Have A Little Faith

Chapter Ten

Faith stood waiting outside the large house on Revello Drive. She had her hands pushed deep into the pockets of her leather pants, feeling a chill to the air that she was sure hadn’t been there earlier. Maybe it was the anticipation, or maybe just the dread that she was doing completely the wrong thing. She stopped thinking when she saw Buffy slink around the side of the house to meet her.

She was wearing some loose fitting sweats that only served to make her look even cuter than usual. Buffy glanced back at her house, then made her way over to the darkness by the trees where Faith was waiting.

They looked at each other differently than they had ever done before. Faith couldn’t quite place what the difference was. Maybe it was the knowledge that things were about to change between them, that things were going to change completely for Buffy as she had never so much as kissed another girl before.

Neither slayer spoke as Buffy closed the distance between them. Faith took her hands out of her pockets, her palms moist from something more than the lack of air. She tried to smile but found she couldn’t. She tried to move but her legs were refusing to obey.

Buffy finally reached her; her long blonde hair was loose and giving away the slight breeze that had found its way back into Sunnydale. Her eyes were shimmering somewhere between green and hazel, captivating the younger girl that had found herself already falling for Buffy.

Buffy reached up and gently ran her right hand through Faith’s soft dark hair, sighing as she stepped closer so they were almost touching. Buffy looked up into Faith’s whisky brown eyes and slowly leaned up to brush their lips together.

Faith closed her eyes, tumbling into the delicate touch of Buffy’s mouth against her own. They kissed gently; soft lips sliding against each other in a moment of calm before Buffy moaned as Faith stroked the tip of her tongue over her lower lip, then slid it into her accepting mouth.

Their tongues twirled around each other as their mouths pressed more firmly together, wanting more contact, more taste. Faith raised both her hands up into Buffy’s silky locks, groaning quietly as the smaller girl pulled her closer, crushing their fit young bodies together as the passion grew between them.

Faith had never felt something quite so erotic. It was sweet and gentle but also about the hottest kiss she had ever participated in. There was just something there between them that was sending sparks flying all over the place. She hoped it wasn’t literally happening, as she didn’t want to attract attention to them, and sizzling sparks would surely do that.

As she melted into the overwhelming feeling of kissing Buffy Summers, Faith shut out the fact that they should really move away from where they currently were. She was having an incredibly hard time focusing on anything but Buffy. The slayer tingles that usually came along with the other girl were washing over her in delicious waves, her lips were almost twitching from the contact, and that wasn’t even close to what the rest of her body was doing in every place that it pressed against Buffy.

Eventually they broke away for air, both girls licking their lips and breathing heavily.

“God, Faith, you’re an amazing kisser.” Buffy let her hand fall from Faith’s hair, but only as far as her neck, resting it just above her collarbone.

Faith couldn’t currently find her voice, the realisation that this was actually happening ramming itself home into her brain. She wanted to take the blonde slayer right then and there on the grass outside her quaint suburban home. She wanted to rip the clothes off her and fuck her in every way she knew how.

They had to make their way to her motel room before she lost herself completely and followed through on what she was thinking. Especially as - from the look in Buffy’s eyes - she was feeling the exact same way.

“Faith, I. . .” Buffy roamed her eyes over the dark girl, spending a long time practically drooling over her cleavage.

“Come on, we’d better get to mine. I don’t want your mom coming out and spoiling our fun.” She did a good job of hiding the tremble in her voice and turned with Buffy to make their way to the bad side of town.

Buffy smiled up at Faith, nodding then taking the younger girl’s hand in her own as they set off walking briskly.

It didn’t take them long to reach their destination. They hadn’t said much, if anything at all, but had never once released the other’s hand. It was as if they both needed the contact; solid proof that they were making their way to indulge in something incredibly intimate, something deep that only they would ever understand.

Faith was fully aware that given normal circumstances what they were about to share would be immensely important, significant and meaningful to the older girl. She wasn’t known for sleeping around. There had only ever been Angel, and that had only been what you could call sex the one time. Faith was carrying a lot more responsibility here than she was used to. If she was screwing up, it was going to be a huge one.

The chosen two reached the door to Faith’s motel room. Faith stopped in front of the cracked and peeling paint adorning the wood and looked down at Buffy’s hand grasped tightly in her own.

Buffy squeezed and moved closer to Faith. “It’s ok, Faith. I want this.” She let go of Faith’s hand, and encouraged the younger girl’s face towards her own.

She kissed Faith softly, pulling seductively on her lower lip as she pulled away to smile reassuringly at her.

“Are ya sure? It’s not something you can take back after it’s happened, and I doubt it’s something we could just. . .get over if. . .” Faith was stopped mid sentence by Buffy’s lips on her own again.

Buffy wrapped her arms around Faith, pulling her tight against her so she could practically feel her heartbeat. The brunette was caught up in the kiss and the feel of Buffy pressed so close, only noticing that the blonde girl had relieved the pocket of her pants of her keys when Buffy began pushing the door open.

“How’d. . .?”

“Shh, Faith, come inside and show me how much you want me.” Buffy walked backwards into the room with Faith following.

The brunette closed and locked the door behind her. When she turned around Buffy was sitting on the edge of the bed looking invitingly up at her. Throwing her keys on the nearby dresser, Faith moved towards the table lamp and turned it on, giving the room a soft glow.

She was nervous, which was so completely unlike her it was almost scary. Sex was something she usually excelled at. It was something she knew how to do, how to take command with, but right now she felt as inexperienced as Buffy looked.

Faith stood in front of the older girl, noting the deep rise and fall of her chest and the flush to her cheeks. As naïve as Buffy was when it came to sex, it was obvious she wanted this, and it eased Faith’s mind some way.

Remembering what Buffy had said to her over the phone, Faith moved closer to her, finding her confidence again as she felt the need to have sex with Buffy rise within her just as strong as it had ever been.

“B, I really want you. So if this fucks us up, I just want you to know. . .I didn’t have a choice. I can’t resist you.” Faith pulled Buffy up to her feet so they were almost nose to nose, then she captured the smaller girl’s mouth with her own, kissing her passionately.

Buffy moaned into her mouth, yielding to Faith’s demanding tongue, her hands gripping onto Faith around her back. Faith’s strong fingers delved into soft blonde hair as she held Buffy to her, swirling her tongue around her mouth and across her lips, tasting every bit of her she could. As she pulled away, feeling the sharpness of Buffy’s small canine teeth, Faith realised neither of them was about to turn back now.

She knew she was going to have to take most of the control in this, being more experienced and naturally inclined to be controlling. So if Buffy wanted her, then it was going to be on her terms, and it was going to blow the older girl away. That much she was positive about. Faith wasn’t shy when it came to sex, and she knew how to get - and give - what she wanted.

Wasting no more time, Faith slipped Buffy’s jacket from her shoulders, throwing it onto a nearby chair. She did the same with her own, smirking at the blonde who looked about ready to burn up she was that horny. Faith backed up and leant against the dresser, leaving Buffy stood in front of her by the bed. She glanced up and down the blonde slayer, finally able to just look at her without worrying what the other girl would think or say.

“As cute as you look in those sweats, B. I wanna see you out of em. So strip.” Yeah, her confidence was coming back all right, and something told her that Buffy would get even more turned on if she was fairly dominant with her. She licked her lips in anticipation of what was to follow.

Buffy’s pupils darkened noticeably in the soft glow of the lamplight, and smiling demurely at Faith she began to slowly undress, her embarrassment evidently being stripped away with every article of clothing.

First to go was her tee shirt. She threw it to the floor, keeping her eyes locked with Faith's. She wasn’t wearing a bra and Faith had to resist the urge to reach out and touch the soft young breasts that were tantalisingly just in front of her. Buffy’s pink nipples were already erect under the scrutiny of her dark gaze, and she wanted them in her mouth. But denying the exquisite temptation to take her counterpart as soon as she could was turning Faith on more than she thought possible.

Buffy continued undressing as she slid her loose fitting pants down her legs to the floor, shaking them from her feet along with her sneakers. Her underwear was pink, but still managed to look sexy on her. Faith could feel herself getting wet at the thought of what was hidden in those girlie panties. She was about to be allowed exclusive rights to have access to Buffy’s most intimate body parts, and the images flashing through her head would have made Satan blush.

Something crossed Faith’s mind causing her to grin wickedly. She knew exactly what she wanted Buffy to do. If this was going to be her one and only opportunity with the cute blonde, she wanted to indulge at least one fantasy.

“Take your panties off and get on the bed.” Faith’s husky voice gave away her desire, as she waited for Buffy to do as she had been told.

Buffy did indeed seem to enjoy being told what to do. Her breathing rate increased as she obeyed, slipping out of her underwear before Faith. She stood, discarding the panties and revealing her almost completely shaved pussy; the smallest strip of short light hair already glistening with her need.

“Fuck, B. You look good.” It was no word of a lie.

Buffy was perfect to her. She loved the petite frame of the other girl, and the hidden strength in her lithe limbs, the sexy slenderness that called to Faith to adore it with her own body. And Buffy’s practically bald little pussy was making her mouth water.

“I thought you’d like it like that.” Buffy couldn’t have mistaken the expression on Faith’s face when she had removed her panties as anything other than obvious approval. “I did it just for you.”

Faith ran her tongue over the cleft in her lush lower lip, and took a deep breath. “You know what else I want ya to do for me, Twinkie? I want you to get on the bed and touch yourself for me.” The younger girl practically growled when Buffy sat on the bed and pushed herself up so she was leaning on the pillows that were slightly propped against the headboard.

She had done it without any sign of objection. Obeying Faith without hesitation or even the slightest sign that she would be unhappy doing it.

Faith moved round to the bottom of the bed and knelt on the mattress in front of Buffy. She had removed her boots but nothing else. Gazing hungrily over the prone slayer, Faith sat back on her heels.

“Tell me what you want, Faith. Talk to me.” Buffy was getting increasingly worked up, her heaving breasts mesmerising the other girl as the blonde brushed her own hand over her pink nipple.

“Yeah, that’s it. B. Touch yourself. Squeeze those hot little titties for me.”

Buffy complied, grasping both breasts in her hands, rolling her palms over her sensitive nipples. She kept her eyes locked on Faith as she watched her fondle her own breasts.

Faith had had fantasies about Buffy touching herself in front of her before, and the little show the small slayer had put on in the library had only served to make her more eager to actually witness it for real. And here she was, sitting in front of the usually demure girl, watching her play with herself. She had to have more. She had to see more.

“Spread your legs, girlfriend. I wanna see you.” Her heart rate was sky high, and her panties were bearing the brunt of her slick need.

Buffy spread her legs for Faith, her knees bent and thighs open for the slayer to see as much of the blonde girl’s wet pussy as she could from where she was sitting. It was clear how turned on Buffy was. Her pussy lips were glistening with her desire, the sweet pink folds begging to be touched, but Faith held back.

She wanted to taste Buffy so badly, and the intoxicating smell of sweet desire washing over her from Buffy’s sopping pussy was doing nothing to help the situation. She did her best to steady her breathing and just watch.

She was getting too hot to be wearing so many clothes so Faith pulled her tee shirt over her head, allowing her soft round breasts to bounce out into the heated atmosphere of the small room. Buffy’s eyes immediately grew wide, and her right hand instinctively began to make its way lower.

“God, Faith, you really are beautiful. Please, take off your pants, I want to see you too.” Buffy sounded close to begging and Faith was powerless to refuse.

She stood in order to remove her tight leather pants, taking down her black underwear with them. She settled back on the bed in front of Buffy just as she slipped her fingers into her own dripping pussy, groaning as she did so. Faith watched as Buffy spread her folds for her, to be left in no doubt about how wet she was.

“That’s so fucking sexy, B. Finger your hot pussy for me, baby.” Faith was doing her best not to touch herself at the sight before her, but she didn’t want to be distracted from watching everything the older girl was doing.

Buffy coated her digits in her hot liquid and spread it over her clit, biting her lip as she did so. Her breathing hitched with every pass over her swollen nub, little moans escaping as she looked hungrily over every part of Faith she could. Buffy was already close to orgasm.

“Put a finger inside yourself, B.” Faith was subconsciously leaning closer now to the prone girl, her hands on the bed close to Buffy’s feet. She didn’t know how much longer she could hold back from touching Buffy’s quivering wet cunt herself.

“Faith. . .are you trying to kill me?” She did as she was told however. Buffy slid a finger into her slick pussy, groaning right along with Faith.

Faith moved forwards toward Buffy, her bronzed nakedness now tentatively close to touching the smaller girl’s own flushed skin as she watched her finger slide in and out of herself.

“You’re getting me so wet, B.” Faith hovered above Buffy between her spread thighs, as she masturbated for the dark beauty.

“Faith, please. . .touch me,” Buffy pleaded as she slipped her finger from her pussy one last time and grabbed onto Faith, pulling her down on top of her.

Their overheated bodies came together in a delicious embrace as they crushed their lips to one another, kissing greedily. The feeling was intense. Not only because they had been craving each other since they had first met, teasing each other with their timid flirting, but also because their slayer connection had just shot powerful tingles through their bodies and down their spines. Everywhere they touched was on fire, and Faith knew Buffy was feeling the same as her, she could just sense it.

Faith pushed her sopping pussy into Buffy’s and they both cried out at the contact. Pulling the smaller slayer into more of a horizontal position, Faith stole her lips away from the hungry girl and started making her way to her breasts, licking and nipping her way over them until she took a solid little nipple into her mouth and sucked hard.

She realised she was being fairly rough with Buffy, but she couldn’t help herself, she had been wanting this so much. She couldn’t hold back now, and it wasn’t as if Buffy was protesting; her thrusting hips and groans confirming that Faith was doing the right thing.

“God, Faith that feels so good.”

Faith moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and biting as her hips pushed down into Buffy, sliding their wet pussies against each other. Faith could feel their juices mixing as they coated each other in their lust, the hot smell of sex filling the room along with their moans of pleasure.

Buffy was panting heavily now, her overwhelming need taking over and forcing Faith to go quicker than she really wanted to. She travelled down to Buffy’s flat stomach, only one destination on her mind, and Buffy must have had the same idea.

“Faith, go down on me. Please, eat my pussy,” she pleaded, sighing sexily.

Faith growled in the back of her throat, her inner slayer roused by Buffy’s wanton request. She grinned up at her lover, her dimples flashing across her cheeks as she lowered her head to the sweet offering on complete show to her. She looked down at the flushed pink flesh of Buffy’s pussy, breathing in the scent of the other girl’s arousal, memorising how pretty it was all trimmed and wet.

Slowly, she trailed her eager tongue between the dripping folds, gathering the silky fluid to drink down with a satisfied smile on her face. Buffy moaned in appreciation, her hips rising to Faith’s mouth, encouraging her to continue.

“Oh, God, fuck me. Please, Faith, I need you to fuck me.”

Faith dove into Buffy’s spread pussy with her tongue, pushing it as deep as she could go up inside her tight hole. She fucked the trembling girl, flicking her thumb over her engorged clit, causing Buffy to squeal in delight before giving in to just about managing to whimper as Faith thoroughly tongued her pussy.

“Oh yeah,” Buffy moaned, clearly close to the edge, her ultra horny state taking her there faster than probably either slayer wanted.

Feeling the blonde girl approaching orgasm Faith shifted positions, flicking her tongue out over Buffy’s clit and quickly burying two fingers deep inside her. She marvelled at the sexy sound of her fingers thrusting in and out of Buffy, loving the feeling of the older girl’s tight entrance encasing her, pulling her deeper.

She fucked Buffy’s dripping cunt, faster and harder, keeping rhythm with her pumping hips, wanting her to explode all over her. Curling her digits up over the thrusting slayer’s G spot, Faith felt a sudden gush of come seep out all over her hand as Buffy screamed her name over and over into the night.

“Faith, oh fuck, Faith.” She trembled under the expert touch of the dark girl, crashing back down into the mattress as her lungs fought for air.

Faith reluctantly removed her soaked fingers from Buffy, and crawled her way up her sweat covered body. She didn’t want it to end just yet but something told her that the older girl had just come harder than she ever had before.

As she lay down beside the still trembling girl, her leg protectively draped over her, Faith could see that Buffy was crying. Tears were slowly making their way down towards the pillow beneath her.

“You ok, B?” Faith propped herself up next to the tearful girl, looking down on her with concern.

“Faith. . .I’m so much more than ok. That was beautiful.” She pulled the brunette down into a heart-stopping kiss.

Faith had never had somebody say that to her before. It was just another thing that made her fall even further for Buffy. Another quirk of the other girl that made her heart skip a beat.

She leaned back and smiled at the cute blonde, noticing that she looked well and truly out of it. “Hey, you goin to sleep on me, Twinkie?” She wanted more time with Buffy. She wanted to show her all the ways she could make her feel good in case she never got the chance to again.

“Mmm. . .tired. I’ll just sleep for a little while. I wanna make you come too. Just. . .give me. . .” Buffy’s eyes slid shut and Faith couldn’t bring herself to attempt to keep her awake. She just looked too cute all snoozy and satisfied.

Faith didn’t know if she’d cured Buffy, but she was pretty sure she had done her job as far as making her feel better. At least Buffy was able to sleep now without her constant need for sex keeping her awake.

“Damn, girlfriend. I don’t care if you never speak to me again; I loved every minute of that.” She pulled the covers up over them both and settled in beside the sleeping slayer.

Of course, she realised she would be more than upset if Buffy never spoke to her again, but somehow, something deep inside her told Faith that wouldn’t happen.

But then. . .things always had a way of turning around and biting her in the ass.



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