New Beginnings, Old Enemies

Chapter Twenty Five

They stood a few feet apart, just looking, waiting and wanting. Buffy could feel the tension rolling over her skin. Each soft hair on her body prickling as Faith devoured her with her eyes. She let her jacket slip from her arms, catching it with her fingertips and holding it out to Faith, not once leaving the warmth of her dark eyes with her own.

Faith took the jacket and flung it on top of her own on the nearby chair. They slowly began to move together, the heavy clunk of boots ringing out on the hardwood floor with every step. Like a drumbeat pushing them towards each other. A soundtrack to accompany their searching eyes. All they could see was want and desire, and a wealth of love they hadn’t even scratched the surface of yet.

Stopping close to Buffy, Faith reached up and brushed an unruly lock of blonde from Buffy’s brow. Her fingers were gentle, a slight tremble that conveyed just how much she needed this; needed Buffy.

“I wish it could always have been this way,” Buffy whispered, chasing away the silence now their boots had ceased their telling thuds.

“We’re here now,” Faith said with a soft smile.

She touched her fingers to Buffy’s cheek and leaned in to kiss her. It was soft and warm and held all of the passion just on the outside, letting every other feeling flow through in its stead. They knew passion would come crashing back through them, but just for a moment they both wanted to feel everything else. They needed to taste the depth of what they meant to each other; and they could. With every slide of their lips and tender flick of tongue they knew what they had and how it had changed them.

Faith smiled and felt Buffy respond in kind against her lips. She could taste the love, and she could sense the desire. It was everything she’d wanted from Buffy and more. Kissing Buffy deeper, Faith pushed them back towards their goal. She felt hands trying to work her out of her top and knew Buffy wanted exactly the same thing she did.

Stepping back just a little, keeping the heat trapped between them, Faith pulled her top off and flung it to the chair. She aided Buffy in ridding herself of the confines of her own shirt and crushed their lips back together once again, lost without the feel of them on her.

She would never grow tired of Buffy’s lips. Soft and supple, willing and aggressive. The perfect combination to make the perfect kisses. Faith had never felt the need to keep kissing somebody so much. She’d never been the type to dwell on the kissing, preferring to get straight down to business. But Buffy must have been some kind of expert because she never wanted to leave her lips.

Moving backwards, feeling Buffy follow every step as they struggled to stay upright and kick off their boots at the same time, Faith took them closer to her bed. Fingers tripped over her bra strap, tugging at the clasp and finally freeing her from its grip. She lost it to the floor and Buffy’s bra followed without question. They clung to each other; arms wrapped up in one another, tongues duelling and dancing.

Buffy sighed happily as she felt Faith’s warm body press against her own, the soft push of her breasts against her heating her up all over. Faith had a fantastic body and to have it so close to her, naked and needing to be touched. . .it made Buffy’s head spin in all kinds of directions. Faith turned her on in ways nobody had come close to. Just the sight of her, the smell of her; Faith was intoxicating and Buffy wanted to feast on her.

The back of Faith’s knees hit the bed and they tumbled backwards, landing on the soft mattress with an oomph and a giggle. Situating themselves further up, their mouths still locked and pulling heated sighs and moans from one another, the slayers fell into a comfortable position. Buffy flicked her tongue over Faith’s lips, a small grin playing on her own as she relished the feel of Faith’s breasts pushing into her own. She lifted herself a little way, letting her breasts slide over Faith’s; hard nipples brushing and teasing over each other as she watched the pleasure on her lover’s face.

Faith ran her fingernails over Buffy’s back, asserting just enough pressure to cause Buffy to moan and push down into Faith in all the right places. As she pushed, however, a disgruntled look crossed Faith’s features and she furrowed her brow.

“Fuck,” Faith mumbled, reaching underneath herself as Buffy gave her a little room to manoeuvre.

She pulled out a shabby looking brown teddy bear and Buffy instantly smiled.

“I’m hoping that’s yours,” Buffy chuckled, sitting up so she was straddling Faith, taking the bear from her just before she was about to launch it across the room.

“Yeah,” Faith answered, looking a tad embarrassed.

Buffy smiled down at Faith, trying not to laugh at the look on her face. She seemed horrified that her night-time companion had been discovered.

“He’s cute,” Buffy cooed, “and so are you.” She placed the bear on the bedside table, facing it away from them.

“Can’t say anybody’s called me cute before,” Faith laughed softly, her hands resting on Buffy’s thighs, fingers making little patterns over her.

“Well, you are,” Buffy assured. “But you’re also extremely sexy,” she said as looked Faith over then leaned back down to kiss her, “and gorgeous, and beautiful,” her kisses continued, moving down to Faith’s jaw and neck, “and delicious, and sexy.”

“You said sexy already,” Faith chuckled, her breathing quickening as Buffy’s lips moved to her breasts.

“That’s because you’re double-y sexier than anybody else I’ve ever seen,” Buffy placed a teasing kiss over Faith’s tantalisingly hard, dusky nipple, “. . .and then some,” she finished with a grin before wrapping her lips around her prize and sucking.

“Hmm,” Faith moaned, her dimples making their mark at her cheeks as she enjoyed Buffy suckling on her. She couldn’t object because she couldn’t find any more words now; she just wanted to feel.

Faith’s fingers slipped into silky blonde hair as she allowed Buffy to suck and kiss over her breasts. She could feel herself getting wetter with every pull on her nipples; with every touch of Buffy’s fingers across her skin. Her body was pleading for Buffy to take it, and she’d never before felt so compelled to be taken. She was a doer not a taker, but as she tried to regain her control and flip Buffy over she realised Buffy was having none of it. The blonde girl wanted to be on top. She wanted to take her time with Faith, and Faith didn’t have the will or desire to stop her. She was Buffy’s.

As Faith’s body started reacting to every touch from the girl above her she felt fingers unzipping her jeans, and hands tugging them down.

“I wanna show you how I feel about you, Faith,” Buffy said quietly as she placed wet kisses down Faith’s stomach.

Buffy felt the muscles jump under her lips, daring her to kiss more; to taste the heat of Faith’s skin. She was sure Faith wasn’t about to flip her over, but wanted to tell her what she wanted. Buffy wanted to love Faith; to let her know exactly how beautiful she thought she was. To let her know that she desired every part of her, in every way.

There were no objections so Buffy pulled off Faith’s pants and panties, taking every scrap of clothing from her body so she was gloriously naked before her. Buffy’s heart was pounding in her chest as she pushed the garments off the bed and trailed her fingers up over Faith’s legs, her fingernails scratching lightly as she studied every inch of the girl she longed for so much.

Faith raised herself so she was sitting up more, wanting to get Buffy out of her pants too before things got out of control. She needed to feel her skin all over her.

Kissing Buffy impatiently, Faith made her intentions obvious as she deftly began to usher Buffy out of her pants and panties. Buffy willingly helped, pushing them down and off herself then climbing back into Faith’s arms. They crashed back down to the bed, stilted moans escaping them as their bodies sought confirmation that they fit perfectly together.

Their mouths were hungry again, kissing with tongues plunging into one another, hot skin melting for each other as their arousal seeped out. Buffy could feel Faith’s wetness coating her pussy and she slipped herself over her, their gasps filling the air around them.

“I want you so much, Faith,” Buffy said breathlessly as she trailed her hand down Faith’s side, feeling the girl moving to her touch.

“I’m yours,” Faith assured, giving herself up to Buffy as she bent her leg and spread wider, opening herself up.

Buffy’s fingers tripped down over her firm stomach as she shifted to Faith’s side just a little. She nuzzled into Faith’s neck, kissing and sucking as her hand moved lower. She wasn’t sure who moaned loudest as her fingertips dipped into Faith’s pussy, sliding between her moist lips as she spread her juices all over her.

They were both breathing heavy and deep, the scent of lust tainting the air and filling their greedy lungs. Buffy guided her fingers to Faith’s clit, drinking down the groan she caused as she circled it then brushed over it more determinedly. Her fingers had a plan, and it was working well. Faith moved against her touch, the hand at Buffy’s back gripping her more tightly as she pleasured her new lover.

But Buffy wanted more. She didn’t want Faith to come just yet and she could tell that she was close already. Biting her lip, Buffy dipped her fingers lower and watched as Faith closed her eyes and moaned deeply as she slipped inside her.

Her fingers were engulfed in warm, wet bliss and Buffy felt her own pussy dripping all over her inner thigh at the incredible feeling. She slid in deeper as Faith raised her hips and sighed out into the night. Keeping her eyes locked on Faith, Buffy indulged herself with the sensation of having her fingers inside her. She’d never imagined it would feel so good; that it would make her heart flutter and pound at the same time. But it was all about Faith; all about how much she craved her and loved her.

Buffy wanted to fill and fulfill her and be everything to her that she could be, and as Faith began to moan louder with every slow penetration of her fingers, Buffy realised she was doing just that.

Moving over subtly so she could slip a little further into Faith, Buffy teased her lips across the other girl’s ear, telling her how good she felt and how much she’d wanted this for so long. Faith responded with whimpered groans and soft pleas for Buffy to keep doing just what she was.

“Fuck, B,” Faith breathed out heavily, her voice husky and thick as she tangled her hand into blonde hair. “Fuck me harder,” she pleaded before kissing Buffy with every ounce of need she had for her.

Buffy complied without hesitating, her fingers slipping easily into Faith as she fucked her. She thrust harder and faster, the wet sound of Faith’s pussy scorching her ears as they both began to pant.

Faith wasn’t sure why she hadn’t flipped Buffy over to take charge like she would have done with anybody else, but she didn’t dwell on the question, feeling in her heart that the answer was obvious. Both of them needed Buffy to do this. Both of them had to show how much they’d changed and how much they now trusted one another.

Spreading her legs for Buffy, Faith took everything she had to give. She kept one hand in soft, silky hair as her other gripped the sheet. Having Buffy inside her was something she’d never thought she’d feel and it was the greatest sensation she had ever known. Buffy’s fingers were soft yet hard, teasing yet pleasuring, and sliding in and out of her perfectly.

Faith’s breaths quivered out of her as Buffy slipped another finger inside her tight, wet hole. She filled her and fucked her faster, thrusting to every roll of Faith’s hips. Using her body to help thrust deeper, giving Faith what she obviously wanted given the vocal gratitude.

“Oh, yeah,” Faith sighed. “Fuck me, baby.”

Buffy couldn’t bite back her smile or her own groans at just how sexy Faith really was. She was stunning, in every way. Buffy looked down Faith’s heated body, watching as her fingers slid in and out of her, seeing as well as feeling just how wet she was. Buffy had Faith at her fingertips, softly moaning her name into the quiet of the night. It was almost perfect, except for the fact she desperately needed to taste Faith.

Slowing her fingers a little, garnering a whimper of disapproval, Buffy quickly kissed her way down Faith’s now slick body. Faith’s scent was heady and rich, practically making Buffy’s mouth water. She drove her fingers deep into her, watching them plunge into the softest part of her. Bringing her fingers back out, she slipped them into her mouth and tasted pure Faith. She moaned deep in her chest and felt a soft hand in her hair once again; not pushing, just keeping them connected.

Faith was poised, ready for whatever Buffy needed and wanted to do. She couldn’t deny the girl anything, not when she was making her feel so good, and so adored.

She rested her head back again as Buffy’s mouth descended towards her. Faith felt an exploratory swipe of Buffy’s tongue over her pussy, licking her from dripping hole to swollen clit. She nearly shot off the bed it felt so good; so good because it was Buffy. The girl she had wanted for as long as she’d known her. The girl she’d dreamt about, fantasised about and longed for in the worst way. It was almost too much, but Buffy stilled her with a strong hand on her hip, holding her firm as she licked her way around her soaked pussy.

“You taste so good,” Buffy groaned, breathing hot air over Faith, placing open mouth kisses over her clit.

She’d never done this kind of thing before, but Buffy didn’t feel intimidated. She knew what felt good, and she was prepared to do anything to make Faith feel as much pleasure as possible. She listened to each reaction and felt every tremble run through Faith, quickly learning what and where to kiss and lick. She was enjoying it just as much as Faith was, and could have stayed there forever.

Faith lightly dug her fingernails into Buffy’s scalp, letting her know just what she was doing to her.

Grinning and taking pity on Faith in her ultra-aroused state, Buffy flicked her tongue fast over her clit and plunged her fingers back inside her, slipping them in deep and hard.

“Fuck!” Faith cried out, causing Buffy to cringe a little at the loudness.

If Giles wasn’t awake before he most definitely was now. Still, there was no way she was about to stop. She picked up the pace with her fingers, stroking them in and out of Faith fast and hard, pulling the most delightfully girly moans and gasps from her. Buffy couldn’t help but fall in love with every sound.

She peeked up to watch Faith, her pupils instantly dilating as she saw how Faith was using her free hand to clutch at her own breast, pulling hard on her nipple as Buffy fucked her. She glided her unoccupied hand up from Faith’s hip, not wanting her to have to do anything but receive. She nudged her hand aside and replaced it with her own; fingers toying and teasing, the soft swell of Faith’s breast filling her grasp. Faith licked her full lips and dropped her hand to the sheet, curling her fingers around it as she bucked up against Buffy.

She felt Faith nearing orgasm, her pussy slick and hot as Buffy fucked her as deep as she could, her tongue pressing firmly on her hard little clit as she licked and flicked over it.

“Oh, fuck. . .Buffy,” Faith moaned loudly, filling the room with sounds of their love; the hot wet slap of Buffy’s fingers and the hard panting and moaning of the girl about to come all over her.

Buffy pressed her tongue down hard on Faith, pushing deep and fast into her, causing Faith to crash over the edge. She moaned out Buffy’s name over again as she came, her breaths quick and trembling and body quivering as Buffy’s fingers became drenched in her.

As Buffy felt her fingers being covered, she wrapped her lips around Faith’s swollen clit and sucked, rubbing her fingertips upwards and hoping she’d hit the right spot. She wanted Faith to keep coming for her. She wanted to make it special. Make it more.

Faith didn’t disappoint. Her fingers dug into Buffy’s scalp and she practically screamed out into the heated air, fresh floods of come gushing out.

“Oh, God, Buffy,” Faith cried, her body shaking as Buffy fucked her good and hard. “Fuck,” she repeated loudly with every pant, offering up all she had to Buffy as she felt another wave hit her full force and send her barrelling over the edge.

She tried to regain composure but Buffy was unravelling her, making her scream out like she’d never done before during sex. She gripped the headboard and heard a snap as something gave under her strength. It didn’t matter, as Buffy plunged her tongue inside her, pushing it as deep as it would go and sucking at her pussy with every thrust.

Faith held onto Buffy and filled her mouth with her come, feeling it spilling over them both as she let the final orgasm wash through her with a loud gasp. She was spent; well and truly fucked, and there was nothing to do but collapse back onto the bed and let out a long, contented moan.

Buffy beamed, feeling proud of herself. Feeling elated at what Faith had given her. She pulled her tongue from Faith’s pussy with a wet slurp, lapping at her to drink down all she could, never wanting to leave what she’d just discovered. It was too good. Faith felt incredible and tasted even better. If it were possible, Buffy had fallen even deeper in love with Faith, her heart no longer her own. Her soul crying out to entwine around Faith’s and never let go.

She felt tears spring to her eyes, feeling so lucky to have this chance. To finally get it right.

“Come here, baby,” Faith drawled huskily, her hands gently pulling Buffy upwards.

She wrapped herself around Buffy as the smaller girl nestled between her legs. They stayed quiet as they both tried to calm themselves physically and emotionally.

Faith felt Buffy’s tears on her shoulder and her own slipped free to join them. She wasn’t crying out of pain or regret. It was happiness. Pure unadulterated happiness that she’d never felt before. Somehow she understood that Buffy felt the same; that they were both completely on the same page now. Experiencing the same sensations; the same love. Buffy hadn’t said the words exactly, but Faith felt it running right through her from the little slayer.

She took a deep breath, pushing aside the tears and embracing Buffy tightly. She felt Buffy chuckle and nuzzled her nose against her blonde hair.

“If you squeeze any tighter, Faith, I might pop,” Buffy said with a giggle.

Faith laughed along with her “Sorry, you just kinda. . .blew me away a little there,” she confessed.

She released her grip enough to allow Buffy to lift her head and look at her, raising a hand to wipe away the last of Buffy’s tears.

Buffy smiled and kissed Faith’s fingers. “That kinda blew me away too,” she said shyly. “I mean, I’ve never. . .and you’re. . .amazing, and. . .wow.” She couldn’t form words, the taste of Faith still all over her lips causing her mind to wander around drunkenly.

Faith smiled and kissed Buffy softly, just letting their lips stumble over each other in a tender, unspoken vow of love and devotion. Her body had never felt quite so charged yet so fulfilled at the same time. Buffy had by far outdone herself, and any other lover Faith had ever had. Maybe it was the depth of their feeling, or maybe it was just skill and the need to please. Whatever it was, Faith was completely sated, and quickly falling asleep.

She desperately wanted to give Buffy the same feelings and sensations in return, but her eyes just wouldn’t stay open, and Buffy could apparently tell.

“Sleep, Faith. I’ll be right here when you wake up,” Buffy said quietly as she gazed at Faith, her eyes and her words full of nothing but affection.

Buffy gently pulled the blanket from under them and wrapped it around them both, making sure not to stray too far from Faith’s arms. She snuggled back into them and settled against her beautiful lover, kissing her lips and feeling Faith smile.

There were words that Buffy desperately wanted to say, but she didn’t know if she deserved to say them; not yet. She felt them. . .more than ever she felt them, but remained quiet. Faith too remained quiet, but as Buffy allowed the kiss to linger as Faith tumbled into sleep underneath her, she felt her mouth the words against her lips.

Faith silently told her she loved her, and Buffy felt her heart skip a beat.

She rested her head on Faith’s chest, listening to how their heartbeats slipped into the same rhythm. She loved Faith with everything she was. It seared through all the past pain and hurt, the anger and mistakes. . .and left nothing but the slow burn in her chest that blazed for Faith.



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