her all over. It makes me want to freak even though I’m slowly coming to terms with this whole new side to me.

How could I explain it to them when I can’t even explain it to myself? There’s no doubt that Faith is something special. We all see the hotness that is Faith, but they don’t also see the beauty, and the warmth inside her that’s making me ache to be with her. Nobody ever made me ache this way and I don’t know what that means. I don’t know how to look away from her eyes as they keep mine trapped within them. She’s looking right into me, seeing parts of me that I don’t want her to see, and I have no clue how to stop it, if I really want to at all like I’ve been convincing myself.

“Why are you fighting it, B?” she asks, her words slipping over me like fingers.

I struggle to find the words and turn to her so I can gaze into her eyes more easily. “I’m not fighting it, Faith. I’m just being realistic.”

“So you admit you want me?” she asks quietly, a little uncertainty tainting her confidence.

I try to lie. I try to give myself the way out that I should, only I can’t. Not when she’s looking at me like that.

“Yes,” I tell her softly, forcing my voice not to shake. “But. . .”

She shushes me and shakes her head.

“No buts, Buffy,” she says, her voice thick and seductive. “I can feel how much you want to let go.”

Her hand moves under the covers and I feel her fingers sliding up the outside of my thigh. She’s barely touching me but it’s leaving me incapable of thinking. I shudder noticeably when her fingers stop at my hip, tripping over the waist of my panties.

She leans closer to me, her body heat making it obvious that she’s burning for me as much as I am for her. I can smell how hot she is. I catch the scent of her arousal and my breathing flutters. I’ve never wanted to be naked with somebody so much my entire life. I want to be exposed to her and have her exposed to me. I want to feel her weight on me, her soft skin wrapping me in its sensual embrace. This is too much to handle. Too much to take in and not panic.

I can feel the panic rising, forcing its way through my arousal and the post-slaying hornies. Faith seems to sense it and shifts so she’s almost pressed right against me, enveloping me in her desire. I moan quietly as daring fingers follow the edge of my panties to where I need her most. She doesn’t push them aside, choosing to lightly brush her fingertips over me through the cotton.

I almost burst right then, so much need inside of me for her. God I want her to touch me. I want her to take me and make me hers. I’m trembling, a mixture of fear because she’s a girl, doubt that this is right, and pure incomprehensible lust.

She circles her fingers over me delicately, teasing me through my panties. Her mouth so close to mine but not kissing me. On the verge. On the edge of letting go.

“What do you want, B?” she asks breathlessly, her lungs crying out for air as much as mine. “If you want me to stop tell me, I won’t push it. . .or if you. . .”

Faith’s fingers keep circling and they’re driving me all kinds of crazy. I want to tell her to fuck me but I can’t answer. I daren’t; that would be admitting total defeat. I keep the words inside but push my hips forwards so her fingers press firmer against me. It’s subtle but she gets it right away. Her finger slips under the cotton of my panties and I drench it.

Looking into her dark eyes one last time I lay back and close my own, moving my legs apart as I sigh for her touch, giving Faith what she wants and what I so desperately need from her.



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