New Beginnings, Old Enemies

Chapter Twenty Four

“Here, B. . .catch,” Faith called with a smirk as she threw the last of the vampires towards Buffy.

Buffy was waiting with pointed stake in hand, her reflexes alive with adrenaline. Her aim true as she struck her target and span out of the way of the falling dust. She took a deep breath, feeling her muscles relax as the sting of supernatural tingles dissipated from her spine. All she could feel now was Faith; the delicious sensation of the other slayer stalking her body with her eyes as she drew closer.

Looking up into the dark brown of Faith’s eyes, Buffy could tell Faith had enjoyed the work out. Killing vampires was in Faith’s veins. It crawled under her skin and tore through her muscles just like it did with Buffy. They both knew what it felt like. They both knew how much it took to restrain themselves when their bodies hummed with the rush of the slay.

Every second they had fought the vampires Buffy had been listening to every grunt and gasp of her partner. She’d watched her exchange blows, spin and kick like she was dancing. Every twist, every flexing muscle and sigh of pleasure as her stake pierced dead flesh had captured Buffy’s attention; even as she fought her own foes, finding them easier to kill than their size at first suggested.

She allowed her eyes to roam over Faith now there was nothing else around but the piles of dust on the floor. Her green eyes took in every inch, imaging every taste, every touch and breath. She wanted Faith most after slaying. It had always been that way. There had been a time she would have ignored it; pushed it aside in fear and confusion. But they were past that now. They were on the same page, writing their own words of love and desire upon it with every longing look.

“That was fun,” Faith said, regaining her breath quickly as she slotted her stake back into her pocket. “I thought they were gonna be tougher, but ya can’t have everything I guess.”

She was grinning. Her full lips turned up in victory as she strutted closer to Buffy. She looked like a champion. Like the demons of her past had released her just that little bit more; tipping the scales back in her favour a little by ridding the world of the monsters that roamed it. Buffy couldn’t take her eyes from Faith. She watched as Faith trailed her tongue over her dimpled lower lip, still grinning, still with conquest written all over her in every movement.

The urge to tell Faith she was beautiful and magnificent rose to her throat and she opened her mouth to speak. The words never left her lips as Faith stole the last step between them and brought them together, her mouth hot and wet on Buffy’s; kissing with such desire it took all of Buffy’s willpower to keep on her feet.

She moaned into Faith, her arms wrapping their way up around her and keeping her close. Their tongues sought salvation in each other, dipping and twisting. Heated breath flowing from them as their lips possessed and hands clung tightly.

Faith wanted to push, she wanted to lower Buffy to the ground and take her. Every inch of her skin cried out for Buffy’s and she let it all pour out in the kiss. She sucked on Buffy’s lower lip, her teeth scraping over it as she pulled away so they could take a second to breathe. Buffy’s eyes were heavy with lust and Faith was lost inside them. She moved her hand up to whisper a soft touch over Buffy’s temple and down her cheek, savouring the hot burn of her flushed skin.

“I really fucking want you, B,” Faith whispered, her voice coarse with need.

Buffy couldn’t help but smile. She could see into Faith’s depths; unravelling every layer of her and loving each one more than the last. In the past Buffy would have called Faith’s words crude and unromantic, but now she could see deeper. She saw the love. She saw the need and the desire to please. She saw the Faith that had stolen her heart and ensured her body would react to nobody but her.

Parker, Riley, even Angel. . .none of them had been able to scratch Faith from her skin. She hadn’t been possessed by her physically at that point, but from the first moment they had made eye contact Faith had claimed her and there was nothing Buffy could do about it. She didn’t want to fix it like she’d been trying so fruitlessly to do. Not now. Now she could enjoy it. She could take the scorching heat that rose within her when Faith settled her dark eyes on her. She revelled in the heat. She wanted Faith just as much, if not more.

Bringing their lips back together, Buffy showed Faith just that. She wrapped her tongue around Faith’s, tasting deep and long, her hands buried in thick brown hair. They sighed almost in unison, bringing their bodies together, breasts straining to feel skin on skin.

Trailing her lips from Faith’s mouth to her jaw and neck, Buffy felt her need soaking her panties. There was nothing more she wanted than to have Faith discover how wet she was. For Faith to know exactly what it was she did to her. There had never been a kiss as powerful as Faith’s that had excited her and aroused her. Nobody had ever turned her knees to jell-o the way Faith’s body against her own could do. She was powerless to stop it and she didn’t want to. Never again did Buffy want to push the feelings aside that Faith instilled in her.

It had left her hollow. It had left her endlessly searching for something to fill the void, but nothing had ever come close. Faith was all she needed.

“I love the way your skin tastes,” Buffy sighed as she kissed down Faith’s neck, sucking on her pulse point; flicking her tongue out as Faith moaned softly for her. “I wanna taste you all over.”

Buffy scraped her teeth over Faith and quickly found herself being propelled backwards towards a nearby crypt. She bit her lower lip as Faith pressed hard against her, pushing Buffy into the old wood of the rotting door with her slightly larger frame.

“Man, you can’t say that to me and not expect me to want to rip all your clothes off,” Faith pointed out breathlessly.

She was finding it difficult to hold back. Buffy’s eyes, her lips and her hands were driving her wild. She was used to how horny slaying could get her but this had little to do with dusting the vampires. This was Buffy. It was knowing what she felt like under her touch. Knowing how her skin felt against her own. Faith wanted more. Every taste of Buffy left her hungry and screaming for more. The memory of Buffy’s skin was seared onto her own and the desire she had for her now was indescribable.

“That makes two of us,” Buffy said, her voice quivering as Faith kissed patterns over her jaw and neck. “You can’t tell me you want me and not expect me to want you more for wanting me.”

Faith raised her head from Buffy’s neck and looked quizzically at her. “Yunno, sometimes you make no sense,” she chuckled.

Buffy chuckled along with her, her heart warming to the sound of them both. “Then kiss me again and stop me talking.”

Brushing her lips over Buffy’s, Faith did just that, kissing her slowly this time, letting the heat build back up between them. She trailed her fingers up over Buffy’s thigh, feeling her legs fall open just a little so she could slip herself between them. As she nestled in between Buffy’s thighs she kissed deeper, feeling Buffy’s moan against her chest. Slipping her tongue over Buffy’s she pressed against her, their bodies fitting perfectly, their clothes in the way of feeling pussy against pussy.

Faith rolled her hips into Buffy, causing them both to groan with the desire to feel more. Rubbing up into the other girl, Faith didn’t allow their clothes to distract her from her need; and she needed to hear Buffy reacting to her. She craved each sigh and gasp, every moan and press of Buffy’s fingers in her firm backside.

They moved together, passion winning over sobriety and sense as their arousal seeped out in a plea for a lover’s touch. Their bodies sought each other out in the dank confines of the graveyard, trapped against a creaking door as they kissed hungrily.

The creaking grew louder as Faith pulled her lips from Buffy’s, her heart pounding as she pressed against the girl pushing right back at her. Her clit was swollen and crying out for attention. Faith needed all restrictions gone, but she couldn’t tear herself away from Buffy, and Buffy was gripping on, moaning as she moved against her.

“Faith,” Buffy sighed hoarsely, the only word she could think of. The only word that mattered right then.

She began to repeat it as she felt herself almost tumbling over the edge. She wanted every part of Faith pressed into her and wished she could blink away their clothes, but she couldn’t stop the agonising ecstasy of having Faith grinding into her, her powerful body demanding Buffy to react.

They kissed hard again as Faith moaned deeply, her body ready to release its desire despite the fact she was fully clothed. It didn’t matter; she felt Buffy all over her and right then it was exactly what she needed. Thrusting harder, Faith waited for the tremble to begin, but before either of them knew what was happening a sickening crack infiltrated their concentration.

Buffy was on her ass before she had time to react, with Faith sprawled above her, eyes wide as they both tried to compose themselves.

Faith looked down at Buffy, the position perfect for carrying on what they had started, but something was lurking in the darkness. Faith could see it skulking and trying to hide.

“We’re not alone in here, B,” Faith pointed out quietly, trying to catch her breath.

Buffy sighed, wishing they could have carried on until Faith had decided to rid them of their clothes.

“What is it?” Buffy asked, reeling in her arousal in order to align her reflexes.

“No idea, but I’m guessing it came from that little blue swirly thing further back,” Faith said, just noticing the anomaly as her eyes quickly adjusted to the inky blackness.

“The portal?” Buffy asked.

“Could be,” Faith confirmed, slowly moving her body from Buffy’s, instantly missing the contact.

“That’s just great,” Buffy sighed.

They both got to their feet, making no sudden movements as their eyes searched the shadows for their guest. They could see a figure moving in the depths of the crypt just past the portal. Whatever it was it was hiding, but not very well.

“We can see you,” Buffy called, reaching for her stake.

“You think it’s the big blood guy?” Faith asked, scanning the area ahead as they advanced.

“If it is. . .he’s owed a world of pain.”

Faith could feel her muscles readying themselves for action. Her senses weren’t picking up demons but she was still on alert. Sometimes demons were clever and discovered ways to mask themselves.

They could clearly see the shimmering light of the portal now. Its blue hue warped in and out like a strobe, clearly telling them it was active. They didn’t need to be witches to feel the energy it was giving off. Faith stepped ahead, choosing to grip her axe as she heard the shuffle of feet behind a large stone tomb. She doubted it was Garashk himself, but they had to be careful.

Buffy indicated for Faith to go round the tomb one way as she went the other. The blackness cleared as their sight adjusted and in the corner of the dank crypt they spotted a little old man in a loin cloth. He was standing in a defensive position. His hands thrust out before him, nails like claws ready to shred and cut. His eyes were red and darting between the two slayers, lungs rasping for air as they approached.

“It’s the little guy that led us to the other guy,” Faith remarked, looking around and making sure he was alone.

“Very eloquent, Faith,” Buffy chuckled. “And yeah, it certainly looks like him.”

As the portal crackled beside them they moved closer together, waiting for any sudden movements or threats.

“You can’t stop him. He’s on his way,” the little guy said as he whipped his head left and right, looking for an out. “He is the Lord. He will become ruler here. He’s the. . .”

Faith lunged forwards and grabbed the little guy by the throat. The creature looked like Gollum, and smelled like rotting cabbage. She did her best not to vomit her lunch as she swung him towards the portal.

“Yunno, I’m getting pretty sick of this whole Lord crap. How about you send him a message from us,” Faith said as she pushed the small fellow to the floor at the foot of the portal. “We don’t need a fucking ruler, and we certainly ain’t gonna stand for him thinking he can strut his funky stuff here.”

As he flashed his nails at her, preparing to jump towards her, Faith spun gracefully and kicked him hard in the chest. He flew backwards into the portal and the room exploded in color. He disappeared and the portal imploded. The light show temporarily blinded the two slayers, but as they strained to see they could tell that the small swirly blue thing had gone.

“Wow, I was expecting more,” Buffy said, stepping beside Faith as they peered into the darkness where the rift had been.

“It’s just a night full of frustration I guess,” Faith chuckled, turning her attention to Buffy.

Buffy laughed along with her, cursing their luck as they left the dark confines of the crypt. “I guess we should let Giles know what happened,” she pointed out, wishing they didn’t have to stick to business when they both just wanted to spend time with each other

“I’ll call him,” Faith said, pulling out her cell phone and dialling his number.

She explained briefly what had happened, describing how the portal had seemed to implode on itself as the little old man had been pushed back through. He hummed and ahhed and vowed to look into it properly in the morning. It was late and he needed sleep. He seemed pretty certain that they’d managed to avert disaster by closing the rift, however.

“At least the night wasn’t a total bust,” Faith remarked, flipping her cell phone closed and placing it back in her pocket.

Buffy brushed her now scruffy pants down and smiled at Faith, enjoying the easy atmosphere between them. “You saved the world, Faith. Welcome back to the slaying.”

“Hey, all I did was get rid of freaky loin cloth guy. I had no clue it would make the portal go all implode-y,” Faith said as they began making their way out of the cemetery.

“Still, I think it’s a reason to celebrate,” Buffy said cheerfully, glancing sideways at Faith. “We could go dancing.”

“Um, B. . .you do realise how late it is right?” Faith asked as Buffy wrinkled her brow in answer. “I’m pretty sure Giles would throw a fit if I stayed out much later, even if he is going to bed.”

“Wow, you really are trying to keep straight, huh,” Buffy said, feeling her heart swell with pride even though she would have loved to have spent a few hours dancing with Faith.

“Not exactly straight, B,” Faith said with a wink, causing them both to laugh.

“I’m proud, though,” Buffy said softly. “Although, I’m so gonna have to have a word with Giles and let him know I expect you to be able to come out with me now and then. . .for more than slaying. I swear he’s worse than my mom with the fussing.”

“That’d be great, B,” Faith said thankfully, the back of her hand brushing against Buffy’s as they walked side by side.

Buffy glanced down at where their hands were touching and she took a risk, curling her fingers around Faith’s and holding gently. The warmth of Faith’s hand instantly made her feel safer. She’d never had anything truly make her feel safe before, not when she knew just how unsafe the world really was; but Faith was a slayer. She was her equal. She was her love.

Faith smiled to herself as she felt Buffy give her hand a little squeeze. She wasn’t used to holding hands with anybody, but the fact it was Buffy made her all kinds of float-y. She liked it. It was new, but it was what she wanted.

They agreed that Buffy would walk Faith home in order not to terrify Giles at the prospect of Faith being alone. They could both tell he trusted her, but he was a worrier and they didn’t need a fussy Giles fretting over Faith when she was doing so well. They reached the small courtyard to Giles’ apartment and slowed their pace to a stop.

Buffy didn’t want to let go of Faith. She wasn’t ready to. The idea alone made her want to jump on her and just hold on. She didn’t want to be clingy; the thought of being that and terrifying Faith away made her squirm in her own skin, but they’d been through so much and it felt wrong to walk away. She wanted Faith’s arms around her. She wanted to sleep in them and keep Faith beside her. She needed to show Faith her love. After all the hurt that had passed between them. . .it was all Buffy wanted to do.

“Guess this is my stop,” Faith said quietly, breaking the silence that had fallen between them as they’d stopped by the door.

“Yeah,” Buffy replied, looking down as Faith turned towards her.

Faith noticed Buffy’s change in mood. “What’s wrong, B?”

“You’ll think I’m crazy,” Buffy confessed.

Faith used her free hand to lift Buffy’s face up so she could look into her eyes. Her gentleness surprised them both, but then they’d both been full of surprises over the past few days.

“Try me,” Faith said, her fingers soft on Buffy’s cheek.

Buffy couldn’t find the words to explain herself as she’d never felt quite the way she was feeling right then. There was something pulling her to Faith; an undeniable force that neither of them could break this time. There weren’t words for how she felt and what she needed; it went beyond them, meanings lost in the overwhelming need to just be. To just be with one another.

She closed the distance between them and kissed Faith, instantly drowning in the sensation of Faith’s plump lips possessing her. She slipped her tongue over the delicious cleft of Faith’s lower lip, feeling herself becoming more aroused by the second. Faith’s hands pulled her closer as she placed them on Buffy’s hips, ensuring they were pressed together once again in the heat of the moment.

Their mouths grew hungry, lips demanding and tongues sliding as they sought to quench each other’s thirst. Buffy manoeuvred Faith backwards, the cool wall next to the door becoming their temporary anchor.

Faith sighed softly as she felt fingertips glide up under her shirt. Tender fingers heating up her skin as they touched; as Buffy reminded them both that they had been on the brink twice that day only to be interrupted. They kissed deep and long as Buffy pushed Faith’s top up, her hand grazing over the swell of her breast as she hunted for some kind of relief.

Pulling her mouth from Buffy’s, Faith gasped a little as fingers eased over her nipple, causing it to strain against her bra for more contact.

“B,” she breathed, her tone full of need, “you’re getting me wet. . .again.”

Buffy groaned almost carnally as she sucked Faith’s lower lip into her mouth and teased the hard nipple beneath her fingers. She wanted Faith wet. She wanted her now.

“I don’t wanna leave,” Buffy confessed, moving her lips to Faith’s ear, her breath hot against it. “We can sneak in. Giles won’t know.”

Faith grinned a little and brought Buffy’s lips back to her own, pushing her tongue into her yielding mouth as she showed Buffy just how much she wanted to say yes. As they parted for air she willed herself to say no, not wanting to disobey Giles or anger him, but Buffy was still toying with her nipple and fitting into her curves in an enchanting way. She licked her lips - tasting nothing but Buffy - and nodded.

Taking Buffy by the hand once again, Faith opened the door as quietly as she could, checking to make sure Giles wasn’t lurking around downstairs. He wasn’t anywhere to be seen and all but one lamp was switched off. They headed towards Faith’s bedroom, their footfalls soft but their breathing hard in anticipation of what was to come.

Buffy kept her eyes locked on Faith, her gaze roaming over her body as they made their way. She felt her heart pounding and her stomach fluttering as the thought of being with Faith again filled her senses. She could barely wait to feel Faith flush against her skin once again; to feel her touches and her kisses. To feel her need and her desire.

With a cute smile firmly planted on her lips, Buffy followed Faith into the darkness of her bedroom. She felt the soft fingers untangle from her own and took a deep breath as Faith shrugged off her jacket and turned her dark eyes towards her.

Buffy was struck by the lust she saw in them; dark depths full of promise. Full of love.

There was no going back.



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