Have A Little Faith

Chapter Nine

Faith paced up and down the worn carpet of her motel room, the dusky light streaming through the dirty windows from the moon outside; the only illumination highlighting her striking features as she furrowed her brow, annoyed at how much she was confusing herself.

The few drinks she had downed had done nothing to ease the tension within her, or halt the thoughts she was having about Buffy. It wasn’t that she couldn’t handle the ‘dirty’ thoughts. She couldn’t handle the idea of not leaping at the chance to be with the other girl with no strings attached.

She didn’t want to be used though, and she certainly didn’t want to play Buffy’s suffering for her own satisfaction, even if she did feel like she was about ready to climb the walls. Buffy wasn’t the only one having problems in the horny department right now.

But that wasn’t the only thing on her mind, because now she could only see one thing happening after telling Buffy how she felt about her. Things would get awkward. Once Buffy had got over her predicament she knew their relationship would change, for the worse. Even if Buffy was attracted to her in some way, she was under no illusion that anything would ever happen between them under normal circumstances.

Faith was in danger of slipping into her usual reflexive defence mode of getting the fuck out of there; getting away from Sunnydale and her increasing feelings for the other girl.

She was completely unused to having any kind of feeling for somebody the way she was fairly sure she was beginning to feel for Buffy.

Everything was new to her. Different. It was frightening in a way she couldn’t defend herself against. Faith looked over to the old duffel bag that she had slung in the corner of her sparse motel room. She sat down heavily on the creaky bed, battling against the instinct to run. She didn’t want to run, but didn’t know if she could deal with the possibility of Buffy pushing her away for liking her as more than just a friend. For wanting her and dreaming of her. For hoping they could be together, for more than just a temporary ‘cure’ for the blonde slayer.

As Faith buried her head in her hands, feeling defeated by her needs, the sharp ring of the phone pierced the heavy atmosphere of the room. Pushing herself up off the bed sighing, she picked up the receiver.

“Yeah?” She wasn’t in the mood for any bullshit from anybody.

“Faith. . .it’s Giles.” He sounded distracted and on edge.

“Hey.” Faith sat back down on the bed, wondering why the hell he was calling her.

“I’m glad I was able to get hold of you. We err. . .have a slight problem. It’s Buffy, she. . .how can I put this. . ?” He didn’t seem to know the best way forward.

“Just put it, Giles, getting bored here.” Faith was already worried about what Giles was about to say, but didn’t want to show it.

She really didn’t want to clue Giles in on how much she cared for his slayer, and how she was starting to feel the rise of panic inside her in case anything had happened to her friend. Something that maybe she could have prevented if she hadn’t stormed out like a brat.

“Well, we eventually found out some more about the demon and well. . .it has an owner of sorts, who uses the dog’s bite to cast a kind of spell over its victim. So anyway, I was able to do a locator spell to find out where they’re located. Once we were sure about its whereabouts. . .um. . .” He was doing his best to keep it short but his obvious edginess was blowing it.

“Just get to the point, Giles. Where’s Buffy?” Faith was definitely uneasy now. Giles stuttering away was not a recipe for calm contented thoughts.

“Yes, sorry. . .Buffy has gone to find the two demons, and hopefully find a cure. She’s alone, Faith, and in no fit state to. . .well, she is being distracted after all.” He didn’t need to say anymore.

“Where exactly is she?” Faith reached over for her jacket, slipping it on over her tight tee shirt.

He told Faith where he believed the demons to be, and therefore where Buffy had headed. The blonde girl had about a fifteen minute head start on Faith, but she wasn’t going to dwell on it, instead focusing on getting to Buffy before anything bad happened.

Faith raced around to the cemetery as fast as her legs would take her. She had picked up her nastiest badass knife, and hoped for their sakes that the demons hadn’t done anything to hurt her little slayer. If they had, she would introduce them to a world of pain beyond anything most people could even imagine.

The night was still and heavy with humidity, not helping Faith to keep cool and calm as she dashed towards her goal. She reached the dark pathways of the empty graveyard, the air rushing to a halt around her as she stopped to figure out which way to go.

She couldn’t yet sense Buffy so hoped - with the stillness of the atmosphere - to be able to hear anything that might pinpoint where she was. She cocked her head and let her slayer senses do their work.

Faith picked up what sounded like a scuffle somewhere at the edge of her hearing range. “I’m coming, girlfriend,” she said to herself, the muggy night air clinging to her body.

Faith ran to where she perceived Buffy to be. As she made her way further into the depths of the cemetery, Faith knew she had gone the right way. She could feel Buffy now, and she could also sense the presence of something else, the demons. Shivers ran up and down her spine.

Rounding a tree lined corner past some run down crypts, Faith finally spotted Buffy. There was the unmistakable body of the ‘dog demon’ that had started the whole thing just ahead of her. It was lying in a pool of its own blood, devoid of its head. She ran to a halt, taking in the sight.

Buffy was busy fighting with a particularly ugly demon. He was practically naked, wearing nothing more than a loincloth to cover his pale skin which seemed to shimmer in the moonlight. He was doing a good job of defending himself despite his skinny appearance. In fact, Buffy looked to be having a little trouble with him and he was managing to get the upper hand. Faith stepped forward.

“Hey, girlfriend. Having fun without me?”

The demon stopped his assault on the smaller slayer, flicking his red eyes between the two girls.

Buffy took the opportunity to slam into him with her fist, sending him reeling back somewhat. Buffy then span to look at the brunette. She was obviously tired and a little beaten up, but she still had a determined and independent grace about her.

“I can deal with this myself, Faith.” Buffy did her best menacing look on Faith, but it didn’t work.

They stood staring each other down, Buffy allowing her eyes to hungrily roam over Faith’s taut body. Then Buffy dropped her arms, entirely focused on the taller girl in front of her. Faith also couldn’t hide her appreciation of the dishevelled slayer as she always got turned on when Buffy fought.

They were both caught up in some kind of trance, and it was just the opportunity the demon had been looking for. He rushed forwards, straight at Buffy, who didn’t react. Thankfully Faith was able to pull herself round, and instinctively she leapt and raised her arm out to defend Buffy. She had the knife in her hand and it embedded itself deep into the creature’s neck. He fell to the muddy ground, coughing and spluttering up blood, grasping at the shaft of the knife in the vain attempt to free it from his throat.

“Crap. . .Faith, I hadn’t asked him what the cure is.” Buffy fell to her knees in front of the struggling demon. She grabbed his shoulders. “What is it? What’s the cure?” The frantic slayer shook the dying fiend, causing him to fall forwards.

“You. . .you will never find out now, and my plan will. . .it will succeed, once Angel gives in to the temptation. My master will be pleased.” The demon lurched forward, and with a gurgle collapsed completely to the floor dead, the knife having been plunged in far enough to sever most of his spinal cord.

“What? Hey, I didn’t say you could die.” Buffy rose to her feet and absently kicked the creature, causing its head to snap off and roll away. “Ew, gross,” Buffy whined as she turned her eyes to Faith, looking about ready to explode; her nostrils flaring and her shoulders tense. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Buffy covered her face with her hand, sighing in frustration.

Faith knew she had screwed up and that Buffy would be more than pissed at her, but she hadn’t meant to kill the demon. It had been an accident in her eagerness to defend the other girl. She was not only concerned about screwing up though, she was also worried that maybe Buffy had been injured in the heat of the fight.

She stepped in front of Buffy and reached out to touch her shoulder.

“Hey, you ok?” She rested her hand on the tight muscle at the top of Buffy’s left arm. Checking the other girl over with her eyes, looking for injuries.

“No, I’m not, and will you please stop looking so damn. . .hot,” Buffy groaned and pouted, turning away from Faith, who dropped her hand from the slayer.

Faith didn’t know what to say. Instead of being angry with her because she had messed up, Buffy was mad because Faith looked good. She didn’t think she could be more confused right now with the way her blonde friend was acting. She was completely unsure of whether or not Buffy was just saying what she was because she didn’t have a choice in the matter, and it didn’t help that the slay was beginning to get her hornies going too.

“Sorry.” It was all Faith could manage to say.

Buffy slowly turned around to face Faith. They were standing close, invading each other’s personal space, and the air suddenly seemed even warmer as it hung stiffly around the chosen two. Faith realised she should move away but she was discovering it was hard enough to even think about, let alone do.

Buffy tentatively reached out her hand and placed her palm across Faith’s cheek, instantly sending tingles over it. She brushed her fingers delicately down the brunettes jaw line to the dimple in her chin, before moving up to the full, glossed lips. Her twinkling green eyes following what she was doing.

Faith couldn’t move. She had never felt such a soft caress before, and she was savouring the slayer connection between them which gave the touch a sensual intimacy that she was finding hard to comprehend. The fact that it was Buffy making her weak at the knees made it even more impossible to resist the sweet caress.

“B. . .” She didn’t get the rest of her words out. She didn’t have them there in her mind anyway.

Buffy ran her thumb across Faith’s full lower lip, paying particular attention to the cleft in the middle. Her eyes were wide and full of lust, but there was also a gentle curiosity within the dark pools of her pupils. Right then, Faith knew for sure that she was in trouble. She was going to fall for Buffy.

Just as the shorter slayer leaned her body towards Faith, raising her soft looking lips to meet hers, Faith pulled back. Her lungs were fighting to suck in the humid air and her heart was pounding, but she didn’t want to be with Buffy because of some spell. She didn’t want to be used for the sole purpose of just helping the other girl out.

“Buffy, we should go tell Giles what happened. With the demon. Ya know, what he said.” She pried her enigmatic dark eyes from Buffy and turned to go.

“Wait, Faith. . .I know this is pretty weird, and that you’re thinking. . .well, that I’m just going to be all user-girl, but. . .”

Faith didn’t let her finish.

“Let’s just get back to Giles. We can talk about this later.” She had no intention of talking about it.

She didn’t want to be a quick fix, and she realised that Buffy would probably say anything to get her way right now. Faith didn’t want to put their relationship under any more strain than it was.

* * *

They made their way back to the library with Buffy fidgeting the whole way again. It was almost like she was feeling uncomfortable in her skin, like she wanted stripping of it. Or maybe it was just her clothes she wanted stripping of. Faith pushed the thought of a naked Buffy as far as she could to the back of her mind, but it wouldn’t go away.

She more than appreciated the blonde girl’s looks. She liked every bit of her. All petite and toned, cute and alluring, hot and. . .she shook her head but watched Buffy’s ass as she made her way into the library ahead of her.

“Fuck, this is hard.” Faith had never been tested like this before. Usually she would just go out and get whatever she wanted. She would take what was on offer, as simple as that.

“Ah, glad to see you both back unharmed.” Giles made his way from behind the counter. “Did you find the demons?”

“Yep, found and slayed.” Buffy smiled then winked at Faith, who had the uncharacteristic urge to blush.

“Did you find out the cure?” Giles asked, removing his glasses and waiting for the answer from the two girls.

“Um, well, no. . .but he did say something interesting,” Buffy pointed out as she looked up sheepishly at Giles.

“Buffy, what have I told you about getting information first,” he sighed.

“It wasn’t Buffy’s fault. I did it.” Faith narrowed her eyes at the watcher in challenge. She hated being judged on her slaying.

Buffy reached out to touch Faith, who was probably standing closer than was prudent, being unable to help herself. The blonde girl placed her left hand on Faith’s lower back, just resting it there lightly. Faith didn’t pull away or attempt to remove the hand as she didn’t want to bring the gesture to Giles’ attention as he was busy clearing away stuff from the spell he’d done and hadn’t seemed to notice.

“You should be more careful next time, Faith. You never know when you might miss a vital piece of information. Now we’ll have to find out for ourselves how to deal with this.” He moved back and forth from his office as he spoke.

“Giles, if Faith hadn’t acted the way she did then I might just be a little pile of Buffy goo right now. I was distracted and she stopped him attacking me.” She moved her fingers over Faith’s back, teasing her through the thin tee shirt.

“Yes, well. . .good job then Faith.” He nodded at Faith before continuing his blustering about. “So, what did you manage to find out?”

The two slayers remained standing next to the counter. Faith realised it would make more sense for them to go and sit down, but the warm hand gently playing with her back was discouraging her from moving an inch.

“Before he. . .” Buffy slipped her fingers closer to the top of Faith’s backside, “ran into Faith’s knife, which she looked really. . .good with, um. . .he said something about Angel giving into temptation.” Her fingers finally made there way into Faith’s waistband.

Faith lurched forwards, unable to take anymore teasing from the penetrating warmth of Buffy’s fingers. She moved further away from her tormentor, glancing around the library to distract herself.

“Yeah, the guy said his plan would succeed or something,” Faith added, then trailed off and stood a little way from Buffy, facing her.

“Plan. . .hmm,” Giles mused. “Maybe a plan to free and capture Angelus. Yes, that’s it, it must be. But now we have to find the cure in case, well, in case it does succeed.” He was talking more to himself than anything, and Buffy seemed more interested in Faith than telling Giles that she wasn’t about to go leap into bed with Angel.

The watcher made his way back into his office with an armful of ancient books.

Faith was doing her best not to stare at Buffy as the blonde girl seemed to slip into her own world again, shutting her eyelids and thinking of something that was definitely turning her on. It wasn’t that she was busy humping the woodwork again, but Faith caught the overwhelming scent of Buffy’s arousal, stronger than ever.

She closed her eyes and willed herself not to imagine what Buffy would taste like spread over her eager lips. She could tell she would be quite sweet from the smell alone. Faith flicked her tongue over the cleft in her lip that the slender girl had been captivated with earlier. Faith was worked up, and after slaying. . .just itching to fuck.

“I’m hungry, and tired so. . .I’m gonna head out,” Faith said, feeling like she had to get away.

The two girls looked at each other, fire roaring between them almost visibly, their eyes locked in an intense pull they both seemed to be playing victim to.

Giles broke the sudden silence and the tension. “Yes, you’re probably right. You should both go home and get some rest. I’ll drop you both off.” He picked up his keys from his desk then headed to the doors with the slayers following.

As they pulled up to Faith’s motel, Buffy stopped the brunette from just jumping straight out of the car. “Faith, can I. . .come in?” She smiled sexily at Faith. It was not something she was used to Buffy doing, but she clenched her jaw and grasped the door handle.

“I think you should go home and get some rest, girlfriend.” She smiled at Buffy and suddenly found herself pushing a stray strand of hair back behind the blonde girl’s ear.

Buffy leaned into the touch, and Faith knew instantly that she had done the wrong thing if she was going to leave the car anytime soon, and without causing Giles to redden any more than he was. She felt soft lips brush against her palm, sending a sweet shiver running down her spine across her ass and straight to her sex.

“Buffy, what the fuck are you doing to me?” It was a rhetorical question and she hadn’t really meant to say it aloud. It came out as a husky whisper, which really wasn’t going to stop Buffy from wanting her.

“Faith, please,” Buffy implored as she kissed Faith’s palm once more.

The world felt like it just upped and disappeared for Faith. They were the only ones that existed. . .until Giles made it abundantly clear they were not alone. He cleared his throat loudly.

Faith took a deep breath. “I. . .I have to go. I’ll see ya tomorrow.” Faith got out of the car as fast as she could, racing up the steps and slumping against the door as she closed it behind her.

She couldn’t work out the look Buffy had had in her eyes throughout most of the day. It was obvious they were telling her that Buffy desired her and wanted her, and Faith could put that down to the bite. But there was something else there, something deeper, but she didn’t know what exactly it was, or wasn’t confident enough to interpret it.

* * *

Faith showered and relaxed herself a little, and fell into bed exhausted. Not physically so, but emotionally. She had never had to deal with anything like the way she felt about Buffy. She did her best not to admit to herself that she was falling in love with the other girl, but it was the last thing on her mind before she fell asleep.

She must have been out for no longer than an hour or so before the shrill tone of the phone by her bed woke her.

“Fuck,” Faith mumbled. She pulled herself up out of the covers and felt about in the dark for the receiver. “Who is it?” she breathed out her question, her voice throaty with the remnants of sleep.

“Hey.” It was Buffy’s quiet little voice whispering in her ear.

So not what Faith needed.

“What’s wrong, girlfriend?” She moved a little further up in her bed, giving Buffy all her attention.

“Nothing’s wrong really. I just. . .” Her soft voice floated down the phone to Faith, who wanted to slam the receiver down and ignore the effect it was having on her. She didn’t of course.

“You just what, B?” As much as she wanted to end the call and go back to sleep, she didn’t have the will power.

“I. . .I just wanted to hear your voice.” Buffy actually sounded like she was blushing, but continued. “I can’t stop thinking about you.” Her tone was hushed, and deeper than Faith had ever heard it. It was pretty hot. “I can’t stop thinking about how much I want you.”

Faith rubbed the heel of her hand over her forehead. She didn’t want to hear Buffy’s pleas to relieve her just because she was the only slut she knew.

“You’re. . .” Faith was about to say how Buffy was only saying the things she was due to the strain the spell had put her under, but she didn’t get it out. Her slayer hearing had picked up on a soft rustling sound in the background coming from Buffy’s end. It sounded like the shifting of sheets.

“Talk to me, Faith. I want to hear your voice.” Buffy’s breathing was getting heavier.

“Buffy. . .what are you doing?” She had a fair idea, but she just had to ask.

“I want you, Faith. If this is the only way then it’s better than nothing,” Buffy whispered wantonly. “Are you in bed?”

There was more rustling in the background, and Faith had the impression that Buffy was busy shuffling around and maybe removing her clothes.

“This is a really bad idea.” Faith ran a hand through her hair, but didn’t sound too convincing, even to herself. She was heating up rapidly imagining what Buffy was doing.

“I bet you’re wondering where my hand is right now.” Buffy’s breath hitched as she spoke.

Faith couldn’t stop how she was feeling now. Her naturally sexual nature was willing itself forward, ignoring her brain and its incessant ramblings to keep control. She just couldn’t. She was horny beyond belief. She wanted Buffy, and she wanted this.

Faith leaned back into the headboard and casually allowed her hand to blaze a trail of heat down across her bare stomach to the waistband of her already damp panties.

“Talk to me. Tell me what you want to do to me, Faith. Where you want your fingers,” Buffy moaned down the telephone, leaving Faith in no doubt now about what she was doing to herself.

“B, I thought doing that to yourself made you feel worse.” She of course realised that getting herself off would only serve to make her hornier too, but she couldn’t stop now.

Faith was wet and needed to slide her fingers over herself, so she did. Slowly, Faith pushed her hand inside her black cotton panties and slicked her fingers with her warm need, moaning quietly as she did so.

“I can’t help it, Faith. And you can’t tell me you don’t want to touch me and fuck me right now. That you don’t want to tell me what you want to do to me. I can here you.” Buffy was breathing heavily now, bathing Faith’s ear in the sound of her hot lust. “Oh, fuck,” she groaned.

“Damn, B, you know I wanna get ya all wet for me; that I wanna fuck you.” Buffy groaned louder at Faith’s words, and now she had no hope of turning back, no matter what the consequences were.

Faith slid her fingers over her erect clit, swirling around it, toying with it in the sticky juice of her pussy. She rocked her hips up to meet her own teasing fingertips, and shivered at the contact and the sounds coming from the other end of the phone.

“What are ya doing right now, girlfriend?” Faith asked in a deep and sexy tone, as if she didn’t know already what Buffy was doing. She wanted to hear it from Buffy. She wanted the other girl to tell her.

“I’m sliding my fingers over my pussy, imagining it’s you doing it. Touching me,” Buffy confessed.

Faith moaned huskily, causing an equally aroused groan to come from Buffy. They were turning each other on with obvious motivation; pushing the limits of their friendship over the edge to that uncertain place that Faith was sure Buffy didn’t really want to go. She threw caution out of the window, because now she could hear Buffy’s fingers slipping around in her evidently sopping cunt.

“Jesus, girlfriend. I can hear how wet you are. I can hear how much your pussy wants me. Does it want me, B?” Her own fingers worked inside her glistening folds, searching for release.

“It wants you, Faith. I want you. . .inside me, tasting me. And I want to do the same to you. . .I have since I first laid eyes on you.” Buffy gasped, a sexy little squeak coming from her, and Faith could tell the phone Buffy was gripping would be close to being crushed. “Oh, God. . .fuck, Faith.” Buffy came, breathing heavily into Faith’s burning ear.

“That was so fucking sexy, B.” She couldn’t quite believe that Buffy had just come with her listening.

She was trying to compute everything that was going on. What the older girl had said to her. All the signals she had passed off or disbelieved, thinking she was just being hopeful. She sat listening to Buffy gather herself before speaking again, her own need forgotten for the time being.

“B. . .Buffy, did you mean what you just said? Or did you say it to get what you want? A quick fix.” Faith wanted to shut herself up, but couldn’t, because now she had feelings for Buffy above and beyond just sex.

“Faith. . .fuck, I’m so horny now. . .look, I understand your doubt, and if this thing hadn’t happened then I probably wouldn’t have told you anything. At least not for a long time. But this. . .this has just showed me, forced me to accept the way you make me feel.” Buffy’s voice was shaky now. She took a breath and continued. “You’re gorgeous, Faith, and I want you. I’ve been trying so hard to hide it and not react to you, but you made it so fucking difficult. Every time you touched me or looked at me I wanted you more.” Buffy sighed, doing her best to convince Faith that she was telling her the truth.

“But I don’t wanna wreck our friendship if this is just down to the spell, B.” She wanted to accept what Buffy was saying, but still wasn’t certain.

“I promise you this won’t wreck anything. Even if you don’t believe me. . .I do need you, Faith. I want to be with you. I want to have sex with you.” Buffy sounded close to tears now and despite her doubts Faith’s resolve had gone.

She just couldn’t hold out. She didn’t have the will power even if it meant getting hurt, used, or told to disappear afterwards. She was powerless to stop herself.

“I’ll come and pick you up. Sneak out and I’ll meet ya by your house,” Faith told her.

She was about to risk everything she had so recently found, but she just couldn’t resist Buffy any longer.



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