The Diary

Chapter Eight

Faith fumbled with the key in her motel room door, doing her best to seem cool and calm and not on the verge of just throwing Buffy against the wall and doing her right then and there. She was so worked up, with the slay, the closeness of Buffy to her throughout the night, all the thoughts about what Buffy had written about her and fantasized about her. Faith was wondering just how they’d managed to make it all the way to the motel.

It certainly hadn’t been easy to keep her hands off Buffy, but the streets were still a little busy, and they were both pretty much concentrating on walking fast, but not fast enough to draw attention to them. And they’d made it.

Neither girl had spoken throughout the entire journey. Faith wasn’t worried. She knew Buffy felt the same way about her, so really, the lack of words only made things hotter, because she could only presume that Buffy was thinking the same things she was. And Faith was busy thinking about hot, naked Slayer flesh pressed all over hers.

“Do ya wanna hand?” Buffy asked from over Faith’s shoulder.

Before Faith could reply, the smaller girl stepped close to her, trailing her hand down Faith’s arm until she reached her hand and helped Faith turn the key in the lock. With a satisfying click, the door swung open, and Faith turned in the Buffy’s arms.

“You sure about this, B?” Faith questioned, her lips close to Buffy’s and her hands threatening to slide under her flimsy top.

“I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t sure, Faith. But I am. . .a little nervous,” Buffy admitted as she looked away, her eyes shy and her expression clearly allowing Faith to see that she meant it.

“It’s ok, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. I may have slept around a little more than you, and done the girl-on-girl thing once, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna make you feel bad if you change your mind,” Faith said, having no idea why she was saying what she was.

If truth were told, she knew she’d be livid if Buffy backed out now. But then, she also knew she wouldn’t let Buffy see that, and she’d deal with it. She’d get over it, because Buffy was worth the wait.

“I’m not gonna change my mind, but I. . .I know I got all descriptive in my diary and stuff,” Buffy said as she blushed profusely, which only caused Faith to smile gently at her, finding Buffy’s anxiousness adorable, “but. . .I’m not very. . .I mean, I haven’t done. . .”

Faith placed her hand on the Buffy’s cheek, brushing her lips softly over hers, softer than any previous kiss between them. It surprised them both but Faith wasn’t about to let on. She just took a second to enjoy the tenderness of the other girl.

She had only ever had sex with one other girl before, and it was by no means something mind blowing, or life changing, or tender. More a drunken fuck in a toilet. That’s why she hadn’t wanted to go further with Buffy in the dark and dirty alley, because it wouldn’t have been special enough.

There was no doubt in her mind now that she wanted Buffy as more than a fuck. More than somebody to screw when she felt like it, or when they were both horny from slaying, or just in need of some fun. Although those options sounded pretty good, it wasn’t enough. She wanted something she’d never had with anybody. And that was somebody to call her own. To know that Buffy was there because she wanted to be with her, and not just because she was in need of sex.

Knowing Buffy, even as little as she did, Faith was more than aware that the she didn’t just fall into bed with people. She’d seen the amount of offers Buffy got, but not once had she taken anybody up on them. Until now. Until her. And Faith felt incredibly honored. It was also doing wonders for her libido. Faith was hornier than she could ever remember being.

That became obvious as their kiss deepened, tongues entwining in a heated embrace. Faith felt Buffy’s hands slide up under her jacket, heating the skin under her tight top, and she wanted more. She wanted the inexperienced hands all over her.

“B, we should get inside before the manager comes out and asks to join in or something equally as sick,” Faith mentioned, and once again grabbed hold of Buffy’s hand, and then led her inside, closing the door behind them both.

Buffy stood fiddling with the TV aerial nervously as Faith took her jacket off and threw it on a chair in the corner of her run down motel room. She placed her keys on the sideboard under the window, switched the lamp beside her bed on, then turned to watch Buffy attempting to replace the now broken aerial.

“You gonna play with that all night, or get over here?” Faith smirked as Buffy looked up, her brow a little furrowed, probably thinking Faith would be pissed off that she had just wrecked the already shitty reception she got from her TV.

“Sorry. . .” Buffy put down the aerial and slowly made her way over to where Faith was standing by the bed. “I didn’t tell you earlier but. . .you look amazing, Faith. I love when you straighten your hair. It makes you look. . .really hot,” Buffy said, smiling coyly, a slight flush reaching her cheeks as she came to a halt in front of the stunning brunette.

“Yeah? Well you look pretty fucking hot too, B. I like that look on you. It’s sexy.” She ran her eyes over Buffy, noticing how the blonde girl shuddered a little.

She loved the way Buffy reacted to her, it got her hot in the biggest way, to have somebody so cute, so unsullied, so beyond what she had ever thought she would deserve, be so into her that they trembled at just a look. She felt her heart speed up, her skin heat up, and she just knew her eyes would be darker than the night outside with desire.

“God, Faith, you look like you’re about to eat me,” Buffy said, obviously without realizing quite what it was she had alluded to, until Faith grinned her trademark grin. “I mean, the way you look. . .all, predatory, not that you would. . .yunno ‘eat me’, ’cause I wouldn’t just expect you to. . .” Buffy didn’t get to finish her sentence as Faith pounced.

She pulled Buffy towards her, and crushed their lips together, thrusting her tongue into her mouth, encouraged by the groan she had received. Faith wrapped Buffy up in her arms, wanting her impossibly close. She was on the verge of exploding for the other Slayer, and could hold back no longer.

She wanted. She had been given permission to take. And she was definitely going to have Buffy.

“I’d fucking love to eat you, B. For real, I’ve thought about nothing else for weeks,” Faith declared, as she began to place hungry kisses along Buffy’s jaw and down her neck. “I wanna taste every bit of you.” Her hands tugged on Buffy’s top, and she was glad there was no resistance.

Faith pulled Buffy’s top off over her head, throwing it over to the chair that her jacket now occupied. She looked down at Buffy, her eyes almost black with desire as she realized that Buffy hadn’t been wearing a bra. Her pert young breasts were just begging for Faith to touch them, and she wasn’t going to disappoint.

Glancing up to look in Buffy’s eyes to make sure she wasn’t going too fast for the less experienced girl, Faith smiled warmly, doing her best to keep Buffy relaxed. She needn’t have worried, because Buffy looked just about as hungry as Faith felt.

Buffy cupped Faith’s face then, running her thumb over her dimpled cheek, melting Faith with the gentleness and the unusual tenderness that she just wasn’t used to when it came to sex. She knew without a doubt that if it had been anybody else in her motel room right now, they’d already be naked and fucking hard and fast. But Faith didn’t want to rush through this. She wanted to savor every moment, and every tiny detail.

She moved into the circle of Buffy’s arms again, bringing their lips together in a passionate kiss. Her right hand found its way between them, softly stroking the Buffy’s stomach, enjoying the jump of the muscles just under the surface of her flushed skin. Faith couldn’t quite believe she had Buffy in her room, her top off and awaiting her hands and mouth on her breasts, but that’s exactly what was happening.

She moved her kisses to Buffy’s neck, her lips sucking, teeth nibbling, heart pounding with the rapid exhalations of the blonde girl. Her fingers danced a soft dance over Buffy’s skin as she moved her hand up to the place where it wanted to be.

The swell of Buffy’s breast came into reach, and Faith took a second just to look down at the hardening little pink nipple. Her mouth was watering, wanting to take the puckered flesh in her mouth, but her fingers were persistent.

She tickled her fingers over Buffy’s nipple, sucking a little harder on her neck as they both sighed. This time there was no material in the way, and Faith could feel the nub firming even more to her touch. To the insistent circling of her fingers and then her thumb, as she trailed kisses down to the other breast.

Faith glanced up to see Buffy watching her intently, her green eyes dark, Slayer-like in the dull light of the room. Faith smiled before placing her lips over the pert nipple in front of her.

She closed her mouth around the offering, tugging gently with her lips, causing Buffy to bring a hand up into her hair, encouraging Faith to keep doing what she was. There was no way she was about to stop anyway, she could taste the heat of the other girl’s skin on her tongue as she flicked it over the sensitive nipple, and she wanted more.

Sucking more flesh into her mouth, Faith grinned at the little whimper that emanated just above the tousle of her thick dark hair. She pulled on Buffy’s breast with her lips, and toyed with the other nipple with her fingers. She was heating up in the biggest way, needing to have more contact. To have Buffy laid out on her bed moaning for her.

Faith pulled back, kissing the pout that graced Buffy’s lips. She needed to coax Buffy into the whole getting naked and sweaty deal, and even though she was sure that’s exactly what the other girl wanted, she wasn’t about to just ask her to get butt naked, lie down, and spread her legs for her.

“Buffy. . .” She kissed her way towards Buffy’s ear. “Do you maybe wanna get on the bed? Take some more clothes off?” Ok, so she had pretty much asked what she was trying not to. It wasn’t quite as subtle a request as she’d hoped for, but she just wasn’t familiar with subtle.

Thankfully, Buffy only seemed to react positively, probably due to her ear being assaulted by enticing, husky Faith drawl. She groaned before pulling Faith back into a fierce kiss, their tongues battling for dominance.

“God, do you have any idea what your voice does to me?” Buffy didn’t wait for a reply, instead choosing to tug at Faith’s tight top, ripping it off over her head and mashing their mouths, and bodies back together before Faith had chance to breathe.

She was coherent enough to edge them both towards the bed, and as they reached the mattress Buffy was already doing her best to get Faith out of her bra. Faith gave Buffy a hand, then continued with the fascination she now had with Buffy’s mouth. Twirling her tongue around Buffy’s, sucking and biting as she fell back onto the bed with Buffy on top of her.

The smaller girl fell into Faith, their breasts sliding against each other as Faith pulled Buffy into a comfortable position between her legs. She let out an audible moan into Buffy’s mouth, her pussy slick with arousal as Buffy pressed up close to her. Her crotch nestled intimately, but not quite intimately enough on Faith’s.

Faith wanted more. She wanted flesh and sweet sticky juices. Buffy all over her. Her all over Buffy. And just as Faith was about to wriggle the cute blonde out of her pants, Buffy’s head shot up.

“Mom!” Buffy exclaimed loudly.

“What? Where?” Faith hurried out from under the smaller Slayer, looking towards the door. She hadn’t heard anyone coming in.

“No, silly. I need to call her. . .if I’m gonna be late?” Buffy’s voice lilted in a question towards the end, and Faith got exactly what she was asking.

“Of course you’re gonna be late, Twinkie, in fact, why don’t ya just tell her you’re staying over,” Faith suggested with the smallest glimmer of uncertainty. Uncertainty that she hated because it made her sound as if she’d never done this kind of thing before.

Well, she had never done the having people stay over thing, because that wasn’t what she was about. But sex, she knew a fair bit about that, and was wondering just why she was feeling almost as uneasy as Buffy looked at her.

“You want me to stay over?” Buffy asked, her face lighting up and glowing with shy wonder as she rested on her side beside Faith, her bare upper body doing its best to distract the younger girl.

Faith stopped herself from reaching out to touch anything other than Buffy’s waist, and tried to concentrate on what she had said. She didn’t blame Buffy for being a little shocked at being asked to stay over. She wasn’t shy in hiding the fact that she was all about sex with no snuggling involved, so really, she was asking Buffy to break a habit she had been stuck in. She was asking her to be more than a get-some-get-gone fuck, and Buffy knew it. Without a doubt she knew it.

“Yeah, I want you to stay over. Stay with me tonight, Buffy,” Faith said, brushing her fingertips up Buffy’s side, leaning in for a kiss before Buffy pulled back again.

“Ok, I’d love to stay over. I’ll call my mom. She’ll be ok with it, I hope. Even though it’s a school night, and. . .what am I gonna say?” Buffy was beginning to panic a little, and Faith didn’t like the idea of her running out on her now.

“Tell her you’re looking after me or something. That I’ve been injured,” Faith suggested.

“Did you just come up with that? Or have you been thinking about this little scenario for some time?” Buffy asked, chuckling. Her green eyes twinkled knowingly in the lamplight.

“You know me, B. I always come prepared,” Faith winked, scooting closer to Buffy so their breasts were touching again, causing little goose bumps to stray over her flesh.

“Now you’re just trying to distract me, and I have to say, I don’t mind one bit,” Buffy admitted as she pulled Faith towards her lips, but Faith moved her head back, smirking at the huge pout directed her way.

“Call your mom, B, then we can. . .get comfortable,” Faith wiggled her eyebrows suggestively whilst pulling down her tight leather pants.

* * *

Buffy watched as the Faith’s strong legs escaped their confines. She licked her lips as she imagined them wrapped around her, their strength holding her close, keeping her held within them. Her eyes then traveled up, along the fine display of toned flesh, up to the black silk of Faith’s panties. She was practically drooling at this point, and ignoring the fact that Faith was grinning profusely at her. Buffy just couldn’t seem to take her eyes off Faith.

She shook her head, recalling that she had to let her mom know that she was going to be staying out for the night. She sat up, and turned away from the alluring sight of Faith reclining in just her underwear, looking like some kind of horny little devil in the disguise of a hot, young, seductively sexy Slayer.

She took a calming breath, and with her back now towards Faith as she perched on the edge of the bed, she picked up the phone. Faith didn’t waste the opportunity to get acquainted with Buffy’s shapely back, running her left hand over it as she propped her head up with the other, lying on her side about as close to the other girl as she could get. Buffy did her best to concentrate and rang home.

“Mom? Yeah, it’s me. No, I’m fine, but Faith. . .well, she. . .” Buffy’s breathing hitched as Faith moved her hand round to the front of her body, teasing little circles over her stomach. “She’s not feeling well. I mean, she’s injured. No, I haven’t been drinking.” She tried to swat Faith’s hand away, but found it impossible to do so when she was busy playing with her nipple, sending tiny shock waves of desire to Buffy’s groin.

She stopped to listen, or attempt to listen to her mother on the other end of the phone, but her mind was elsewhere entirely. She wanted to slam the phone down and crawl back on top of Faith. She had been all too briefly between Faith’s legs, but she had quickly decided that she liked it there very much.

Sighing with arousal from the gentle teasing of her naked flesh, and the fact that Faith was now unbuttoning her pants and encouraging her to slip out of them, Buffy placated her mother just enough to reassure her that she would be fine at Faith’s. She managed to avoid the suggestion of taking Faith to the hospital, and finally told her mother she would be up and out early in the morning for school.

“Ok, mom, I will. Night.” Buffy hung up the phone and ran a hand through her hair, placing the other one over the one that Faith now had resting on her stomach.

She was beginning to get really nervous. She was sat with only her panties on now that Faith had managed to help tug her leather pants off. And regardless of her bravado in the alley, she was feeling completely unsure of how to proceed. It was one thing to think about going all the way with someone, but it was a different thing all together to actually go through with it with someone as experienced as Faith. Then there was the whole fact that Faith was a girl. Buffy was left wondering just what the hell she had gotten herself into.

“Hey, you ok?” Faith asked, sitting up to hold Buffy from behind, her lithe legs still stretched out on the bed.

“Yeah. . .” Buffy answered with a little quake in her voice that she couldn’t hide.

“B, we don’t need to do this ya know. I mean, not right now. If you don’t want to right now,” Faith said, sounding disappointed. She also sounded slightly vulnerable, causing Buffy to smile sweetly.

She turned around in Faith’s arms, catching the younger girl’s eyes in her own. There was no way she was going to back out now. She wanted Faith too much. Needed her too much. She knew her nerves would recede, and even if they didn’t it was kind of thrilling to feel all tingly and nervous. It almost felt like her first time. Her first time with anybody, let alone with a girl, or with Faith.

“I do want this now. You know I do,” Buffy reassured and moved to lay back down, pushing Faith down slightly to lie next to her, feeling Faith’s arms around her straight away.

It was nice, warm and comforting, and she realized Faith was trying to put her at ease with the gesture. She knew that Faith wasn’t normally the type of girl to be so gentle and. . .caring, but she was being exactly that with Buffy.

Buffy felt a little tug at her heart and closed her eyes, knowing what that meant and not wanting to feel it, because it would only hurt more if she ended up as just another conquest of Faith’s. Deep inside, she couldn’t see that happening. She trusted Faith, and trusted that she wanted more too.

“You ok?” Faith questioned softly.

“Never better, now where were we?” Buffy brought Faith’s lips to hers, kissing her more gently than before, but conveying her desire for the other girl.

She swept her tongue over Faith’s, moving their bodies close so they were touching. Their skin hot against each other, hands wandering over backs and sides as their legs entwined. Buffy finally knew just how soft Faith’s breasts were, and she loved the sensation, but now all she could think about was running her fingers over the hard nipples now brushing against her with every breath Faith took.

Buffy moved her right hand between them, gathering courage to do what she so wanted to do, stroking the tight plane of muscle beneath her fingers and feeling Faith reacting to her, her hips already twitching towards Buffy. She brushed her fingers upwards whilst kissing small patterns over Faith’s jaw and neck.

“That’s it, B, touch me,” Faith breathed huskily, as she shifted herself in anticipation.

Buffy, though still completely unsure of what she was doing, allowed her fingers to glide over the round swell of Faith’s breast, almost unraveling at the silky texture. She tenderly circled her fingers around the puckered nipple that was erect and needing her.

Faith’s nipples were darker than her own, and looked far too tempting not to taste. So she dipped her head lower, placing kisses over the tops of Faith’s breast. The action caused Faith to move more onto her back, with Buffy hovering over her. Buffy whispered her lips down, smiling at Faith’s soft sighing as she neared the firm nipple.

Looking down at the offering before her, Buffy began to shake a little. She halted in her desire to suckle on the incredibly pert nipple, swallowing hard as a rush of anxiety hit her. She didn’t want to do it wrong. She didn’t want to look like a fool and not be able to make Faith feel good. She wanted to make Faith feel good more than anything. Faith was like an enigma of pure sexual energy, and Buffy felt completely inadequate.

“You don’t need to do anything that you don’t want to, B. You know that,” Faith said in a breathy burr, softly stroking Buffy’s cheek with her thumb.

“But I do want to, Faith. And you know that I do. I want to show you how much I. . .I wanna make you feel good, but I don’t know how,” Buffy stuttered, resting back on her side, her hand trailing over Faith’s tiny waist to her lower back as she turned to face Buffy.

“Don’t worry about it. I don’t doubt that you’ll make me feel good. Just relax, and tell me to stop if you want me to, ok?” Faith smiled and lifted herself up, encouraging Buffy to lay back.

Faith looked deep into Buffy’s eyes, her dark hair falling around them both in the quiet of the room as she moved over her, waiting for any sign that she should stop, but Buffy didn’t want her to stop. With no negative feedback, Faith kissed Buffy, using her full lips to tease Buffy into relaxing. It was working. She was still shaking a little and wasn’t sure if she could stop, but now that Faith was taking charge, Buffy was certain that nothing more would interrupt them.

Faith slipped her left leg between Buffy’s thighs, and Buffy instinctively opened them further, allowing Faith the assurance that she did indeed want to go as far as she could with her. Her whole body wanted it, and she could feel it charging up, firing up at each touch. She needed Faith to quench her desire. She couldn’t imagine that there would be another person able to do it.

Buffy sighed as Faith placed kisses down her throat then over her breasts, flicking her tongue out over the hardness of her nipples, then sucking on her, nibbling and teasing soft whimpers from her. Buffy wrapped the fingers of her right hand into Faith’s dark locks, the usual soft curls straightened, sleek brown silk.

She shivered as Faith’s hair tickled over her, tantalizing her skin and her breasts, along with the stunning girl’s mouth and fingers that were now seeking other parts of her. She was shaking again because of the leg resting between her thighs that was now moving ever so cautiously against her, rubbing over her panties but not forcing Buffy to react. She couldn’t believe that Faith was being the way she was. It was almost too good.

The thoughts of her first time once again came to Buffy’s mind, and she couldn’t help but wish this had been it. As much as she had thought she had loved Angel, her one sexual encounter with him had left her completely under-whelmed. It had left her wondering what the fuss was about. Faith was surpassing him on so many levels and she wanted Faith to know, hoping that it wouldn’t kill the mood. Hoping that it wouldn’t scare Faith off.

Buffy just had to honest with the girl now kissing her stomach just as erotically as she had done her breasts. She had to let her know what it meant to her.

“Faith. . .” Her breath hitched as Faith dipped her tongue into her belly button. “Faith, I wish this was my first time,” she said softly, unsure whether Faith had heard until the brunette lifted her head looking a little confused.

“What do ya mean? You saying you’ve been with another girl before?” Faith asked, her hand still blazing trails and swirling patterns over Buffy’s torso.

“No, I’ve never been with anybody but Angel that one time,” Buffy confessed.

“So what do ya mean, B?” She kissed back up the slender form of Buffy’s body, placing feather light caresses with her lips everywhere she could reach. “It’s ok, you can tell me,” Faith reassured, smiling genuinely at the still shaking Slayer.

“I mean, it was never really like this with Angel. He kinda. . .I don’t think I was ready. He didn’t kiss me like you are. Didn’t touch me like you. I never felt so. . .It feels like this is my first time. God, I can’t stop shaking.” Buffy blushed, laughing a little at her own predicament, wishing she were more experienced and more used to being open about things.

Even though her diary entries had been graphic, her dreams and fantasies about Faith even more so, she had never felt overwhelming passion and need like this.

“Hey, I kinda like the shaking. And I like that this feels like your first time, Buffy. I wish it were too. I’d make it so special. I wanna make it special,” Faith said and blushed a little herself, appearing surprised at her own words.

Faith blushing was a rare sight, but Buffy didn’t want to point it out. She could tell that Faith meant every word. That she was feeling the enormity of the moment too. And the fact that Faith could tell how important to her this was, only served to increase the little tug on her heart again.

“Faith. . .” Buffy bit her lip slightly, unsure whether she should push it further and risk freaking Faith out. “Can we just pretend that this is my first time? I want it with you.” Her eyes were threatening to spill tears, and she wasn’t really sure why.

Buffy was sure she wasn’t already in love with Faith, or maybe she had just convinced herself of that fact to save herself from heartache. No matter, nothing else existed right now except the huge smile gracing Faith’s full lips.

“If that’s what you want,” Faith said, placing a chaste kiss on Buffy’s lips. “Then that’s what it’ll be.” She rested her weight back down on Buffy.

Her lips parted as Faith slid her tongue slowly between them, kissing her fully, totally engulfing Buffy in desire and need. She needed Faith to touch her now. She wanted it more than anything she had every come close to wanting. Faith seemed to sense it, and once again trailed her lips down over her trembling body.

Buffy lay back, enjoying the sensation of Faith’s hot body brushing against hers. Her skin heating her up, the weight of her, feel of her, knowing that it was the stunning Slayer’s panties she could now feel sliding down her leg. Buffy wanted to ask Faith to take off her underwear so she could experience all of her against her burning skin, so she could feel if she was as wet as she was, but she was still feeling a little too shy to ask. Too caught up in Faith’s kisses.

Buffy was lost in sensation as Faith reached her belly button with her tongue, kissing it, flicking her tongue into it. Buffy couldn’t help but giggle. She had never had somebody licking her and kissing her the way Faith was. It tickled at the same time as turning her on.

Faith lifted her head and winked at Buffy, the effortlessly sexy smile reassuring the inexperienced girl that it was ok to giggle if she wanted. In that moment, Buffy knew she had never felt anything as powerful as what she felt for Faith. In a rush, all her emotions flooded her heart and she knew, as she gazed into impossibly dark pools of lust, that she was madly in love with Faith.

It scared the hell out of her along with the whole prospect of what she was about to experience with Faith, but it didn’t in any way make her want to stop. It only served to encourage her in the knowledge that she was about to have the world suspended in time for her. That Faith was there to kiss away her fears and to take her in ways that she had only dreamt about.

“Faith, I need you. I need you to. . .” Buffy’s voice was trembling along with the rest of her, and she was glad she didn’t need to explain further as Faith kissed further down.

Faith continued her descent, and Buffy could feel her panties growing ever wetter with desire. She was dripping. She was so ready for Faith. So ready to be hers.

Her thighs fell apart, spreading for the slim body of the brunette to fit between them. Buffy’s eyes closed as she realized what it was Faith was about to do. Nobody had ever kissed her there. Angel hadn’t bothered, and of course there had been nobody else.

Buffy moaned Faith’s name as she kissed over the top of her panties.

She was trembling worse than ever as wet kisses were placed on her pussy through her flimsy underwear, tickling her swollen lips with caresses. Her body was aching for more. Aching for Faith’s tongue on her, inside her. She could feel her clit throbbing for attention, and her dripping pussy hole begging for Faith to fill it.

“You smell so good, B. I wanna taste you. I wanna go down on you,” Faith sighed breathlessly as she looked up between Buffy’s open legs, her eyes almost pleading with Buffy.

“I want you to.” Buffy could hardly speak, her throat dry, her mind focused solely on what it felt like to have Faith between her thighs. To have Faith wanting to do things to her she had never experienced. “I’ve never had. . .” She didn’t need to finish her sentence.

Faith smiled broadly, teeth bright in the glow of the lamplight. “So this will be a first time. I’m your first?” she asked, obviously trying to fully understand.

“Yeah. . .you’re my first,” Buffy nodded, biting her lip.

She hoped Faith got the depth of what she had said. Then just about remembered how to breathe as Faith placed her mouth over her panty covered pussy and sucked. “Jesus,” Buffy groaned and gripped onto the blanket underneath her, sure she was about to come without Faith even touching her properly.

Her hips pressed up towards Faith’s lips and Faith took the opportunity to tug at her panties, pulling them down slowly, kissing her legs on the way back up once she had flung the silk garment God knows where.

Buffy looked down, watching as Faith practically ravished her with her eyes. She felt completely exposed, but despite her nervousness she didn’t feel the need to hide from Faith. She could tell her pussy was leaking all over the insides of her thighs, but it was Faith’s doing, so it didn’t embarrass her. There was something in the unreserved expression of desire and longing in Faith’s eyes that had Buffy feeling more relaxed. Ready to give herself to Faith in a way she had never done with Angel. Had never even thought about doing with anybody else.

“Your pussy’s so pretty. Just like the rest of you,” Faith purred, her sensual tone rolling over Buffy as she lowered her head.

Buffy closed her eyes and moaned loudly at the first touch of Faith’s tongue on her wet sex. She had never felt anything like it. Faith softly stroked up and down the length of her slit between her folds, sliding it around in the abundance of fluid emanating from Buffy. Flicking over her clit, stiffening her tongue out as she did so, causing Buffy to whimper for the Slayer who was softly but surely fucking her.

“Fuck. . .that feel so good.” Buffy had tears in her eyes, her hips twitching with every flick on her hard little clit.

The only sounds she could hear were her own moans, the slick slide of Faith’s tongue over her, and the odd groan coming from between her legs as her dark Slayer took pleasure in eating her pussy.

She quivered every time Faith circled her clit with the tip of her tongue as she expertly toyed with it, getting it almost unbearably hard and sensitive.

Instinctively, Buffy brought a hand down to wrap her fingers in Faith’s long hair, feeling the bob of her head as she pushed her tongue lower until it was on the brink of her soft, wet entrance. She held her breath, trembling as Faith swirled her tongue around her opening.

“Oh God, Faith. . .take me,” Buffy whimpered, wanting Faith inside her. Needing it.

Her pussy was throbbing for Faith now, her hips moving in time to Faith’s teasing dips into her. Not quite deep enough, not quite giving her enough of her stiff tongue. She was about to ask for more, but found no need, crying out instead as Faith buried her tongue up inside her pussy. Deeper than she thought it would have been possible for a tongue to go.

“Yes! Oh, that’s so good,” Buffy sighed encouragingly.

Her hips bucked up against Faith’s face as the brunette fucked her with her tongue, sliding it as far inside her as she could obviously get it. The stiff probing muscle plunged into her, and Buffy could feel herself getting close to the edge. All the waiting, the fantasies; they were unraveling her along with the probing of her tight hole. She could feel the flood of come just ready to explode over Faith, but then Faith changed tack. She moved her tongue back out of Buffy, plunging two fingers straight into her in its place.

Buffy let go of Faith, gripping the sheets tightly as she squealed into the heady atmosphere of the motel room, her legs spreading further for Faith, thrusting up to meet the fingers being pushed in and out of her. She was aware that she was calling Faith’s name. Aware that she was being louder than she ever imagined she could be, but her body was on fire for Faith.

Buffy’s pussy hungrily sucked on Faith’s fingers as she pushed deeper and harder inside her with every thrust, sliding in and out of the sticky hole. Fucking it. Watching herself fucking it with that lusty grin on her lips and golden flecks of fire in her eyes.

Buffy watched too, caught up in the pure eroticism of the moment.

Faith’s fingers inside her, her sleek dark hair flowing around her shoulders and down her back as she concentrated on what she was doing to the small Slayer. She looked up then and their eyes locked, freezing the moment. They smiled at each other, more than just desire and need in their gazes. Then Faith curled her fingers up inside Buffy, and she nearly shot off the bed. Buffy’s whole body shuddered as she felt the edges of her world blur.

Faith was again between her legs, flicking her tongue over her clit at a maddening speed. Buffy gripped the sheets tighter, feeling them tear. Her already soaked pussy ran like a river for Faith. She was about to come hard. Had never felt so high on the feeling of it. Never had this feeling of being filled and fucked until the world was spinning.

“Oh God. . .Oh God, Faith,” Buffy cried out.

Her pussy clamped down on Faith’s fingers, pulling them deeper into her, feeling them swirling small circles up inside over the smooth walls. Filling her tight cunt. Slipping around in the flow of come. She was practically screaming because of Faith’s fingers, and now lips suckling on her over sensitive clit.

Buffy’s whole body went tense, small explosions causing her to shake uncontrollably. She was sure that what she was experiencing couldn’t be normal, but Faith didn’t stop. She was groaning almost as loud as Buffy was calling out her name, her fingers still buried deep inside her tight pussy, spreading her open, thrusting now in small, hard and fast movements. The sound of wet slapping noises joining the cacophony of both their vocalizations of pleasure.

“Fuck, yes!” Buffy was coming again without so much as a breather. Her cry broke free of her throat, her sticky flow of hot come gushed out over Faith, soaking her and the sheets below, then her body collapsed to the bed.

She could hardly breathe, her lungs sucking in air but not feeding her spent body that was still twitching with the convulsions deep inside her. Buffy had never come so hard. She had never even thought it was possible to come that hard. Her heart was racing, and all she could think was that it wasn’t only racing because of what Faith had done. It was racing for her. To be hers.

Buffy felt tears prick her eyes and held back the need to tell Faith how she felt, as she noticed Faith was now laying herself beside her, gently brushing her finger tips over the soft short curls of her now well fucked pussy. Buffy turned her head and smiled at Faith, hoping Faith wasn’t expecting her to be able to talk yet. There was nothing she could say right now but that she loved her, and she didn’t think Faith would want to hear that.

Choosing to forgo words for now, Buffy pulled Faith into a tight embrace, her hot skin memorizing every sensation, every drop of sweat they shared, every feeling that she couldn’t yet put into words.

For now, this would do. Well, this. . .and what she planned to now do to Faith in order to pay her back for the sensational orgasm she had just been treated to. She had no clue how she was going to go about it, but she was sure it would be a hell of a lot of fun discovering just how to pleasure the stunning girl in her arms.

The prospect alone was enough to refuel the ache she had for Faith. She just hoped their Slayer stamina could live up to expectations. After all, she wanted to know just what the thing in Faith’s bedside table drawer would do to the brunette.



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