Chapter Eight

Minutes passed by like they were seconds as Buffy became thoroughly acquainted with Faith's tongue. They couldn't seem to break free from one another, the heat between them driving them on rather than pulling them to their senses. It seemed like resisting was a pointless hope, but from somewhere within Buffy found a moment's clarity once again.

She moaned as Faith sucked on her lower lip as she tried to pull away, eventually freeing herself from Faith's mouth so she could speak.

“God you're a good kisser,” Buffy sighed, her body basking in the luxury of being so close to Faith.

“The best,” Faith responded with a grin.

They both licked their lips, their eyes burning into one another as they tried to hold off and cool down.

Faith wanted to pick Buffy up and carry her to the bed so she could give Buffy what she'd always dreamed of. She could see her own desire reflected back at her in Buffy's eyes. An echo of how much she wanted her, of how much they wanted each other. She'd made the rules for a reason however, and she knew breaking them would be a bad idea in the long run. They'd get to the good stuff eventually, but first they had to get fully past all the bad stuff. Faith knew it wouldn't take long.

“I should go shower if I'm staying,” Faith said, attempting to clear both their heads.

“You can use my shower,” Buffy told her. “It's much nicer than the one in your room.”

Buffy looked a little embarrassed about sticking Faith in one of the crappy rooms in the castle, rather than giving her a decent one. Faith didn't mind, she knew why Buffy had done it. There had always been a lot of misunderstandings between them, and their last fight had done nothing to disparage that.

“I gotta go get what's left of my clothes at least,” Faith pointed out, moving to get up.

Buffy dismounted, though she would have been happy sitting on Faith for the rest of the night.

“You can borrow something of mine,” she said, wanting to keep Faith with her.

Faith gave Buffy a confused look, her eyebrows furrowing as they faced each other. She wondered if this was the start of Buffy being clingy. She also wondered if she'd be able to handle it if it continued, or got worse.

“I'm sorry,” Buffy said quietly. “I'm not being clingy, it's just. . .you're leaving and I. . .I'm tired of missing you.”

Buffy looked down at her feet, her hair falling over her eyes just a little. Faith didn't have it in her to mock Buffy or tell her to back off. She wasn't even sure she wanted Buffy to back off; it was all new to her, and whatever she was feeling it certainly wasn't anger.

“Hey, it's ok,” Faith said softly. “I don't have to go anywhere tonight.”

She stepped closer to Buffy and lifted her head with a finger under her chin, smiling so Buffy could see she wasn't about to get angry. It was time to put misunderstandings behind them.

“You can have your tee shirt back,” Buffy told Faith, not expecting her to squeeze into something of hers if she was going to borrow some clothes.

“Keep it,” Faith responded with a warm smile, “for when you miss me.”

Buffy glanced away coyly, but she wasn't worried about Faith knowing how she felt any more. It was out there, and there was no taking it back. She didn't want to take it back.

“Get me something to throw on, I'm gonna go shower,” Faith exclaimed. “Nothing pink, though. Not a pink kinda girl.”

They both chuckled and Faith gave Buffy a quick kiss before heading towards the bathroom attached to the room.

“I bet you'd look sweet in pink,” Buffy joked, watching Faith's ass as she walked away.

She was rewarded with a flipped finger over Faith's shoulder for her comment. Buffy wouldn't ever try to get Faith wearing pink - despite her joke – as she looked way too hot in red or black to be wearing anything else. Rummaging through her drawers, Buffy tried to find something that would fit Faith for the night. She didn't know if they'd be going right to bed, or if they'd sit up and talk a while, so she pulled out some sweatpants and a tee shirt - both as dark as she could get.

Faith closed the bathroom door and looked around. There were girly products all over, and some big fluffy towels hanging over a towel rail. After going to the toilet and then switching on the shower, she stripped out of her sweaty clothes and left them in a pile on the floor. Buffy was right, it was much nicer than the shower in her room, and much hotter. The steam began to fill the room quickly as Faith stepped under the water. For a second she thought it would be best to maybe take a cold shower, but her muscles needed warmth after her jog out in the cold mist. It felt good to have the water spilling over her in warm waves, the tension easing from her shoulders.

Her hands spread shower gel all over her body, washing off the spattered mud and the sheen of perspiration that had left her feeling clammy. As she reached for the shampoo she heard the door click open, knowing instantly that Buffy had entered.

Buffy had been pacing outside the door, wrestling with herself in order not to go in. She'd lost the battle. Faith was so close, and she needed her. Buffy needed the connection between them. Something told her that Faith wouldn't ask her to leave, and that she wanted that connection just as much. It was a risk, but she was sure it was only a small one.

Faith kept still, holding her breath and listening as she heard Buffy take off her clothes. There was a small voice inside her telling her she should ask Buffy not to step into the shower, but it went unheard. All Faith could think about was Buffy naked; naked and getting closer.

Pulling the shower curtain back a little way, Faith peeked out. Her pupils must have dilated to twice their normal size as she took in the sight of a very nude Buffy. There was no mistaking the fact Buffy was hot, and that Faith had no hope of turning her away now. Catching Buffy's gaze with her own, Faith pulled the shower curtain back some more, offering a way in for Buffy.

They took a second just to stare at each other, nothing between them but air; stripped down to all they were and all they wanted. Buffy's stomach was a flutter of nerves as she allowed herself the pleasure of just looking at Faith in all her glory. Her imagination had never come close to how gorgeous Faith actually was in the flesh, that was for sure. She felt somewhat inadequate stood before her.

The feeling didn't last long as Faith looked her over, licking her lips. “I've got great fucking taste,” Faith said, her voice husky, coated in lust.

Buffy smiled shyly and stepped into the shower. “I just wanna be near you before you go,” she explained.

Faith nodded, pushing the curtain back in place as Buffy stood before her in the tub. She couldn't take her eyes off her, wanting to remember every detail. Every curve and every strong muscle. The perfection of her skin and the temptation of everything she'd never seen before.

Their eyes finally met once they'd fulfilled their desire to just take each other in; the lust clear, the need obvious, the love shimmering on the surface. Lifting her hand slowly, Faith tucked blonde hair behind Buffy's ear, stopping it from hiding her slight embarrassment. She kept her hand soft, fingers brushing over Buffy's cheek as they gazed into one another's eyes. Green weaving into brown, fears drifting away on the steam around them. They were naked in more ways than one.

Stepping forwards, Buffy guessed that they both needed to feel, to finally come together in a way they'd always denied to themselves. It wasn't about sex, it was about forgiving, forgetting, and so much more. Her arms slipped around Faith easily, no resistance or questions.

They both shivered despite the heat in the room as they came together, skin brushing against skin, nothing between them to deny what they'd always wanted. Faith's hands glided smoothly over Buffy's back, pulling her tight into her body, holding her close. Not quite believing she was really there - Buffy naked against her – Faith had to steady her legs. She could feel Buffy all over, inside as well as out.

“Thank you,” Buffy whispered into Faith's neck as she held her just as tight back, feeling Faith's every curve fitting snugly against her.

Faith couldn't help but smile and nuzzle her nose into Buffy's hair, before kissing her head softly and moving them a little further under the water of the shower.

Buffy's heart skipped a few beats, the feeling of coming home settling over her. She'd never realised she needed or wanted Faith quite so much, but it was unmistakable now.

“You wanted to know why,” Buffy said, pulling away just enough to look up at Faith. “It's because when you're around, all I can feel is you. I feel completely connected to you. You make me feel warm. It's crazy, but even when we were fighting, hurting each other. . .it was hard to ignore how much I just wanted to hold on to you.”

Faith moved her hand back to Buffy's face, her thumb gentle on her cheek, caressing softly as she listened with her heart as much as her ears.

“It hurt so much to let you go,” Buffy continued. “I can't let go any more.”

There was no need to speak, to tell Buffy she felt the same. . .Faith's eyes said it all. And if there was any doubt, the soft kiss she gave Buffy made it clear. The rules, their past, meant nothing when faced with how much they both needed to hold on to one another and to give in to what they felt.

As their mouths stole teasing kisses, hands began to require more. They wanted to know each other fully. They wanted to reach out over all the hurt and anger they'd caused within each other.

Softly, slowly, Buffy's hands travelled over Faith's back and sides as their kissing became deeper. Her thumbs nudged Faith's breasts as she became more daring, causing Faith to sigh just a little. It encouraged her on and she moved one hand between them; a gentle palm over Faith's stomach.

Faith slid her tongue over Buffy's, tasting her, teasing her, hands roaming just as much as Buffy's were. Her fingers drifted over Buffy's lower back to the curve of her backside, touching tenderly until she gave it a squeeze, making Buffy grin against her lips.

“Just testing the goods, B,” Faith whispered huskily, her mouth moving over Buffy's chin and neck before she went back to kissing her again.

She had Buffy right where she'd always wanted her. There were so many things she wanted to do, wanted to feel. . .but she had no idea where to start now the moment was here. Sex was her thing, it always had been; but it went beyond that. Faith didn't want to miss a single detail. She didn't want to rush, but she no longer wanted to wait. It was stupid of her to think she could hold back. She wanted this too much.

It seemed like Buffy wasn't planning to wait either as her hand slowly made its way up over Faith's stomach to the swell of her breast.

“Can I touch you?” Buffy asked, her voice thick with desire as she pulled back a little to look into Faith's eyes.

Faith tried to keep her breathing under control, not wanting to look like a complete novice. It was tough, and her stomach was tense as she fought not just to throw Buffy to the bathroom floor so she could take her. The way Buffy was looking at her - every emotion and deep desire on show – had Faith fighting to keep in control of all her walls.

She kept her eyes locked on Buffy's as she removed one of her hands from her butt. Moving it up to settle over Buffy's – so close to cupping her breast – she encouraged Buffy to touch her the way she obviously wanted.

As Buffy's fingers started to glide over the soft skin of her breast, Faith removed her own hand and cupped Buffy's cheek. She leaned in to kiss her, feeling Buffy open up to her instantly as they became more passionate. She moaned into Buffy's mouth as fingers slid over her erect nipple and circled around it. It wasn't long before she became aware of Buffy's other hand on her breasts too. She was being thoroughly fondled by Buffy, and her body was burning up for more.

Buffy rubbed her thumbs over Faith's nipples, feeling them react, and enjoying the changes in Faith's breathing. She felt shy, unsure about what she was meant to be doing, but none of that mattered now they were finally at the point they should have reached long ago. Buffy wasn't certain her few times with Satsu would help her when it came to having sex with Faith, but at least she wasn't now a total fish out of water.

It wasn't like touching Satsu, however. . .this was different. It was more. More intense, more than just wanting to scratch an itch, and more than experimenting. She'd wanted Faith for a long time, and to finally feel the weight of her breasts in her hands, the sweet sensation of her skin against her, and have her scent and her heat wrap her up within it, was enough to make her dizzy.

All their fighting. All the heartache. Every time they'd pushed and pulled, trying to find a way to be comfortable with each other. . .it all came down to this. To the desire. To the way they were reacting to each other. To all they hoped to have.

Twisting her tongue over and around Buffy's, Faith decided it was time she got to be part of the act too. Moving her hands round to Buffy's front, she managed to dislodge Buffy from her breasts. It wasn't that she wasn't enjoying being fondled by the other girl - far from it – she just needed to touch as much as be touched.

“You feel so good,” Buffy practically purred as her hands swept up over Faith's shoulders and up into the wet hair at the back of her neck.

Faith smiled and kissed over Buffy's jaw and down to her throat. “Always knew you were just dying to feel me up,” she chuckled. “All that touchy-feely stuff when we sparred.”

She felt rather than heard Buffy giggle. “From what I remember it was always you who tried to get us rolling around on the floor,” Buffy corrected.

“Hey, never said I didn't always want your hot little body, Twinkie,” Faith pointed out with a grin before teasing Buffy's nipples with her thumbs, her palms softly cupping her.

Buffy closed her eyes and sighed at the touch, every inch of her body feeling it. She wasn't sure exactly where they were headed with this, but she knew where she wanted it to go. Satsu had shown her that having sex with another girl was having sex of the mind blowing type, and she had no doubt that it would be even better with Faith. Not that she was discrediting Satsu. . .there was just so much more between her and Faith. So much history and long hidden desire. So much to make up for, and to heal.

“Faith,” Buffy said softly as she clung to the other girl under the water as it splashed over them.

Faith didn't respond as she continued to place kisses over Buffy's neck, moving lower each time, reaching her collarbone. She was trying to take it slow; to savour every kiss and every sensation. It wasn't everyday you got to be naked with a girl like Buffy Summers. Though Faith had always been about rushing through sex and getting off as quickly as possible – and often as roughly as possible – she didn't want that with Buffy. Not this time at least. There'd be room for hard and fast another time, but that time wasn't now.

She wasn't certain how Buffy would feel about that, but she doubted the other girl wanted it to be a quick fuck.

“Faith,” Buffy said again, nudging Faith's forehead with her nose. “I'm really having second thoughts on your third rule. . .in fact, I think the 'no sex' idea sucks.”

Faith stopped kissing just before she reached Buffy's left nipple, her grin wide, her eyes sparkling as she looked up at Buffy.

“Sucks huh?” Faith asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Yep, pretty much,” Buffy said with a pout.

She swallowed hard when Faith's grin turned decidedly sexy, her eyes darkening and nose flaring as she hovered close to Buffy's breast.

“You not in to the sucking thing?” Faith asked with a mischievous look, just before flicking her tongue out over Buffy's hard nipple.

Buffy shuddered, her hands tightening in Faith's hair, wanting to pull her forwards but holding back.

“Sucking?” Buffy mumbled shakily as she felt and watched the tip of Faith's tongue circle her nipple. “Depends what kind.”

“How about this kind?”

Faith leaned closer and grasped on to Buffy's nipple with her lips, her hot breath easing over it before she started sucking nice and slow.

A sensual moan forced its way out of Buffy as Faith played with one nipple and sucked on the other. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second as Faith's teeth scraped over her. It was no use holding back. . .she wanted Faith. Wanted to be fucked by her. Wanted to fuck her. To possess her. To make love to her.

Buffy released one hand from Faith's hair, trailing it down her side to her stomach. She could sense how turned on Faith was, and doubted any move she made now would be rebuffed. It was her chance to take them further.

Sighing as Faith moved from one breast to the other with her mouth, Buffy took the opportunity to get to know Faith a little better. Her fingers drifted over Faith's stomach, feeling it tense under her touch. Heading downwards, listening over the tumbling noise of the water to Faith's now ragged breathing, she brushed her fingertips over the tiny patch of hair covering Faith's pussy. She wasn't quite low enough to be able to slide her fingers properly over Faith – given the fact Faith was also leaning down somewhat - but the move didn't go unnoticed.

“Buffy,” Faith said, her voice low and sexy as she released Buffy's nipple and straightened up so she could look into her eyes. “What about. . .”

Faith gasped as Buffy's fingers slid between her folds now that she was standing. She arched into the touch, unable to stop herself as Buffy pulled her close and kissed her long and deep. There was no room for thoughts or words as Buffy discovered just how wet she'd gotten, slipping her fingertips over her pussy as she spread her open and explored. Maybe slow wasn't such a good idea after all. It certainly didn't seem to be Buffy's intention to take it slow.

Moaning a little as Buffy coated her fingers in her arousal, Faith gave up any hope of them stopping. Their eyes locked once more when Buffy pulled away so they could breathe. Faith was grateful, as she was starting to need a lot more air with Buffy's fingers slipping over her. She could see how much Buffy wanted her in her eyes. She could see deep, so much deeper than she ever had before.

Holding on to Buffy, her hands resting at her lower back now, Faith brought their foreheads together, feeling slightly overwhelmed with gazing into Buffy's eyes. She rested gently against Buffy, her soft moans coming in time to the finger circling around her pussy. Closing her eyes and rolling her hips just a little with each teasing caress of her clit, Faith could already feel the tension building inside her.

“I don't wanna wait, Faith,” Buffy said softly. “I wanna be with you. I want to make love to you all night if you'll let me.”

The words drifted over Faith, wrapping her up in a warmth she'd never felt before. It was almost too much. Too scary. She'd be giving herself to Buffy in a way she never had to anybody. Her hips stilled and Buffy's fingers followed suit; pausing as Faith opened her eyes to once again look at Buffy.

“Don't run,” Buffy whispered, her green eyes pleading.

After a moment's hesitation Faith didn't answer, didn't nod; instead she brought their lips together and kissed Buffy tenderly. There was nothing more to say.

Moving one hand round from Buffy's back, Faith mirrored her – fingertips brushing over the short blonde curls of Buffy's small patch of hair. She smiled against Buffy's lips as a groan escaped her when Faith's fingers pushed between her folds.

Buffy's mouth dropped open, though she forgot how to breathe as Faith spread her arousal around, getting her fingers nice and slick. There was certainly enough moisture between her legs for Faith to do that; Buffy didn't think she'd ever been so wet. It had something to do with the fact her fingers were in the soft wet folds of the other girl, and now they were clinging to each other, exploring each other, shuddering and sighing with each touch.

“Oh, Faith,” Buffy gasped as Faith put a little more pressure on her clit as she circled over it. “I'm so ready to come for you already.”

“Not yet,” Faith told her between open mouthed kisses.

She swirled her fingers over Buffy's clit and Buffy did the same back. They were almost in synch - every moan, every roll of their hips. Scraping her nails lightly over Buffy's back, Faith also felt herself edging towards climax much quicker than she wanted. In all her sexual exploits she'd never been so ready so fast. Never had it taken so little to rev her engine and almost have her skidding off the tracks. This was new. The soft touches, the panting sighs into Buffy's mouth, the way her whole body seemed to be vibrating, was all new.

“Buffy,” Faith said through a strained groan as Buffy swirled her finger harder and faster, “I'm not usually this. . .this. . .oh, fuck.”

Faith held tight to Buffy as her legs began to shake under the assault on her clit. She was barely able to concentrate enough to do the same back to Buffy, but she wanted them to do it together; to be at the same place, at the same time. It's not something she'd ever cared about with anybody before, and even though things were going a lot quicker than she'd guessed they would. . .she didn't want their first time to be any less than together.

Maneuvering them subtly so Buffy's back was to the tiled wall, Faith pressed firmer against Buffy's clit. She was rewarded with a nice long moan as nails dug into the skin of her shoulder where Buffy was holding herself upright. Buffy was close, hips jerking forwards as her legs fell apart a little further, spreading for Faith's touch as she arched her back off the wall.

Their kissing stopped as breathing became an issue, ragged, panting breaths getting louder than the gushing water of the shower. Hard little clits, swollen and sensitive, being played perfectly; every fast swirl driving them to the edge.

“Fuck,” Buffy panted. “Oh, fuck, fuck. . .fuck.”

Buffy couldn't hold on much longer, but Faith kept easing off, then rubbing harder; making her quiver and shake in need of release. She tried to do the same, and discovered that Faith made the sexiest sounds when she was close to coming. Her cute little moans were intoxicating.

“Come with me, Buffy,” Faith managed to say as her legs began to shake.

There was only so much of Buffy's super-fast circles over her clit she could take. She had to let go.

“I'm right with you,” Buffy assured breathlessly.

She pushed in to Faith, giving her all she had as Faith did the same. Their fingers rubbed frantically, loud breaths and sighs echoing around the bathroom walls. There was nowhere to go but forwards, over the edge, crashing into each other as their bodies begged for release.

“Oh God, Faith,” Buffy called out with a long shudder, her nose brushing against Faith's as they came together.

“That's it, B,” Faith gasped. “Oh yeah. . .fuck, Buffy.”

They both trembled and sighed, their voices carrying beyond the small sanctuary of the bathroom as they brought each other to climax.

Faith's clit was throbbing as she covered Buffy's fingers in her come, every inch of her body feeling like it had exploded and rearranged itself inside out. She was amazed at how little could have made her feel so much. . .but once she opened her eyes to see Buffy gazing back at her she knew why it was.

They'd both felt the same. Both had waited for the other's touch for so long that it felt like everything all at once; like every touch they'd ever had, every kiss, every sensation, all happening at once. Sliding their fingers from each other and groaning from the friction, they tried to gather their thoughts, and gain back control of their wobbly legs.

“Wow,” Buffy said, attempting to breathe regularly.

“Yeah,” Faith nodded, her forehead still resting lightly against Buffy's. “That kinda felt like I'd never had sex before.”

They both laughed, feeling exactly the same.

“And that was definitely quicker than I'd planned,” Faith added, moving back a little from Buffy so she could push herself off the wall and stand straight again.

There was a little awkwardness settling over them as they both tried to deal internally with what had just happened. It had come so naturally to them, but now was the hard part.

“Planned?” Buffy said with a little smirk. “Didn't know we were on a tight schedule.”

Faith shook her head and ran her hands through her wet hair, the scent of Buffy on her fingers making her practically swoon. “You know what I mean, B. Maybe not planned. . .but definitely thought about a whole lot.”

“That thought was mutual. . .in case you were still in any doubt,” Buffy pointed out, her smirk turning into an adorable smile.

“No doubt here,” Faith assured as she took a second to look Buffy up and down some more.

There was no way she was going to be able to get enough of Buffy being naked.

As the water began to run colder - the steam already filling the bathroom making visibility an issue - Faith decided it was time to wash up and get out. As nice as it was standing naked with Buffy in the shower, she wanted to lay her down. She wanted to explore, taste, to make her scream into the night in pleasure. Faith hoped Buffy wanted the same. They'd jumped the hurdle, and now she wanted to spend a while taking in all the sights.

Faith quickly washed and rinsed her hair, enjoying the sensation of having Buffy brushing up against her as she also showered quickly.

“So, B,” Faith began after a few minutes of slightly uncomfortable silence, “we gonna take this to the bedroom? I mean, I didn't get to go down on you and I really. . .”

Buffy shushed Faith with her lips, kissing her affectionately before stepping back again. “We're definitely taking it to the bedroom, Faith. We have all night.”

Faith smiled along with Buffy, the sudden awkwardness lifting again as she turned the shower off and pushed the curtain aside. Faith stepped out first and grabbed a towel. She offered her hand to Buffy, helping her out and wrapping the towel around her before pulling the other one from the rail for herself.

“You're sure you know this means more to me than just sex right?” Buffy asked as they dried off, rubbing the water out of their hair and off their skin.

“Yeah, I do, B,” Faith replied, hoping she sounded like she meant it, seeing the seriousness in Buffy's eyes.

She was as sure as she could be. Looking past the doubt and the understandable disbelief - Faith knew it was about them letting themselves fall for each other again, and not allowing anything to get in the way this time.

“I just want to make sure you. . .yunno, know why I want this. I mean, apart from the fact you're totally hot,” Buffy continued with a coy smile.

Faith wrapped her towel around herself and moved closer to Buffy, touching her face lightly as she spoke. “I know what it means, Buffy. And it means the same for me,” she admitted as openly as she dared for now.

Buffy stepped into Faith's arms, holding her for just a moment. A perfect moment in time where they understood each other. Where they loved each other without fear, without worry, without thoughts about what happened next.



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