The Diary

Chapter Nine

Buffy released her grip on Faith a little, allowing Faith to settle her gently into her arms as she laid back on the bed. Listening to the heavy breaths coming from Buffy and from herself, a huge grin spread its way across Faith’s face to match the one also gracing Buffy’s.

She couldn’t help but smile. The usually sexually aggressive Slayer had found herself being far more gentle with Buffy than she though it was possible for her to be. There had just been something so sweet and so innocent about the less experienced girl’s trembling that had got to her. Slowed her down, and made her see things in a whole new light.

It hadn’t been about getting some, or fucking, or just finally having the infamous Slayer spread out on her bed. It had been deeper than that. Especially when Buffy had said she had wished it were her first time.

The world had stopped spinning for a second as soon as those words had hit Faith’s ears. She couldn’t believe that Buffy, who she had been sure was still hung up on the lost and tragic love of her very own vampire, had said that. Her first time.

It baffled Faith, and she was still struggling to make sense of it, but whatever the reason, it had made her heart beat that little bit stronger and that little bit harder. Faith, from the rough parts of a city she’d rather not see again, had never felt love. The love for her worthless parents had been instinctual and she’d had no choice in the matter. But right now, all she knew was that there was a warm, ever so slightly painful sensation in her chest.

Without a doubt, she was completely enthralled by Buffy and wanted her more than anything or anybody she had known. She could envision herself heroically endangering her own life just to ensure Buffy’s safety, and felt from deep within that she would do it without blinking, in a heartbeat.

But love. Being ‘in love’, if that’s what she was, was unknown territory. She was young, even though her hard image belied that truth, so it was scary and thrilling at the same time. Faith had no clue what to do with her feelings or where to place them, because she was fairly certain Buffy would never, or could never feel something like that for her.

Never in her wildest dreams had Faith ever believed that Buffy had been having lascivious, down right pornographic thoughts about her, but she had been wrong about that. Wrong to assume that the cute blonde was more interested even in Xander than she was in her. So maybe, maybe, with all the talk of her wanting it to be her first time with Faith, there was hope that her feelings wouldn’t be left floundering alone.

Lost in her own thoughts, Faith had failed to notice that Buffy was propped up on her right hand looking down at her, studying her it felt like. Her green eyes all sex heavy and alluring.

Faith smiled up at the adoring look she was being given. “What?” she asked as she smiled.

“You’re beautiful.” Buffy beamed down. “And amazing. And I am never going to be able to leave your bed.” The cute smile turned almost shy as Buffy looked coyly over Faith.

Faith couldn’t catch her breath. She felt the warmth in her heart burning out of control. Yep, Faith was in love. She had to accept defeat at the hands of the smaller Slayer, and relinquish her previously tightly held control of her emotions. Buffy had stormed her walls and conquered her and she pulled the grinning girl down to her lips before she could say anything stupid to her about it.

Their tongues instantly met, and Buffy instantly pulled back. She looked down at Faith with a strange expression on her face. Faith realized that Buffy must have tasted herself on her mouth. She wondered whether she should apologize and go rinse her mouth out, not wanting Buffy to get freaked out by anything, but before she could speak Buffy began hungrily kissing her again.

Buffy pulled herself closer. Her breasts rubbing up against Faith, causing her skin to tingle everywhere that Buffy’s hard little nipples caressed her. The brief respite from her lust for the other girl was quickly washed away on another wave of arousal and Faith’s body began to hum to be touched.

Faith sighed and relented to Buffy’s soft wet kisses down her throat. Buffy kissed her so softly, yet so sensually, and Faith was in no doubt she was completely under Buffy’s spell. Especially now the blonde Slayer had found her weak spot, the most sensitive part of her neck just under and behind her ear.

It was one of her most favorite places to be kissed. Of course, there were others. One major place being obvious, and that thought brought back the recent memory of the taste of the other Slayer. It had been the most erotic and addictive taste. Having Buffy’s musky scent filling her nostrils, and her thick come gushing onto her tongue had Faith in pieces for the girl. The whole experience had overwhelmed every sense.

And Buffy was overwhelming her again now with the soft sucking on her neck and wandering hands over her stomach, and finally up to her chest. Faith almost hissed out her gratitude at having Buffy’s fingers dancing in circles over the nipple of her right breast. She shifted on the bed, her body straining for more contact, for more of Buffy.

Faith was so wet, the heady scent of it filled the air. They were both draped in the aroma of their arousal, their fresh perspiration and the pure unadulterated need oozing from them both. It cloaked them almost protectively, twirling Faith up in its captivating embrace.

She could feel herself aching with a burning passion for Buffy, but Faith didn’t want to break the tantalizing softness of the moment with cries of “fuck me now”. It was worth more than that, but her body was still reacting to every touch and caress like it was her only salvation. Her escape from all demons, inside and out.

Buffy must have sensed Faith’s growing desire as her left hand toyed with her a little harder, more sure in its power to pleasure. She kissed Faith again, full on the lips, sure and complete in its craving. Then her soft lips sent shivers through Faith as she moved down towards her breasts.

As Buffy slid down Faith’s body, she could feel the wet trail of arousal slip over her thigh, the slick come still dripping from Buffy onto her. She had a need to feel it against her pussy. To know what it felt like to have Buffy pushed up against her in that way. But Faith held back her request as she sighed slightly with the mouth now gently sucking on her nipple.

Faith pushed a hand into Buffy’s hair, sweeping it to the side so she could see what the blonde girl was doing to her. The sight of Buffy sucking on her painfully erect nipple sent bolts of delight right to her center. She grinned lasciviously as the less experienced girl bit gently, maybe more aware of what Faith needed than she had hoped possible.

“That’s it, baby,” Faith groaned and arched her slender back, her full breasts pushing up towards Buffy, who moaned as she swept her tongue from one nipple to the other. Licking, sucking, biting, taking her time to enjoy the delicious creamy mounds on offer to her.

With the exploratory assault on her breasts, Faith couldn’t help but move her hips, looking for relief. Looking for Buffy to give her what she needed so desperately now. Her panties were soaked. Her body slick with a thin sheen of perspiration that was mixing with the aroma of pure Buffy. She was on the verge of wanting to get back the control like she normally would, and just take what she needed from Buffy, but she didn’t want it to go that way. Faith was enjoying being practically worshipped by the other girl, even if it was driving her mad.

Buffy seemed to be growing more confident; with Faith’s reactions showing her the way, she sucked more insistently, her hands sliding over the dark girl’s body in smooth, arousing ways that had Faith practically whimpering with need.

Buffy then began to kiss further down. Brushing delicately over the tense muscles of Faith’s stomach, teasing the skin there with soft nibbles that left small marks of ownership. Faith didn’t usually like being marked, but it felt so good, and when it came down to it. . .being marked by Buffy was actually pretty fucking hot.

Once Buffy had done becoming more familiar with Faith’s belly button, she moved lower, reaching the edge of her panties with her mouth. Then she stopped. She looked up at Faith, a little trepidation in her eyes. Faith smiled warmly, not expecting Buffy to be quite ready to go down that particular path with her kisses. She didn’t mind. She knew they’d get to that at some point and could practically feel her clit jumping for joy at the thought.

She sat up, pushing Buffy gently back on her haunches, kissing the older girl with everything she had, sweeping Buffy up in her arms. Pulling her back down to lie on top of her, Faith shifted her legs so that Buffy was now lying between them.

Both girls groaned as Buffy’s weight rested between Faith’s thighs, their heated bodies coming together in a rush of unmistakable craving for one another’s skin. As soon as Buffy’s lips were in reach again Faith locked on to them, swirling her tongue into the hungry mouth of the other girl. Her hands ran the length of the slim back above her, her legs open for Buffy to move against her.

They both got caught up in the motion of their hips against one another. The pressure and the engulfing neediness of their lust driving them insane for each other. Faith could feel her panties growing damper with Buffy’s arousal soaking into them. She slid her hands to Buffy’s firm backside and lifted herself to feel the spread Buffy’s pussy over her panties.

“Fuck, B. I gotta have you on me,” Faith sighed, her body craving the soft touch of the other girl against it.

Buffy pulled back, looking into Faith’s desire filled eyes, her breasts heaving over the prone Slayer, body flushed and pressed close. Without saying anything, Buffy raised herself up a little way, and squeezed her hand down between them. Sliding it over the hot skin of Faith’s solid belly, down to the waistband of her panties.

She hesitated for a second, Faith not making a move in case she made the wrong one, their eyes linked in a connection neither one of them understood, unwavering in its intensity. Buffy dipped her hand lower, over the top of Faith’s soaked underwear. Faith moaned without meaning to, unable to stop her thighs opening wider in invitation, her pussy pleading for Buffy’s fingers inside it.

“Baby, you gotta touch me. I want your pussy on me,” Faith exclaimed breathlessly, not knowing quite what she wanted first. Buffy’s fingers, or her hot, wet sex slipping over hers.

Buffy just smiled coyly and ran her hand slowly over the moist panties, teasing Faith’s pussy, pressing just hard enough for her to feel it on her clit. Faith was at the point of virtually shaking with how much she needed to have some kind of pressure, some kind of release. Her whole body was charged and waiting for more.

“God, you’re so wet,” Buffy pointed out licking her lips.

“Ya think?” Faith couldn’t help but chuckle, so completely at Buffy’s mercy. It was so unlike her to be the submissive one when it came to sex. Lying back and being teased until she felt like crying.

Pausing the teasing, sitting back on her heels, Buffy bit her lower lip. It looked so girly and endearing, sending butterflies on the rampage inside Faith. She watched as Buffy brushed the tips of her fingers over her inner thighs, bringing them up to the waistband of Faith’s completely drenched panties. With a nervous smile, Buffy began peeling them from Faith who lifted her backside up to assist, feeling liberated once the cool air hit her intimate folds.

The black silk was soon sliding down her legs and landing on the floor, and Buffy’s eyes moved over her, traveling over every dip and curve, eventually reaching the juncture between Faith’s legs. She licked her pouty lips, taking in the sight of Faith’s almost completely shaven pussy. The fire in Buffy’s eyes could have ignited ice, and Faith had never felt more desired, or more alive.

She held her hand out to Buffy, wanting her close again. Missing the heat of her skin, the beat of her heart against her. Buffy took it, lowering herself back towards Faith between her legs, but not all the way on top of her.

She stopped just above Faith, her breasts hanging enticingly over her. Faith took one in each hand, circling the erect nipples with her strong thumbs until Buffy plucked them from her, placing Faith’s arms above her head.

Faith instantly grinned, liking the way Buffy seemed to be enjoying being the one on top. Having Faith moaning for her, clearly needing her touch, and her touch alone.

“You’re so sexy,” Buffy said with a sigh, still holding onto Faith’s wrists with one hand as she trailed the right one back down between them. “I don’t know where to start, I wanna do so much to you. I wanna try everything with you.” Her fingers tripped over the short pubic hair just lining the dark girl’s pussy. “I hope I can make you feel good.” One of Buffy’s fingers slipped into the dripping folds of Faith’s wet sex.

Faith groaned deep in the back of her throat. She was beyond turned on and thankfully finally feeling the cute blonde’s fingers spreading her glistening lips, exploring her pussy in the excessive amounts of sticky fluid emanating from her. Faith couldn’t hold back any longer. The teasing was too much. The soft, sensitive finger now slipping around in her pussy was driving Faith crazy.

“Fuck me, baby. I need you to fuck me so much,” Faith pleaded, her voice trembling huskily as she moved her hands out from Buffy’s grip, leaving Buffy to rest on her now free hand.

She placed hers on Buffy’s shoulders, twisting her fingers into the golden locks that flowed over them, her hips jerking for more contact.

Buffy’s tentative movements with her fingers grew bolder to ease Faith’s need. Circling the hard swell of Faith’s pink clit, then sliding back and forth over it as Faith’s moans rushed out with every touch. Slipping the hood of her clit back with each stroke, flicking with teasing caresses, working Faith up into a frenzy, Buffy leant down and kissed Faith passionately.

As her tongue entwined with Buffy’s, Faith could feel herself approaching the edge, ready to come for the girl she had fallen for. For the girl she could never imagine just being friends with again. Her body began to shake, but Buffy obviously didn’t want her coming just yet. Her finger slipped off the erect nub and dipped lower, entering Faith before she could process the movement.

“Oh, yeah,” Faith moaned loudly as she raised her hips to feel the slide of Buffy’s finger deep inside her, closing her fathomless dark eyes as Buffy slowly slipped in and out of her. “More, baby,” Faith moaned, biting her lower lip, feeling Buffy push another finger inside her dripping pussy hole.

“I love making you do that,” Buffy said, smiling above Faith, her eyes bright with wonder.

“What, B?” Faith managed to ask.

“The noises you’re making. I love you moaning for me,” Buffy replied, lowering herself just enough for Faith to feel her breasts against her, her soft mouth sucking on her neck and on her earlobe.

Faith couldn’t quite believe she had Buffy’s fingers inside her. She had thought about it so many times, in so many dreams and fantasies. But to actually have her fingers sliding in and out of her sopping cunt was almost too much. Buffy sped up her fingers, thrusting them deeper and harder into Faith as she obviously got over the idea she might do it wrong, or hurt her.

* * *

“That’s it, Buffy. Put em deep inside me.” Faith’s hips rose up for every thrust, the fluid of her pussy filling the air with an intoxicating aroma and sound, sweeping Buffy up in its erotic enchantment.

She had never imagined it would feel so good to give pleasure to somebody else, but Buffy was lost in wanting to keep the sensual sounds coming from Faith. Her mind was flooded with all the things she wanted to do to Faith, and as much as she loved the feel of her fingers inside the dark beauty’s dripping pussy, there was something else she just couldn’t get out of her head.

The thought had been there from the minute she had read it in one of the messages Faith had left her in her diary. And now, with Faith writhing underneath her, looking sexier than she had ever seen her, so wet, so worked up, needing her so much, Buffy just had to ask. Had to hope that Faith would want it too. Had to hope that she would have plenty of other opportunities to do everything else that she wanted with Faith, so not risk making her think that she didn’t want her fingers deep inside her, or her tongue, or her pussy rubbing up against her.

The fact was, right now. . .she wanted to fuck Faith’s brains out. She wanted to do it with the strap-on that Faith had mentioned. Buffy slowed down her thrusting and looked deep into the dark eyes she could find herself falling in forever. She licked her lips nervously and took a chance.

“Faith? Baby,” Buffy said quietly, the new nickname falling from her lips so naturally, “I wanna. . .” She didn’t know what to say. How to say it.

She had no idea how to ask Faith if she could fuck her in such a way, and she was still unsure if Faith would take it the wrong way or not.

“What is it, B? Do ya wanna stop?” Faith’s breathing was hard and fast, her whole body poised, waiting for whatever Buffy was going to say.

The look of worry in Faith’s eyes was almost heartbreaking.

Buffy didn’t detect any sign of anger though, and she couldn’t help but feel that twinge in her heart that went hand in hand with the way Faith made her feel all over. She smiled down at Faith, reluctantly removing her fingers from her pussy, the soft slick feel of it making her wonder if maybe what she was about to ask could wait until later. But now Faith appeared like she was about to sit up, about to pull away as if she’d done something wrong.

“Faith. . .” Buffy stroked Faith’s face with the hand that wasn‘t currently sticky from her juices, encouraging her to stay where she was. “I don’t wanna stop, I really, really don’t wanna stop. I just. . .there’s just something, something I really wanna do with you. I’ll understand if you don’t, or if you want to do it another time, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Can’t stop thinking about doing that to you.” Buffy was stuck between feeling the need to blush profusely, slap herself for maybe ruining the moment, running, or crying.

But now Faith was chuckling softly at her, so Buffy relaxed a little. Or as much as she could, given the fact she was about to get herself into something that she wasn’t sure that she could handle. She had been nervous enough just touching Faith the way she had, so now, with the prospect of using something on her that she had never even come across before. . .well, her heart was about thumping out of her chest.

“Buffy, just tell me. What is it?” Faith’s voice was soft and reassuring, and sending tingles all over Buffy, almost causing her to just come right out and say that she was in love with Faith.

Biting her tongue and going with the less likely producer of prospective shock and horror from Faith, Buffy took a deep breath and went for it. “If you really have one, I wanna use the strap-on on you, but it’s ok if you don’t, or if you don’t want to I’ll. . .” Buffy was going to continue her verbal assault on Faith, but the other girl stopped her.

“Whoa, Buffy, slow down.” She brought her hands up to cup Buffy’s face, focusing the older girl on her, as she hadn’t really been looking in Faith’s eyes. “Are you sure that you wanna do that?” Faith’s voice was back to its husky, tremble inducing tone.

“Yeah.” Buffy looked deep into the chocolate pools she had always found unbelievably hard not to tumble into. “I really do.” She was shaking a little again, her need and nervousness mixing and causing delicious feelings of excitement to flush through her body.

“Fuck, B. Only if you’re positive.” Faith shifted herself a little, sitting up against the headboard as Buffy sat back on her heels once again. “I know I said something about it in your diary, but you don’t have to do that. I mean, I was about to come just then, so it isn’t necessary, ya know?” Faith ran her fingers down Buffy’s arms, stopping at her hands and taking them in her own.

“I know. I just want to. If you do.” Buffy looked away shyly, but kept her fingers entwined with the naked girl in front of her.

Faith didn’t answer, she just grinned, a twinkle in her eyes as she leant forwards and kissed Buffy. She then leant over to the drawer on her bedside table, opening it slowly and pulling out a small plastic bag.

“I’ve never used one of these before, B. So we’ll both be having a first time tonight.” She smiled unreservedly at Buffy, and the blonde girl’s insides turned to mush.

She was going to be Faith’s first time at something. The sensation she felt from that was indescribable. “Really?” Buffy gushed.

“Yeah, really. This is virgin pussy to plastic.” Faith pointed down to her wet pussy that completely on display to Buffy in the dim light of the room.

Buffy almost forgot all about her plan as she felt the overwhelming urge to dive into Faith, tongue first. But she knew there would be plenty of time for that later. She had the opportunity to be the first to fuck Faith with a strap-on, and she was more than eager to do it.

Taking the bag from Faith, Buffy opened it and removed its contents. It smelt new. Kind of rubbery, but not bad. She was glad to notice that it wasn’t huge too, as she didn’t want to hurt Faith in any way. Plus, she wasn’t at all confident in what she was doing. Throwing caution to the wind however, Buffy slipped off the bed and stepped into the soft leather of the harness.

They both giggled as she adjusted the dildo to fit just over her clit. With her slim waist and delicate looking body, the phallus certainly looked peculiar on her. Faith helped tighten the straps, then taking Buffy’s hand, lead her back to the bed.

Faith lay back down again, propping herself up on her elbows as she watched Buffy once again kneel between her legs. Buffy felt a little silly at first, but the look of lust and need in Faith’s eyes, and her own desire to fuck the stunning girl this way, obliterated any feeling that might have stood in the way.

Buffy moved forwards, closing the gap between them, noticing Faith’s eyes growing ever darker as she approached her. But then Faith held out her hand, stopping Buffy.

“Wait a minute, B,” Faith said as she knelt in front of Buffy, who wasn’t sure exactly what was happening, until Faith turned around, facing away from her. “I like it better this way. Is that ok?” Faith asked over her shoulder.

Buffy couldn’t find her voice for a second, the sight of Faith bent over in front of her, taking her breath away. She had always thought Faith had a gorgeous ass. It was small and sexy, and there it was, there Faith was. . .waiting for Buffy to fuck her from behind.

Buffy closed the gap between them, forgetting her nerves and any notions of apprehension with the delicious pose Faith was in. Buffy reached out her hand, softly running it up over the curve of Faith’s backside, up to the small of her back, following the path of her spine with her fingers, tangling them in soft waves of brown hair, then brushing it to the side so she could see Faith’s alluring neck.

She was in awe of Faith. Completely lost in her desire for her. Her love for her. She allowed her gaze to fall to the spread of the younger girl’s pussy as Faith opened her legs for her. Buffy’s mouth was watering at the glisten of arousal seeping from Faith’s pretty pink hole.

Buffy once again thought about using her tongue, tasting the musky scented flow of desire, but she pushed the thought away, promising she would keep that treat for later. She would indulge in that treat for the rest of the night, all night, until she could no longer keep herself awake.

Faith looked over her shoulder, a sly grin spread across her face. “You enjoying the view, Twinkie?”

“Without a doubt,” Buffy sighed, her whole body, her entire being so hot for the girl in front of her she thought that it was probably bordering on illegal. “I want you so much.” Buffy breathed raggedly, her hand back down on the gentle curve of Faith’s lower back.

“So take me, girlfriend.” Faith pushed back a little, her pussy nudging up against the plastic.

Buffy didn’t need asking twice, and her heart was pounding with the passion Faith instilled in her. She held the gorgeous Slayer by the waist with her left hand, and took the strap-on in her right. Trying her best to steady her breathing, Buffy slipped the hard erection over Faith’s pussy, slicking it in her abundance of fluids.

Faith moaned at the contact and the slight pressure on her clit as Buffy slid slowly back and forth a few times, keeping it from entering the other girl, as Faith gripped onto the headboard with one hand whilst the other held her up in front of Buffy.

“Oh yeah. Tease me, baby,” Faith sighed, her head forwards, long dark hair thrown to one side.

Buffy obliged, circling Faith’s clit with the tip of the dildo. Stroking it over her from front to back, but not allowing it yet to dip inside the enticing passage on display for her. She knew she couldn’t tease for long though. She wanted to see the fake erection slipping into Faith. Watch it fill her sopping wet pussy hole.

Listening to the brunette’s now whimpering moans, Buffy decided to give her some relief. She guided the tip of the plastic up to Faith’s dripping entrance and slipped it in a little way, just an inch, then back out. Faith groaned, her back arched, cunt flowing with need.

She pushed back into Buffy, obviously wanting more and needing more, but Buffy was loving the control she now had over the usually willful girl. She hadn’t thought of Faith as being the type to take being teased. She had an idea that maybe Faith had never been this way with anybody else before. Something in the way Faith was shaking with need certainly encouraged that thought.

Feeling the need herself to take Faith, Buffy inched forwards again, dipping in a little further, watching the tip of the dildo disappear inside Faith, watching her pussy spread wide for the thickness of it.

“Put it inside me, B,” Faith practically pleaded, her hand gripping the headboard tight enough for it to creak under the pressure.

Buffy just smiled and pulled back out. She couldn’t hold back for long though, her own pussy spilling its need to fuck Faith down the insides of her thighs. She stroked the strap-on once more over Faith’s clit, then positioned it at her slick pink opening. Holding it their enticingly.

“Buffy. . .fuck me,” Faith commanded shakily.

Buffy shifted her position slightly so she was kneeling on just the one knee, holding onto the slender Slayer’s waist with her hands. Then, without warning, she pushed her hips forwards and plunged the erection into Faith’s pussy. Both girls groaned loudly as it slid up inside Faith’s tight hole, stretching her open and filling her fully as Buffy pushed it in deep.

The sight of the thick phallus entering Faith, spreading her open from behind, was the most erotic thing Buffy had ever seen. She could imagine porn filmmakers selling their souls to have the gorgeous brunette’s cunt being filled the way it was now, up on screen. They’d make a fortune, because for Buffy it was beyond beautiful, beyond erotic, and beyond merely turning her on. It was sending bolts of lust up and down her spine, exploding at the point her clit now rubbed against the base of the fake erection.

She pulled out and pushed back in, slowly fucking Faith’s dripping pussy, thrusting in and out of the wet cavern as they both began to move in rhythm on the bed. She watched as it slipped in and out of the dark girl’s hole, her eyes wide with wonder at the amount fluid that glistened on the dildo. Her whole body on fire with desire.

“Oh yeah, fuck me, baby. Fuck me harder,” Faith moaned, even sounding like a porn star with her exquisitely sexy drawl dripping from her throat almost as slickly as the fluid from her wet cunt.

Buffy sped up her movements slightly, bolder now than she thought she would have been, slamming the dildo harder into Faith and gripping her hips. She groaned with the sound of the younger girl’s tunnel swallowing the length of the plastic phallus. The wet slurping noise filled the air, along with the moans from the girl being fucked by her.

She slid in and out, harder and faster. Faith’s breasts swaying as she pushed back into Buffy with every thrust. Her lush brown hair flung to one side, sweeping over the pillow as she lowered herself slightly, her ass still up in the air being held by Buffy as she filled her pussy with each plunge.

Buffy leant forwards slightly, wanting to taste the salt of Faith’s hot skin. She kissed Faith’s strong back, feeling the muscles tense with every movement. Every thrust into her tight cunt.

She licked and kissed as she fucked Faith with the strap-on, burying the shaft deep inside the moaning girl, somehow just knowing what Faith needed. Feeling exactly what her pussy wanted. She knelt back again and flicked the fake cock up against the walls inside the dark Slayer, and Faith cried out a little at the depth of the object inside her rubbing over her G spot.

Just as she began to shake a little, her oncoming orgasm obviously welling up inside her, Buffy pulled out nearly all the way, leaving just the tip inside the panting brunette. She ran the fingers of her right hand over the silky juice that had been distributed onto the plastic, feeling the texture and the warmth of it.

“Jesus, Buffy. Please. . .put it back inside me. I want you inside me,” Faith whimpered, breathing heavily.

Buffy grinned, her hand still on the warm erection. “That’s it, tell me what you want, Faith. Tell me.” She pushed the tip of the dildo a little further in, amazed as Faith trembled for her, her body moving back again, willing Buffy to shove the erection into her pussy. “Tell me.”

“I want it in me, B. I want it deep in my pussy. I want you so far inside me, baby. Fuck me. . .take me,” Faith pleaded.

Buffy couldn’t ignore such a heartfelt request, and the fact that the tough, bad-girl Slayer was pleading to be taken by her blew her away. She almost came herself just hearing those words huskily drifting up to her.

She pushed back into Faith, slow, still teasing, pulled all the way back out again, and just as Faith was about to protest once again at the lack of movement, Buffy slammed into her pussy, harder and faster than she had done previously.

“Oh, God!” Faith called out, reacting to Buffy in ways she had never imagined.

Faith moved one hand up to cover the one Buffy had planted back on the right side of her hip, whilst placing her other hand firmly on the metal of the headboard. She rocked back into Buffy, as hard and fast as the blonde girl was now thrusting into her as she fucked her.

Every time they crashed together, the bed lurched, the springs screeched in protest, and the soft wet slapping noise of their bodies bouncing off one another filled the room. The sticky slurp of Faith’s pussy taking the entire length and thickness of the dildo, also filled the room.

Buffy could feel herself nearing orgasm just from the sight alone. The beautiful brunette, bent in front of her, legs spread wider now, body trembling as the strap-on plunged in and out of her dripping cunt. The flow of her arousal sliding down the shaft and onto Buffy, as she brought them together with her thrusts.

“Faith. . .oh, baby. I’m gonna come,” Buffy called out, as her clit throbbed against the stiff and constant rubbing of the base of the strap-on.

Faith moaned louder in response, her hips rolling as Buffy plunged inside her. She was panting now, close to coming for Buffy. Close to spilling all over Buffy.

Buffy knew what would tip Faith over. Knew what would have her calling out her name the way she wanted Faith to. Slipping her left hand from Faith’s waist, Buffy glided it round to her slick folds, flicking her fingers over Faith’s hard clit as she fucked her deep and hard.

That was all it took. Faith shuddered intensely, her pussy gripping onto the full length of the strap-on as Buffy shoved it hard and deep inside her, burying it to the hilt and holding it there to rub up against Faith’s G spot. The action causing her own pussy to convulse and send her spiraling over the edge with Faith.

“Shit, Faith. . .yes, oh yes!” Buffy quivered as she came.

“Fuck, Buffy. Oh, baby. Oh. . .Fuck, you‘re so good,” Faith called out, her loudness interspersed with sighing whimpers and moans as she shook.

Buffy stared as Faith’s come seeped out around the dildo and dripped down her thighs and onto her. Swirling the erection around inside Faith’s tight hole as she slowed her fingers on her clit, marveling at the sight of Faith coming for her. Marvelling at the sound of Faith whimpering out her name as she held the stiff phallus up inside her.

“That’s so beautiful, Faith. You’re so beautiful.” Buffy could feel tears rolling down her cheeks. Could feel herself falling further and further in love.

She then felt Faith go limp, her body finally releasing the dildo still in her pussy. Buffy pulled it out slowly, causing the well-fucked Slayer to groan and then fall forward, as Buffy let go of her to take off the strap-on.

Once she had slipped it to the floor, Buffy crawled up beside Faith, placing her hand on the younger girl’s back, unsure of what to say with the silence now settling over them in the heat of the room as they caught their breaths. That’s when she felt a little shudder run through Faith, like a quiet sob.

“Faith, are you ok? Did I hurt you?” Buffy leaned up on her elbow, on the left side of the girl still lying on her stomach facing away from her. “Faith, please. . .” Buffy was worried she had done something wrong. That she had made some kind of mistake.

Faith turned to face her, pulling Buffy into a hug tighter than she had ever experienced. She managed to pull back a little though, and noticed the tears on Faith’s face. Now she really was worried.

“Hey, baby. What’s wrong?” Buffy asked softly, her own eyes filled to the brim with emotion. Faith just smiled at her.

It was the biggest, happiest smile she had ever seen on Faith, and it took every bit of strength she had not to hope that maybe Faith felt the same about her. That Faith was in love with her too. She daren’t hope, she daren’t even begin to allow her heart to search for that from Faith. But there was something in the way the other Slayer was looking at her. Right at her. Almost straight into the deepest parts of her, that split her in two and left her wide open, and then she knew. . .she could feel it without Faith saying a word, she could feel that Faith loved her.

She could feel the power of it. The passion and the need in it. Shaking with the revelation, Buffy brought her lips to Faith’s, kissing her with all her heart and soul, hoping that Faith could feel how much she was loved and adored. How she had changed Buffy. How she had given her everything she had hoped for in a first time. In their first time.

They didn’t speak, just kissed and held each other and felt their hearts entwining as they embraced. It was more perfect than Buffy could ever have wished for, and it was still early yet.

It’s just light enough to see, so I thought I’d just remind myself that I’m the luckiest Slayer that ever lived. I know Faith will probably contest that, and say that she is, but she’s just the argumentative type. She’s also the gorgeous, sexy, beautiful. . .(ok, you get the idea) type. She’s also in love with me. I feel like exploding I’m so happy right now. She said she’d felt something from me when she came, when we came together. She said it felt like an overwhelming emotion and that she wasn’t sure what it meant straight away. Then she said she’d just let herself go, and suddenly knew it was love. She felt my love for her. Like the way I’d felt it from her when she looked deep into my eyes. I’ll never forget that feeling. Like everything just made sense. That we were meant to be right there, right then, together. Perfect. I told her how I feel, and she told me. We know it’s not going to be easy, but I don’t think either of us cares. I can’t not be with her. I’m so in love with her.

She’s sleeping now, snoring lightly. So cute. I should be asleep too. We only stopped making love half an hour ago and it’s nearly dawn now. I’m glad we carried on though. I got to taste her. I got to do a lot of things, and I can’t wait to do them all again. She’s incredible, and she’s all mine.

“Hey, baby. . .put that down and get your cute ass back to bed,” Faith drawled, half asleep.

Jesus, that voice sends shivers down my spine every time. I’d better go. I can’t stay away from that sexy body, that sexy smile. . .the whole of her sexiness for long. And for once, I’m glad she’s bad enough and rude enough to go stealing my diary, because this would never have happened if she hadn’t, and I would never have forgiven myself for missing out on this. On her. I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m not gonna miss out on anything when it comes to Faith. No matter what, we belong with each other, and that’s exactly the way it’s going to be from now on.

Buffy placed the diary on the bedside table and slid back under the covers, instantly finding Faith’s arms around her. She snuggled into Faith and drifted off to sleep with her smell engulfing her, her soft breath against her face, and the feeling that nothing would ever break them from each other.

Well, apart from the fact that Buffy had promised her mother to be up within a few hours to go to school, but even then. . .Buffy fully intended to drag Faith, kicking and whining, with her. She wasn’t planning on ever letting her go now that Faith was finally hers.

The End



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