Memory In Mind

Chapter Five

As they lay in silence, Faith on her back and Buffy propped up partially hovering over her, the two girls searched each other’s eyes. Faith wanted Buffy to keep doing what she was doing, but she also wanted the world to just stop so she could jump off for a while and get herself back to normal, back in control.

They didn’t move positions, as if some force were willing them together in the darkness of the stark room. Buffy lowered her lips back down to Faith’s, gently brushing over them as she flicked one of her fingertips across her clit, ignoring any protest Faith might have.

Despite her desire to stop, her overwhelming desire to have sex with Buffy took control at that point. Faith closed her dusky eyes, allowing herself to enjoy the feel of the other girl on her lips, and in the soaking folds of her hot and seeping centre. She arched up into the touch, which served to encourage the less experienced girl.

Buffy slowly began fingering Faith’s clit. Softly circling it and stroking it as she began kissing along Faith’s jaw line, and down to her throat. Faith was so wet, her body betraying any hope of turning back now, and it was as if Buffy knew exactly what she wanted. As if it were entirely natural to have her hand sliding around in Faith’s juices.

“Oh, fuck, B.” She wanted it now. She wanted it all.

Sitting up slightly, Faith removed her top, then discarded Buffy’s to the floor along with her own. Buffy replaced her fingers into Faith’s slippery pussy, moving over the slick little button between her open legs. Faith fell back down to the bed, pulling Buffy with her in a fiery kiss.

Their breasts and swollen nipples rubbed up against each other, causing them both to moan. Faith tried to clear her still inebriated brain and turn the other girl onto her back, so she could take control, but Buffy was having none of it. Buffy pushed her body down onto Faith, changing her position slightly so now she was completely hovering above her, holding Faith’s wrists above her head with her free hand so she couldn’t touch her.

The pool of silky fluid between Faith’s legs gushed out ever more, coating Buffy’s digits, flowing from her. Buffy was in total control, fingering Faith’s clit slowly, teasing her almost it seemed, and Faith was far too turned on now to do the moral thing. Her mind was full of Buffy, and what she was doing to her.

“Buffy, I wanna touch you,” Faith said breathlessly.

Buffy gave Faith a wicked grin, shaking her head before attacking her mouth with her own, sliding her tongue around Faith’s as her fingers searched inside her pussy for her velvet opening.

“I want you so much, Faith. I feel like I must have been craving you for a long time. Craving this.” Buffy inserted two fingers into Faith’s dripping entrance.

Faith sighed out noisily. Buffy was inside her, moving her fingers tantalisingly in and out, slipping in deeper with every slow thrust into her tight channel. Faith rocked her hips up to meet Buffy’s hand, wanting the blonde girl to fill her, her drunken haze not allowing her to want Buffy to be slow and teasing.

“Fuck me, Buffy. Please.” She tried to free her hands in order to pull Buffy into her more, but Buffy kept her grip tight, not too tight to hurt but enough to let Faith know she was going to have her way.

“Lay back, let me show you how much I know I’ve wanted you, Faith,” Buffy purred, snaking her tongue down to Faith’s breasts as her fingers began to thrust a little harder and deeper into her.

She sucked on Faith’s nipples. Pulling at them with her mouth and teeth in time with the fingers currently being shoved up inside Faith’s silky hole, pushing deep inside her. Faster now. Faith had no choice but to just give in to the other girl as her legs spread open even more, allowing Buffy total access to her hot pink pussy, being pounded into submission.

“Oh, yeah. God, that feels so good,” Faith groaned, accepting defeat. She couldn’t resist. Not this. Not now.

Buffy, breathing almost as hard as Faith, began rubbing herself on Faith’s leg, still not allowing her to use her hands. She started sliding over the strong thigh to the same rhythm that her fingers glided in and out of Faith.

Faith wanted desperately to get Buffy out of her shorts, and spreading her pussy all over her, but her mind was temporarily out of commission. She just couldn’t form thoughts beyond how well Buffy was fucking her; sliding her fingers deftly inside her now quivering pussy.

Faith was close to showering Buffy’s hand with her come. She could feel the tension mounting in her stomach, the waves of pleasure beginning to make their way through her. Buffy seemed to realise, probably due to the fact Faith was groaning with every thrust, vocally expressing her oncoming orgasm. She quickened the pace a little more, meeting Faith’s hips with every thrust.

“Fuck. Buf. . .Buffy. Oh fuck, baby, yeah,” Faith called out. She couldn’t remember a time she had felt so good. Nobody had ever made her feel quite like she felt right now.

Riding Buffy’s fingers, her hips rolling up into the penetrating plunges up inside her, Faith cried out as Buffy flicked her thumb over her clit. She began the exquisite slide down into a mind numbing orgasm. Trembling as Buffy assaulted both her clit and her G spot at the same time. Rubbing her, filling her, sliding around in her, and fucking her better than anybody had ever done.

“Oh, Buffy. Fuck yes,” Faith practically yelped as she shook, her hot sticky come bursting out onto Buffy’s hand. The walls of her slippery cunt clutching onto the other girl as she rode out the orgasm before crashing back down to earth.

Faith was in a haze of alcohol and post orgasmic exhaustion as she slumped into the soft pillows, giving in to the pull of sleep, no longer able to fight it even though she wanted to shower Buffy with kisses, touch her and show her how much she adored her.

As Faith’s mind wandered off to her own little dream land, she was aware of Buffy shifting her position and snuggling into her side, pulling her close and whispering in her ear. She only caught a small amount of what Buffy was saying, and was too far gone to react or reply.

“You’re wonderful, Faith. I never want to be apart from you. I think I’m in love with you.” Buffy kissed her lightly on the forehead before resting back down into Faith.

Faith had caught what her fellow slayer had said, but couldn’t quite comprehend it, her mind too tired, too drunk. Somewhere in her subconscious though, she fully understood, and Faith drifted off with a satisfied smile on her full lips. Lips that now tasted of Buffy.

* * *

Faith sat up abruptly, spilling the covers from her naked torso. Looking around, noticing her lack of clothing, she put a hand to her head, trying to recall why she had such a pain there. Then she glanced down at Buffy, still asleep in amongst the warmth of the duvet, and also missing her top. Faith knitted her eyebrows together, and it all came flooding into her aching head.

“Shit,” Faith sighed and took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as she recalled the night’s events.

Buffy had stripped her in the bathroom. She had kissed her, then slid her fingers around inside her. She had given her the most amazing orgasm she had ever had. The remnants of which Faith could still feel between her thighs. In short. . .Faith had been unable to resist Buffy.

Her mind indulged itself in the hazy events of the night, and the memory alone of what Buffy had done to her was turning her on again. She could almost still taste the other girl on her lips. She could recall how good it had felt with Buffy buried deep inside her. She had to get up. She knew she shouldn’t have let it happen.

Faith extracted herself from the sheets and quietly made her way into the bathroom. She splashed her face with cold water, looking at her reflection in the cracked mirror.

“You shouldn’t have let it happen. She’s gonna hate you,” She said to herself. Then it hit her. She remembered what Buffy had said whilst she was drifting off to sleep.

Buffy was in love with her. Or at least that’s what she had told her.

Faith shook her sore head. She didn’t know what to think. Unsure whether or not Buffy had said it just because she felt safe with her right now, because of the memory loss. Or if maybe she had always felt that way. She couldn’t wrap her head around the implications.

After using the toilet, and cleaning herself up a little, Faith returned to the bedroom, still topless.

“Hmm, now there’s a sight I could get used to,” Buffy said lasciviously, her eyes unashamedly roaming over Faith’s full round breasts.

Faith licked her dry lips, fighting back the urge to scream out the question she wanted so much to ask. She wanted to run over to Buffy and ask her if she really did love her, or if it was a dream. Or if she was in some twisted dimension somewhere, designed to mess with her head.

Feeling a little more conscious than she normally would about her state of undress, Faith made her way around to her side of the bed, scooping her vest off the floor as she went and putting it back on.

“Aww, I prefer you without that on, sexy.” Buffy pouted at Faith, who did her level best not to notice and go suck on the blonde girl’s inviting lip.

Faith sat on the edge of the bed, facing away from the little torment currently shifting her way towards her.

“Are you ok, Faith? Did I do something wrong? Baby?” Buffy reached out a tentative hand, resting it on Faith’s thigh.

Faith swallowed the lump in her throat. This was all too much for her to take. It was something she had wanted so much, but was so sure could never be hers. She had been sure that Buffy would never be hers, but now that was in doubt. It was still Buffy after all, memory loss or not. It was still the same hands, lips, and heart of her fellow slayer.

“Faith?” Buffy said, sounding worried now.

Faith turned towards the anxious girl, any thought of walking away from the situation flying straight out of the window at the look of concern and love in her friend’s eyes.

“I’m ok, B. Just hung-over.” Faith swung her lithe legs up onto the bed and rested her back against the headboard, grabbing the remote to flick the TV on. She needed distracting. Buffy was still partially naked after all.

“Poor, baby,” Buffy said sadly, practically curling up into Faith’s lap and pulling most of the covers with her.

Faith looked down at the cute little blonde who was now trailing her fingernails up and down her bare thigh. She still couldn’t quite believe what had happened, but she was loving the way she felt right now. If she concentrated, putting all her doubts and worries to the back of her mind, Faith could admit that she felt like everything would be ok. That everything would work out.

She indulged herself in the sanctuary of that feeling, allowing herself to enjoy the sweet smell of her. . .lover. Faith smiled at the thought. Buffy had made love to her. If it was true that Buffy was in love with her, then that’s what had happened. It wasn’t just sex. Faith was in no doubt that it was much more than that for her at least.

Scooting down on the bed, Faith pulled Buffy into a tight hug; her defences were down, her walls nothing but dust because of her love for Buffy. Buffy returned the hug with as much feeling she was receiving, and a small tear escaped Faith’s grasp, trickling down her cheek and landing on Buffy.

“Why are you crying? Faith, please don’t cry, baby. I love you,” Buffy said, trying to console Faith. The repeat of her words of love did quite the opposite of making Faith stop crying.

She couldn’t hold it in any longer. Months of longing for Buffy to notice her as more than a friend, to see her as more than the cheap whore she felt she was sometimes. The nights spent in lonely torment dreaming of her, worrying about her. Loving her. It came tumbling down her cheeks, splashing onto Buffy.

“Hey, it’s ok. Everything’s ok. I love you, Faith. I love you so much. I can feel it so deep inside me.” Buffy wiped her thumbs at the falling tears, attempting to stem the flow.

Faith couldn’t say anything. She just lay with Buffy holding her, letting the tears fall soundlessly; daring to believe what the other girl was saying was the truth.

She had never felt loved before, she had always been alone, never felt cared for, never knowing quite what love was. But she knew she loved Buffy, with all her heart she knew it, and she truly did feel it coming from Buffy too. It was there, like a taste, like a soft caress. She felt it.

“B,” Faith said quietly, trying to will herself to speak. “Buffy, I love you too.” She had never said the words to anybody before, but they felt right coming from her lips.

Buffy leaned up and lightly brushed her lips over Faith’s. Tears had also began leaking from Buffy’s eyes, so they kissed amongst the salty wetness, finding solace, hope, and love in each other’s arms.

Both girls became quickly lost in the other’s embrace. In the soft sensual kisses now becoming more heated. They could have been anywhere, under any circumstance, because nothing else mattered. Faith forgot her worries and fears that Buffy would hate her for being this way with her. She held on firmly to the overwhelming feeling of love flooding out of the other girl towards her.

“Don’t ever leave me, Faith. I don’t care if I never remember anything from before, just say you’ll be mine,” Buffy implored, looking deep into Faith’s waterlogged eyes.

“I’ll never leave you, B. And I am yours. I always was, even though you didn’t know it. You had me a long time ago.” She meant it. Buffy had her heart, and no matter what, that would never change.

The chosen two sank deep into each other’s arms, the tears slowing to a stop as they both gave in to their need for one another. Faith felt exhausted with the sheer power and pull of emotions previously lacking in her life. She felt happy and content.

Ignoring the niggling doubt in the back of her mind, she kissed her little slayer on the top of her head, then shifted her way down to lay beside Buffy fully.

“I want to make love to you, Buffy. I wanna show you how I feel. I want to taste you and touch you everywhere. Get you hot and wet for me so I can slide my fingers inside you. God, B. . .I’ve never wanted anything so much in my fucking life,” Faith confessed.

Buffy was lightly trembling beside Faith, her pupils large and so dark Faith could almost see her reflection in them. She was breathing heavier, her blood pounding through her veins so much so that Faith could see how excited Buffy was from the pulse point in her neck.

Faith placed her lips over the throbbing pulse and sucked gently. Buffy tangled her hands into Faith’s long dark tresses, keeping her head in place as she left her mark behind.

“Faith, please make love to me. Make me yours.” Buffy lifted Faith’s face to hers and they plunged their tongues into each other’s mouths, kissing greedily and pulling at one another’s clothing to remove it.

“Shit!” Faith yelped, almost jumping out of her skin.

The phone began ringing loudly, right next to her ear.

Looking at the offending object with disdain, Faith’s mind ran back and forth between picking up the receiver, and throwing the phone out of the window.

“You’d better answer it,” Buffy sighed as the ringing continued.

Faith pouted but nodded in agreement. The call could be important. It better had be important, she thought to herself.

“Yeah?” She virtually barked into the receiver.

“Faith, I think I’ve found the cause of Buffy’s memory loss. In fact I’m pretty damn sure I know exactly what happened. You should both make your way to the Magic Box as soon as possible,” Giles said in his Watcher tone.

Faith closed her eyes, a soft sigh escaping. “Sure, Giles. We’ll be right there.”

She replaced the receiver and fell back into the pillows, unsure whether she should be feeling happy or worried.

Somewhere in the back of her mind there was niggle beginning to grow and take shape. It told her she was stupid to believe she could ever just be happy. It told her to prepare for the worst.



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