The Diary

Chapter Seven

Buffy watched as Faith left the crowded table, instantly missing her. She had been enjoying the close contact. The secret contact between them. Loving the warmth emanating from Faith, and the tingles of their connection. She had been basking in the sensations Faith was causing in her, and she hadn’t expected the brunette to leave her side so suddenly.

Buffy tried to take notice of whatever it was that Xander was saying, but she was far too busy worrying that Faith was leaving without saying goodbye. Without talking to her properly. Without really letting her get as close to Faith as she wanted.

“Look, there’s Scott. Want me to go kick his ass? Or spill his drink? Yeah, that’ll annoy the little, annoying. . .guy that dumped you before Homecoming,” Xander said, puffing up his chest, looking like he wanted to say something to Scott but not moving from his seat.

His small act of attempted manliness caught Buffy’s attention for a second, causing her to lose sight of Faith in the crowd.

“No. . .it’s ok, Xander,” Buffy answered, looking back to the last place she had seen the beautiful brunette, by the bar.

Whatever it was that Xander continued on to say, Buffy missed. She felt the need to run after her fellow Slayer, but she didn’t. Instead, choosing to gaze into the crowd of teens, feeling like she really didn’t want to be left behind by Faith like she was just another one of the gang.

Buffy wanted to at least be special enough to Faith to warrant a private goodbye. One that would happen much later, or maybe in the morning if things got that far between them. But it seemed that maybe she wasn’t special enough, as the shivers from their connection subsided to a dull tingle.

She contemplated going after Faith. She certainly wanted to, but she didn’t want her friends to grow suspicious, and she didn’t want to run after the Faith just to find out she had only gone to the toilet or for a drink. Buffy was well aware of how needy she would appear, and she didn’t want to be that way. But she was feeling that needy right now as far as being with Faith was concerned.

Buffy was slowly becoming just as pissed off as needy however, as it looked more and more likely that Faith had indeed just left. She didn’t like being snubbed, or played for a fool. She tapped her fingernails on the cold glass of the bottle in her hand, gripping almost tight enough to shatter it.

It was just like Faith to tease her and then turn the tables and laugh at her. Buffy knew she should have expected it, but she had been so sure of how the other Slayer felt. Her words, her desire on the pages of her journal, had caused her to believe that Faith, without a doubt, wanted her and wanted them to get together.

Doubts were more than surfacing now though with Faith’s disappearance. She was sure that Faith had left as she could no longer feel their connection at all. Or at least, she was positive it had gone, along with Faith.

What Buffy didn’t quite get however, was why Faith had dressed up more than usual. Why she had been almost coy around her whilst they had patrolled, and why she had said what she had just before she’d ran out.

Buffy could still feel the thrill she had gotten from having Faith whisper so sexily and enticingly in her ear. She had felt her entire body react, especially to the lips brushing against her. She had wanted to turn in Faith’s arms and feel the full lips against her own.

She had always wondered just how soft they would be. Most of Faith, her attitude included, seemed hard and less than pliable, but her lips, they looked like plush pillows of sensual delight, and Buffy wanted to have them kiss her all over.

Of course, Faith’s breasts were also another part of her that Buffy wanted to discover the softness of, but until she had indulged herself with her lips first, she daren’t even begin to imagine what they would feel like against her. On her lips, in her mouth. . .Buffy stopped her thought process before her fantasies got out of hand. She was meant to be feeling mad.

She wanted to chastise herself for thinking that Faith had been having the same thoughts about her. Faith had been gone for well over ten minutes now.

“Are you ok, Buffy? You seem. . .quiet. Like you’re not quite with us,” Willow said as she caught Buffy’s eye, looking worried for her friend. “Is it because Scott’s here?”

“No, I’m ok,” Buffy lied, about being ok, not Scott. Because if there was one thing she didn’t give a crap about, it was Scott. “I’m just wondering where Faith went.” She hadn’t really meant to admit to that, but it had slipped out as it was the only thing she could think about.

Before Willow could change her look of confusion about why Buffy would be so bothered about the confident Slayer’s whereabouts into words, Oz interjected.

“Maybe she just needed some air. It’s crowded in here. I don’t think Faith likes crowds much.” He came as close to cracking a smile as he was going to get, and Buffy appreciated his attempt at putting her mind at ease.

For some reason, she had an idea that Oz might have picked up on some of the tension between her and Faith. She knew he’d keep it to himself though, so Buffy wasn’t too worried.

She smiled warmly at Willow’s boyfriend. “Yeah. . .maybe,” Buffy nodded and took one last glance around the club before deciding to turn her attentions back to her friends. Promising herself that she would have more than a word with Faith the next day about her early departure.

Buffy wasn’t going to allow Faith to just run out on her after the things they had told each other. She wasn’t afraid of letting her know just how mad and upset it made her.

As Buffy took a drink from her bottle, finally forcing herself to deal with her feelings about Faith later, getting into the flow of the conversation, she was distracted once again. This time by an uneasy looking guy making his way towards the gang’s table.

His dark eyes flicked from one Scoob to the other, eventually settling on Buffy. He smiled, running a nervous hand through his short, dark hair. Buffy frowned, really hoping he wasn’t planning on hitting on her. It wasn’t that he was unattractive, because, were it not for her feelings for Faith, Buffy would have been happy to have him chatting her up. But now was not the right time, despite the tall, dark and handsome thing working in his favor.

He reached the small blonde and looked down at her anxiously. “Um…are you Buffy?” he asked, his voice soft and unsure.

“That depends on who wants to know.” Buffy had learned to be cautious as a Slayer, and somewhat intimidating when she wanted to be.

“Well I, err.” He shuffled about a little. “Some hot chick wanted me to give this to her.” He held out a small black book that looked suspiciously like Buffy’s diary. “She said she’d break my legs if I didn’t, or if I opened it. So, are you Buffy?” he asked again.

“Of course I am,” she replied and snatched the book from his hands, moving away from the table a little as he spoke again.

“Good, ‘cause I didn’t wanna hang on to that. The chick was pretty convincing. Hot, but intimidating.” He looked nervously around, probably checking that Faith wasn’t near enough to hear him.

“Yeah, she’s certainly both of those,” Buffy agreed, smiling at the boy, hoping for his sake that he hadn’t looked in the diary. “Thanks,” she said sweetly and held tightly to her book, thinking the guy would leave now.

“So err, do you want a drink?” He fiddled with his ear, waiting for a reply.

Buffy almost felt sorry for him. She liked the look of him, and he was kind of cute; the way he was nervously fidgeting. But she only had eyes for Faith right now, even if it looked like the other girl was playing some kind of game. With that in mind, Buffy took a second to decide whether or not she should take up the offer. There wasn’t really any doubt in her mind however.

“No, thanks,” she said, thinking now he would go back to his friends.

He didn’t.

“You sure? Because ya know, I err, I’d really like to get to know you. I’m new here and haven’t really gotten to know that many people, and I noticed you come in so, maybe we can. . .” He was attempting to convince her to be interested, but it wasn’t going to work.

Buffy sighed, not wanting to hurt the guy’s feelings, but he was quickly becoming annoying. The fidgeting less than cute, more creepy, now that he was doing his best to get in the way of the table and her, effectively using his larger frame to attempt to intimidate her and give her no choice but to talk to him.

She leant towards him a little bit, her smile hiding her annoyance. She was glad he didn’t know any of her friends, or anybody that he could spread things about her to because she wanted to make sure he knew she wasn’t interested.

“Look, I’m sorry, but. . .” Buffy made sure nobody else would hear her, “the intimidating girl who told you she would break your legs is my girlfriend, so. . .it’s probably best you don’t get caught hitting on me.” Her smile never left her lips, but from the look in her eyes he was be left in no doubt that it was best to move on.

“Right. . .” He stood upright, his face flushing a little. “Sorry, I’ll go. I kinda like my legs. Just one thing though. She said you have to read it. The book. I err. . .Yeah, see ya.” He said no more as he hurried away, his eyes darting left and right, trying his best to melt back into the crowd.

Buffy chuckled a little at his reaction, wondering just what it was Faith had said to him for that amount of anxiousness. Whatever it was, she knew first hand how dangerous Faith could look when she wanted.

“Who was that, Buffy?” Willow questioned, as Buffy stood by the table once more.

“Just some guy,” Buffy answered, thinking of a way to read whatever it was that Faith wanted her to without it seeming suspicious. “I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.” Without waiting for the gang to say anything more to her, Buffy made her way through the crowd to the toilet.

She huddled into one of the small stalls as soon as one became free. Buffy realized her hands were shaking slightly, and she wasn’t sure of the reason. Maybe it was because she was worried that Faith had changed her mind, and she wasn’t brave enough to face Buffy with it deciding to tell her in writing, like the way they had been communicating lately.

Opening to the last page with words scrawled across it, Buffy read Faith’s note.

Sorry, B, didn’t mean to make it look like I bailed, but. . .you were getting me so fucking hot. So turned on, when you weren’t even doing anything. I didn’t wanna react and do something, and make it obvious to the others. I figured you wouldn’t want them knowing. Not that there’s anything to know yet.

Jesus, you look so fucking good tonight. If Willow hadn’t have tagged along, we wouldn’t have made it outta the cemetery without me knowing you a whole lot more intimately. I wanted to grab hold of you and kiss you silly in the club too. I had to get out of there, because I was so close to doing something like that with you all pressed up against me, and smelling fucking amazing. I know I shouldn’t have just left, but I knew you’d get it. And I knew I’d get some mug to hand you this. I’m outside, waiting for ya. If you don’t wanna see me, I’ll know by 10:30.

Buffy looked at her watch. She had five minutes to get outside to Faith. There was a little more to read though, so before she made a move, she finished reading the note.

I guess it’s up to you. I want you to come outside. I want you to want me as much as I want you. Fuck, did that make sense? Anyway, if you wanna explore and find out what all the tension between us, all the words we’ve written in your diary is about, then I’ll be in the alley to the right of the club. Get your sexy ass out here because I for one, am so ready to explore some things.


Buffy reddened at the thought of what exactly Faith wanted to explore. There was no doubt in her mind that she had to go and meet Faith outside. That they had to get beyond the written word. She had been flirting with the possibility for too long, and there was no way she was going to let the opportunity slip by.

She dashed out of the toilet and headed for the gang.

“Guys, I have to go. . .I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Buffy said no more in answer to their shocked expressions as she rushed from the table.

* * *

Faith was leaning against the cold stone of the wall that separated her from the club, and from Buffy. She had been waiting about ten minutes or more, she wasn’t quite sure as she didn’t have a watch. She decided she’d give Buffy another ten minutes and then call the night a bust, guessing that by then it would be well past ten thirty.

She glanced down at her black painted fingernails, really hoping that she hadn’t made the wrong decision. Faith had had to get out of there, though. She had been so close to planting a passionate kiss on Buffy’s lips. And she knew Buffy would have flipped. Faith didn’t want their first kiss to be halted by a smack around the head.

She ran a hand through her long, straightened hair, squinting down the dark end of the alley as she heard a rat scurry across the bins. It wasn’t the most pleasant place to stop for air, but it had cleared her mind a little, her body easing down slightly from the buzz she had been feeling. Suddenly, the buzz was back, and Faith didn’t even need to look up to discover that Buffy was making her way towards her. Her whole body tingled in recognition of Buffy’s arrival.

Soft, slow steps made their way over to where Faith was still leaning against the wall, no other sound disturbing the serenity of the moment. Apart from the pounding of the Faith’s heart of course, and the faint thud of music drifting through the thick brick to join it.

Faith languidly lifted her head as the footsteps stopped in front of her.

Her chocolate dark eyes traveled their way up the slender form of her fellow Slayer, stopping here and there to take in the sights. She smiled as their eyes met in the dim light of the alley. Faith could feel her blood rushing though her veins. Her body screaming to step forwards, to bridge the small gap between them, to reach out and touch Buffy in the way she had been wanting to do all night. In the way she had wanted to do since first laying eyes on her.

Since first bearing witness to the sweet smile and the shy yet flirty expression she would give to Faith whenever one of them walked into a room.

Faith had been hooked from the start, and was glad to know now that Buffy had pretty much felt the same right from the start too. It made her smile even wider, causing her saucy dimples to greet the other Slayer.

Buffy smiled back at Faith, a slight blush to her cheeks as she moved closer to her. The air was tinged with tension, purely sexual with a slight hint of nervousness. Faith daren’t move. She had been waiting for this moment for so long she had frozen. There was something in Buffy’s eyes telling her she’d better leave her cocky attitude behind right now, because this was for real.

The night seemed to close around them, enveloping them in its dark embrace. The soft rumbling of the music from the club vibrated through to Faith’s spine, mixing with the ache inside her for Buffy.

Neither girl spoke as Buffy moved her body close to Faith’s, her silken hair whispering across her face as a slight breeze flowed through the small space. She pressed up against Faith without saying a word, looking deep into the penetrating darkness of her eyes. Faith held her breath; she held every part of herself still, uncharacteristically allowing Buffy to take the initiative.

Faith could now feel the heat spreading through her entire body as Buffy fit herself into every dip and curve. Their breaths quickened, and Faith felt a flurry of arousal as Buffy’s breasts pushed up just under hers. She fell completely under Buffy’s spell. Unable to break from it to do what she wanted. To react, and take control.

Instead, she let Buffy slip her hands up under her leather jacket, sighing a little as they slowly glided up over her sides, stopping under her shoulder blades as Faith eased her legs apart slightly to allow Buffy’s small frame between them. She kept her own arms limp, afraid that she would push too far with them, with her hands, and spoil the moment. She didn’t want anything to spoil the moment, because it was perfect. Something she had never experienced.

She had always been about the raw sexual need she was sometimes slave to. But Buffy was crawling under it, into it, taking command of it.

It was nothing like she had imagined they would be once they submitted to each other, but it had her on the edge of something immense. Her skin was aching under the confines of her clothes, aching to be freed, and touched by Buffy. Every inch of her that was in contact with Buffy was on fire.

Faith closed her desire heavy eyes as Buffy moved even closer, but not to kiss her; instead sliding her cheek over Faith’s. Soft skin caressing. Hot breath whispering lightly over her ear.

“I’m glad you didn’t go,” Buffy breathed, her voice deeper and sexier than Faith had ever heard it before.

They remained as close as they could get, with Buffy nuzzling Faith’s soft dark hair as Faith brought her hands up to rest on the tops of Buffy’s arms, not yet allowing herself to place them anywhere else. The waiting, the tension filled balance on the precipice of more was just too delicious to want to tip them both over yet. So Faith took a minute to enjoy the warmth of the other girl against her in the stark gloom of the alley.

Buffy pulled Faith tighter into her body, removing the smallest glimmer of light between them, probably sensing or feeling the same need to just take a minute to bask in the warmth between them. In the tingles. They had never been so close. No sparring session had ever brought their powerful bodies as close to one another. As intimately pressed together.

Faith could feel herself becoming wet with anticipation. Her hips resting against Buffy’s, unmoving, as the brunette kept herself under control. She wanted to rub up against the other Slayer. She wanted to feel the rock of Buffy’s hips back into her, but she was still on the knife-edge of the moment.

“B, I’m really worked up. So hot for you,” Faith said, voice escaping in a dusky drawl, giving away her arousal as she breathed in the scent of the small Slayer, wanting to moan with the effects it was having on her.

“I know, I feel it too. I want you,” Buffy said shakily, finally admitting to her feelings verbally.

Faith could take no more after the admission. She pushed her hands up into Buffy’s golden locks, looked deep into the sparkling green before her, then brought their lips together in an almost violent kiss. Their lips instantly parted, tongues eager to taste and explore. It was hot, wet, and needy. Not the chaste kiss Faith would have expected their first one to be.

It was far from chaste. Their mouths were hungry for one another. Their hands gripping onto each other as the air around them crackled with their lust. Faith wanted to devour Buffy. She had her taste in her mouth, soaking into her, slipping against her tongue and lips, and she was lost in it.

She could feel her heart pounding against the inside of her chest, as if it were attempting to send signals to Buffy’s. It must have been working because she could also feel Buffy’s heart beating powerfully against her own chest.

Faith moved a hand down to the other girl’s backside, pulling her hips tight against her. They began to gently move in rhythm, unable to stop the need and lust that was consuming them both. Faith was ready to be consumed. Wanting to be consumed by Buffy.

She groaned as Buffy proved to be bolder than she expected the girl to be, slipping her hands under Faith’s tight top, pushing them up and blazing a trail over the soft skin of Faith’s back. Their tongues swept around each other’s mouths. Faith tasted pure Buffy, warm saliva and recently consumed cola, and she knew she’d never get enough.

Buffy’s tongue was soft, probing, slipping around her own with their lips bruising each other in the fury of the moment. Faith sucked on the offering in her mouth, causing Buffy to moan deep down from within. Faith just knew Buffy would be growing wet with arousal. She felt it between her own legs so was sure Buffy would be feeling the same.

She trailed her right hand down, tracing her fingertips over the silky skin of Buffy’s neck, down to her collarbone. She explored there for a minute, their mouths and tongues continuing to taste and tease. A slight moan escaped Buffy as Faith’s fingers reached further, down, tripping over the light material of her top to the swell of her breast.

Faith’s palm brushed over Buffy’s nipple, instantly feeling it firm to the touch. Both Slayer’s sighed, their breathing jolting with every sensation. Hips unconsciously moving, arousal soaked bodies searching for relief.

Faith pulled back from the kiss, gasping in the damp air around them as her fingers finally reached their destination. She looked into Buffy’s eyes, knowing she saw a yearning matched only by her own. Feeling what they were telling her. She had never wanted to fuck Buffy as much before as she did right then.

Never before had she experienced such a desire to feel her fingers glide over Buffy’s body, into her pussy, teasing her and then pushing them inside her. She needed, as much as wanted to do it. To do it with Buffy. To Buffy.

Faith’s fingertips circled feather light touches over Buffy’s nipple, her gaze drawn to the small, erect pinpoint under the material. She couldn’t help herself and bent her head to pull the hard nipple between her lips. She gently sucked, the fabric growing damp. Buffy softly moaning as she gripped onto Faith in the dark alley.

“Faith. Faith, we should. . .do you wanna. . .?” Buffy gasped, unable to finish her sentence when Faith bit softly on her nipple.

Faith smiled around the soft flesh and fabric between her lips, loving the reactions she was causing in the blonde girl she had been craving so much. She had a pretty good idea what Buffy had been trying to say. After all, Buffy wasn’t the type of girl to fuck in a side street.

“You wanna come back to mine?” Faith asked as she kissed her way up, tickling Buffy’s collarbone and neck with her lips. “Maybe. . .talk about this?” Faith kissed the older girl more gently this time, spreading her full lips over Buffy’s, dominating them, teasing them open and sliding her tongue back into the welcoming wetness.

Buffy groaned into her mouth, sending a thrill right through Faith as she placed her hand back on the sensitive breast she had been so close to tasting fully.

“No.” Buffy released her lips from Faith’s, continuing before the brunette could process the mood killing word no. “I don’t wanna talk,” Buffy said as she kissed along Faith’s jaw, up to her ear, nibbling on the soft flesh she found there. “I wanna. . .do everything but talk.”

The hot breath blowing over Faith’s ear had her dripping. She could feel her panties sticking to her, screaming to be ripped from her by Buffy so she could plunge her fingers inside her.

“Tell me, B. What do ya wanna do when we get there?” Faith asked huskily, knowing now that her voice had an uncanny ability to make Buffy quiver. “You gonna show me some of the things you’ve been thinking about?” Faith brought her left hand up so now she was toying with both breasts.

She grinned when Buffy closed her eyes a little, her lips parted as if waiting for Faith’s tongue to slide in, to fill her mouth, to keep pulling the soft moans from her. Faith was far too busy just watching Buffy, however. Too busy enjoying the swell of her breasts in her hands. Finally able to know what they felt like. Know how they fit in her strong grasp. Know how every slight squeeze brought Buffy’s hips up to meet her own as she attempted to grind their fuck-ready pussies together.

Faith resisted the urge to push back, still wanting to hold back and to wait until they could both take the plunge fully, unclothed, all barriers down. It went against her nature, against everything she stood for, but she didn’t want Buffy just to be another notch. She was itching all over to feel Buffy against her. To feel her dripping over her fingers. Pushing up against her as she reached into her panties to fuck her.

She had waited, and could wait further; for at least the time it would take to get to her motel.

Looking into Buffy’s eyes, trying to show her quiet encouragement, Faith leant back moving her hands down to hold the other girl’s waist, calming herself enough to breathe without panting. Eager for Buffy to tell her what she wanted them to do. She wasn’t expecting Buffy to go into detail, so found herself surprised at the reply.

With a wicked little flirty grin gracing her lips, Buffy let Faith know some of what she was expecting. “I want you to take me to your room, Faith. I want to take your clothes off,” Buffy said as she trailed a finger down Faith’s chest between her full breasts, ending up with the digit hooked in the top of the younger girl’s waistband. “And I wanna take my clothes off. . .and rub my pussy all over you,” she whispered, before stealing a quick kiss.

Faith was fast running down the road of ready-to-explode, and fast forgetting that she wanted to wait until they got back to her room, but Buffy apparently hadn’t finished yet.

“Then. . .” Buffy continued as she leant in close to Faith again, one hand placed on the wall beside the taller girl, the other now making its way to her aching breasts, “I want to kiss you, here.” Buffy’s fingertips swept over Faith’s nipples, circling one at a time, wickedly soft so Faith was arching from the wall for more. “Then. . .” Buffy’s fingers trailed down once again, “here.” She cupped Faith’s pussy through her leathers, enticing a groan from Faith that she had no hope in restraining.

Her body instantly responded to the touch. Warm, wet arousal flooding her panties. Her clit throbbing for contact. Her hips moving, rubbing her crotch into the strong hand between her thighs. Somehow, Buffy had taken complete control of the situation. She was shocking Faith with how bold and how sexual she was being. But then she remembered something somebody had said to her once. That the quiet ones were always the kinky ones, the ones liable to shock.

Not that Buffy was quiet, but she was what Faith would class as more of an innocent. She was seriously beginning to question that assumption, however. Especially as Buffy kept her hand pressed firmly against her pussy, beginning to rub up and down with Faith’s movements, the green of her eyes lost in lust.

Faith felt her muscles tightening in anticipation. Her hands gripping onto Buffy. “Shit. . .” Faith practically whimpered.

Faith was in no doubt, if Buffy kept rubbing her hand over her, if she whispered anything more, she’d come right in her pants. As much as she wanted to come, to come for Buffy, Faith didn’t want to do it this way.

“Fuck, B. Lets go,” Faith insisted, taking a deep breath and plucking the now pouting blonde’s hand from between her legs.

She entwined their fingers, and began leading her out into the street, towards her motel room.

She didn’t give Buffy a chance to protest, but didn’t think it would be necessary. The smile now planted firmly Buffy’s lips was enough to tell her that things were only set to get better. There was no way the night was going to pass them by without them getting seriously naked together.

The time for talking, or writing, was over. Faith wanted to get back to basics. To what she knew best. . .

The action.



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