Have A Little Faith

Chapter Eleven

Faith stretched her stiff legs out in the warm bed, sighing at the unusually relaxed feeling sweeping over her as her sleepy eyes opened to the soft light piercing the dusty curtains. She rolled over, not quite expecting anything to be different than usual, until she looked over at the crumpled empty space beside her.

Then it all came back to her and she groaned. The last thing she remembered was Buffy rolling almost completely on top of her as she fell asleep. The blonde girl’s arms holding her possessively as she lightly snored away on her chest. She recalled feeling safer and more content than she had ever really felt before.

Faith had had one of the soundest sleeps of her young life, but now Buffy was gone, and she felt used and rejected just like so many people she had done the same to. Just like she knew she would of if she gave into Buffy’s flirting the way she did.

She lifted her hand up to her hair as she sat up in the bed, the sheets falling off her upper body and pooling around her waist, revealing her full round breasts to the warmth of the gloomy apartment. She looked around the cheap motel room. She narrowed her eyes and furrowed her brow in confusion, noticing Buffy’s clothes were still strewn around where they had fallen as she’d taken them off.

“Hey, sexy. I thought you’d never wake up.” Buffy was leaning on the doorframe to the bathroom, smiling at Faith’s sleepy and bewildered state.

Faith glanced over at Buffy and was wondering why she hadn’t felt the tingles she usually got around her counterpart, but then she realised that they were there, just not as strong because of how close they’d been all night. The thought brought her out of her temporary daze.

“Shit, you’ve been here all night, B. Your mom’ll be frantic.”

“It’s ok, I left a note. And that’s pretty much the last thing I would have expected you to say in a situation like this. I mean, here I am in your room, with only a tee shirt on, after a night in which you blew me away you were so good. I’d have expected more than one crude remark, or excessive amounts of grinning at least.” Buffy slowly made her way back over to the bed, her eyes never leaving Faith.

“Is that my tee shirt?” Faith came back down from the cloud she had been busy lounging around on, smiling sexily at Buffy.

“Yes it is. Do you mind me wearing it?” Buffy reached the side of the bed closest to the bathroom, casting her eyes over Faith’s exposed torso.

“Yeah I do, so I think you should take it off. Right now.” Faith’s already sleep husky voice became even thicker with her usual morning horniness.

Buffy standing around in a baggy tee shirt short enough to give Faith an eyeful if she were to raise her arms slightly, was doing nothing to cool her ardour. And Faith was really hoping she hadn’t cured Buffy of her problem.

“I guess I should take it off then. Shame, because it smells of you and I really like the way you smell. But if you want it. . .off it goes.” Buffy was dancing between cute and girlie and seductive temptress, and Faith was getting all kinds of hot and bothered.

Buffy pulled the dark blue tee shirt off over her head, revealing her pert little breasts, along with the rest of her slender body. Faith was beginning to breathe heavy, her sleepiness giving way to raging hormones. After all, it was only Buffy that had got off the night before, so Faith was about ready to pop.

“Get over here, B. I think I should teach you some manners about taking things that aren’t yours.” She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively and pulled back the covers to reveal just how naked she was too.

“God, you’re gorgeous, Faith. And so, so tempting, but I gotta go to school, and I need a shower.” She looked Faith up and down, her green eyes a sea of desire. Then she turned to head for the bathroom.

Faith wrinkled her brow, bewildered. Either Buffy was now cured of her horniness and had finished using her. Or she was cured and still interested, but tormenting her unfairly. Or maybe she wasn’t cured at all and was just being a bitch of a pussy tease.

Buffy wandering around her room wearing nothing but a smile was heating Faith’s blood to boiling point, and turning her on ridiculously easily. She looked up at the ceiling and mentally wished for. . .

“Are you coming or not?” Buffy asked, looking over her shoulder sexily at Faith and sauntering into the bathroom.

Faith moved so quickly that the bed shifted across the floor at least a foot. She followed the very naked Buffy into the other room, still no wiser as to what was going on with the older girl.

Buffy leaned over the bath and turned on the taps for the shower, smiling as Faith moved up behind her and pulled her close. Faith wrapped her arms around the shorter girl and rubbed up against her pert backside, pushing her neatly trimmed mound into Buffy’s firm body, causing them both to groan at the contact.

As they listened to the pipes gurgling and clanking, waiting for the water to run hot, Faith trailed her fingertips lightly down Buffy’s sides, then up over her slim stomach to her exposed breasts, making Buffy shiver a little as she delighted in the softness of her skin.

She had noticed how soft it was whilst they were on the beach, and now she didn’t just know the feel of it, she knew the taste, of all of Buffy. Faith couldn’t stop herself thinking how she could get quickly addicted to it; to Buffy. How she would like nothing more than to wake up with her every day and show her just how much she loved the way she tasted.

It was certainly a sobering thought for somebody whose sex life had mainly constituted a “get some, get gone” attitude. But with the fit, very naked, and very hot slayer pressed up close to her, she just didn’t care about anything other than what she was feeling right then. To hell with her bad-girl image.

At the same moment as slipping her fingers over the blonde’s erect, pink nipples, Faith lowered her mouth and nipped at Buffy’s neck. Softly sucking at the tender flesh there.

Buffy moaned and cocked her head to the side, exposing more of her neck, obviously enjoying the attention Faith was giving her. Especially now that Faith was busy slowly and surely grinding her pussy into her firm ass, and pushing her soft breasts against her.

“Faith, you should stop. I don’t wanna be late for class.” Buffy’s actions weren’t backing up her words however.

The small slayer snaked her left hand up into Faith’s dishevelled hair and placed the other one on her solid butt cheek, more or less encouraging her to keep doing exactly what she was.

Faith continued kissing Buffy’s neck. She was getting wet, really wet. Her hot sex wanting friction. Wanting Buffy. She shifted her position behind the smaller girl a little, moving her legs further apart and rolling her hips into her, spreading her slick need on Buffy’s firm ass.

Her actions caused Buffy to bend forward slightly, effectively giving her more friction on her pussy. Buffy placed the hand that had been gripping her ass, onto the side of the bath, holding onto it as Faith spread her glistening pussy lips over her.

“Fuck, B. You’ve got such a tight little ass. I wanna come all over it.” Faith increased the speed of her hips, rubbing harder into Buffy.

She trailed her right hand down over Buffy’s stomach to the top of her pussy, licking her way up the blonde girl’s neck to her ear and taking her soft earlobe between her teeth. Then she whispered into Buffy’s ear, blowing hot air over it and causing Buffy to push back into her more.

“If you really like the way I smell I’m gonna rub my pussy all over ya, baby. Make you smell of nothing but my come.” Faith dipped her fingertips into Buffy’s almost hairless pussy.

“Oh, God, Faith. I wanna fuck you. . .” Buffy turned around suddenly and caught Faith in a blistering kiss, holding their hot bodies together. “. . .but I need to shower.”

Buffy slipped from Faith’s grasp and she groaned in annoyance. She was so turned on, needing release and needing it soon. Watching as Buffy stepped under the warm cascade of water in the shower, Faith slid a finger through her soaked folds, catching the tip of her swollen clit. She lightly circled it with her eyes fixed on the cute little tease busy soaping her hair with shampoo.

She watched as the soapy water tumbled down Buffy’s back and over her sexy ass. Licking her full lips as the white foam travelled downwards to pool at her feet, Faith slipped a solitary finger inside herself, imagining what it would feel like if it were Buffy’s finger delving into her silky pussy. She groaned at the thought.

Buffy looked over at Faith, following the small movements of the dark girl’s hand with her eyes. She smiled knowingly, bent forward and took the hand from Faith’s pussy, pulling her towards her. Faith stepped into the shower behind Buffy.

“That’s my job, Faith. So no touching.” She kissed Faith softly before placing the shampoo in her previously occupied hand.

Faith raised an eyebrow but said nothing. If Buffy wanted to do it, then she wasn’t going to stop her. She just hoped she would get some loving soon because she was hot and wet, and that wasn’t from the water Buffy had just pulled her under.

They spent a few minutes soaping each other up and washing each other down. Faith relented to the hard stream of hot water pulsing over her strong shoulders and shapely back. She closed her eyes as Buffy slipped her gentle hands over her, not quite touching her where she wanted her to, but turning her on all the same.

“You’re such a fucking tease,” Faith breathed out into the steam of the small room.

“I’m not teasing, Faith. I want to touch you but I’m just a little scared, I’ve never touched another girl before like the way I want to touch you.”

Faith opened her eyes, not quite believing what Buffy was saying, not after what had happened that night. But Buffy did indeed look a little frightened, so the Faith kissed her softly but passionately and placed her hands around the smaller girl’s wrists.

Smiling at Buffy to ease her nervousness, Faith moved her hands up with her, guiding her up over her compact stomach and towards her full breasts. She was breathing hard in her anticipation of the contact and in the knowledge that the sexually reserved slayer was looking at her body in open appreciation and lust.

As Buffy’s hands finally slipped over her breasts and aching nipples, Faith moaned in the back of her throat. It sounded more like a growl and seemed to make Buffy bolder as she shook off Faith’s own hands from her wrists and gently squeezed the dark girl’s breasts.

“Hmm, that’s good,” Faith sighed as she arched into the caress.

Buffy was obviously lost in the sensation of touching another woman that way; already hooked on the soft sounds escaping Faith’s parted lips. She rolled over the dusky nipples with her palms before brushing her fingertips over them, instantly causing them to become even harder.

It was almost painfully slow the way Buffy was teasing her breasts. Faith had her back to the showerhead, one hand placed on the blonde girl’s hip and the other now gripping the shower curtain. Her mind was a torrent of wanting and needing, and as Buffy pulled on her nipples roughly Faith fell back into the cold tiles behind her.

“Oh fuck, Buffy,” she groaned.

Buffy was still teasing, but Faith was loving it.

The shorter girl moved closer to Faith and kissed her, still toying with her nipples between her fingers. Circling the hard nubs and flicking her thumbs over them, pressing and pulling until Faith thought she was going to come from just that.

“You’ve got gorgeous breasts, Faith. I could do this all day.” Buffy was having as much trouble breathing as Faith, kissing down her slender neck towards where her fingers were playing.

The muscles in Faith’s stomach were jumping in expectation of the warm mouth making its way over her soft mounds and approaching her dark nipples. She groaned and gripped Buffy tighter as soon as she felt the tip of Buffy’s tongue flick over her sensitive right nipple. She was in heaven and Buffy had barely even touched her yet.

“Jesus, Buffy, suck on me.” Faith watched as Buffy smiled wickedly, like she was enjoying giving Faith pleasure just as much as she had taken it from her.

Buffy obeyed, vigorously sucking the hard nipple into her mouth and pulling on it, using her teeth to cause Faith to gasp out sharply. She subjected the other breast to the same delicious torment, and before Faith realised just how bold the other girl was getting, Buffy slipped her fingers into her hot wet pussy.

“Fuck.” Faith rolled her hips towards the probing fingers currently exploring and sliding around in her sopping cunt.

Buffy licked her way up to her throat as she circled Faith’s clit, gently and slowly rubbing over it as Faith practically trembled against the cool tiles behind her. She could feel Buffy pushing the hood of her erect clit back, exposing it to her eager fingers, which she now flicked quickly across it.

Faith was fast becoming a quivering wreck, almost whimpering with how good it felt to have Buffy playing with her pussy; rubbing and sliding around her clit. She was beginning to feel the build up of exquisite tension through her entire body, but she didn’t want to come too soon; enjoying the attentions of Buffy far too much to ever want it to end.

“B. . .go inside me, baby,” Faith moaned. She spread her legs further apart for Buffy in the confines of the bath. “I want your fingers in me.”

Buffy groaned against her neck and slowly swirled her finger down to Faith’s dripping entrance, toying with the soft pink opening, seemingly taking in the sight, the smell, and the sticky sound of Faith’s sweet flowing arousal before plunging in with two fingers. Faith cried out into the humid air, gripping onto Buffy and the shower curtain as her legs began to buckle from the onslaught.

“Shit. . .Oh, yeah,” Faith called out breathlessly.

The small slayer held her up and fucked Faith slowly, pulling her fingers in and out in a torturous tease. Faith was lost to it; her chest heaving up against Buffy as she whimpered out her gratitude.

She began to thrust her drenched pussy onto Buffy’s fingers as the other girl pushed deeper and harder, penetrating her tight hole as much as she could. Impaling her as she slipped another finger inside her.

“God, Faith. I love the way you feel inside. You’re so hot and wet. . .and sexy.” Buffy fucked her faster now, and rubbed her fingertips up into Faith’s G spot.

“Fuck. . .that’s it, baby. I love what you’re doing to me. I fucking love. . .it,” Faith gasped.

For a second, in her aroused confusion, Faith had thought she’d made the huge mistake of telling Buffy she loved her because the blonde girl seemed to still her motions a little, but then her fingers picked up pace again. Faster and harder, as she pumped her fingers in and out of the sexy slayer; the hot wet sound of her pussy being filled and fucked causing them both to writhe against each other.

“Oh, baby, I need more. . .more of you.” Faith opened her legs as wide as she could, placing most of her weight on the other girl and the shower curtain.

Buffy pressed her body into Faith, and shoved another finger up inside her grasping entrance. She penetrated her fast and hard as the brunette threw her head back and rode her hand with debauched abandon. Buffy was using her slayer strength to give Faith exactly what she needed deep inside her. Deep into the hot pink pussy that was spread wide and sucking at her fingers.

Then Buffy flicked her fingertips quickly over Faith’s sweet spot in a circling motion that was causing her to moan loudly for the girl fucking her. She was on the edge, a flood of come just waiting to spill out of her and all over Buffy.

“Oh yeah. Oh fuck. . .” Faith arched up and into Buffy, pulling her fingers deep inside her as she came hard. “Buffy. . .fuck, baby.” She practically screamed her name and pulled hard on the shower curtain trembling as her pussy walls convulsed around Buffy’s buried fingers inside her.

Before either girl had time to react the pole holding the shower curtain up came crashing down, bringing half the wall with it due to the force Faith had pulled on it. As her legs were busy trembling beneath her, she was unable to steady herself or Buffy as she was left with nothing but the smaller girl holding her up.

They both tumbled out of the bath, crashing onto the floor in a heap with the curtain and bits of wall and tile covering them. With Faith still trembling from her orgasm, they looked up at the large hole and falling bits of wall, then at each other; they burst out laughing. The easy and comfortable feeling of being so close - and now lovers - washing over them both.

Buffy kissed Faith as soon as they finally stopped giggling, devouring the dark girl’s mouth with her own with intensity, filling Faith with so much feeling and hope. Even though she knew that Buffy was only there because she ‘needed’ to be, she didn’t care, because she was so into the other girl.

After a few minutes Faith gently pushed at Buffy, moving her back so she could look deep into her green eyes.

“You’re amazing, ya know. I mean. . . that was fucking amazing.” She pushed her lips to Buffy’s again and ran her hands down to her backside, avoiding the remnants of the wall, pulling the blonde against her still oozing pussy and wanting nothing more than to keep doing whatever they could to each other to make them both feel good.

Buffy groaned, but not in a good way. “Fuck. . .I really have to get to school.” She raked her eyes over the prone brunette, looking like she wanted to eat her alive right there in the now dusty bathroom. “Why is life so unfair?” she sighed.

Faith was thinking the exact same thing.



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